Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's Day

Actually feeling quite lazy to post... But then, better do it lah. I might forget what I want to say next time.

So, I promised a different hybrid of Eatos Cosmos. Those who have met me in KL would know that I didn't run the E-hero gemini variant because I saw it as inconsistent and that the general theory of it just didn't appeal to me. Also, I did not have 3 Neos Alius. And although sometimes you will encounter problems of lack of monsters, you might encounter monster clog in your hand. If your opponent has an awesome monster, that Stratos and Neos Alius just dies in your hand and becomes dead and monster food. True right?

Thus I decided to combine the good old stun deck theory with the deck. It's disadvantage? It will not be able to fathom Bottomless Trap Hole and chain a Gemini Spark to its summon.

Before you see the decklist, at least get to understand the deck abit. The aim of it was to negate everything or in pro language- to simplify the game card for card while you beatdown. Not a bad sounding idea right? Basically what happens is that you negate your opponent's every move and make them emo while you gain advantage and proceed to beat them to hell. The deck can also create mind games and problems for your opponents (as far as I'm concern) because people are scared of 4-->5 face down cards!

And Doomcalibur Knight and Rai-Oh has a skill effect that makes people fare away from their usual strategies, (because they want to try to destroy the card without losing as much advantage so they can conduct their usual strategies.) so it disturbs people alot and makes them make bad moves.

While DoomCaliber Knight is on the field, and Skill Drain is up, DCK works as a beatstick as well as a way for me to negate off-field effects. If D.D fissure is up, I wont fear Honest and Kalut and DCK can negate such cards as Cyber Dragon and cards that are special summoned from the hand. Certain effects like Absolute Zero is really roadkill! When I played LGQ, got tension really because I damn scared of that Absolute Zero which he played thrice. In the end he defended with it and I somehow win because of some stalemate happened where my monsters couldn't beat its defence. I had no trouble with attack because I mained Burden at that time.

I assume that DCK doesnt have to tribute itself immediately to the very first effect activated (because skill drain negates that part of the effect) (once more, correct me if im wrong. It sounds logical, yes? But Konami makes illogical rulings sometimes)

I played 2 D.D survivor because he is too good and always comes back. Its just indestructible and I can stall till i get my key cards. Another player choice too, really. Survivor is the card that I want to draw in my opening hand (even more than Eatos and Barbaros), so i put 2.

Eatos, i only put two because I cant find a third. No good excuse not to run 3 i know. But cant find la seriously...Its all sold out in KL and alot of players didn't even know it existed when i showed them the card! =.=

At first, I ran 2 Burden of the Mighty because it seemed awesome. Rai-oh and DCk and D.D survivor become very big suddenly. But in the end I found out that to play Burden it cost me one card slot in my S/T zone and that was too costly. if you play D.D Eatos, you might understand what I'm talking about.

Its also not good because opponent cant destroy my cards and it renders Sakuretsu and Dimension Prisons useless. It conflicts with Trap Hole and Bottomless too often. I wanted to kill Lumina but suddenly she become too small.

Card Trader is one of the tech that I decided to run. For me, it's really personal player choice and reference and it suits my playing style. I really cannot stand dead cards in my hand and converting a dead card to a useful one works for me well =) Its also to stop me from worrying. Anti-meta has like a sort of a jinx that make it cant win major tourneys (in M'sia at least). It helps me to get to my key cards easily too. You wouldn't know how dead it can draw sometimes. All spell-trap hand is still ok but all monster hand is too hardcore. I suddenly feel like Baha. But somehow, Card Trader always appears when I need it.

Some decks mains 5 remove from play cards (3 d.d fissure, +2 macro) but i decided that 5 was too much and i only played 4. The 5th slot was given to soul release. Remember, 1 monster, just 1 in the grave will render Eatos unplayable. So, yeah. If i run too many fissure/macro I will just draw it again and again when I spam Card Trader.

Swords of Revealing is the most queer choice but it has worked well for me recently. You see, it gives me 3 turns to stall and set up my field, which to me is really valuable. It really helps, in a slow paced deck like this.

In my opinion, this deck is the perfect example of a Tier 1 deck that has undergone changes *(to tech and improve it (or maybe not) ) as well as designed to suit a player's style. Oh! I've started typing too much tilll I forgot the decklist!

2 D.D Survivor
2 Thunder King Rai-Oh
3 Doom Caliber Knight
3 God BeastKing Barbaros
2 Guardian Eatos

3 Dimension Fissure
2 Card Trader
1 Soul Release
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 My Body as a Shield
2 Book of Moon

3 Skill Drain
1 Trap Hole
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Macro Cosmos
2 Dimension Prison
1 Sakuretsu Armor ( Don't laugh lah...I cant find my 3rd prison >.<)
1 Solemn Judgment
3 Dark Bribe
2 Starlight Road
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Mirror Force

2 Stardust Dragon
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Have a great new year, all you awesome people, and comments about the deck are actually appreciated. I like to see your opinion on this type of deck.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Today's netdecking article is D-flamvell , and as the name reads, its destiny and flamvell. We all know the potential of Flamvell magician that is a lvl4 and smaller than 1500 (so he wont get bottomlessed) and rekindling in a synchro deck.

I got this deck from my friend's blog "mystic tomato" post which can be found here and you can find the blog in my blog links. Seriously, it has some awesome potential. Alot of players don't really know this blog (I'm referring to Malaysian/ Singaporean/ any sort of Asians). Originally, its Norman Wilde's deck which won some event there in Germany.

It functions sort of like your old classic tele-DAD (redefined and improved of course!) and can suddenly come up with some unpredicted and surprising, yet annoying plays.

Here's the decklist..
3x Destiny Hero - Defender
2x Destiny Hero - Malicious
2x Cyber Valley
2x Flamvell Magician
2x Mystic Tomato
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
1x Summoner Monk
1x Plaguespreader Zombie
1x Flamvell Firedog
1x Dark Armed Dragon
1x Sangan
3x Destiny Draw
2x Allure of Darkness
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mind Control
1x Brain Control
1x Gold Sarcophagus
1x Lightning Vortex
1x Rekindling
1x Reinforcement of the Army
3x Skill Drain
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
1x Mirror Force
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Trap Dustshoot
1x Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Trap Stun
This is the type of deck that I would like to play. Its so fun and creative and most importantly, its unpredictable. Most cards aren't run in multiples unless needed such as the draw engine and some staples.
This could be the new Tele-DAD, my friends.
Time to go watch Sherlock Holmes (the new one lah). I'll sign off here, and tomorrow I'll post a different variant of D.D Eatos that I was playtesting in KL. It has its pros and cons. And some of you might like it better than the old one? Maybe? Some of you may not. Stay tuned loh.
Oh yeah, a happy new year to all you guys!! I'll probably be out whole night and yeah 2010 is gonna be a great year for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I dunno how many of you have realised it yet, but Gladial Beast Equeste is a god-damned wing beast!!!!?? How can that be, he looks like a beast-warrior, or a beast, or warrior =.=

So now with GB equeste as a bird, GB has gotten their new toy: that annoying God Bird Attack. =.=

Running 3 Equestes in a deck with 1 bestiari, and some teched D.D crow, and possibly 1 Gale the whirlwind could come up with an insane crazy GB variant that might dominate the meta. Serious. God Bird Attack is too strong. Look At Blackwings as proof.

Black Wings is like the swarming deck, imagine GB as an in-depth controller with more new toys as God Bird Attack and Ancient Forest. Sounds good? Take a look.

monsters- 18
3 Gladial Beast Equeste
1 Gladial Beast Bestiari
2 Gladial Beast Laquari
2 Gladial Beast Darius
1 Rescue Cat
2 Gladial Beast Samnite
3 Slave Tiger
1 Summoner Monk
1 Sangan
1 D.D Crow
1 X-saber airbellum

spells- 8
2 Ancient Forest
1 Gladial Beast Respite
1 Heavy Storm
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Cold Wave
1 Brain Control
2 Gladiator Proving Ground
1 Indomitable Gladiator Beast

traps- 13
3 God Bird Attack
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Waboku
2 Gladial Beast War Chariot
1 Solemn Judgment

Looks good? It should. God Bird Attack is for you to have fun with, and 3 Equeste helps to do so. As a matter of fact, the extra Darius and the other equeste helps you to recycle your GBs around.

The tech that I would like to mention is one that Chris Bowling decided on a pretty long time ago. He chose to run GB respite. So did I here, but only at 1 copy although the deck has quite alot of monsters.

What perked me up here is the usage of Ancient Forest. Forest is an amazing control card that you can use to the GB's advantage. Trust me. D.D Eatos is gonna have a damn hard time against this deck. Blackwings are gonna have a hard time against him too. I mean chaining of God Bird Attacks are a sight to behold!

Of course, Ancient Fairy Dragon plays a big role in destroying Forest. The good thing is that most OCG players do not run AFD in their extra decks so they will have trouble to kill it. For you, if you wish to suddenly attack with a heraklinos or something that can't be tagged out, just synchro out a AFD and destroy your own Forest so you can add another from the deck to your hand. Simple.

I only ran 2 waboku(s) because its not really needed with 2 Forest already and the extra God bird Attack shit.

This deck has a high utility of summoning GBs in the form of Summoner Monk. I ran Indomitble GB because it can help to recycle GB which is very good but then the real upside comes as its also recylable.
As long as there are GB in the graveyard, you can return it to your hand to be ditched for Monk's effect.
*Mnk becomes more than a reinforcement of the army.

*He bcomes a special summoner of Laquari to be contacted into Hera.

* calls Bestiari to contact a Gyzarus.

Another upside is that if the GB you wish to tag out is in your grave, its easy to return to the deck for Summoner Monk because Indomitable GB returns the GBs back to your deck. This is pure synergy baby.

* Calls an equeste so that you can do "GOD BIRD ATTACK!)

Sometimes that extra 500 given by Indomitable Gladial Beast is just so useful. Hahaha. My match with Michael Yap comes into mind.

The Crow teched in there is mainly to disrupt your opponent's graveyard self touchingness and also to do God Bird Attack. Most of the time, if Monk and Cat are used up, Sangan should be used to search Crow and not Slave Tiger.

I did not run Retiatri as he is too small, and a bad card to find in the opening hand or when you topdeck. His effect is quite useful but not so as the self touching combo(s) done to call out lots of Synchros will be thwarted by Ancient Forest. "WHATT??" You got Stardust and Brionac??? *flips GB Chariot* or *chains God Bird Attack* Once again, this is pure synergy.

This deck is not scared of Skill Drain mainly of God Bird Attack. Thank god, it is not recyclable. Why is it not scared of Drain? Make a successful attack and tag in your GB to call out one of the Birds (*note : you can still tag out a GB but not have its effect. This is because the GB has already left the field so you can do it lah. Same case as RaiOh or Doom Calibur Knight) Of course, Royal Oppression is a different story.

I dunno why the hell Im introducing this deck to you guys cause personally its my wort nightmare, and to see it modified to be used widespread makes me feel like shitting. Now, I hope God Bird Attack gets limited. Of course, God Bird attack's worst enemy is Starlight Road (who always appears in my starting hand no matter what. Yay for god luck!!)

Thats all for today. and on a side note, the D.D Eatos deck maining Parallel World is TOO INCONSISTENT. Trust me and take it from someone who spent the whole of last night testing it out. You think its so good? You open with 3 Gemini Sparks and 3 Geminis ah and you will scream. In short, i support Baha's motion that PWF can only be a mere tech but not a main strategy in the control build. In short, run 1, not 2, not 3, and this time 1 is better than 2.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dual Lancer

See that "Hell Twin Cop" synchro too given in that Game console with the security hell and the samurai. Level 5, 2200 attack and once it successfully destroys a monster, it gains 800 attack, and attacks once again in a row. Walao! so cool! Become 3000 then 3800, and 4600...Not bad le.

BTW, as i was rummaging through my friend's pile of junk cards...guess what I found....: you guys will be thrilled. So am I. Its fucking awesome.

Crusader, you rare and expensive shit, BYE BYE!!!! This baby has 1800 attack, WATER attribute, and its like the best thing to call out Absolute Zero. Die liaw all the decks....Absolute zero come...die liaw...

EDIT: DD Eatos is officially a self touching deck, come March 2010. HAHA. Absolute Zero and Dual Lancer will shoot up in price.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dimension Eatos Gemini Village Drain

Because its Christmas Eve! To show I'm a devoted Christian, its time to go for midnight mass! And just for a treat, a short post.

Just so you thought the deck couldn't do more damage,

It can already
1) remove from game
2) negate effects
3) Big boss monster(s)
4) Now it can negate spells. Zomg. Now only Royal Decree can own this deck!

It was a weird concept I thought of just a while ago. Suddenly woke up cause dreamt someone was playing this deck. Cool.

Once, i know i did a Village deck before, but this is Eatos Drain Village!

Here's the decklist:

Crazy deck that destroys everything (41)

monsters- 15
3 Beastking Barbaros
2 Guardian eatos
1 D.D survivor
1 E-hero Air man
3 E-hero Another Neos
3 Crusader of Endymion
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

spells- 9
3 Dimension Fissure
2 Secret Village of the Magicians
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 Dual Spark

traps- 17
3 skill drain
2 macro cosmos
3 dark bribe
1 solemn judgment
1 mirror force
1 torrential tribute
2 dimension prison
2 bottomless ttap hole
2 starlight road

So card choices:

* Okay there is only 2 starlight road because heavy storm, MST, twister, all die to the annoying village. Heh.

* Only 2 Eatos because there are seriously too many monsters already lah

* 2 Secret Village. Because there are only 5 magicians.

* 2 Kycoo- beatstick actually. You can play Breaker and take the risk that you haven't activated skill drain yet to blow something away. If you are damn lucky, you can second summon Crusader to put a counter on breaker.

I think on its own, this deck is really roadkill. It may be abit inconsistent. OMG parallel world fusion is so gonna kick ass in this deck. Shoot.

After much long time, I finally found 3 copies of Another Neos. Phew. E-hero Gaia is too expensive. Curses. Thank god its Christmas and I'm 15. Curses LGQ for wanting to sell me for rm20.

I myself lazy to make this deck cause I don't have 3 Crusader. Expensive man. And seems like nobody got it.

I pity the TCG people lah if they really wanna make this deck. Its frigging expensive, even their Village and Another Neos are all Super Rares.

Also, don't forget to watch out for Nobleman of Extermination. Rm1 card kill Rm600 worth of Starlight Road.

It seems people are starting to make Hero versions of this deck. If Lightlord dies next format, its time to remove the "Dimension" in Dimension Eatos decks. To put Absolute zero, the new tech is Yomi Ship coupled with Future Fusion.

Some of you may think I'm crazy cause my PMR results are coming out in 34 minutes time as I'm typing this and listening to Love Games by Lady Gaga.

I won't be posting tommorrow, so here goes. An early Merry Christmas to all readers from this blog =)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Random Post

Nowadays, really nothing much to post. D.D Eatos is too strong. Not looking forward to that new YGO movie. All the Sin monsters are mostly dragons! Where's dark magician!

Maybe tomorrow going to post why we should not set too many cards.

There's a probability the blog will go dead over the Xmas season. Tomorrow I want to go play with a friend who has not played for over a year. Helping him make deck.

Next day probably need to find Zhi Li a birthday/christmas present and my PMR result is that day.

Wont update on Christmas. You know why la.

Alot of farewell nonsense nowadays people are leaving for Singapore for scholarships of all kinds. I wish I had the chance to get the form! Those mothers only get forms for their kid =.= Or else I go to Singapore loh!!! and play YGO with Baha them all frequently.

Oh there may be a chance i am going to KL again sometime early next year. My school Prefect Board is organising a annual trip there. On contrary to that, there is a VERY BIG chance that I'm not going. With my disorderly conduct and messy appearance, there is ALMOST NO WAY I'm gonna be chosen to be a prefect. I heard its really fun because there's a lot of freedom. Guess who's gonna spend his time at card shops.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Card review: Parallel World Fusion

First of all, let me say that the Malaysian Education department is an a**hole. Why? They are gonna announce the PMR results on a Thursday on the 24th of December. What the hell were they thinking??? Christmas Eve?? Christmas is like my favourite occasion ever ok and i know im not gonna be affected but some of my friends would and that would be just shitty for them.

Then on Christmas itself, my friend got her birthday party and if people didnt get straight As they are not gonna enjoy themselves. I do have confidence to get straight As but then when you know its like few days away suddenly, i feel scared and weary ofthe possibility of writing out of point for BM or maybe i blackened every answer sheet score wrongly. Zomg. What if that happened????!! Panic!

Okay today's topic is Parallel World Fusion.

Being the total opposite of Miracle Fusion, these 2 are peas in the same pod because they totally function together. Putting in removed from played heroes into the graveyard and then removing them again lets you bring out 2 Fusions for the cost of just 2 spells. Usually the targets are Absolute Zero or The Shining as they just give you more advantage.

This card really increases the level of play in Hero-based decks as it adds more versatility, randomness (surprise play), and synhergy in the builds. The release of Great Tornado on a separate note, may not be all that but having a Shrink on every monster of your opponent's is really nothing to scoff at and at many times, you will find that this is really important and viable to use. In short, 2800 attack is alot and you will e surprised how many duels are won from mere trumping of attack points.

But as most of you know, Parallel Fusion really shines in Eatos Cosmos decks (the deck that everybody really hates!!!!!!) because of the build's synergy with the Gemini Hero engine. Parallel Fusion is really good because you can suddenly pop up a big monster in there just like that. Parallel fusion is equivalent to any big monster like Babaros or Eatos because it puts a fusion on the field. One for one. Nothing wasted.

I still cant get the thought of The Shining or Great Tornado coming up. When The Shining leaves the field, The Shining gives you 2 more E-heros. That solves the lack of monster presence problem. Also, you may have dead gemini sparks in the hand. If The Shining dies, without Cosmos in play, it gives you your Neos Alius or at least a Stratos to search out another Neos Alius. Did I mention how big The Shining gets if there is no Skill Drain on the field?

Its just too bad there isn't any E-hero fusion that needs a Dark material monster. Nor is there a decent water Gemini so that we can play Absolute Zero

Now you see the potential of this card in Gemini engine Eatos Cosmos.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sin Stardust

Its not Synchro! I hope its as easy to summon as just removing a Stardust from the extra deck!

The only problem with these Sin monsters are that they are dependant on the existence of Field Spell.. Obviously, Paradox will use some gay killer field spell that can help with that. How else is he gonna be able to summon so many Sin monsters?

Could its picture get anymore awesome =(

Have trouble with Starlight Road? want to kill all 3 for the price of 1? Just use this baby.


Wah seriously feel like playing the Hero version of the Dimension Eatos now that Parallel World Fusion and Great Tornado coming out. Somemore Super Fusion can be teched.

Don't you guys think its sweet? Parallel Fusion-ing E-hero Neos Alius with Eatos or Stardust Dragon to special summon Great Tornado. The idea gives me the shudders.

No need to mention that E-hero the Shining is a viable target too. Who knows they could incorporate water monsters so Absolute Zero can be played. Oh if you;re rich enough to possess E-hero Gaia, its all good too =)

This version suddenly becomes awesome with Parallel World Fusion.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another way to beat Dimension Eatos

You all heard of thousands of ways to beat Eatos, using cards such as Twister, Dust Tornado, etc but in my opinion the EASIEST and MOST effective way is to take out its monster resource.

Note that the deck runs only about 12--> 13 monsters and at the most 14. I've been playing 12 as it's the optimum number for as long as possible and it's just right too.

Now what do i mean by taking out the monster resources? Simple actually. You should side more cards such as Fissure (you can use 3 may i remind everyone), smashing ground, and even Shrink and Enemy Controller and Traphole.

You need not fear Gemini Spark much as they only have 3 meaning it can only happen thrice. There is almost no way he can ever pull off 3 in a duel. So the probability of it happening is only once or at the most, twice.

Besides, most of the time, your target will be the big cards such as BeastKing Barbaros or the Guardian Eatos.

At KL, i played against Michael's (this is another 33 yr old Michael.) and he ran a type of GB that mained plenty of Shrinks and E-cons to compliment his GB strategy.
Needless to say I died 6:5 and now I really have a phobia to fight his deck!

May I remind everyone that D.D Eatos runs only 12 monsters and in a 40/41 card deck the percentage of getting one is only a little higher than 25%. If you take down at least 2/3 monsters, unless he has incredible luck or you have bad luck, or his shuffling brings god luck (ahem ahemm) you can say that you need not fear Eatos any longer. Even if he has Skill Drain or Cosmos set up, without a monster on the field renders his life points vulnerable to your attacks.

That way before he draws out his next monster, you have dealt a severe chunk of damage already. If you sided in MANY of monster removal, by the time he drew a monster, you have drawn a monster removal too! Hurtful, isn't it?

By the way, Gold Series confirmed reprinting Magician Valkyria (you dont know how happy i am to see this), Book of moon, solemn judgment, judgment dragon (im gonna burn the frigging commons!!!), Call of the Haunted, and (from an inside source) : Gorz and Caius.

Now go sell all your Caius now.

In the next Vjump, sin stardust is coming out! Oh my god. I hope he's a synchro.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Journal: Short Recap of my KL trip

Okay i'm back and sorry for not updating. The last one that is less than a paragraph is not counted. So, here you go: in diary/journal mode.

First Day
After 3, I headed down to Sungei Wang only to see lots of kids buyin alot of SD machiners whatever deck because it was mass released there. Nothing much happened actually as I saw one quite big-sized girl opening her Machiner's force. She spoke english so I decide to approach her because it was easier to communicate. I traded common Brain Control and Limit Break for her 2 copies of Dimension prison. Wow. She got like 3 ultra so she dont even need the commons. I played some games and got bored of using my serious deck (I only brought one to KL) and then I just used her monarchs to trash the other guys around. Fun build I suppose, and I think every card in her deck is like a foil card. O.O Later I found a guy who was willing to sell plus trade me Starlight Road. Get one only la enough. Lucky cause TCG coming out soon and I have access to it ^^ Somemore its TCG,n i like TCG =)Then Andrew popped out of nowhere and we did some trades and he gave me some cards from Tho Nai Ken. Thanks Ken for free cards- especially the PG red eyes! LGQ can cum from seeing that card XD

Then, I contacted Sean and he picked me up from Pavillion to go to Ampang and play with some of his friends at Sung Lee's shop. Im so damn surprised as the way they play is like tournament. They revise every move slowly, etc, and every card they pay, they ask opponent if got response etc ah you get the idea. Im not used to doing so in casual play and I was feeling a little impatient >=D Thanks to Sean for selling me his LB Blue Eyes. I cant remember what other important details besides the boys having to close early because they wanna go watch New Moon =.= So me Sean and a guy called Kerry went to Sean's house and play till about 1am. =/ Yes, late I know.

Day 2.
Nothing much happened really except I woke up with a bad headache due to not sleeping properly. =.= Play usually at Sungei Wang and at night I go to Sung Lee shop again. Sean lend me his LS build and I learnt to play that deck. Turns out I have god luck with LS. No, not "god luck", I mean real God luck. Almost every turn start off with god hand and end up with 2/3 Lumina and a Garoth. Almost every turn get Charge/ Recharge/ Mill 2 necros and if none of that happened, I would have 2 Judgment Dragons in my opening hand =O oo.

OH wait, now I remember what happened in SG wang. I met with Darrel Chua. He's Malysian but he is on the SGforums and is a student at Singapore University of something like that. We played with his Cat Synchro and I opened bad twice and lost. I think I should main 2 Macro Cosmos =/
Then there was this fat ass who was very annoyin and when he speaks, he sounds like some squeaky high picthed guy who thinks he's very good and proud etc. He came up with alot of hell of crap rulings and he claims he's a judge. By jove, he said Black Rose is a spell speed 3 and my Raiou cant negate it =.= Then he said "No kid I play longer than you, i know everything,you just dont know". Another crap ruling he brought up is that he said damage calculation happens first before monster effect or something like that i cant remember.

He had a light monster on the field and I had DCK and Barbaros. He threw down Honest and let his monster attack Barbaros. I negated with DCK but he said no the damage calculation happens first and Barbaros is destroyed then DCK resolves and kills off Honest effect. WTF is that????? Then suddenly he said his light monster is destroyed too????? WHAT THE FUCK? I got fed up with the stupid crap rulings after a while and avoided him.
Even Daryl watching from the sidelines didnt dare to agree with me and said he would go check it out etc. Next turn I topdecked soul release and summoned eatos for game =.= I think I only lost once because I had 4 monsters on the field and he flipped Needle Ceiling. WTF? chaos end master synchro running needle ceiling, Mage power, and united we stand? Incredible crap.

Day 3
Today I met up with LGQ and Lam. i could still recognise LGQ from our last meeting even tho its only for 5 mins. Tho Nai Ken showed me a pic of Lam once and he really changed alot I cant recognise him T_T and so we see each other cards and yes i got his play set of DCKs! ^^ For a long time finally I completed a play set of Breakers too! We went to eat and the food at Gasoline took so freakin long to come and the waitress there is damn asshole and she must be having a PMS cause she keeps frowning and complaining. LGQ and Lam keep making jokes about her that I cant understand. I also learnt that if you want to grasp the attention of a waitress of waiter at some crappy place like SG Wang and all the waiters are mere teengagers, you just say leng zai or leng loi *(translated : handsome boy/ pretty girl) and they will come and automatically respond! perasan-nya!!!! Played with andrew that day too.

Sean came later and I discovered I felt unwell and sick so I just rested along. Later, the shop owner Paul, me, Sean, and some 2 guys, went to have some dinner at some restaurant. Trust me, I will never eat SG wang food again. I felt sick and rested by putting my head down. Hell this Paul is a bastard, he knew I was sick, and he still smoked in front of me :@ God he doesn't have any basic respect. Not to mention, the rottenness of his attitude. Later I went to Sung Lee's shop with Sean and this was my last night going there. I met Ah Tak, one of the top4 of the recent Asian Malaysian Qualifiers and he really reminded me alot of my school senior. When he plays, he got some weird habit of chewing a toothpick in his mouth. I managed to trade for 2 TCG versions of Barbaros.

Day 4
Because of the frigging bad food at Sungei wang, i ended up with diarrhea for the whole day and didnt go out to play. Never eat food there, its unhygenic and dirty! The rest of the day was spent shopping, enjoyin myself, and I went to Kinokuniya and found my Sin Blue Eyes! Hurrah! And finally picked up a TCG version of Thunderking Rai-Oh. Found out my hair was too frisky and long, so I cut it. Yes I cut it myself. its been ages since I cut my own hair. Mind you, its not bad looking i actually like it.

Day 5
My diarrhea was gone, thank god it sucks to have diarrhea for whole day =.= and so I went down to Sungei wang. It was locals and there were alot of players but I did not join as most players were doing their trading and talkin with their friends or dueling and playtestin their own decks. I saw one malay guy with ULTRA RARE Injection Lily HOly $#!$@ I really want that!!!! But he wouldn't give it up no matter what =(=(=(=( I think Paul was being extra-asshole today as when he was talking to some kid in Cantonese, I went up there , trying to be friendly, and asked whatcard he was looking for. Paul got friggin PMS and said "Im talking here, dont interrupt me, can u go back and sit down??" I was like "what the hell I dint even try to take away your business (he thinks i will sell the card at a cheaper price and save the boy from being ripped off by him)".

Later on, I asked him what was the value of a Parallel Ultra breaker and he was being such a Cibai he said "Dont ask me this sort of things go away". Then while I was trading with a Malay guy I asked him " HOW MUCH do you value this card??". I always ask my traders this question as I will tell how much I value mine and we decide on a fixed value and trade etc. Then his cibai worker, the one with the pig nose and a cap, heard it, and his english being terrrible, overheard what I said and told Paul that I was selling cards. As I walked out of the shop to go to eat the food court with the 2 Malay chaps, Paul tapped me on the shoulder, and said "You dont come back ah. You banned liaw". To hell with him, he dont even know my name and by next year I will look different and I'll still return there to play. That man is looking for trouble. If he wanna take it outside, I dont mind too =.= Break his thin zombie-like arms and punch those yellow-stained teeth out.

Day 6
Met with Khye, nothin much. Played with him and his bro at Nandos. We had a good lunch. =) Khye got a taste of God luck and Destiny Draw =)

Good points of the trip
1) got my TCG barbaros(es)
2) Got LB Blue eyes, Dark Magician, and PG Red eyes

3) Got 5 Doom Calibur Knight, finally.
4) Learnt that I have god luck with LS.
5) got 2 dimension prison
6) Got 1 starlight road

7) lucky i dint buy any more than that, the TCG one is comin out
8) Did some sightseeing. At girls I mean

Bad points
1) diarrhea
2) Only bought 1 shirt and 1 pants =(
3) I GOT BANNED =D so epic. (this explains why Azahar Salami doesnt come anymore. He got banned too :P )

Moral of the story
1) never eat food at SG wang. You end up lau sai.
2) Paul is a bastard, has bad attitude and all the cards at the shop are pretty much overpriced. If you want to get better business, hell just drop the price down la. Inflation isnt an excuse. Stop ripping people off.
3) Do not spend time playing too much Yu-Gi-Oh on holiday. Shopping is priority.
4) Dont sell stuff at Gamers Arena. You might get banned if your caught by the pig nosed cap guy since he doesnt understand english.
5) The girls at Sungei Wang are damn hottttt.

@lam: i totally agree with your latest post so to show support I shall put the picture that you put too =)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

short update

kl trip is a blast! Usin phone to write a short post now. My temptations to obtain starlight road gave in -.- rankiba if ur readin this, gimme a call or msg as i forgot save ur number.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Goin away

Goin KL in half hour. lalalal. no more updates till next MOnday or Tuesday.

Gonna enjoy myself and meet up with the KL players (who for your info, i have never met before aside LGQ, khye, sung lee)

First thing I get there
1) im gonna head to the card shop
2) find KL girls
3) hit the gym at night
4) shop
5) find some LB Blue eyes, cheap starlight roads (im dreamin too much), and another copy of Eatos (prefarably TCG)

As for something random, I think Im turning more conservative in my games. Its a good tactic.

Bye, Happy Holidays and guys I don't think you'll say I look like Rauzes anymore.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Interest

Feel like playing Junk Blade OTK.

Don't know what it is? Go to Dueling Days.

Finally, Junk Collector is not considered crap from the Duel Disk!

Always had soft spot for OTK/FTK that don't need to require attacking (such as the Ohm FTK deck.

Just remember to scoop if your opponent drops Macro Cosmos. Dimension Fissure? No problem la =D

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Eatos Cosmos

So now the new hype is D.D eatos.

Personally i feel that the neos alius/gemini spark engine is too overrated. Sure its good. I mean draw a card after you destroy one.

But then after playtesting, I found that the build that doesnt run neos alius/ spark runs better. Its up to you to run cards to replace them. Its not that hard you know.

I mean the monster count is like so limited. The spark forces you to use up your monsters. How le, after that? Then, from the card you draw, it might be another dead dimension fissure, or a dead skill drain etc. How le like that????

Oh yes, card trader in the build is good IMO. But I only tested it out in the non-gemini engine. No time lah. Maybe at KL I'll test it out but only if Khye is willing to lend me the cards ^^

So I don't know what you guys think, but try running the build without that engine. Destroying one card on the field means nothing if your opponent has several big monsters staring at you. I suggest more monster removal.

And if you topdeck reinforcements of the army or E-emergency call and find out your Alius-es are all in your hand, you will cry. Oh and by the time it reached a topdecking war, will be happy to know that most of the time, those E-heros have already been used up.

My verdict? Simple. The Neos engine isn't good enough. In fact, I think replacing the Neos with other monsters with more devastating effect plus replacing the sparks with more monster removal is a much better idea. The Neos engine might look good on paper. But its not good enough.

Or maybe I'm complaining that because I do not have Starlight roads! Just kidding. No lah. Its true. Try out and see if you don't believe lo.

But I like to side in the Gemini idea because Gemini Spark really f*cks up Royal Decree.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sour Grapes and a Kaminari Attack

Of course, everybody's favourite topic is Starlight Road.

So being sour grapes, Im gonna say StarLight Road is OVER RATED!!!!! Those who don't have it/ cant afford it/, c'mon say it too!! =D

@ken: ha! im not gonna get 3 even though i can afford it. In fact, I sold off my Stardust =P Not even gonna get 1

Randomness: Ever wondered if this is the guy from Solemn Judgment?

Also, cant wait to see the new sin type cards! Sin Stardust, Blue Eyes, Red Eyes, Dark Magician, Neos? Woah man, woah.

Dragunity Knight Trident

Dragunity Knight Trident

1 Dragon-Type Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner Winged Beast-Type monsters.
Once per turn, you can send up to 3 cards from your side of field to the Graveyard to look at your opponent's Extra Deck and send to the Graveyard cards equal to the number of cards that you sent to the opponent's Graveyard

What a shiok card! Has lots of potential! =O Now guys, put on your thinking cap and innovate!

*ps: dont look at me, Im not interested in destroying people's extra decks**