Friday, December 31, 2010

Tech Genus Werewolf

Dark/ Beast Warrior/ Level 3/ 1200/ 0

When you successfully special summon a Level 4 or less monster, you can special summon this card from your hand. When this card was destroyed and sent to the graveyard, on that same turn, during the end phase, you may add one Tech Genus monster other than "TG Werewolf" from your deck to your hand.

Sigh more toys for Draw Whore Dandy

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why You Should Run Celestial Transformation/ Valhalla In Angels

If anyone blogged about this before, i'm sorry, but i have to admit i've been ignoring pretty much every post related to Fairies.

Celestial Transformation/ Valhalla = First turn Trishula.

And Trishula is always good =)

Summon Earth, search Venus, play Celestial Transform, summon Venus, pay to get your balls, and sync Earth (2) + Venus (3) + Ball (2) + Ball (2) = Trishula (9)

You have spent only 2 cards to make this combo (earth + celestial) , and got it back in the form of Ball #3 and Trish on field and have done evil Trishula effect.



Opening hand : Celestial Transformation / Valhalla, Earth, Venus, Hyperion, Sanctuary

1) Play sanctuary, then Celestial/ Valhalla. Summon venus, pay 1500 lp and summon your balls
2) Normal summon Earth search Hyperion
3) Sync Trishula.
4) Remove 2x Agents in grave, summon your 2 Hyperion.
5) 2700 x 3 = OTK , with bullets in your grave to use for Hyperion.

Take note that the hand above happens alot if you max out on each, say 3 earth 3 venus 3 hyperion 3 sanctuary and 2 valhalla/ 1 celestial transformation or 2 each.

Remember 3x Duality, 3x Treasure of Heaven 2x White Elephants Gift...

Any deck that can put 8000 damage on field consistently within first few turns is always worth looking into.



Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cards For One's Life At Risk

Non competitive Yugioh post today.

Would work perfectly in a deck that could pay alot of Life Points

Psychics ! They already have decent support in the form of Mind Master, the Brain Research Lab and the Mind Over Matter, which is abit like Solemn Judgment for them, although its a-1

Also, cool to see it has synergy with cards like Injection Fairy Lily, Solemn Warning and Solemn Judgment.

Its always good to draw cards

Monday, December 27, 2010

WTF Tech

New WTF tech in Frogs:

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction.

why gandora?

I didn't have LADD so for tried this guy out for fun.

Reactions: epic. Wow.

1) Extremely easy to summon in Frog Monarch

2) Damn fun to play with

3) Removes from play cards

4) Evades Bottomless Trap Hole

5) Monster priority is fun! Effect Veiler is not...

6) Frog Monarch has rarely any field commitment so you wont have to worry about Gandora removing your own cards.

7) Use it wisely, Puts you ahead in card advantage. ALOT. And a lil damage too is good too.

8) Cant be special summoned. Opponent cant top deck Monster Reborn on you.

9) Epic. Opponent's face --> O.O --> mlm

10) Halfing life points and exposing your field empty is nothing with Ronintoadin in grave, and Battle Fader/ Gorz ready to jump from hand.

11) Saves you in a pinch.

12) Sanganable. not like anyone plays sangan in frognarch anyways


1) Situational.

2) You cant Monster Reborn it.

3) Half life is steep. But so is solemn judgment.


Seems like alot of people are blogging Frog Monarch nowadays.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysian Open Results

(Stolen from LGQ's blog)

1) Sung Lee- Quickdraw Plants, congrats man.
2) Samurai- Player name unknown

(however from sean i heard that the 2nd best was Ivan with BF or something like that.

3) Khye!!- samurai. sorry dude that time in KL i didn't contact you, i didnt save the 017 number properly and everyone gave me your old 014 one and when i called, couldn't get through...

4) Shin Tat- Frog Monarch. Kudos to him too. His decklist of Frog Monarch is in the post below. It was a very good build. My point was proven.

Other notable mentions too were November's Malaysian Open, and the current National Champion Michael who topped 8 with samurai, and Nick topping with Odin. O.O

And to all who contact me via FB, my acc has been temporarily suspended cos it got hacked damn alot, and who knows i may stop having FB ^^

Cards that work with scraps

First of all, kudos to Dennis for selling me his Yugi deck at an extremely low price, (i paid little for it because i actually traded off my ultra rare Injection Fairy Lily, Chimera Fortress Dragon and Guardian Sphinx for it).

Finally got Dark Magician Girl Secret Rare version <3 oh yeahhhhhhh

along with awesome ultra rare versions of cards like D Paladin, buster blader, black lustre soldier, chaos command magician, and many other Yugi themed stuff all asian english version of course. Awesome xmas-ish gift.

Would actually take a photo of them, but my phone cam's spoiled. Along with its internet and music player T.T Time to convert from Nokia to Apple ...


Today, my friend built a random Scrap deck that actually came off really strong.

He threw together some cards and added in Scrap Shark and Scrap Bird the level 1 that destroys opponent's field when he special summons it to opponent's field.

For that he used Give and Take, a trap card from the early boosters.

Damn annoying it just kills me whenever i set up my combo.

Then he runs Dark Coffin, Blast With Chain, and Wasteland Tornado which are all cards that get their effects when combo-ed with Scrap Dragon and Scrap Twin Dragon or the big useless one, which didn't come off that useless afterall.

It was a fun duel, but it was a very challenging game too.

His deck could actually be very good, only problem is that he runs only 1 Scrap Chimera, cos lack of budget and no access to any chimeras around.

Finally for 2011, i have decided to build Frogarches!

For now, im impressed with Frogarch because it did very well in casual play while I was in KL. I saw Shin Tat play it and even scrubbed to it a couple of times. It also was good and consistent when i borrowed his deck to play for a while.

I remember when i had a 5 monster field and he summoned Dark Dust Spirit (I had an all monster hand at that time) and i couldn't control my laughter for the rest of the duels.

With permission from him, I'll be posting the decklist here.

I'm NOT a netdecker!!!!!! as i will just take his list and adjust it to my own. Or perhaps play his deck awhile and then change it to suit my playstyle.

Monsters 23
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
3 Raiza the Storm Monarch
2 Mobius the Frost Monarch
1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Tongue Twister
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
3 Swap Frog
2 Treeborn Frog
2 Dupe Frog
1 Ronintoadin
3 Battle Fader
1 Fishborg Blaster

Spell 13
3 Soul Exchange
2 Enemy Controller
2 Creature Swap
1 Cold Wave
1 One For One
1 Dark Hole
1 Giant Trunade
1 Foolish Burial
1 Monster Reborn

Trap 4
1 Trap Dustshoot
2 Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
1 Mind Crush

I can already think of changing some cards such as running Snowmans and a 3rd Aoi.

Im only building this deck cos i have 95% of the cards needed already and i have nothing better to do.

also, im seeing a blog bloom suddenly as there are a hell lot of new blogs being linked in rau's blog. good luck to all the new bloggers =)


and omg i just realized my blog's number of views has reached a 100000 !! That's pretty big...

Thank you readers for the support and I'm not very good at giving words of appreciation
(although i really mean it from the bottom of my heart) , and i'll try to update the blog more next year, although the last year of my high school life calls for relatively less blogging.

once again, thank you thank you, and merry christmas and a happy new year! =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Control

Okay since its christmas, just a lil short post.

So today im introducing a deck concept called cookie control.

its not that hard to think about really. but its interesting.

its named after Joshua , the blogger Cookie, and this short post actually was inspired after seeing his deck work.

of course he scrubbed to faultroll which im only running 2 atm. hahahha. but the deck was impressive and pulled off its respectable number of wins too.

but he managed to pull off the following imbal black rose shit so damn often.

basically the deck is a machina concept which gains advantage through peacekeeper, gearframe etc.

it uses 1 cold wave 1 trunade and 1 limiter removal which is cards which wins games.

uses 2 gold sarcophagus to search combo pieces.

uses 2 or 3 MALEFIC CYBER END DRAGON because it can be dumped for fortress effect.

uses geartown engine for fun though you could do without the geartown engine if you choose not to.

uses ally of genex birdman because he can get gearframe on the field and return it to hand and summon birdman and summon gearframe and search then sync black rose dragon and clear field .

after that, summon malefic cyber end dragon and play limit break 8000 direct damage!!!

or you could do megamorph too for the otk.

has 1 to 2 pot of avarice for backup for late game options.

runs loads of traps for anti meta protection disruption purposes.

so, cookie, what do you think? make your deck more otk-ish?


Did a lot of good trading last night as i found asian eng versions for bottomless trap holes, royal oppressions, and other staples like cold wave, mirror force etc and found myself a playset of dd crows (finally!), and traded a super rare Vayu for some cheap cards.

Looking for Asian eng Ultra rares solemn judgment, giant trunade, torrential tribute, and super rare asian eng giant trunade. offer me if you have =)

WHEEEE finally found asian english secret rare dark magician girl from MFC. Been searching that for a fucking long time. could be the only copy in the whole of Malaysia...

God is good.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cyber Dragon plus Dark soul rulings.

Is one of the most underrated cards this format. Aside from Cyclone la.

Just a few simple reasons.

A plus one presence on the field is always a good thing.

Throwing a 2100 attack beatstick on the field helps you bait out a Bottomless Trap Hole (which works 90% of the time among inexperienced players) and can help you gain bigger massive tempo in the game, especially in the early game.

Even in the late game, Cyber Dragon is very good when you are topdecking for monsters for your life.

With less and lesser ppl playing Bottomless Trap Hole now, Cyber Dragon can evade Bottomless Trap Hole etc so its a strong monster presence.

For decks like XX Sabers, Cyber Dragon helps you add aggro to your first turn field while you set Emmersblade or Darksoul for set up.

And when attacking an opponent's monster, you can make your opponent lose a monster because 2100 attack is usually gonna overcome anything in early game.

Sometimes, your opponent could waste stuff like Book of Moon / Ryko's effect and other stuff just to kill Cyber Dragon.

In sabers, Cyber Dragon can be used as a level 5 synchro fodder meaning you can bring out Black Rose with Pashuul, and a level 8 with Fullhelm Knight.

In Plants, especially Thanh Nguyen's build, Im gonna call that the 2 Cyber Dragons were the reason why his Plant Synchron won one of those YCS.

It gives you A HELL LOT more synchro variety in plants, and it just means more late game shenanigens. Cyber Dragon + Pot of Avarice = 2100 beatstick which came out for free + 2 cards from deck (more options) which puts you even further ahead than just having one Pot of Avarice in late game.

Cyber Dragon is Trishula fodder too.

Can also be used at tribute fodder for Caius.

Being at 2100 attack means it gets over Thunderking Raioh, which is very annoying.

For Samurai, they could side Cyber Dragon to kill Kinetic Soldier. It is very easy to bait out Kinetic Soldier.

No in-depth posting because feel weak so gonna hit the gym and then go out to catch a movie, and have dinner with friends.

And the airport just called to say my suitcase has been found! Hurrah!


Also, could anyone from the TCG notify me of Darksoul's current rulings? As far as i've heard, Darksoul has been nerfed to searching one monster per Darksoul.

However there is no notification on yugioh-card, nor is there anything on Yugioh Wikia. Even with the nerf, Dark Soul is still strong.



thanks to Light Grunty who sent me a link.

thanks to ting jun for telling me singapore still uses the old one. and lfn too for telling me theres been no change so far.

Here's a link to what Julia said.

Now i will copy and paste because there are bound to be some people who still ask stupid questions after the confirmation link.

This is what Julia posted on Pojo:

This is how XX-Saber Darksoul works, so please read.
Don't beleive what some guy at your locals tells you he heard from Konami. He is full of baloney.






Wait - before you read this, note that there is a large FALSE in front of the FALSE statement. That means the FALSE statement is FALSE.
There is a large TRUE in front of the TRUE statement. That means the TRUE statement is TRUE. TRUE means it is the ruling you should use.

If you guys can't understand that I give up.



FALSE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" can only activate the effect of "adding 1 "X-Saber" monster from your Deck to your hand" once, no matter how many
times it is sent from the field to the Graveyard. (This is not how the card works. You should not do this).

TRUE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" activates when it is sent to the Graveyard, although the effect is not applied until the End Phase. If it was sent multiple times during the turn, these effects can "stack up" and you can add 1 X-Saber monster to your hand for each time the effect activated. (This is how the card works! This is the ruling you should use!)

FALSE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" will not activate if "XX-Saber Darksoul" is not in the Graveyard during the End Phase which it was or would have
been sent to the Graveyard. (This is not how the card works. You should not do this).

TRUE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" activates when it is sent to the Graveyard. Assuming it actually made it to the Graveyard, it doesn't matter where Darksoul is during the End Phase. (This is how the card works! This is the ruling you should use!)

These are apparent from the card text. If the card text should ever change, we would notify everyone (everyone - at the same time!) on the official web site.

In other words, we will not email one store and tell them. We will not email one judge and tell them. We will not announce it suddenly at an event.
If you hear there was a change sent to a store, to one judge, or suddenly at an event, don't believe it.

Xing Zhen Hu and Deck List for Trip

Fuck my luggage bag got lost at airport! Hope to be able to find it. Luckily Yugioh cards arent inside but then all my nice new clothes are T_T

First of i want to talk about a card that could help Sabers overcome Book of Moon.

Which I am not sure if i want to test it out as I can just play around Book of Moon anyways which i have been doing all the time in KL

Its none other than Xing Zhen Hu.

Basically Xing Zhen Hu stops your opponent from activating 2 set cards.

While Trap Stun negates all traps, there is possibility your opponent has a Book of Moon face down somewhere among his 3 or 4 set face down cards.

Xing Zhen Hu is good if your opponent has only about 2 or 3 face down cards meaning you will have a possibility of sealing 2 or more spells/ traps. Which will then be raped with by Hyunlei.

Problem now is that its WAYY situational.

However, sealing 2 is as good as a +1 for you, or if your opponent wants to chain something in response he will have to waste the card.

If your opponent wants to waste Cyclone on it, so be it.

The good thing is that, unlike Trap Stun , its not a -1 if you got Book of Mooned.


Im tired, and i'll do the post tmr.

Basically, before i sign off , im gonna post the finalized decklist I used today (*last day) and i realize i forgot the names of 2 duelists which i should have acknowleged in the last post. Zhen Pei (zack) and Karl. Twas nice dueling you guys. Trishula!

It was overall a better build because without Bottomless, the deck worked much smoother.

Aaaaaaaaand i didn't scrub to Samurai! So! Mission accomplished! =)

Aaaaaaaaand i think i made the whole KL hate Gorz somehow,. Especially andrew. dropped gorz twice and turned games around. Played against Fei Hung's Herald too, exhausted all his hand cards and dropped Gorz. Sean hates it too I know.

Earlier build wasnt consistent, but todays build worked like water.

Anyways heres the deck i ran at 40 cards (finally i ran a 40 card deck instead of my basic 41! )

Monsters [19]
3 Faultroll
3 Fullhelm Knight
3 Emmersblade
1 Ragigura
2 Dark Soul
2 Pashuul
2 Boggart Knight
1 Sangan
1 Debris Dragon
1 Gorz the bestest MVP ever

Spells [10]
2 MST which i drew in 2 games against samurai fck yeah! _l_
2 Pot of Duality
1 Cold Wave
1 Giant Trunade
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
2 Book of Moon (because i didn't feel comfortable using 3)

Traps [11]
2 Trap Stun
3 Solemn Warning
2 Gottoms Emergency Call
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Dimension Prison (tech worked good, no Mirror force and BTH)
1 Solemn Judgment

Very balanced build imo, although i dont think its good nettdeck fodder because it was made for my playstyle and personal choice etc.

Cos Karl and Shin Tat and others tried the deck and scrubbed. or so i heard. hmm.

Dont ask me why Ragigura is inside. Tested Airbellum out and it was shitty, and Ragi helps me recycle Faultroll and push for games wayy too often.

Debris because I Black Rose so many times. Also, I could revive Pashuul/ Dark Soul (which will be my 2nd saber on field) and summon Faultroll.

MOST embarrassing highlight of the trip - Scrubbed to lil 14 yr old kid BF cos too overconfident and set 3 cards and got Delta Crowed. He drew Black Whirlwind next turn and used Sirocco focus and spam Bora/ BFs and focus and kill my Emersblade.

Lesson- Delta Crow wins games. Maindeck worthy. Main it NOW!

Most epic highlight - Had many lucky topdecks (Destiny Draw) and everyone can tell you so. But most epic highlight is definitely when i had to TRIBUTE SUMMON Gorz. Wow.

2 MVPs in the trip - Gorz and Cyclone. Apart from destroying Gateways, i use it for mind games. Wont do blind Cyclone. zack did it once and wasted it to his my warning (which was a bluff as i only had 2k lp left) , If he had saved that, he could stop one of my set traps next turn. Which eventually made Trishula.

Most important lesson learnt on trip - prior to previous post, i learnt that BTH is not miandeck worthy and 2 MST is. I have been stubborn at first and was reluctant to make the change.

Take it from me, you should. And replace your BTHs with Books / Solemns.

.....................I can smell banhammer. hmmm.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Most Useless and Overrated Card This Format

Thanks to andrew for pointing it out.

before, i noticed it, but was reluctant to take it out due to nothing else to replace it with in my deck.

need to keep this short and sweet,

will post again tonight once i reach home. now using retarded compp at gamers arena.

that card... is.... Bottomless Trap Hole!

Think about it, BTH is now redundant and superceded by Solemn Warning.

BTH is so useless because of a thing called monster priority.

Just about every big monster can activate priority to evade BTH and balance the loss you created. After that, with the -1 you lost frm BTH, you basically -1 in terms of card advantage.

Just about all the big monsters will die to Bottomless Trap Hole, but they will nett off advantage.

Against Plants, you can use your BTH to destroy mainly Caius, they still get to remove one of your cards.

If you try to destroy Camellia tytannial, chances are they have a fluff token, or dandy or lonefire to negate you.

Against BF, the only thing they can destroy is Shura and Sirroco, which the BF player can chain ICARUS ATTACK to. Then you -1.

If you really need to destroy Siroco or Shura, you can just use attack negation cards like Prison or Mirror Force which are pretty bad this format. And ppl can just chain Icarus attack.

If you use it to destroy the monster summoned by Vayu, its basically a -1 for you.

And if you face Samurai, BTH doesnt stop Kageki.

It dies to Shien badly, and if you really wanna chain it to Kizan or Mizuho or Grandmaster, they managed to get off their 2 counters already for Gateway or United.

Then they can just search another Kizan or Grandmaster. EMO-nya kamu.

Even against Sabers, BTH is bull cos Boggart replaces itself with a monster from your hand, and if you remove Faultroll they still summon a monster from their grave. Chain it to Hyunlei, but chances are they stunned you already and that you will still get Heavy Stormed.

Even against recruiters, its just bull cos the searcher replaced itself already (airman and gearframe)

im gonna staight away agree with michael bonacini, your deck cant win without 2 MSTs.

Gateway is too strong.

Got raped by samurai many times here. Score still balanced though.

PPl coming for the KL Xmas tourney (single elimination format), you either need to run 2x MST / or main Veiler or you have to be playing Six Samurai.

Im gonna boldly call Samurai/ anti meta/ or BF to take the tourney.

Decks like Scraps have a high chance too because they have versatility to run Book of Moons and Solemn Warnings in 3s and MSTs and Dust Tornados in 2s.

Im gonna reinforce my point more that BTH usually dies before it is used to MST/ Tornado and cant take on Trunade/ Cold Wave

Even against Fish OTK, it cant stop Fish Coelacanth from pulling off his effect. In fact i would thank you if you did that because now i have one more space on the field to play Fishborg Blaster/ Ronintoadin or Monster Reborn.

Tonight im gonna post on the most underrated card this format which i think should be run in 2s alot. Its not MST because everyone realizes how good it is already.

Tuning my deck to fit one more of tonight's card and one more MST.

Gonna post on a card that MAY change sabers and help it to overcome the threat of Book of Moon.

KL was a blast. Found Asian editions Cyber Dragons, an ultra edition Lily, and several old cards including the JUmp Earth edition of Blue Eyes White Dragon (thanks cookie) and the old EX editions of Blue Eyes and Dark Magicians.

Met alot of awesome new duelists like Wong Fei Hung Terry and Nick and probably somemore which i cant rmbr. Nice to meet Andrew, Biscuit, LGQ, Sean, Sung lee, ivan, Michael (old vers), and many more duelists again.

Played with all of Fei Hung's decks (well 11 of them which he brought that day), quite pleased that i managed to par his BF deck, and beat the rest about 2-1 or 1-0. But scrubbed to his legandary Light Beat 0-3!

First game he had good hand, and my hand SUCKED. Second game was good alot of card simplification going on but he played Miracle Fusion to win the game. 3rd game was super epic. and im not kidding i even had to tribute summon gorz, and DD Warrior Lady keeps eating my monsters. I Cold Wave and Black Rosed the whole field leaving him at nothing and i had 2 cards in hands. I was at 900 life and he was at 1200, but he topdecked Honest.

Really gotta hand it to him there, he has the best Light Beat deck i have ever seen, and i daresay its one of the best Light Beats in the entire game.

Its not one of those decks you can nettdeck just off the comp and play it because its tuned to his playing style (like Lazaros sabers from the frst YCS of the format)

Im not gonna be giving away anymore info about his deck. It was an honour dueling you (if ur readin this )

Before i end, i have to say Cookie is a pervert.

Thats all for now.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Discussion and Updates and a Deck Concept

So here's a small post abt vigilance. Then later something about excel summoning.

In all tournaments, you are bound to meet stackers/ cheaters and ppl who play just to win.

The best deck to stack is gadget.

This is because everytime you summon a gadget you are enabling yourself a chance to stack. And get to future fusion/ limit break etc.

Basically Gold Sarcophagus also allows stacking and any deck that has recruiters. Emmerblade Darksoul in X Sabers help to stack too.

However just cos im running Sabers, i do not stack. LOL. i get the consistency cos of 2x Pot , and 3 blade, 1 Hamster , 2 Dark soul and 1 Sangan (in testing). if i stacked, there wont be times i open with double stun/ double boggart and lousy stuff like that.

samurai also can stack very well too. But not as well as gadget because gadgets basically have the chance to stack every turn as long as they open with a gdget, which is....always.

Samurai cos of the retarded gateway and 3 smoke signals.

Thus you should really watch out. And be careful okay.

I started to give thought about Faultroll being limited.

Actually, that doesnt bother me all that much as the deck can adjust itself really well just like Blackwings. Of course this now means ragigura is important. And the deck will be more trap based. And by that time, Dark soul will be in OCG so i can easily get my 3rd copy !

The deck will be just less speedy and OTK-ish and possibly turn more toolboxy and more anti-meta-ish. Like LGQ's !

At that time, people may not be running Book of Moon anymore because Synchro summoning might be superceded with the introduction of Excel summoning.

To all who do not understand what is excel summoning...

You basically get excel summon by replacing one (or two) or more monsters on the field with the monster you excel summon. The monsters used for the "excel summon" must have levels equal to the monster you wanna excel summon.

So basically imagine you have Blue Eyes excel monster (Take note this is not real and its just a mock situation).

Then you overlap your Psychic Commander (level 3) and your Cyber Dragon (level 5) to excel summon a level 8 Blue eyes. Then... the 2 monsters will be moved to the spell/ trap card zone.

And yes its like Gem (crystal) Beasts.

Now this game mechanic is definitely not as strong as synchro summoning imo, cos the monsters to excell summon surely would not be from the extra deck cos thats just fucking imbal. It will be part of the main deck (im sure)

So it will actually be quite situational to obtain the exact levels of excel material monsters on your field.

However this game mechanic could clog your spell and trap card zone. Making you able to set 2 or 3 spell / traps only.

But, this type of game mechanic is good in the sense that you don't lose card presence when you tribute summon. So the monsters could be used as fodder/ bullets for other card effects. i.e: Scrap Dragon, Scrap Twin etc.

We are still not sure if the monsters in the spell/ trap card zones are treated as monsters or spells/ traps still as there is no detail.

For all we know, if the monsters could be treated as monsters still and still carry out their original monster roles (such as attacking and using their effects), this could mean we get up to 10 spaces of monster zones!

That would bring a whole new state of Yugioh now that we could use 10 monster card zones if we excel summmon. From decsilentenigma's blog, he provided translations that monsters used for excel summon are overlay (possibly overlapped) on top of it. So, maybe you excel summon and then you move the two monsters down beneath it?

There are several possibilities to excel summoning ,and honestly, im pumped.

But let's just wait for Konami's official announcements.

(images below on Yugioh Zexal are taken from decsilentenigma's blog)

Possibly some art of excel summoning being conducted.

LOL oh look here's the female character -.-

Yuma and his mum.

Also, there's new Machine "kikou" monsters! Machine Imperial Soldiers Skiel Wisel Grannel and Machine Emperor Dragon Asterisk!

Malefic Cyber End Dragon! Beautiful.

Kikoutei Dragon Asterisk

Kikou Imperial Granel Ein

Skiel Ein

Wisel Ein

The Kikou monsters all look pretty lame to me. Skiel/ wisel/ granel Ein are just mini toy versions of the original Machine Emperor counterparts.

Looks like Konami is gonna cram everything into Extreme Victory.

Also I'm gonna say that the new Angel Structure is awesome. 3x Valhalla is imbal. It can summon Hyperion and Kristia on turn 1.

Running Sanctuary of the Sky may sound irrelevant and stupid but trust me it was awesome and crazy. I would probably fit in Athena, splendid venus, or that Thethy the Goddess of Light. And other stuff as well like Mudora (awesome beatstick) and some Shining Angels/ Nova.

Run 2x Pot of Duality and 2x Treasure from Heaven as the core engine. Then, run a whole lot of fearsome traps to stop opponent half dead.

Insane deck thinning from Earth + Treasure + Duality + zeradias + hecatrice.

If i save enough money, (which im very sure i can) im gonna pick up 3 angel decks and build it right there in KL and show ppl that Valhalla Angels are relevant.

Earth becomes an instant Hyperion. Kirsta locks summoning. Valhalla lets you backup an Athena or something in your hand. Sanctuary stops damage. Solemn Punishment+ Warning face down for an overpowered set up.

Yes Hyperion > DAD because of its searchability and its synergy with Valhalla.

Of course ppl will think im a madman cos the angel deck posted in Shrieks doesnt run Valhala / Sanctuary.

Well when my friend first started building his deck yesterday, he did a variant similar to that and it was nowhere near as good as the Valhalla variant that i suggested him to build. Nuff said. I'm in love with the angel deck.

I saw my friend yesterday drop 3 Hyperions in 3 turns thanks to the Valhalla's effect.

That's all for today. Going off tommorrow already. Cya next Tuesday.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yu Gi Oh zexal

sorry for double posting, but this is too important to pass up on.

Oh wait why am i apologising this is my blog. feeling abit of an asshole cos of that spammer who keeps acting gay. Let all the frustrations out in the previous posts' comments.

Now, this is called YuGiOh Zexal.

all i can say....

is WTF WTF WTF WTF yugioh now is so.... DigiMon -.-

The new character looks like SHIT.

New artwork also looks crappy, it looks like the main character from Idaten Jump and i don't even watch it, it just frequently comes on commercials on tv -.-

Why is there a ghost like character there?

I hope there are new mechanics like how synchro summoning was introduced to us :D

But also marks the reason why there are 15 new cards in the next OCG starter deck.

This could mean new game mechanics!

This also means 5Ds is ending, and the last season is officially one of the best YuGiOh seasons i ever watched. Plot was thumbs up, and we all know Yusei is gonna meet his dad in a duel and live happily ever after.

No romance between Yusei and akiza at all. Oh well not that anyone is watching YuGiOh for romance. can find our own ourselves outside.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

short update only

While LGQ's friend is convinced that Karakuri is BF good, i on the other hand think that its Scraps that are BF good.

Damn would build this deck if i had the money.

As i'm writing this, Trishula just came in the mail.

Will be going to KL again this Thursday till next Tuesday.

Things to do in KL:

1) meet up with Khye and find his number

2) Duel Wong Fei Hung. You will be mesmerized at his hair.

3) Try to complete Fish. Quite hard, since Morays are rm25 per piece here. FML
4) Meet more duelists

5) Find nice old YuGiOh cards for collection. Cards from the classics

6) Go to Sung Lee shop and duel till late night. Its a tradition.

7) Tah pao Carls Junior or Nandos. Dont be surprised on Thursday if I bring burger to shop and eat.

8) Test against Sean's 6 sam. Really sad story if you guys knew what happened to his BF. I hope whoever stole his stuff crash and burn in hell.

9) Christmas shopping!

10) Go to Midvalley and drink thr rm10 fruit juice shake so nice and its freshly blended =D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New stuff

2011 is gonna be a blast! :D

Masked Change is a good card for Elemental hero decks because of its Cunning of the Six Samurai effect.

Imagine this:

Send Absolute Zero to the grave for masked change. destroy all monsters on opponent field. special summon Masked Hero Vapour. You now have a 2400 attack beatstick that can't die from monster/ spell/ trap effects. And your opponent has no monsters on field. Nice...

With a cunning of six samurai effect, you can chain it to various effects. However aside from the combo above, meh , cos no light or wind masked hero around :(

Vision Hero Adoration will give Soliel's D-Synchro deck more options instead of just going for Zero. Now Malicious can be used for Miracle Fusion.

Tech Genus Werewolf is awesome. Special summonable when you special summon any level 4 or lower monster. Indeed, there are like 10000 ways to do this?

Just like Doppel Warrior, why is Konami making it easier and easier for us to special summon Trishula !

Or any other synchro.


Also i take back what i said about Tech Genus Hyper Librarian. Boosting 2400 attack, its likely the highest lvl 5 synchro monster to date. Being able to draw whenever YOU synchro summon is also a thousand times more useful.

Its gonna be wicked in fish. Everytime i synchro Formula synchron i draw 2 cards. Everytime i put a new synchro on the field, draw one card. So it replaces the card you discarded to resummon Fish Blaster.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We now enter

We now enter that phase in Yugioh during mid format where everything gets boring, lack of innovation, stereotype cookie cutters dominate the game, and us bloggers become lazy.

Luckily, we all have a life. I think.

May think of playin Exodia deck. Legend White Stone + Cards of Consonance are now cheap.
So, random combo from angel deck:

Summon Earth , play Sanctuary, add Hyperion/ Jupiter , remove Earth drop Hyperion.

Next turn, drop Jupiter , pitch card, special summon Earth --> tune level 6 synchro of your choice.

Hyperion now has 2 light monsters in grave to have fun with !


Plants and zombies actually make an awesome combination. proxied Rau's decklist. mmm. fast, fast.

Sorry for boring you guys but until i find something worth posting on, nvm.

I need a bang button.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Deck Concept:: Dragunity

Triple Dragon Canyon as base core engine for searching and dumping of Aklys/ Phalanx.

One of the best field spells with a hardcore search engine. Being a field spell allows it to overshadow NecroValley.

2 to 3 Pot of Duality and maybe 1 Terraforming to improve consistency.

Triple Dux Legion etc.

Able to pull off a first turn level 6/ 8 synchro which is all very impressive.

This is done through normal summoning Dux and equipping Phalanx to it, then special summoning Phalanx to synchro a Goyo/ Brionac etc.

Alternatively you could synchro summon Dragunity Knight Vajyuranda and then reequip Phalanx to him to make a level 8 synchro, preferably Stardust Dragon or SCRAP DRAGON.

The latter is gold in here, honestly, because everytime you summon a Dragunity monster, you get to equip one card from the graveyard to it, and basically a plus one.

If you use Scrap Dragon's effect, its almost a free +1 destruction. If you destroyed Aklys (this way Aklys' effect can resolve), then its a +2 because Aklys destroys something else too.


Even without synchro summoning, summoning Dux already makes him a 1900 attack beater.

In the meantime you could apply beatdown with the Dragunity Legion and Aklys combo to slowly gain advantage. This move is similar to your Caius + Ryko in plants. If your opponent wishes to discard Effect Veiler/ Book of Moon or Solemn Warning your Legion, then he has just wasted a very important card on Legion.

Next turn, lower percentile rate of him negating your synchro summoning.

Also, first turn if you have Phalanx or Mistill, you can normal summon Phalanx then send to special summon Mistill, reequip Phalanx, and synchro summon Stardust Dragon.

Play Dragon Canyon and apply effect to dump..

For late game, you can run Pot of Avarice into the build. Like Plants, this deck has many cards it would like to recycle (Ducks, Legion, and Vajyranda). We all know how terrifying awesome Pot of Avarice is. The deck has several Debris Dragon- like effects thanks to Phalanx.

Altrernatively you could use other level 3 monsters like Legion and others to synchro summon a level 5 synchro.

There are just too many possibilities.

Equip your deck with 3x Book of Moon, 2x Solemn Warning 2x MST etc for core maximum protection/ disruption.

For a boss monster, we can choose Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, because it is like a better Faultroll. Insane Monster Reborn abilities.


This just goes to show that the deck is actually really good and CAN be a tier-1 deck if someone wanna actually try it out, and the endless possibilities to Dragunity are available.

It has all the qualities of a Tier-1 deck.

Heck it can be remodified because this deck is one of the deck that has endless possiblilites apart from Plants (but Plant SUCKSmyass cos its so slow and inconsistent), why you could even mod it to include Icarus Attacks.

Unfortunately that person isn't me and i have no money to do so now ciao. Happy deckbuilding folks

Friday, December 3, 2010


They were a good meta call.

Now, TCG wake up and don't die to Gravekeepers again in the next YCS! whenever that is..

There are basically 3 cards useful in defeating Gravekeepers.


2x MST : Bye Bye NecroValley. With No Necrovalley, no triple Crush card Virus to eat you up.

2x Nobleman of Crossout , or 3 if you like : Bye Bye Spy, and Recruiter.

If you hit their Spy, and they have activated Royal Tribute already earlier on, this move will have forced both of you into topdecking mode.

2x Gemini Imps: I have no idea why people think Goldd/ Silva are better. For one thing, you might as well run Reign- Beaux to be a bitch.

And with Goldd/ Silva it means Tribute has successfully resolved so you have lost all your hand cards. Okay, so you Goldd something, then 5 second later your opponent responds with Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning etc.

However with Gemini Imps, you can discard it to negate Royal Tribute. Then draw a card. Its a straight plus one in your favour and you actually get to keep your hand cards. So, its great right?

And if your opponent do side out Royal tribute in the 2nd or 3rd round, who cares if you have 2-3 Gemini Imps (although they are dead cards now), because with them doing that, it has just made the game WAY easier for you.

No 3x Crush Card Virus makes Gravekeepers just a decent deck. It just becomes some FAIL stun deck that failed cos it runs on traps to protect them only.


I just realized this is my 301'th post i didnt know i was blogging for that long!

And on a side note, I started playing XX Sabers again. Couldn't bear to sell the deck, and also i tested Plants out last night for a few hours, and i drew bad like 8/10 times. Every hand was partially dead with the most i could do, is Snowman plus Caius.

Didn't try a Quickdraw variant cos i didn't wanna mirror Yung Kang's deck.

I milled bad everytime with Ryko, Charge of the Light Brigade, and Card Gunner.

Seriously, any deck that requires milling is not for me!

Call me noob/ unlucky / no skill at playing plants, i don't care. It's not my kind of deck.

Except LS cos i dono why i mill godly for that deck (True story ask Sean)

But oh well there are strange things we can't explain in life either.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today, I'm gonna discuss 3 things, namely Pashuul in X Sabers, the new Tech Genus card and me selling my deck.

Pashuul is one of the best cards to ever hit X sabers, not just because of its Marshmallon / reaper- esque effect and its level 2 (enables us to go for Scrap and Stardust Dragon) , but because of the fact that it maintains field presence.

It is one of the best cards to combat Book of Moon imo.

Take a look this way:

You maintain field presence with Pashuul, but fear Book of Moon next turn when you wish to proceed to rape your opponent.

So you summon flip Trap Stun, boggart, special Airbellum / Fullhellm etc, and special your Faultroll, special Dark Soul from grave etc.

The dilemma your opponent has because of Pashuul is that you have 2 tuners on the field, so that your opponent wont be too sure which to Book of Moon for!

If he chooses the Fulhelm, then he can avoid a coming Heavy Storm in the form of Hyunlei, but won't be able to stop you summoning Naturia Beast or Scrap Dragon/ or any other level 8 synchro for the matter.

If he chooses to book Pashuul, he would be able to avoid the latter but loses out to Hyunlei. Like its not even funny.

Then if he books your Pashuul, you are happy because you successfully pulled off Heavy Storm and have 2 2000+ beatsticks on the field, and a search from Darksoul. Happy ending.

If he books your Fullhelm , no worries too because you can just summon some synchro, beat him down and set a Solemn Warning or a Book of your turn to handle him next turn. And next turn, you rape with your Hyunlei. Your oppponent will face difficulties stopping Book/ Warning and the big synchro monster. Happy ending too!


A short review on the new Tech Genus card.

You synchro Tech Genus Hyper Librarian.

Your opponent synchros next turn.

You draw a card.

He destroys your Libararian.

Remind me why i synchro summoned it in the first place again???

The only good thing I see it for is to call out Supreme Arcanite.

Junk Synchron into Synchro Fusionist and pull out this guy, search Miracle Synchro Fusion then spam Arcanite.

Not bad since its Supreme Arcanite for the cost of ONE card only.


Lastly, I wanna sell my X Saber deck. No, not whole deck, staples only lah!

Offer please.

List of cards included are:

2x Darksoul TCG both Ultra (1st ed, 1 unlimited)
3x Boggart Knight TCG all Super

The rest all OCG

2x Gottoms Ultra OCG
2x Hyunlei OCG Ultimate
1x HYunlei OCG Ultimate

Other random stuff like 3x Emmersblade 3x Gottoms E- Call 3 Faultroll, 3 Fullhelmknight, Airbellum bla bla bla.

Find me on FB and ask me price.

All i can say is that I have gotten bored playing the deck and its too theme specific.

For card advantage loving indiduals , you will love this deck.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light of Intervention and the blind Typhoon

from the Kaiba deck. The picture of a ray of light and a Ryu Kishin the gargoyle.

Effect: Monsters can't be set face down. Monsters set in defence position are normal summoned in face up defence position.

Do take note that this card doesn't have the sword of revealing light-esque effect. meaning that this card doesn't flip face down monsters face up. they remain face down till they are flipped face up.

The reason why I'm mentioning this card is that its interesting.

It means NO snowman eater can be set face down.. No face down ryko.


Just funny that with 2x MST, Hyunleis, Decrees and other stuff around, I'm not sure if this card is relevant at all this format.


I saw something on TCGplayer by Jason that talks about the blind Typhoon. Here's how it goes:

Blind Mystical Space Typhoon:
When you activate Mystical Space Typhoon to target a face-down card, it should be for a specific reason. If you know what your opponent has set, and you need to get rid of it, that's Fine. If you need to clear the way for followup plays, that's also Fine. Or, if you're in a winning position and want to simplify the Duel, that can also be acceptable.

What isn't acceptable is hurling your Typhoon at one of your opponent's three backrow cards at random, and then ending your turn. Pitching out a Typhoon with no real purpose, and specifically no knowledge of what you're destroying, is called a “blind Typhoon.” This is a play that's so awful, and happens so often, that there's a formalized term for it. If you don't have a followup to your Typhoon – a real reason to play it – you're not gaining anything by activating it. All you're doing is giving your opponent one less card to have to guess at, and an opening so they can set another defensive card and continue to discourage you from making important moves later. Save the Typhoon until you either must play it, or until playing it gets you the freedom you need to make important moves.

Experienced Duelists don't waste cards: especially ones that can create opportunities for victory. This is a running theme of today's discussion at this point: the same message applies to Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler. Play these cards when you need them, not just when you get your first chance to do so. If you play them too early, you won't have them later when they could win you, or save you, the Duel.


Now what this guy is sayin is how this move is risky. Its one of those chance taking moves. You could hit a shitty card , you could hit an awesome card that can save you the game next turn.

For example in KL I have had both happening to me.

I remember the first 2 days when I was dueling Yung Kang (yes i remember your name!) and LGQ, and they did the blind typhoon, and it cost me game cos it hit my face down Stun and Solemn Warning.

Which was all goood.

But on the last day dueling Yung Kang i remember him playing the blind typhoon once and Mike Oji san (the National Champion) doing the blind Typhoon once too.

'Yung Kang hit a Trap Stun which was supposedly good but I had another in my hand which i stalled the following turn with Pashuul, then waited next turn to set my other Stun and win the game with Faultroll rape the following turn.

Michael also hit my Book of Moon and smiled, but when he summoned Scrap Goblin, i flipped up Solemn Warning and he couldn't recover from the loss which led to him losing out 2 turns or so later.


I'm not sayin both did bad moves but what I'm reinforcing is the reference Jason made up there. I could have chose a Stun/ Judgment/ Warning etc from Pot of Duality, and they observed my hand and the similar card i chose and set it and proceed to whack away that card because that was a confirmed card.

(I didn't constantly shuffle my hand cards because it was just casual play no biggie)

Or if i had picked a Stun (from Duality) and they know it wasn't a risk to them, and i set 2 or 2 face downs and they knew which was the set Stun, they could have used it to blow away my other 1 or 2 face down cards as it was a lesser risk to take and they could have hit something bigger, like a Torrential or something.

Or, there might have been a risk of me running Oppression too, and it could have saved their asses too.

However this is just casual play so its all goooddddd.

Duelists. Just remember in tourneys PLEASE take into consideration small stuff like this but it would be better if we practiced it in casual play so its like a habit that we will cultivate while we are playing tourneys and we don't make a mistake.

Of course some of you say Michael, speak for yourself, practice what you preach etc.

Sorry guys i don't play in tourneys. Sad life, my town/ district doesnt have tourneys and the nearest town with a card store, i needa take a plane, or at least ride 10 freaking hours in a car.