Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mind crushed 3: some deck building tips n summary

Im not gonna put the picture of mind crush in this post again as im sure evryone of u have seen it n probably sick to c it again.

Well, i've basically listed most of the deck building tips in part 3. Its MY OPINION n i would like to stresss on these points. the summary is here too.

1) dont include a searcher with only 1, 2 or 3 targets. Okay 3 is reasonable but 1 and 2 is definitley out of the question. Eg: dont put 1 destiny draw in the deck if u have only 2 or 3 targets. if u so desperate to put at least put 2 or 3 la.

2) (unless ur deck isnt based on drawing) include sufficient draw cards in ur deck. Dhero disk commander is a good example so are destiny draw, hand severing, trade in bla bla. If u play a theme with its own draw cards( eg: destiny draw, solar recharge, bla bla..) wad r u waiting 4? play it right away...

3) include cards that help u ( dont put them in just cause u c it big on or somewhere n u think: wow wat a good card i hav to play it !) no. dont. example: in a infinite draw deck: include stall cards . example 2: don include cards like card trooper if every card in ur deck is important so if u happen to topdeck it away u will cry

4) Number of cards in deck : i think evrry1 know this the number should be 40 or 41 . no more no less. the less cards the better chance u got of drawing cards u need,

5) excessive testdecking: Always testdeck.... This is a must so u can undestand ur deck better. For example u must testdeck ur deck at least 30 to 40 times to get to know it better. I know ppl say u must testdeck 60 games or more but i think thats too much. Infact if ur deck has a straightforward strategy ( eg: those FTK decks) all the better !

6) cardiness . ( no this aint a real word . derived from the word "wordiness" Means excessive words. eg: u r such a awesome, consevative, creative, smart player...." where as we can just say " u r such s great player" cardiness means useless cards in deck that waste space n should be taken out for needed ones) Okay cardiness: Don put useless cards in the deck. Don waste space. Avoid putting situational cards in decks.

7) last but not least u must MUST have a good sidedeck. No deck can do well against every deck. can aggro beat a stall deck if it just special summons n attack? No. one stall card boom. When u sidedeck, think of the decks that worry u. remember only include cards in side deck that help against other decks. if it kills 50% of ur deck forget it. Eg: Don sidedeck in to shadow sealing mirrror if half of ur monster cards r dark. Even though u kill opponent deck chances r that u will be hurt urself as well. It doesnt hurt if u sidedeck in to light sealing mirror if only play one or two light monster in ur deck. Just make sure those light monsters arent ur main strategy thats all. Sidedecks are arguable the most important thing in deckbuilding. Remember u don need a sidedeck in casual play but make sure u have one in tournament. Dont forget as welll. Remember the metagame in ur area. If six warlords r popular sidedeck ur kinetic soldiers. Dont sidedeck cards that r meaningless. Eg: don sidedeck light sealing mirror if no one plays a light deck

8) The element of surprise: Its good to have the element of surprise in ur decks. For example paul levitin , n steven harris all played crush card virus in their decks even though there are only 2 or 3 dark monsters in their deck ! Yes this is considered as wasting space as i said before don put card with only 2 or 3 target. But if it a must to take everything down, u find it good, efficient and easy to activate, GO FOR IT .

9) Jerry Wang's concept : jerry wang's deck concept from SJ nashville really appeals to me. Since i saw how his deck worked n ran according to matt peddle, i have been trying to tune my decks in to following the same concept:

a) disrupt opponent strategem
b) the element of surprise
c) making sure ur opponent has no options left
d) taking out ur opponent with the simplest effort

i would say the best would be concept D. This is really a great thing. Its is what players i the States call the concept of superiority. It doesnt fear opponent and doesnt try to cope with ur opponent, rather it makes ur opponent being unable to cope with ur monsters. Singpaoreans are good at this. Malaysians have still a long way to go to learn this. ( this is frm my personal observation. Sry malaysian players out there, its the truth- no i M NOT BIASED i m MALAYSIAN too) Y do i say singaporeans r good at this? Look at baha's deck or colin deck from the other 2 blogs. hell i have no idea whether their decks r still the same ( colindeck now at MK 4 coming to MK 5 soon who knows how many times he changed his neos deck every month) Baha's deck ( sry i dont noe his real name) focuses on swarm with synchros. This makes opponent unable to handle if unaware. Mirror force ? torrential? no fear stardust is here. Then field control: brionac . what abt defense cards scapegoat bla bla ? red dragon archfiend is there as an answer. Attributes botherring u? Meet AOJ catatsor. Colin's deck is abt field control too. It plays wrath of neos ( man konami so unoriginal. follow MTG's wrath of god...) I probably not allowed to disclose his deck idea now ( im not actually sure if its still the same! ) but it makes opponent unable to deal with his monsters too. Most of you should follow this concepts in ur deck ( be it random, theme deck, or metagame deck) don follow this concept if u're playing some sort of infinite strategy FTK.. thats pure inovation.

Most of u probably know all this already. But always keep this in mind in deckbuilding.
Till next time, play hard play fair and don forget to apply this concept to ur deck. It helps . =)

Next time: i will dissect a deck from SJ st louis n tell y its doin so well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mind crushed part 2

Okay so im back with part 2. Read on:
To be a good duelist, one must always be patient, n take advantage of the situation. Like yugi said, the 2nd n 3rd rule of playing games would be acting professional n unfazed as well as holding ur trump card to the end. Therefore, we should never ever make risky moves unless u r in a situation whre ntg benefits u n u might as well do it.

On to taking advantage of situations. For example when u use crush card virus, we ought to make full us of it. Lets say we have hand severing nmorphingjar,we should flip morphing jar up to draw. This way not only do u get to draw but u get to see ur opponent's hand (n most likely activate ccv's effect to eat up the fatties) .Then, still, since we allowed to write stuff /notes on paper while playing in tourney, we should write down the cards drawn. I;ve seen many ppl not writing down in the notebook then later got killed by mirror force, even though they saw it in hand by CCV's effect. Then they say " shit! i forgot have mirror force!" there. a simple situation. too late to go back n do anything now.

Also, we should learn to be less forgetful. For example, we should always look in the graveyard from time to time (opponent's too) to make sure everything is going ur way. Sometimes i see duelists scooping the game because of drawing mobc n he has ntg to tribute for. But in his graveyard there is dhero malicious, yomi frog n dhero dashguy! After scooping the game n realizing his mistake, he says " oh yea,,.... i forgot dasher!"

On to the deck building skills which i have promised to list. Its not the best of the best, some ppl may disagree with me but heck, this is my blog. a blog to list my opinions. dont agree? nvm...who knows? i might just learn a thing or two frm listening to u guys. Okay

Well first thing abt deckbuilding is knowing wat type of player r u.., R u the aggro player or r u the control player? So u ought to build a few decks to play first then find which one u do betterr with aggro or control.
Secondly, u ,must choose whether u wanna go into competitive yugioh or just play for fun. Compettive yugioh is more time consuming as u have to netdeck, or view blogs ( :D ) ,or read up decklists n everything .

Thirdly, u must choose the deck u wanna play. For example u wanna follow the metagame and copy the decks there or u wanna inovate n try to bring an original build to stardom. Stray from the decks that dont have good combos or tat don have good searchers .good decks includes decks which have the following:
1) combo piecers
2) combo retrivers
3) searcher( eg: airman, volcanic rocket, mental master bla)
4) draw spells ( destiny draw, hand severing, solar exchange)
5) traps that r good n supportive( eg: lightlorddecks have glorious illusion,)
6) bonus* spells that have godly effects that suport theme (eg: batterires have their own monster reborn, n raigeki( short circuit)

Then, u must think of the deck that u playing. U must must must understand the concept of the deck n archetype. Eg: u must understand that gladial beast main thing to do is to special summon out monster from deck n get their effect. Don use them for something new unless u very vvery sure. Oh well we'll get to tat later.

Once u r sure with ur archetype; combo ,control or aggro u must look at each card of the deck n list down the combos. Most of the time, ppl wont approve this but i find it quite useful. U never know u could draw foolish burial n monster reborn on turn 1 n bury mobc n reborn him. If u have dark simorgh in deck , the right thing to do is to bury dark simorgh n reborn him on turn 1 to seal ur opponent. Tat works sometimes for me =) If u don wanna follow this its okay u'll eventually find out the combos while testdecking ur deck.

Include cards that thin the deck while provide advantage for u ( eg: card gunner, sangan, ehero airman, rescue cat, i can think of millions bla bla so can u all)

Stay away from situational cards such as beginning of the end if u have onli like 9 monsters tat r dark in deck or if u arent playing a rtfdd combo. Teching is good but u must not go overboard.

Next out this is important ! We ought to include cards tat break opponent combo. Huh? like wat card u ask? well some includes : lightning vortex, torrential tribute, mirror force. The more popular ones tat r gaining increase in play are trap dustshoot, crush card virus n mind crush. Like i said, mind crush is just so good. the technique and the card itself. Sometimes ur opponent holds his hand low n u get to see his cards. Lol . Always happens to me.
An example of a deck dedicated to breaking ppl combo is jerrywang's deck from shonen jump nashville. 4 team overdose players changed their deck to his in the last few minutes after he showed them his deck ! n i hav to say it is good! like matt peddle said, it destroys ur opponent with the simplest effort. I hav no time to discuss it here. Go c it on n read matt's article on the champions.

okay. for this article it end here, i will continue with part 3, n it wont be much though but stay tuuned,
Till next time , play fair, play hard , n enjoy the game.

Next time: part 3.

Mind crushed part 1

Lately alot of ideas have been coming into my mind, so im gonna cramp some of them into this post, Also, im gonna give some deck building tips because DL on the chatbox suggested for,
okay on with the post.

Okay, in the game of yugioh i've been observing something. Alot of times, when we suspect something or wat ur opponent is gonna play, it happens. Well, myfather used to tell me smthg when i was young, he said tat many things happen due to the power of the mind. No idea but its true , well kinda. C, when ever a teacher asked a question n i dint noe the answer i was like omg, don ask me pls pls pls >< but in the end she asked me so =.= i was punished for nt listening in class. bla bla. Next on lets get on to yugioh real life experiences:
The most most most most obvious experiences are of course:
1) suspecting ur opponent have torrential tribute, mirror force, watever n u decide to summon a monster n take the plunge. I m sure some of us have come into situations whre we kinda well want to finish the game quick. like misawa from the yugioh gx manga, he decided to attack manjyome but got blasteed by an adverse effects of holy water card.
c? We just think: okay okay i've gotten so far already so i might as well just get on with it. Okay here goes...."
Then we get blasted by mirror force / torrential tribute. In other words, we fell for the bait n got crushed.
A friend of mine's personal message on msn was " the first n most outmmost victory is to conquer urself but to be conquered by urself is the greatest shame" (i think it sounded smthg like tat :D ) Well basically there r many useful articles i have read while being bored n surfing the web n many of them taught me abt dueling n applying real life concept to dueling. U c , dueling is like a fight making use of the stuff around us n using it to ur opponent's disadvantage, example to quote a simple one: brain control opponent card or monster reborn it so we can use his monsters against him. Its a simple concept tat we can apply.
Okay mind crushing is one of the most simple to achieve "skills" of yugioh n very easy to manipulate n use it to ur advantage. No ! im nt talking abt mind crush card im talking abt mind crush itself!
U c, many times in life we can achive mind crush
1) when friends try to hide secret from u, u can noe wat it is by observing him/her
2) when ur girlfriend 2 timing u ,u will noe,
3) expressions on ppl face
4) when ppl hate u but u noe due to the way he is acting or if they dont talk to u as much anymmore cuz they go to other ppl.
5) When u talk to ur parents sweetly to ask for more money, they will ask u first: " okay...wat do u wan"'

c..? there r so many situations tat use mind crush ! i can think of a 100 more, so can all of u!!!

Now we must apply this concept n learn to hone it. anyone can do it, its simple.
Lets start with a simple situation, when opponent get a good card, his face will brighten up, n we will noe if we r disadvantageous or not. Some ppl have this thing called the poker face where their face will be blank all the time. This is hard to come across but i have seen some players like this. Sometimes if we get a bad card , we would say oh shit! or smthg else.

NOW NOW, i noe wat u guys r thinking, michael stop telling us this. we know liau. " But im sure not all of u have the time to think abt this in dueling. Most of u will probably forget this after reading. There fore, i ask of all of u to make an effort to keep this in mind always, ALWAYS. before u duel, make sure u think of this: " is there anything important that i can remember to help me in dueling?" then get on with it...
okay..on with the post:
Since we can judge ppl by the face, there r some ppl who can be lying to u or smthg. For example tat person is trying to trick u. How can we tell the difference? How?
Well, we have to knoe tat person a bit. If we r pllaying in our area, then we must be aware if tat person is the type to lie, starightforward type n so on... If that person is cunning type, we must not go on this n predict his expression. These ppl r the type of ppl tat bother n trouble us in this skill.
There r ways to counter these type of ppl
1) use hand revealing cards" crush card virus, trap dustshoot"
2) know wat tat person is playing. Tat person is an aggro duelist, control ? what deck he plays ? calculate his chances of getting a good card in his deck. there r many ways.... these r all important factors to keep in mind n can help in this.

Remember most ppl wont consider abt this. They just play n then play without realizing these concpetuals.. Remember, this isnt a must n those ppl arent wrong.
Note: apply this in tournanment onli !! No need to apply this in normal playing unlesss ur testdecking for a tourney. Anyway, there r many times to apply this. Know it, find it out urself. Its better no need to let ppl noe abt this or they will noe how to avoid ur trick n it becomes worhtless. Next post i will talk abt the deck building tips n how to apply the mind crush concept to this deck building tips.

This post aint the best there is n i swear i dint copy this from any website or post or! it just came out of my mind ! okay. time to sign of.
till next time, play fair, play hard, don give up n do n forget to apply the mind crush skill !!!

Next time: part 2.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A preparation of next format

As everyone can see, dark arm dragon is ruling the format. So is gladiator beasts, lightlord bla bla. Im not sure if DAD will still rule if it was added to the limited list. Obviusly 1 of this evil monster cannot function

Today we will talk about cards that help the DAD DECK if it is limited next format. I will talk only about the important cards.

Phantom of chaos.
4. fiend. dark.
atk 0
def 0
effect: Choose and remove an effect monster from your Graveyard and from the Game. When this card is face-up on the field, this card is treated as the same name of the removed monster gaining the same attack strength. This effect can only be activated once per turn. Battle damage dealt to your opponent as a result of battle becomes 0.

Killer effect eh? Though it deals no damage, it can copy Dark arm dragon and deal a lot of destruction

Here's a card that most people overlooked. If u r playing a deck focused on dark arm's destruction effect , this is a must. If u r looking for ways to stop ur opponent's return from the different dimension this is the card. If u r looking for more dark monsters in grave to fuel cards such as beginning of the end, dark nephythys this is the card u r looking for. If u r looking for ways to get Necro gardnar back int0 play, u must consider this card

atk ?
def 0
This card's attack is the number of removed from play DARK monsters x300. When this card is destroyed and send to the graveyard, all dark monsters removed form play are brought back to the graveyard.

Don forget most of the time u could sack it with virus. U could also do this:
Dark armd dragon remove 2 dark monsters n do his job. pimm pamm
Then the last dark monster in grave is removed to destroy doomsday horror. Then the 3 removed from play monsters r brought back. Then u end up with 4 dark monster in grave( 3 dark + doomsday horror). SWEET right?

Burial form the different dimension.
return up to 3 monster removed form play back to the graveyard.
I would have to say that this card is great to stop return. In the new dark arm deck it will be the swiss army knife. It can stop rftdd from doing its job. It basically does the job like doomsday horror. It can be chained to return ur necro gardnar back to grave to protect ur lp
It can also return dark arm dragon removed from play to copy for phantom of chaos again,
Escape from the dark dimension.
Imagine if return was limited n dimension fusion was banned,
this card will be the card to own. Oh ya here is his effect:
Select one dark monster outplayed and return it back to field. When the monster is destroyed, destroy this card. If this card leaves the field, destroy the monster n outplay it.
Well for one thing i would have to comment is that ths card cant bring back dd survivor. Note its text: When this card leaves the field, DESTROY then remove from play that monster. Dd surviror basically needs to be removed from play straight from the field. This card basically destoryed n rfp the monster. So it reach the grave first then is rfped. Same concept as bottomless trap hole
So here is a deck to abuse the dark return element if DAD is limited , return is limtied and dimension fusion is banned, NOT SURE IF IT WILL WORK AS ITS JUST AN OPINION ( keep tat in mind critics( asskicker cough cough) )

1 dark magician of chaos
1 Dark arm dragon
3 necro gardnar
1 phantom of chaos
1 mask of darkness
1 sangan
3 dark nephythys
1 cybervalley
2 knight of the end
2 doomsday horror
1 ehero stratos
1 dhero diskguy
1 snipe hunter
1 gorz
1 jinzo
1 spirit reaper
2 hand severing( hand destruction)
2 reinforcements of the army
1 heavy storm
1 lightning vortex
2 the beginning of the end
1 burial form the different dimesnion
1 ddr
1 monster reborn
1 premature burial
1 golden sarcophagus
1 monster reincarnation
1 torrential tribute
1 crush card virus
1 mirror force
1 rtfdd
1 escape from the dark dimension

Remember thois is just a basic skeleton of what a neew format dark return deck might look like, Definitely not as fast as the past but quite okay. I dint include destiny draw because this deck has only one dhero and that is diskguy. Since hand severing can help discard cards for beginning of the end, help to discard necro gardnar. This deck will no doubt have enough cards to disrupt opponent strategy( dark nephythys, necro garnder, snipe hunter, lightning vortex, crush card virus) I am not sure what cards ought to be taken out for cards such as solemn judgement, phoenix wing wind blast n stuff . Mask of darkness is in here because he can recycle rftdd , crush card virus and other cards. Monster reincarnation serves as a way to get dark arm fast as u can discard him with knight of the end.
Till next time: play the yugioh game whole heartedly, dont give up n have fun!
Next time: Shonen jump st louis.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An inexpensive solution

Gladiator beasts have been doing so well this format, i can't shun from reviewing them anymore.

Take a look at the gladiator up there. This card is one of the reasons gladiator beats r big. The effect is as follows:

This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".) When this card is Speciial Summoned, you can destroy up to 2 cards on the field. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card attacked or was attacked, you can return this card to the Fusion Deck to Special Summon 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters from your Deck, except "Gladiator Beast Bestiari

How good is it? It IS AWESOME.

There are so many combos to bring this guy out so easily. This article, i will discuss the combos and their effeciency

(copyright) from jerome mchale) He uses ehero prisma to perform this awesome trick. How? Look and c

a) use prisma and send bestiari from deck to graveyard

b) assuming u can get another monster out( special summon or normal summon) Get out gladiator beast darius and special summon out gladiator beast bestiari from graveyard to field

c) contact fuse bestiari and darius to become gyzarus
d) destroy ( pimm pamm watever) then attack.

e) special summon 2 more gladiator beasts from deck( at least 1 must be laquari)

f) contact fuse laquari, ehero prisma( bestiari) and the other gladial beast to summon heraklinos to totally control the field!!! GG!!

Gay card.....

In case u guys dont know..... u dint lose a single card in that combo above

Bestiari, prisma, all went back to deck . So good right? While ur opponent loses 2 crads( gyzarus) and some life points.

In case u guys don noe wat is heraklinos' effect, look on:

This card can only be Special Summoned from your Fusion Deck, by returning the above cards you control to the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization") You can discard 1 card from your hand to negate the activation of a Spell or Trap Card and destroy it. You can use this effect during either player's turn

Good right? Assuming, that combo was amde in early game, u should be controlling.
If combo made in mid game, u would still make opponent worry and fret all over...

if combo made in late game, wa wa even better, opponent already out of steam and combo so u would own! and gyzarus' destroy 2 effect will make opponent suffer even more, How gay.....

And did i mention, heraklinos has a whopping 3000 attack. How to pawn? Dark arms? ya can.....Since opponent destroy cards with gyzarus u should get ur dark monsters in grave easily. But u would have taken a chunk of damage by now. N i mean a huge huge chunk

In case anyone dint notice, these gladiator beasts take their name from real life mythological fighters that r popular. Note heraklinos. Sounds familiar right? Heraklinos...Heracles....And heracles is what the greek called hercules. Also anyone noticed gladial beast spartacus comes from the name spartans . Spartans strong =) too bad the card isnt.=(

There is 2 more cards.... gladial beats octavius and gladial beast alexander..... Octavius himself was a great gladiator in history ( he existed)

Alexander basically takes after the guy called alexander the great
Okay enough talking abt myth yugioh time
Anyway on to praising the gladial beasts
there is a card called gladial beats chariot

Thats the card above gyzarus . Its effect is:
Negate the effect of one effect monster that activates and destroy it. This effect can only be used when u control a gladial beats on the field.

Good or not? rememebr how i said heraklinos can be taken down with dark arms or judgement dragon? This card says it alll.... Its just mediocre n So awesome! dude! Most monster run in decks r effect monster. I would say nearly all ( some decks play normal monsters but r effective ahem ahem colin...neos)
Gladial beaasts r a anti metagame deck. However, it seem that they r of the metagame!!!!

Cards to counter gladial bests
in fact i cant think of many now, onli have cards such as fossil dyna pachyphaelo or ryal opreseion. Then both also have weak points. Fossil dyna attack is damn low even a simpel attack from bestiari will kill off la.

Then royal oppresion damn costly, 800 lp. Gladial beasts play cold wave and solemn judgment for ultimate seal power. Talk abt brutal man.

A card to recycle chariot

Enter gladial beast equite:

When this card is successfully Special Summoned by the effect of a [Gladial Beast] monster, choose a [Gladial Beast] card in your Graveyard and add it to your hand. When this card battles you can return this card to the deck at the end of Battle Phase, then Special Summon a [Gladial Beast] monster, except [Gladial Beast Equite] from the deck to your field

This awesome guy caught my eye while i was looking through the duelist genesis preview in

He has so much potential since effect says one gladial beats. Don forget gladial beast chariot can be taken back. The rest of the monsters can too. Those equip spells too. He is the recycler. 1600 attack is not bad too....

Gladial synchro

When i first ssaw on baha and ds' blog abt the japanese metagame, he mentioned gladial synchro, At tat time so confused ler how to synchro gladial beast out? Then i remembered rescue kitten.

Though i would say its an expensive combo since it requires one of the duel terminal cards that is X saber airbellum. Baha's playing that deck now n i have to comment its quite fast and advantageous. So on with gladial synchro. Rescue cat special summons x saber airbellum and other glaidal beasts with low attack say hoplomus, murmilo or smthg . Then straight away boom! out goyou guardian, brionac, aoj catastor or smthg else!
Okay, now we know how much of a threat is the gladial beasts. So much watch out for it and sidedeck against them in tourney! 3 solemn to counter their solemns . Though i doubt gladial beasts can be beaten easily by any normal deck. However it can be outspeeded. Many decks can do that. Lightlord( sometimes) , dark arm( sometimes too). A counter deck isnt gonna help either as the gladial beasts have tech such as murmillo n bestiari to destroy spell/trap or monster that disturbing deck combo.
Good luck to all duelists out there. Shonen Jump St Louis is merely a few days away. From now on,i will do something like what Matt Peddle does in
If i c a good deck, i shall review it in this site. And dont worry i shant copy matt's as mine will be earlier or different deck.
P.s: if anyone wanna add matt peddle on hotmail his email address is
He's quite a friendly guy though busy most of the time
Time for me to sign off now, till next time, play fair, play hard n dont give up.

Friday, May 9, 2008

review on the latest emergency ban

okae hi guys! Im a new poster on dis blog. Mie, like mike, is the editor of dis bloggie. Bleh maybe ah eu guys will tink tat ah my english SUCKS bt den ah eu guys muz understand tat im using my hp to post ma... So before i continue, a big apology to eu guys... Okae erh... If eu guys dun like mie type like tat den post on the tag box n tell mie den i type in proper english. Bleh... Okae self intro of my self.
Name:nick. Bleh dun 1 sae full name...
Sku:CCHMS (chung cheng high main school)
Okae so tats a self intro...
Bleh 1 reason y im using my hp to post. Cuz i at tution ma den freaking bored so post luh...
*Erherm..* my motive for 2daes post is to review on the latest emergency ban. The emergency ban(oficially called mid-format change) takes effect 2dae, US time. Serious man i hate UDE... Last time cyber-stein n den now... okae so now erm the cards that got banned...

Okae actualli this card should not be ban. limited maybe?? reason no.1 it cost 2000LP!!! its a quator of ur lifepoint man!!! reason no.2 it helps ur oponent n ur oponent do not have to pay a single lifepoint....

Okae luh dis is about the same as D.fusion... but the cost for dis can be higher, or lower depends on ur LP. n dis also dun help ur oponent so dis card limited stil okae. aiyo review until here i tink ah since UDE or Koonami will ban cards right, y even create dem in the same place?! diao....
MY FAV CARD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! bleh... i seiously lurve dis card man..... but at least they didnt ban it tats gud.... but actualli its hard to get dis card sia... secret rare TCG onli rite?? m i wrong?? bleh...

Actualli y didnt UDE bann the DAD or at least let it have 2 copies?? wasnt it like the serial killer monster tat wacked n wacked?? bleh... but den 1 prob guys... do we go with UDE or Koonami ban list?? i tink tat Koonami will also make the same thing, so an advice. folow UDE. den eu wun waste ur money lol....for mie, my deck GG liao... now nid to make new de...

The link ah?? here luh.....

bleh maybe dis review suxs, i dunno... but juz giv mie ur comments guys... after all its my 1st time..


PS: Dueling legacy is undergoing plastic surgery, bleh an extreme make over by mie!!! we r gonna revamp the whole blog by changing th skins etc... the whole process may take a bit of time cuz i got sku de leh.. MIKE also ma... so play hard, play fair. rmb ani thing eu unhappy muz sae out. my job is to make eu guys happy n allow mie to change for the better, so if eu guys bo sae wat thing bad den i cannot change n make eu guys sastified ma...