Monday, November 26, 2012

shoutout post

first one whole post to cookie in appreciation of the best judge in the country. lol.

and do check out new blog set up by bixuan, johan, and wesley in my links: high level gaming.

thats all for today kthxbye

Deck Profiles for Top Store 2012

Was lazy to type everything on the blog so decided to just do a video.

Heres the deck profile:

PS: i dont look that thin the video on youtube minimized it and shrink me. and my voice doesnt sound like that irl recording on iphone sux.

This is 3rd place WU.

Its a good build. Notice TCG, South East Asia and Japan all have different WU builds.

On a side note, if i had any changes to my deck or card choices yesterday i can say i had 1 biggest regret. Ishould have just played WU and not hero beat. The deck too good. I have so many good WU players to tutor me so why not ?

i may continue to play yugioh TCG and if i do, i'll straight convert to WU.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Top Store Tourney Report

Today i headed down for my last tourney in OCG format.

Only 64 players earned their invites and they represented Malaysias best players. The winner would take home 1 playmat and the winning shop (whom the winner represented) would take home the other 10.

Format: Swiss 5 rounds cut to top 8.
Deck Used: Hero Beat

Round 1: VS Hieratics

Game 1: Open Raioh and just beat down.
Game 2: Opened Raioh he torrential i reborn he tried to kill me with his own raioh + lance but ate honest


overall score 1-0

Round 2: VS DW

Game 1: Open Raioh beatdown. He tried to summon Silva but ate removal. By the time he could respond he died.
Game 2: Opened Raioh and win :D


overall score : 2-0

Round 3: Allen Chiew (Mermail)

Game 1: He opened better and gained too much advantage with Undine. Proceeded to Megalo and Diva soon after

Game 2: Just kill straight.

Game 3: I opened with Raiou and set warning torrential. He opened Heavy storm, dark hole, Megalo, diva, and 2 water monsters. My face can be put in 9gag lol.


Round 4: LGQ (hero beat)

game 1: I had Gorz to stall out of a bad hand and slowly proceed to win with Miracle and excalibur.

game 2: i had a good hand and i played conservative, but he stalled with gorz,and later killed me somehow with beatdown.

game 3: I had gorz and then he overextended with airman and alias but i super poly and kill. Overall came down to who had Gorz. All the mirror match playtesting payed off !


Round 5: Dexter Wee (dark world)

Game 1: i set all to avoid dragged downs, but he pulled of a crucial storm but i slowly farmed back advantage from a 5-3 advantage. I made a crucial mistake whereby my leg hit the table and he saw all my set cards. I was tempted to scoop and move to game 2, but in the end i managed to control with Raiou and grind to win the game.

Game 2: He opened Dragged Down, 2 dealings and had too much advantage and i drew shit like Bubbleman.

Game 3: I opened with raiou set all, and proceeded to control the game =)


Cut to Top 8 at 7th place. Lucky.

Top 8 match: Zack Windup

Round 1: Opened good and proceeded to control with Absolute Zero, Excalibur and 1 hero blast with alias in grave.

Round 2: He opened 2 MST, magician shark yolo.

Round 3: I duality into needle ceiling and set 2 making him weary to commit to the field. I did the same plays as game 1 to drop him down to 1500. When he did magician shark i needle ceiling after some plays before he dropped rabbit because rabbit is the bane of hero beat decks. He had factory, a shark and i beat through it. But he had a rat which summoned rabbit in defense trying to farm for advantage. I flipped open Heavy Storm and showed Miracle. He was forced to let both be destroyed and next turn he couldnt top anything.

Top 4 VS shim weng keng Mermail (genexless build)

Round 1: He farmed with abysslinde and heavy stormed my sets, and had that bitch (the one which reborn mermail) to keep abusing linde which my deck could not deal with. linde advantage too strong as he had salvage somemore to recycle.

Round 2: I opened monster, warning soul drain and felt comfy. He set linde which i read and attacked and chained soul drain but he had MST then proceed to farm from there. Made Absolute Zero, but at the end of the day found out he maxed out on Heavy Infantry O.O which he killed my Zero and followed up with megalo.


3rd / 4th round playoff : Jason Yong Wind Ups.

I expected this guy to win the whole event but he scrubbed to the champion because of a stupid move. He had Max C farm himself 10 cards and after his opponent attacking with some Big Hero he scooped although he had 900 lp left in which he would have won the following turn, Game 2 he died to rush HAHA.

Round 1: I duality into bottomless, something and Honest. I read MST in his hand as i knew he always had it, and i didnt have any other traps in hand and i didnt want to set my Miracle because it would be crucial later on. I took honest and summoned Raiou. He then showed Mind control, magician shark yolo into shock ruler + Heraldry God Arms . After the game he told me he had MST so at least i didnt read wrongly.

Round 2: I set 2 and summon something he Heavy Storm, magician shark yolo. =(

Results: Top 4 but SCRUBBED .

No coverage as i had to play. No play mat too as only top 3 got.

The top 4 in order is :

1. Heng Johnson (Hero???)
2. Shin Weng Ken (Mermail)
3. Jason (windup)
4. Michael Ting (hero beat)

The lineup in top 8 were:

3 Heroes
2 Windup
1 Dark World
2 Mermails

My decklist and Jasons will be up on Youtube soon.

I did not manage to get the other 2 players list.

The Malaysian Team Tourney lists will be up after Asia Plus :D

I would like to thank: (in no particular order)

Andrew- for playing mirror matches and training me to fight retarded decks like dino rabbit and inzektor. and lending me shit and choosing tech choices and building most of my deck.

LGQ- mirror matches and faring me here and there during weekends to play if we have ntg to do.

Shahmir- for talking cock with me all day and (playtesting too). and fyi he went 4-1 today but didnt qualify top 8 because of bad tiebreaks.

Wesley- for the windup tutoring and trashing.

johann- for last min dw practice and convincing me to run 3 soul drain.

karlo- for last min mermail training but i scrubbed still and for last min hieratic matches.

jason- for constantly stalking me on DN everytime i play some random 900-1000+ rating TCG guy. and for the windup matches.

galileo de obaldia- for being my idol in yugioh. trololol

Highlights of event:

1) Mask change is now rm100
2) LGQ can go fuck himself for inspiring the champion =D
3) Raioh and Gorz MVP i think i will never sell them LOLOL


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How the Blog Got Its Name

As im spending my time playing DN all day, i have 1 last tournament to play and so i'll just post something fun, in case any of you were wondering.

I set my blog up around February 2008 on a Chinese New Year's Eve and my 1st post was about Dark Simorgh.

My inspirations came from a Singaporean blog called Duel Society back in the day. It was amusing and fun to read the blog as there were daily updates, and it was nicely designed and the authors did an amazing work with the organizing of their texts as they highlighted and bracketed various cards according to their colour, for example monster: orange, spell : green etc.

At that time there were only 2 or 3 blogs around,1 of them was Duel Society, the other being Dueling Days and the 3rd was some other Singaporean blog too but i forgot what it was called. Back in the days, my source of Yugioh reference was TCGplayer (ya i know wtf right). Dueling Days was also very good, but i still found myself reading Duel Society more because it had many more updates but now the author has died lololol.

Slowly, after a long long time,  other blogs began to set up like Rauzes, Han Rui's Panda blog (another personal favorite too due to him posting pictures of decklists)

I chose the name dueling legacy not because i thought i was actually one (lol), but the first part of its name "dueling" was due to all the other blogs having the word "duel" or "dueling" in it. The other part "legacy" was actually a mistake to be honest because back in the days, an old OCG booster existed called "duelist legacy"

I actually wanted to keep the blog's name as duelist legacy but after setting up the blog domain, i found out it was dueling legacy and i was too lazy to make a new one so i just stuck with this one until now lolol.

I have managed to reach 400000+++ views and am very thankful to my readers for actually coming to view this blog lol.

On a side note.....

YCS seattle coverage was much better. I still feel how queer it is that TCG ppl are complaining that there is a conspiracy about the TCG pros as many were pitted against each other in the first few rounds. For example Jeff Jones VS Billy Brake round 1.

Then again according to Kris Perovics message (which apparently represented the TCG players' voice), Kris asked for more proper feature matches with ppl that were actually good, not random kids, players, or nobodies with queer decks, and now TCG players are complaining again ? Hmm?

Yet when they try to give exciting matches like those, ppl complain?

And why would Konami go all the way to pull down these TCG pros, Konami so free ah ?

Conclusion: The grass will always be greener elsewhere, lol.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

why its time to stop blogging soon.

The reason is obvious: the reader counts are getting lesser and lesser, due to a huge shift of players towards Yugitubing and TCG sites such as ARG.

A huge count most blogger's views come from TCG players and since they have shifted towards ARG theres ntg i can do. I admit reading ARG and some yugitubers stuff are much more amusing and less stale.

Also, the decklists for malaysia's no1 team will not be released due to privacy issues. However it will definitely be released after the top store main event.

Some bloggers do not post very in depth stuff anymore, like me, i admit, since i entered competitive play. Why would you share a huge fraction of your knowledge which could give you the advantage (like certain rulings, tech, builds, playing styles etc) when your reader could very well be your next opponent in a tournament? :(

I know the reason sounds selfish but then what can i do ? To remain competitive, you must do such things. Its just natural.

It can be different in TCG like america and europe where the odds are much lesser, but in a small country like Malaysia? Furthermore its not like in singapore where everyone knows their rulings already.

I will still continue the blog until the end of the year. I will be quitting Yugioh OCG but whether i will be quitting Yugioh altogether may be a different story.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Photon Trasher

so from an intensive day of testing on dnet yesterday, i've come to realise many new things about the format.

Trasher is one of the best balanced and well designed card released in a very very long while.

From testing, i found Trasher to be extremely good, in the sense that it has become a mini Card Trooper.

The reason behind this is that it forces out removal from opponents and clears the way for other cards. If not, it will help to beat down opponent, and that is considered an asset as Yugioh now has transformed into a very aggro format, at least over here in the OCG.

Trasher is well designed and helps you to put down xyz easily to combo. I've come to prefer multiple Trashers over Bubbleman in Hero Beat.

Taking 2100 damage in the face is not a big deal, as the the importance of life points is catching up with card advantage, one of the difference about the current game. But that'll be an article for some other time.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

High Level Gaming: Asia Plus Tournament 2012 Malaysia

So i headed down to the main event today and since i wasnt playing i signed up to be the judge to get free food, free merchandise and have the option/authority to take videos/photos (which i ended up being too busy to the former). It was a good event. Scroll down for pics !


 One of the top picks for todays team tourney. Penang team weng fong, and 2 other players who i dont know the name. Lineup was Agents, Hero Beat and Mermail
 Another top pick. From Taiping, Perak. Lineup was karakuri, mermail, dark world.
 Judge crew
 what sort of person wears this shirt, the guy must be damn sad. o.o

 Yung Kang playing against the dreaded Final Countdown ! Shock Ruler not good enough.
 It is now time to cut to top 8.
 team 1
 Team 2. in order: shamir, zack, andrew.
 team 3. 3rd person is Chin ka fui, our head judge.
team 4; kyde sean izzat

 team 5: michael yap,, sung lee, ivan
 the playmat from worlds !!!!
 team 6: shin tat, LGQ, yap zi an
 team 7: siao sian, choong, allen chiew
 team 8: aliff and 2 whom i dont know the name
 team 9: wai loon, ooi ying ken, and thiam sing.
team 10: ?, kerry, piere.
team 11: no clue who they are.
 team 12: Wei yean, Mango, and Wei Jing
 team 13: Sa Ki, Yu Wei, Jimmy Chin
 team 14: dunno whose this.
 team 15: saw kin wai, ?, weng fong
 team 16: ?,?, wen shen.
 shahmir playing against an impossible field !
 Top 8 now ! i will update the decks for what i know.
shahmir- windup
zack- mermail
andrew- hero beat
siao sian: ?
choong: hero beat
allen: mermail

 no idea . the guy in pink was using DW
ivan: DW
sung lee: windup
michael: mermail

Wei jing: DW
Mango: mermail
wei yen: hero beat

wen shen: heiratic
the enthusiastic looking guy: hero
the guy in red : dino rabbit
dexter: hieratic
ryan: infernity
guy in white on the right: ?
dunno who are these guys.

stripped: lightlords
second player: agents
third player: DW
                                               my awesome new mat !!!

This is your top 4 now people !

team the Kids vs team pororo in the 3rd round
 This is your finals now ppl ! Team MYM vs team pororo.
Now time for some player profiles.

 Player B for Team MYM: Andrew Ng- Hero Beat
 Team Leader: Zack Teoh- mermail
Player A: Shahmir Rosidi- Wind Up (self proclaim malaysia best windup. FYI: full win)
 Player A for Team Pororo: Wei jing Low- Dark World
 Team Leader: mango (guy in white)- Mermail
 Player B: Wei Yen- Hero Beat

And your winner....:
 Fourth place

 3rd place

 2nd place
 First place !

 The "It was a Happy Duel" face =D
The top 4
My new medal and mat. Thanks to Shamir. Whats his is mine.

Decklist for winner will be out soon. Only for first place as im too lazy to get the rest, im no Konami.

Once Tuesday is over, training for top shop !