Friday, March 14, 2014

TCG banlist wishlist

As of now everybody should be aware that speculations are not possible since its very hard to predict Konami's actions, and even if it is easy, its not something we are gonna accept easily, so i think its easier to just have a wishlist.

This is what i would want done to the format:

Royal Tribute

E- Hero Stratos
E- Hero Bubbleman
Verz Ophion
Fire Formation Tenki
Dragon Ravine
Mystical Space Typhoon
Kaiser Colosseum
Skill Drain
Reckless Greed
Royal Decree
Solemn Judgment

Thunder King Raiou
Judgment Dragon
Book of Moon
Bottomless Trap Hole
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Torrential Tribute

So, my explanations for the list:

Royal tribute- spooky card which auto wins hanttttt

E-Hero Stratos- Should have never have been banned in the first place, IDK what they were thinking

E-Hero Bubbleman- with airman limited, this card can be at 1 just for the option and the luls.

Verz Ophion- Annoying floodgate which shouldnt exist. I can see Konami keeping it around for artifacts so..

Rekindling- another crazy boogy card, I like how Konami TCG is banning boogy cards, and leaving us with a playable game.

Fire Formation Tenki- card should never have been at 3, its at 2 in ocg.

Dragon Ravine- Personal wishlist to have more dragonss

Mystical Space Typhoon- With all the floodgates gone, and playable traps backed up to 2 in this list, it just makes sense that MST doesnt need to exist at 3 anymore. MST can be considered a floodgate in some sense since alot of plays revolve around spells/traps, for example dragon ravine, tenki, abyssphere etc.

Kaiser Colosseum- annoying floodgate which need not exist

Skill Drain- ^

Abyssphere- Card that makes mermails super strong. Hitting tues will totally kill off the deck. Sphere is the card which generates alot of advantage which ep sphere into pike into gunde and bringing back linde again. Basically a deck thinner, attack protection and fills their grave which fuels their play.

Reckless Greed- Drawing multiples is very strong in TCG with the power creep being low. In fact, resolving reckless once is an auto win cz its hard for your opponent to keep up with the advantage  generated. In a deck like mermails, you churn out advantage and the draw phase doesnt matter. At the end of the 2 turns you usually find yourself having the same number of cards as opponent/ or more, and with a stronger board.

Royal Decree- ^

Solemn Judgment- OK to see at 1. Its not an annoying floodgate or a boogey power card and adds more variety in the game.


Thunder King Raiou- With more traps, this can exist at 2.

Judgment Dragon- Powerful card. To 1 would kill Lightlords definitely, and at  3 seems too many, 2 seems to be the optimal number.

Gorz- not doing much actually, the formats for Gorz has totally passed us by :(

Book of Moon
Bottomless Trap Hole
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Torrential Tribute

^ Im gonna sum all of these in 1 post since they're effectively the same thing. I think we have all learnt that a format with Solemn warning as your best trap, and having to main 3 fiendish chains in everything was horrible.

Thats all for this post. As i've advocated, more power traps in the format is healthy, and less floodgates/ less boogey cards is the way the game should be heading. The power creep exists, we should get over it, and just adapt to it, and enjoy the game as it is by eliminating as much of the luck factor and the floodgates which stop us from playing the game.