Thursday, January 31, 2013

giant trunade or heavy storm?

i dont think there is a need for this post.

but wtheck

i saw some tcg players writing that trunade should replace storm.

are u high...

1) play tenki search bear
2) trunade return tenki
3) summon bear blow thing up and set another tenki.

ballz man

i'd rather have cold wave over trunade. at least in beatdown format, ur s/t r still intact. Not that konami wont release stuff to blow up the field anyway.

anyhow, at least with storm u can still play s/t from ur hand next turn.

play cold wave, summon shock master, whatt.

no, storm must stay !

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

harpies pet mirage dragon

sohai xyz.

how many ppl have actually read the card effect.

able to direct attack.

all harpie monsters cant be selected as effect target. or as an attack target, INCLUDING itself

Needs 3 xyz to summon.

One card potentially deal 6k damage.

Need torrential, dark hole mirror force to kill.

Yes konami more imba card designzzzz

Monday, January 28, 2013

heavy storm #2

it looks like every new archetype is getting its s.t destruction

phantom aeroplane- ray stails

harpie- imba magic card

firefist- gorilla and pseudo night shot

maybe konami is looking to replace storm.

u must understand, i dont hate heavy storm. I love it just as much as you do when you open storm turn 2 on your opponents freshly set 3 cards.

anyhow, i know im gonna get alot of hate for this post.

come at me ppl !

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Heavy Storm

Call this gut feeling:

But i think Heavy Storm is hitting the banlist.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ban List Post

Time to go on abit about it.


1) Monster Reborn- should be banned. But still better than Brain Control imo.


1) atlantean dragoons- die sazabi die.

2) windup factory- 3 whirlwind noooo

3) windup magician- this card is the problem card in windups imo. Because ppl farm alot using this, and many ways to abuse this. 3 magician means shock lock, tgu shark = into 1 shock ruler 1 zenmaity 1 coat of arms. 3 magician gives windup farming capability over slower decks like heroes with rabbit.

at least with 1 magician, their comboes go like:

summon rat, target magi in grave, jump shark, jump random level 4.
rat + shark into zenmaity into another rat to make invoker or some rank 3, and the rank 4 into something random..

that way, windups will really become an xyz beatdown deck.

4) magician of faith- because prophecy jizz in my pants.

To 2:

1) deepsea diva- because diva too stronk. 1 card out to ophion, d fissure etc. besides, smart mermail players  are already upping their infantry count to 3.

2) fire formation tenki- firefist with the new spell from the wind set, and chicken and stuff omg sooo broke.

3) verz castor- its first turn ophion that is a problem. if done in later turns, then at least still have a fighting chance

Thats about all i can think about. who plays yugioh during holidayzzz


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

importance of negating spells

well Malaysia, we're back to this card: curse seal of forbidden spell

i will not recommend anyone to play this card.

but heres an idea:


1) Firefist- tenki
2) verz- lance
3) hero- everything
4) hengjohnson.deck- miracle + mask change flying around
5) kills retarded burn countdown decks
6) dark world- gate

Nah you wouldnt consider this would you dont be crazy

why would you can do this when u can just shock rulerrrr

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Why Overworked is so good.

Lets list out why Overworked is so good, by listing the number of decks it kills

1) FIRE FIST- yes la burn and die, 4 torrential in deck bitches

2) Inzektors- I think a resolved Overworked will kill the whole deck

3) Dark World- Yes anything with field spell you can side this in !

4) Gravekeeper/malefic drain something something beat oricalcos???

5) Agents- this one abit trolling since gachi boost everything so overworked clear field lol.

6) Harpie- field spell.

Imagine in windup, your opponent gets greedy and makes brilliant, then you use overworked.......

Coincidentally this post corresponds to TCG also, since it kills 2 decks that are predominant in TCG like agents, and inzektors (why do these 2 decks still exist there) , and some people run stun decks with oricalcos, i wonder why not many people are siding this thing.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Protects Harpie Channeler.

Activates targetting opponent's monster, blow it up with field eff.

MMM versatile.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

new Harpie engine ?!

yes the new cards have been confirmed !!

so what now?

the tempest dragons thing are very good engines. check out dueling days. I'd test out 3 inside for fun.

More rank 7 is always good. Has synergy with the channeler so that she isnt dead in hand if alone. everything nowdays is so rank 7 supportive. Both drago sac and big eye are sooo good monsters.

i also like harpie dancer. ppl think it is not good?

well i disagree.

It has 1200 attack when coupled with the field spell (1400 attack) which is just enough to bypass BTH.

furthermore i assume you can return herself and then summon channeller again for more s/t destruction.

imagine scenario of : Opponent set 2 summon monster.

now u play field spell summon dancer clear backrow return herself and summon chaneller, blow more s/t make big eye or drago sac for win.

Thank God the effect of dancer can only be used once per turn, or u can summon dancer and return herself and resummon for some stupid loop.

and best of all....

you can throw 3 in the deck so solves the problem of not enough harpies :DD

sorry TCG ppl but ur harpie dancers arent gonna look smexy but gonna look clothed up due to artwork revising.

so, i can just add those 6 cards in and discard that shitty engine of tragoedia tour guide.

furthermore there is a new bird xyz called silphine which is a veiler/ shock master on crack. wtf?

and if your hand does have shitty level 7s, just play that new allure spell for level 7 which i doubt will work in the deck but u never know.

also have you guys seen pinpoint guard? free reborn effect and shields you from dying on this turn?

konami going cuckoo with new set.

perfect circle?

One of my friends was telling me that verz is one of the most all rounded balanced, consistent, perfect decks that he had ever seen.

I had to agree that it was very balanced and rounded up.

an engine like verz castor and then following up with rabbits and cercyon to recycle?

The deck is amazing.

I wouldnt have called Konami on hitting verz in the banlist, but do i see Konami hitting it at all (before TCG gets it?)

The answer is no.

Because they will just release more decks which can fight with verz. lol.

However if verz continues to top in fashion, we may see Evilswarm castor going to 2.

Banlist post coming up soon =D

Friday, January 11, 2013

Harpies Post

so today we can discuss harpie , the new archetype which got a boost. isit good? yes. isit tier 1? no.

the main thing about harpie is that it has alot of s/t destruction in the form of the field spell, icarus etc so there is probably no need to run mst. sometimes ur forced to destrroy ur own hunting ground or if u have hysteric sign, destroy it.

sign is so good because of its 1st effect. when i first started playing harpies i didnt know what elegant egotist did, then i read it, and i was like wtf? u can summon any harpie from deck?

the 2nd effect of sign is just a bonus. most of the time u only need to resolve 1 sign and the rest becomes useless because u will have lesser targets in the deck. hence why i run 1 cyber harpie lady, 2 of the harpie #1, 3 chaneller, and 3 queen

why channeller? because u can immediately turn it into plover, or any rank 4 xyz, or if ur like me, you'd almost make big eye everytime to steal ur opponents beatstick. which is a game winning move because its a 2 card snatch steal.

believe me, the 2 harpie pet dragon doesnt clog at all because u can access channeler so easily. just ditch dragon for another. im even tempted to put in the 3rd but that would encourage too much clogging

but the bad things about the deck is that u cannot run more than 3 cards which r counted as harpie lady. i would have put more cyber harpie or more of the harpie 1 but then u cant have more than 3 cards with harpie in the name in ur deck. i couldnt put anymore in dn so i assumed this is the case in real life.

which brings us to the main problem of the deck. there are sooooo few birds for the deck that i had to throw in some random shit like tragoedia and tour guide. tragoedia is reasonable because u can steal ur opponents verz or shit , and if u resolve sign, tragoedia is gonna get big with 3 extra monster in hand.

i dont need to go over icarus attack its one of the best traps in the game, in my opinion, but sooo easily played around.

hysteric party is the decks game winner because it is the decks 2 card combo (1 sign 1 card from hand) to explode all over the field. most of the time u only get 3 monsters but its ok its still amazing.

i teched in 1 copy of harpie pet baby dragon because sometimes if u have a full field of harpie, pet baby dragon can do alot of stuff. so its in there for options. i never really liked it cos i'd just ditch it for chanellers effect, but it did win me a game or 2.

one last thing abt the deck, as lgq pointed out, is that it is too dependant on channeler. yes this means effect veiler kills the whole deck imo.

but its hard to kill it because there are sooo many cards to access channeler with swallow flip, 3 signs, 3 channeler 1 sangan, 2 tour guide,, thats like 1/4 of the deck lol.

it had a very good record on dn, winning most of its rounds except some great trashing from inzektors by lfn. inzektor too stronk :(

all in all, lets see how the japanese build this deck :)

ps: ignore the sidedeck. was simply thrown together.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SG ranking tourney report

So i decided to play for fun since sazabi was judging and he asked me to play for his slot to collect points while he stood a chance to win the imba asia top 100 sleeves.

initially i wanted to play WU or smtg like that but then a few of us went clubbing till 4 in the morning so with less sleep, obviously i didnt want to play a thinking deck. so decided to go with inzektor, but after playing some solitaire with wesley, it was fucking hard to win unless i had damsel hornet so i just took sherwyns arrive hero to play.

usually i wont post ranking tourney reports but this is the 1st time i played overseas. somemore as yu bixuan ^^

Round 1: Jeff
Mermail atlantean

G1: He summoned diva into librarian telegraphing a 2nd 1 in hand. i destroyed it with alias spark, and next turn he summoned another diva, which i quickly misplayed and threw out solemn warning, when the better play was to activate hero blast on divas target. He showed me abyssphere and megalo soon after. Its been so long since i touched yugiohhh

G2: I made a 1st turn shock ruler and followed up with a miracle fusion after to put pressure.

G3: He summoned Catastor, and i summoned Maelstroke. i could make shock ruler, but for some reason instincts told me not to, and he responded with veiler, upon effect. I Miracle the maelstroke away into Escuridao, to kill catastor. Reason why i miracled this turn was to kill off 1 beatstick in case he megalo and rush me so i'd survive. Managed to follow up with more beatdown and won.


felt lucksack cos he MST all my bluff and i MST Night beam both his torrential.

Round 2: Jun Jie
agent angel

G1: I whack him with shining, then next turn play dark hole to wipe the field, spam miracle, and took back the alias to go for game.

G2: I first turn shock ruler call monster, but he play valhalla into kristia. But because of my big backrow he didnt dare to attack. Stalled for 2 turns and i summoned alias, spark his kristia, flip stun, play miracle, and clear the field with heavy storm to win the game.


Round 3: William Oh

G1: He storm me and ophion me

G2: I clear his backrow and made Pearl to beat and win.

G3: This was a very back and forth game. He summoned ceryon and i decided not to respond but when i compulsed his bahamut he had the solemn. he stole my parl, which i destroyed using spark. and the game went into topdecking and i managed to do the LGQ stunt to drop bubbleman but drew crap like SLR and MST. Stalled for a few more turn but he topdeck rabbit and win.


Finished in Top 4 since lesser ppl played ranking.

Yes i didnt draw Miracle cos i sided 2 out. all my playtesting vs verz in dn ended up with me having dead miracles and the idea was to make a deck which could dish out decent rank 4s to kill ophion, with backrow clearing stuff hence i only sided out 1 mst. owell should have kept in 1 more miracle but whatever.

It was fun to play in Singapore as the crowd is much more casual than Malaysia and my opponent even let me replay since im rusty but whatever.

PS alive hero sucks cos i keep drawing zephrus + foolish in same hand.

kudos to HLG for chaperoning me as usual and to wesley and sam for bringing me clubbing on saturday night.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Yugioh as of today

dont have time to explain but :

1) mirror force is considerably good .
2) warning is good again cos of verz.
3) how pro you are depends on :

a) ur rulings
b) ur gameplay
c) ur card choices
d) ur prediction of meta
e) how u go against the meta

thats all for today gotta run cya in singapore tomorrow