Saturday, July 30, 2011

DNA Surgery??

Just for fun lols:

Activate DNA Surgery!

Declare Dinosaur

Whats this? I have Gadgets/ BF (Bora, zephyros, shura etc) on my field??

Exceed summon Evolkaiser Ragia!

Kudos go to Kevin Mambang and Yik Lai Wen who posted it on the Sarawak/ Miri FB Yugioh page.

Overall i think the idea is just for fun lols.

Anyways, looks like Konami gave me what i asked for:

sorry im just a sucker for these things :3

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Replies to Yesterday's post's comments :)

First of all, I would like to justify that I think TG Hyper Librarian is totally bad card design, is crazy, and i am totally for it being banned (as i have stated lol)

This part of the post is a reply to Baha's post :)

However i do think that although Tg Librarian is crazy, i think Konami will only limit it. Im aware that the reasoning i gave about "TCG just got it" is not a solid one but nevertheless it is one.

What i am sceptical about is that Konami Japan (OCG) and Konami USA (TCG) are also Konami and they should both look out for each other nevertheless. Konami's aim is to draw profits and i think they will limit it so the TCG can make more money out of it.

I am aware it is an SJ promo and i may be talking out of my ass here (so correct me if im wrong lol) and i do not know how deals are carried out between SJ US and Konami since SJ was given the rights to print the card so i guess its not really a Konami product?

Urmmm i just dont think it will be banned, however if it does get banned, i am also happy nevertheless like all of you others =)

I also realised that yesterday i forgot to talk about Grapha. Its amazing and those who do not think much of Dark World probably have not faced off against good DW players or good decks which is a very likely possibility. It is probably the best monster , even better than Caius, Machina Fortress and Hyperion. Like LGrunty said, its silly since it makes any DW monster in your hand a floater and a +1. Consistent 3000 atk beatstick is not fun if your playing against it.

But, its not gonna be touched. Yet :p But it should, it should !

At the same time, talking about BLS. Yeah guess it is unhealthy for the game. But! Konami has shown too many signs about bringing BLS back to the game.

1) Reprint in GS TCG
2) Sorceror coming back @ 1, 2, 3 last few times.
3) Rumours from DGz, Pojo etc
4) Quite alot of new light support from Photon Shockwave?
5) Kevin Tewart's dumbass remark about Tengu and diversity in the game etc. Maybe he wants to promote more "diversity"

Also, i will have to retract Reborn Tengu from my list yesterday for the part of "what Konami would do"

Obviously it should be semi-ed lol but Kevin Tewart has shown signs that he doesnt intend to limit Tengu from his post on Pojo which you can find @ the Death Aspect Blog. At the moment, my computer is retarded and i cant comment on Michael B's post so i will just say it here that it was a 10/10, a must read, and he shot Kevin Tewart down in every point/aspect. Sadly, i dont think Konami TCG is gonna care.

OK thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shot at banlist lol.

Since i have some free time now and im bored, i will just take a shot.

ummm. ummm. where to start.

i will not be doing a post of what should be banned for the good of the game, because the TCG bloggers have already done it, and did a pretty good job so you can just read theirs lol.

so mine will probably be a combination of what i really want, plus a mixture of what Konami would do.


Giant Trunade
Limit Break
Monster Reborn

To 1:

GK Spy
LSS- Shi En
Formula Synchron
TG Hyper Librarian
Black Luster Soldier- Messenger of the Beginning
Heavy Storm
Royal Tribute
Pot of Avarice
Solemn Warning

To 2:

Reborn Tengu (for TCG)
Destiny Draw

So, i can almost believe that Konami wont touch alot of random good stuff that makes Tier 1 decks Tier 1 because Konami thinks that the format is healthy and diversified bla bla

Im only okay okay with the whole format because i still dont like what YGO has become, whereby the skill level has dropped. When you see cards like Breaker, DD Warrior Lady, Sangan which were considered definite staples in the past , dropped for new broken cards of broken synergious theme cards, you just know that something wrong with the game. Or we have come to the point of the game where Chaos Sorceror is not even broken anymore.

Urmm explanation time,

Giant trunade banned- too strong card. wipe field and clear and rape that turn. Even Storm is not invincible because of Judgment, and ppl going to the extent of maining Starlight Road.

Limit Break- refer to michael bonacini's explanation. otk card, no deck should be allowed to have a card which can potentially deal 8k damage in a turn. somewhat like DSF. the drawback of this card having to destroy monsters at end of turn is a joke because you won the game already. Dont tell me your expecting your opponent to open Waboku.

Monster Reborn- alot of theme support revival. I dont really mind it around, but i think it should go. It is quite okay since Konami always gives us one copy of a really powerful card to include in our decks, and i stil think Brain Control was far worse than this card. Im having mixed feelings about this card though. I dont think Konami will do this, but then i wont mind having it banned, neither will i mind it staying around.

I didnt include Future Fusion because i dont think Konami will ban it. They do not think the inconsistency on Future Fusion reliant decks is an issue lol. I didnt include Gorz for personal biased reasons and also i dont think Konami is gonna do something like this after leaving it at one. Like i said, Konami will leave us one or two broken cards to fool around with. Not every deck can use Gorz anyways. It would be sad if they ban it since here in Asian format, its not legal, and we never got to use the card xD

Semi Limit:

GK Spy is sort of a personal pick because i think GKs gain too much advantage here and there, and also because Spy is an instant Necrovalley through Recruiter into Commandant. Urmm. Its just good. Even in other non GK decks, AKB decks can use it well too. I dont mind if i get flamed on this choice. 90% personal

LSS Shien- Six Sam is still bonkers if they successfully resolve this guy. I believe he should be like Black Rose. Play one and lose him. Unless you use DEST. and Monster Reborn. DEST should not be allowed to make multiple Shiens and even with 1 shien, you can still open up with Smoke signal or the materials to synchro shien and still pull him off.

Formula synchron- self explanatory. still at 1 because its yuuseis ace card and nobody wanna use Recipro Dragonfly. Many Pot of Greeds in a Junk dopple deck with Librarian around.

TG Hyper Librarian- as much as i think it should be banned, I think Konami will not make such a drastic move straight away. Usually, they will "test the waters" and leave it at one first. lol. still new in TCG so i dont think they will ban it so quickly..

BLS MSTB- This is probably gonna be the most crucial part of the banlist because it will be getting everybody's attention.

Ppl are gonna realise soon that BLS is not that splashable and even if we try to make Light Dark decks, its hard to fit it in well without sacrificing much synergy. I admit there is Twilight LS decks, but Konami will probably want to increase deck diversity.

Furthermore, its still Solemn-able and able to be Bottomless-ed. Many of Konami's actions have reflected their intentions to bring back BLS because of its release in TCG Gold series, and i have a feeling it will be reprinted somewhere in OCG, if not in Gold Series next year.

They have also been testing the waters with increasing the numbers of Chaos Sorceror consequently for the past few banlists. This is Konami's mentality- "lol okay its just a bigger Sorceror lol lol lol"

Im also having mixed feelings about this card. I would love to see it back, because its one of my favourite monsters, but i know it may be unhealthy for the game. I dont think anybody has actually decided to have a testing session with their friends by trying out BLS against meta decks and seeing if it is too broken or not. I have no time for that but i would love to hear from readers if they do try it =)

Heavy Storm + MST = self explanatory. Michael Bonacini has repeated it too many times.

Royal Tribute- I dont know what Konami thinks of this card. Its an auto win vs almost every deck except Six Sam and Dark World, and i fear that DW was Konamis answer to Royal Tribute. Use DW or else you will get Royal Tributed. Take the damn risk. I have a feeling Konami wont even touch it at all, but the most they will do is probably cut it down to 1 in my opinion, as Crush Card was at 1 too.

Pot of Avarice- self explanatory. both personal and professional because honestly who isnt annoyed to see plant duelists play avarice and draw 2 cards and pull off either Junk Synchron or Debris Dragon in late game. lol. Even worse, TCG players keep seeing Tengu.

Solemn Warning- They should totally limit this because its too splashable. You want answers, just main BTH or Veiler. Judgment was limited so should this. I hate it when i try do something and lose it to Warning consequently 2 turns in a row lol and my opponent keeps setting up. If you Warning me 2 turns in a row, i think i will lose if i do not have Warnings also lol.

Limit to 2:

Dewloren- lol.

Tengu- LOL.

Destiny Draw- something that should be done but will not be done. Konami has ignored this already i think.

Back to 3:
Bottomless Trap Hole- It became much much better again when Konami took away priority. Seems like its a step taken so that ppl use more BTH so they can limit Warning.

Any other extra cards like magic stone excavation marshmallon etc i couldnt care less good night and thank you for reading :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

YuGiOh = RuGiOh???

This post is a pun on the name Yugioh because for those who know BM or BI (bahasa malaysia or bahasa indonesia) you will know the word Rugi means "to make a loss".

Alot of things about Yugioh has been very clear. Konami will print broken cards with high rarities and then reprint them as commons or easy to get cards.

In the OCG, we have gold series and structure decks to obtain previous hard to get Vjump or DT foils, or certain hard to get foils. such as allure of darkness, catastor bla bla bla.

which makes us wonder again if we should be spending so much on the game if we are not competitively playing each week, and we do not intend to top every single sanctioned tournament there is.

I made this post after seeing how many have complained that Kristia was not a reprint in the recent SD for the TCG but then it was reprinted in one of the collector tins.

And in the TCG, there are all sorts of awesome sets that are benefiting players now.

The recent tins, GENF special editions and Legendary Collection 2 all look pretty good to me.

Since this is all Konami's clever marketting scheme to attract lots and lots of profit! But who can blame them since they need to do something to survive in today's economy especially in the gaming industry.

We cant really complain that they are sucking the TCG players cash dry since its better to pay a small amount for a Duality rather than $150 or so. So, technically, if you didnt own Dualities initially, you wont be forking so much money. Konami makes profits, so both parties win =)

Players who did have Dualitys cant complain either because usually, they would have used them to a great extent already (and won some tourneys cos of it) or they are rich and have good amount of trade fodder/ profit, so it wouldn't matter much to them anyway. Players who forked out $450 out for 3, and spent all their dough on it, before reprints were confirmed are just sad then.

Now im just sceptical why the hell Konami OCG arent doing anything special to help us more >=(

Its been a freaking long time since we had a Collector's Tin, or had Special Editions like last time there were BPT tins released each year, and we had those suitcases collections with promo cards like Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon or the 5 Exodia parts. What happened to all the support for the OCG?

Sure there are Vjump subscriptions and some other stuff but then its not much useful to us since we cant subscribe to Vjump, and they are pricey if you search them from Malaysian sellers, and they arent even legal for play here. Which confines our card pool to just packs, and structure decks? Which kinda sucks lol.

I want them promo tins again =(

Anyway i think i lost track of what i wanted to say...............


Yesterday i tested out Arcanite Rabbit Beat. It was good. Its still good and it is quite similar to the previous Cat synchro. Clarence made a great deck. I don't know how it will survive in this format, but i think it should do decently, and im sure that if any tier 1 deck is gonna abuse rabbit, this is gonna be the number one deck.

I was considering to build it, but the deck didnt really suit my playstyle so oh well. I really hate Ryko Lightsworn Hunter! =( My mills are crappy. Which is one of the main reasons why i would not use it.


As for No.11, Big Eye somebody on my FB Yugioh group posted the translations in Chinese:

VB14-JP00?(UR)No.11 ビッグ・アイ(No.11 巨眼) 暗 7阶 魔法师·超量 2600 2000

VB14-JP00?(UR)No.16 色の支配者ショック・ルーラー(No.16 色之支配者 电击支配者) 光 4阶 ?·超量 ???? ????

Since the Big Eye translations have not been on Shriek you can check it out here. Sadly i cant read Chinese.

So............... I use Google Translator!

And here's the lousy (cacat) translation:

VB14-JP00? (UR) No.11 Bldg ッ グ AI (No.11 big eye) dark magician excess of 26,002,000 7-order
7 star monster × 2
Original results
This card will not be, and the name with "No." Monster other than the battle damage. 1 Round 1, put this card in addition to an excess of material to get started. The other party the existence of a monster field of control. This effect uses the round, this card can not attack.

So basically, if i can translate it roughly, this is the text. However it is inaccurate and i never said this is the right one:

Effect: This card cannot be destroyed except during battle involving a monster with "Number" in its name. Once per turn, remove one overlay unit (xyz material) to activate this card's effect. Banish one selected monster (???). When this card uses its effect, it cannot declare an attack during that turn.

Either you banish a monster or you take control of an opponent's monster. Seriously no idea. 2x Level 7 is quite hard!! 2x Level 6 is so easy in X Saber. Please release something decent with rank 6 !!

Thats all for today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rabbit as a Quasar summoning medium

Im not sure if most have already realised Rabbit is a Quasar summoner because it pulls off Quasar more consistently than Junk Doppel or Tengu Plants or any plant variant ever. Im not saying that the Plant decks are bad, but im saying you will get Quasar out the moment you draw Rabbit.

So, lets combine some current deck ideas, shall we?

1) Quasar beat
2) Ragia beat
3) Frog// water as a draw/deck thinning engine.

Sounds good? Can piece the deck together already?

PS: This is just a deck concept, i have no idea how consistent the deck can be, but i KNOW there are ppl capable and interested of building decks like this, and can perfect it, its just not me.

So we are using the Kabazauls + Moray engine that Michael Bonacini brought to light, because its SOO good and in my opinion, its the most important Rabbit combo so far (more important than the GB or the Genex Controller one too)

Why are we using this?

1) Kabazauls is water so Moray of Greed helps ease the hand clog.
2) Kabazauls is level 4. (more on that later)
3) Kabazauls is a dinosaur.

So, the Kabazauls engine goes 2 ways. lol. It helps you drop Quasar + helps you drop Ragia.

In order to do Quasar, you must have Treeborn Frog and Fishborg Blaster in the graveyard first.

So, we get them to the graveyard, by maining 3 Swap Frogs, 1 One For One, 1 Foolish Burial (basic stuff la)

And to make the deck more consistent, we run 3 Fishborgs so we see it often, and 2 to 3 Treeborn Frogs and run 2 Dupe Frogs (maybe), we run Morays, we can even try Hand Destruction!

And we need Rabbit.

Basically, you can see the combo already but i'll just write it out anyway.

Special summon Treeborn Frog, special summon Fishborg (Treeborns on field).

2) Summon Rabbit, go into 2 Kabazauls.

3) [Fishborg + Kabazauls] x2 = Hyper Librarian x2.

4) Fishborg + Treeborn = Formula + 2 librarian = Quasar.

Sounds good?

Recycle with Pot of Avarice for some fun here and there.

So deck concept is basically:

3 Kabazauls
2/3 Rescue Rabbit
2/3 Treeborn Frog
3 Swap Frog
3 Fishborg Blaster
1 Fooligh Burial
1 One for One
2 Pot of Avarice
1 Giant Trunade
3 Moray of Greed

Extra Deck
3 TG Hyper Librarian
1 AOJ Catastor
1 Quasar
3 Formula
1 Brionac
1 Trishula
2 Evolkaiser Ragia

Other possible stuff (???) :
Genex Controller
Hand Desctuction
Dupe Frog
Genex Undine

I realise you can just splash this into Fish FTK but i dont know how the consistency will fare.

Im not sure if anybody has posted about this before so i am unaware.

LOL! Fuck the rabbit man, fuck it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Random stuff

I noticed alot of ppl buying Cretosaurus (the SR dinosaur) and Ragias nowadays in Malaysia. I just want to point out Ragia is nothing like Shien and although it has the one time solemn judgment, its still pretty easy to play around (1000x easier than shi-en) and I'm sure all the sellers are happy buying Ragias cheap and selling them off for a high profit here.

I think the idea of a 1st turn Ragia from Rabbit is good, but its not so consistent, this has been proved by testing from Andew and Yung Kang.

I also think that Rabbit is crazily imbal, and tomorrow we will learn how to fully abuse Rabbit in its own deck (besides AKB from Clarence which looks good). Some of you may already know how to abuse Rabbit to the max, but we're taking it in a different direction tomorrow.

Now, i cant choose between BF or DW as my main deck for the remainder of the format. I know DW is a deck im good at, but I find BF so much more fun and so much more worthwhile. If there's anything like recreating the old format Yugioh, its using BF, cause the deck can allow so many mind games, and rewards skillful play and its great in the OCG where things arent Tengu derp Avarice derp.

My only problem with it is im paranoid about the DW matchup because DW totally wrecks BF (in my opinion). Maybe its just because my version is teched out for it with breakers and doesnt encourage overextension, but others are still playing over aggressive variants with goldd, sillva, and Raven. Which makes it so much easier for BF. However, im sceptical about the combo between Lightning and Grapha, and the speed of Gate.

I think i will go with BF for now and test, and just find out how to side effectively for DW. Which is actually easy. Crevice, Crow and end of story.

Speaking of DW, i feel Grapha is a lil overpowered and should be hit by the banlist in times to come. Its thousand times more powerful than Machina Fortress and Master Hyperion. I know each boss monster is searchable in some way but Grapha is a bit overboard with Gates, Broww, Snows, Dealings etc.

If you haven't checked out the finals videos, you can search here:

Though most have already seen the finals for national level tournaments with dw, i still think this one is watchable.

I swear my voice aint so low in real life. Iphone recording sucks.

Thats all for today. Grapha is broken if used correctly.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep Dark Trap Hole and Tribe Shocking Virus

Today i want to cover these two cards as sidedeck options. Mainly to beat the 2 structure deck decks, which are the Dark World deck and Agent Angels.

Deep Dark Trap Hole is a weird choice, some may say, but its very good when you go against Agent Angels since it takes care of the 2 main threats, Kristia and Hyperion.

At first, i was doubtful of DDTH's ability but Andrew told me that it was his MVP card when he took 1st place at Team Qualifiers in KL last week. Furthermore, he said that Shining Darkness turned out to be irrelevant and bad, which i has suspicions already, but then i guess we cant get 100% accurate prediction on a card's efficiency.

Many people were scouting this card once they saw how Team Monte Carlo (stupid name stupid show LOL) utilised it last week.

On paper, throretically, DDTH adds on 2 more BTH for you to destroy Kristia and Hyperion, and since there isnt any priority, its worth maining. Against DW, it destroys Grapha, but im doubtful about this since Grapha + Lightning probably will destroy DDTH already.

I have yet to test it, but oh what the heck.

Then recently Kyde asked me to cover Tribe Shocking Virus in a post.

This card is the best card for mirror match choices, and is a decent choice if you ask me. Its an easy advantage card, and against Angel, you can do so much, because Kristia cannot stop it. Removing my useless Shine Ball to kill oppponent's whole field?

Since its a monster, it can stop shien and is very useful in BF and Six sam mirror matches.

Gonna test it soon in tourneys.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tech Genus

Is officially the meta with it topping North American WCQ and doing so well in East Japan's nationals. TG Power Gladiator is super annoying !!!

abit wtf. but it just goes to show, a good archetype should not be underestimated and will take a while for it to settle, and seep into the meta. much like agent angels.

I noticed in Europe's WCQ, it did quite well too. I see Luke Lennard topping with X Sabers again with the very same decklist from last time (with minimal change), at least sabers arent all dead in tcg :s

Michael Gruner's list looked interesting too with mained maxx C's and Tour Guides, im in no position to comment because i have no idea how it works (been out of frame with TCG for a long time) so i'm hoping either Mike Bon or LFN does a review of his deck.

At the same time, I would like to give a shoutout to Rauzes, in response with his quittin of the game (for real this time i guess) and for popularizing yugioh blogs, and although my blog was older than yours, it was through your efforts that made many of us (including me) more passionate abt blogging 1.5 years ago. Other stuff i wanna say have been said by EVERYONE else already in FB or through blog posts or in his blog etc.

Good luck and God bless in your future endeavours, and you are a very generous guy (some like Sean LGQ, Team Arcobaleno, Team Eneme will know what im talkin abt) and im sorry i didnt get to know you better although you were in KL. although you did know some of my school's seniors xD

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Japan East Nationals decklists

really good to see Offering Gadgets plus TG in the top 4. It has always been a good deck, just that no one played it.

Dark World topped too. More evidence that Beige > silva > goldd.

I traded off my Agent angels + gantetsu + 2 orange herald, for WWBF including 1 vayu, 2 asian eng SR sirocos, 1 SR armor master, 1 SR ams wing and other crucial stuff. Then i traded 2 raiohs for a SR ocg siroco. Good deal is good =)

Time to start playing WWBF for the 1st time :) the deck is still good.

And i also managed to get 3 Fragments of Greed, 2 shining darkness, 1 white knight illuminator so i dont think i will be touching PHSW anymore.

Ragia is a wee bit overrated. Its no where near shien, not even with Rescue Rabbit around because its effect only runs once, which isnt as good as shien's each turn effect. tested with it already. Your opponent can just summon it, and you play BTH, he negates, and you can run over Ragia easily next turn. Or a bunch of other stuff.

Thats all for today, not much happening in YGO nowadays, we reached that static standpoint of the format.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shining Darkness

Just when i thought i was going to put Dark World away for good and make it my OCG tourney deck only, i saw this from the new box.

Release 1 Dark monster with 1500 or more attack and destroy all monsters special summoned this turn.

Definitely gonna get 3 of it.

The cost is honestly a joke.

In my DW, i run 3 Breaker, 3 Grapha, Bronns and Beiges.

Breaker on its own is already a floater who has gained me a plus one and possibly another plus one through battle. Tributing Grapha is like tributing for Eradicator Epidermic Virus.

And tributing Bronn and Beige is nothing too since they will just be used as Gate for DW fodder.

This card ensures a plus one, and is sorta a -1 (except with Breakers and Graphas) but it throws off your opponent's tempo the whole turn. He can try to special summon more but they will just ended up getting destroyed. (i think thats how it works?)

I will definitely side it or try teching it. Seems like a decent card to keep a playset of. Sort of like Debunk and Forbidden Lance.

The best decks to run this card in it probably GK and DW. Cost of tributing Recruiter or Spy with Necrovalley on the field is also quite funny...

No point for me to talk about Crimson Blader since everyone has discussed it already.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first tourney report ever!

whew first time you saw me post a tourney report! Its been 4 or 5 years since i joined a tourney.

Deck used: Dark World
Results: 1st
No of participants: i dont know. 13 or 14 or 15 somewhere around there.
Format: Swiss 4 rounds, cut to top 4.

There were so many Yugioh players in Kuching today. Total numbers are like 20+ although some didnt join the tourney as they felt their deck wasnt ready.

Basically its monthly tournament held here whenever the supplier for East Malaysia, Martin Wong heads down here each month.

This was my first time playing dark world.

First round: Face Dark World mirror match.
Player: Fadly Ng

I started the game with Morphing Jar and Dark World dealings and passed without doing anything. His hand was quite dead too as i used Eradicator Epidermic Virus at one point and saw his hand was mostly dead stuff. Forgot what happened but the match played on for quite a long while but i took the 1st match. I Crowed his Goldd. I also remember seeing his hand was clear of DW monsters and i used Card Destruction or DW Dealings (couldnt remember). MVP of the day is mained Crows.

Second round, he won because he started the game and set 2 or 3 cards. I couldn't do anything because my hand wasn't that good. He proceeded to summon Bronn and attack to drop Goldd. I drew , and my hand became playable but he dropped Eradicator Virus and i couldnt do anything.

Third round and time was called. We were given sudden death 5 rounds. I did Gate stuff, dropped 2 Graphas somehow and then Monster Reborn his Bronn, at the last minute to OTK 8100 lifepoints at one go (Gate was on the field)


Second Round: versus Hero Beat
Player: Dominic
First round he won because my hand was not that good (fck table shuffling) he had an early turn Raioh and followed up with Stratos for advantage once i cleared Raioh. He literally Solemn Judgment-ed my DW lightning which was a good move..

second round i got a good hand and did Lightning- Grapha stunts and Breaker. Told you Light Beat would GG vs DW. Controlled his whole back row with Grenkappa too.

3rd round same thing. It took a long time so time was called, and another 5 round sudden death was decided but i dropped him down to 2200 with my life at 5500 and just passed and he drew but he couldnt do anything with only 2 cards left so i won.

Third match: versus WWBF
Player: Nathaniel Lau

First round i noticed he had macro cosmos when i DW Lightning-ed it. so i asked him if he sided and he said yes. I was like =.= So match restart. I double Warninged his Shuras and Siroco because he had Warning. I did Grapha stunts. He summoned Blizzard but Crow FTW. and killed him with 2 Eradicator Epidermic Virus taking everything he had. Flipped Morphing Jar. He drew 4 spell/trap cards gg.

Second round i read BTH so i bait it out by summoning Grapha and when he chained, i resolved Eradicator Epidermic Virus again and saved Grapha. Crow-ed his Sirocco. Control from there. Summoned Beige Vanguard of Dark World over and over again to bring back Grapha.


Fourth match: VS Infernity
Player: Teck King Yek

We decided to not duel since we were both guaranteed in the top 4. He wanted to see the other 2 players first before we submitted our scores. The 1st and 4th would duel and the 2nd or 3rd will play.

Turns out the 2nd place player would be an Agent Angel Player and the 4th player was a Nordics (??) player. So he wanted Nordics, and i didn't find Agents a problem so i was like sure yeah.

So, we settled on 2-1 in my favour.

Semi Finals VS: Phua Yu Wee
Deck: Agent Angels
He opened up with Venus going into Gantetsu and i was like >.> I controlled his field with Breaker and DW Lightning and Grapha. I did alot of mind games here and there, and he dropped Kristia. I DW Dealings dropped Grapha, and he had 5 angels in his grave, and he couldnt do anything as i swarmed with stuff.

Second round I breaker-ed , MST-ed and Lightning and destroyed everything, did alot of Gate stunts and won.

It was really funny hearing Kevin saying oh no satan deck prevails the whole way.


Finals VS Infernity
Player: Teck King Yek

There will be a videos i think. I will upload them or post a link. I totally forgot what happened.

A quick recap: First match i won after quite a long time. I remember he dropped Steelswarm Roach and i destroyed it. I misplayed bad here because i monster reborned snow, cost it for Grapha and could have normal summoned Snow for game because he had 900 lp. Too tired >.>
However, still won next turn although he topdecked Infernity Archfiend i was like OMG. But I Crowed his stuff already so he couldnt abuse the stuff he searched. Remember that he Beetled into Gantetsu alot and that was really annoying.

Second match he started with a whole backrow full of stuff and i had not much answers to them, it was my turn to drop Inverse Roach but he got rid of it, i tried to use Gate for comeback because i had Broww and Grapha but he chained Infernity Break, GG

Third round was almost like 1st round i think but i controlled with Crevice and stuff. I remember using Duality to take Chain Disappearance and controlled with Warning BTH and DW monsters. Check video ! XD

First so took an Arcanite Magician and some boosters. Nothing much there.

Had to say my sidedeck today was the one that saved me.

Decklist (40 cards)

Monsters- 20
3 Grapha
3 Snow
3 Broww Huntsman of DW
1 Bronn Mad King of DW
2 Beiige Vanguard of DW
1 Scarr Scout of DW
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan
3 Breaker the Magic Warrior
2 DD Crow

Spells- 16
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Card Destruction
3 DW Dealings
3 Gate of DW
2 DW Lightning
3 Pot of Duality
1 Monster Reborn

Traps- 4
2 Solemn Warning
2 Eradicator Epidermic Virus

Extra deck quite irrelevant imo. I only touched my extra deck once.

Sideboard (15)

1 Greenkappa
2 Kycoo the Ghost Banisher
2 Nobleman of Crossout
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Skill Drain
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Chain Disappearance
1 Crevice to DD
2 Dust Tornado

Should have replaced Drain with Light Imprisoning Mirror but that totally slipped my mind. The meta call thing was good.

ermmm so im not maining Torrential or Dark Hole because it is not practical and i do not need them. I had no space for them anyway.

I took out 2 BTH in favour of Crows the night before. Thank you Kyde for the reassurance as you were the only one awake at that time probably. They still came in really useful vs Light Beat and stuff.

I also cut out all the Goldds and Sillva bullcrap cos they clog alot. Replaced them with 2 Beiige which are 1000x better. Bronn is good because people dont really like to BTH him and i can just abuse him, and with Gate around he can run over Raioh at 2100 attack.

Three Dualities make the deck consistent and make my hands better. Similar to me running 3 Dualities in X Sabers. Also, thanks to LGQ who pointed it out or else i might have forgotten. They also make good fodder to side out. I usually side out 1 or 2 depending on the situation. Dualities help me get to my sided cards faster too.

Scarr is good because its a searcher so i dont lose anything since people keep thinking its a Morphing Jar. Scarr is easy food for Grapha's cost too. Its good to let it get destroyed, search Snoww, and next turn remove Scarr and discard Snoww for Gate's effect :)

Lastly, no Celri cos its bad.

Overall the deck is a really control build and doesnt focus on aggression at all although i only ran 4 traps.

Comments and feedback on the deck are welcome.

EEV is friggin imbal. Probably the only reason i will play DW for the rest of the format till we get Darksouls and Boggarts :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Ring of Destruction effect? and chaos emperor dragon's effect?

Monday, July 4, 2011

List of Decks that won Nationals in SEA

SEA= South East Asia

Source: Other blogs, and Malaysian FB Yugioh groups

Malaysia- Agent Angels
Singapore- Grave BF
Hong Kong- Dark World
Taiwan- Six Sams

Thats all i know so far.

Also, I heard that, top 4 of Hong Kong are:

1) Dark World
2) TG
3) Agent Angels
4) Gladial Beasts

Japan- Agent Herald (Perfect Herald ritual + Agents)

Japan has quite a strong showing of Agent Herald decks so far, while Malaysia has a strong showing of Agent Angels, and Singapore has a strong showing of Machina Gadget

OCG format is really diverse

Dark World Takes Hong Kong Nationals :)

Monsters: 18
3 Grapha, Dragon God of Dark World
3 Snow, Magician of Dark World
3 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World
3 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World
1 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
1 Morphing Jar
1 Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite

Spells: 14
1 Charge of the Light Brigade
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Monster Reborn
1 Card Destruction
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Dark World Lightning
3 Gate of the Dark World
3 Dark World Dealings

Traps: 8
2 Deck Devastation Virus
2 Eradicator Epidemic Virus
2 Solemn Warning
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Mind Crush


Side: 15
2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
2 Cyber Dragon
3 Puppet Plant
1 Kinetic Soldier
2 Chain Disappearance
3 Skill Drain
2 D.D. Crow

Looks similar to my old variant except the guy runs Ryko instead of Breaker, and plays viruses instead of generic traps like Prison and Bottomless.

I dont really like the idea of Zephyros the Elite because i feel its just a redundant Beige Warrior of Dark World, so i think Glow Up Bulb is still better.

I like it that he runs a Trap version. Mind Crush is very good in here. Definitely should give it a try with everyone searching Machina Fortress and Venus here and there.

I would -1 of each virus, and run 2 Bottomless Trap Hole, or find a way to fit in BTH inside.

Finally DW gets the glory it deserves and not the crap names its been getting so far

My verdict is that if you run Ryko, you are entitled to run Night Assailant as well just in case you mill your Morphing Jar

Also, i would much rather run Lyla over Ryko because its not as slow and its Lightlord Breaker.
Thats all for today :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Im thankful for the Asian format

One of the reasons i feel thankful that the Asian format doesnt allow promos, is that it doesnt allow a whole lot of bullshitting with cards like Librarian etc.

Furthermore, i concocted this post after i read Michael Bonacini's post on Yugiohs dwindling skill gap, and that made me even more thankful that im in the OCG and not in the TCG with Tengus.

I like the fact that i'm in Malaysia too, because here, the whole tournament goes down to almost the same winners each time.

This means only the best top, but occasionally you do scrub even if you are good because of bad luck.

Take a look at the recent Nationals. The top 8 are your usual bunch of players with good credentials, and although there are alot of rumours about bribes and how the games in the top 8 played out, i can still say that the top 8 deserved their spots because they played well in the swiss and eliminations to get there. Each top 8 player had to go through weeks of shit, just to win.

Example is Andrew who played in about 4 or 5 qualifiers and didnt get first but he managed to win in the last qualifier.

Or Amir who had to go through the whole tournament on the real Nationals day, and made it to their top 4.

What i'm trying to say that in the OCG, and in the Asian format, skill is not totally gone, since promos are banned and there are no Tengus.

This contributed to the variety of different decks in the 16 decks that qualified for a spot in the top 32 on the real day

Over here, skill is the most important thing to have because it differentiates you from being a person who topped or a person who scrubbed.

I cannot say the same for the people who qualified for the remaining top 16 on Nationals because they could be Randy Savages or they could just have gotten lucky. They did not have to play against the best who have already qualified, so they could have just got there in pure luck. I dont mean to look down on these people as im sure there are a few truly good players, that do not have the chance to play in KL tournaments so they do not have credentials.

Because if you look at each and every tournament, the results are obvious since the same people always top. This means that the skilled always win.

In a retrospective view, this means that if a skilled player with deck X such as BF or Agents could lose the die roll, and play against a scrub player with Samurais who drops shien in turn 1, and still win from there.

That is why if you want to be good in Malaysia, i can safely say that you need to be a KL player who plays with the best. Im talking about people like Zack, Karl, Andrew, Wong Fei Hung (and the list goes on and on) with credentials, or play frequently at Sung Lee's card shop. I strongly advise people to spend time to meet Sung Lee's teammates as all of them are very good, frequent toppers, and skilled players and listen to their advice.

You shouldnt be happy if you play against a scrub, or choose to testdeck, and score x-0 just because you played a whole day's worth of scrubs.

I advise each Malaysian player to save up each year and visit KL at the end of the year to expand your dueling experience. You wont be at a loss, because KL is a big metropolis with awesome girls, good shopping facilities, and there are entertainment resorts like Genting or Sunway too. You can always take a trip down to Kinokuniya to purchase cheap cards as well as spend an hour in manga heaven, before going around shopping in KLCC a fucking big and awesome shopping centre. Of course, the prices of food and clothes there are atrocious but oh what the heck.

If you are fortunate, you could visit Singapore too because Singaporeans are even better players than we are, and the competitiveness there is scary (which is good) and the card prices there are cheap. Beginning of next year, when i'm dead free, i will visit Singapore. Hopefully, i can visit the place with a few friends and teammates, so I'll discuss it with Andrew, or LGQ, Sean or anyone i know.

However, there are players who are also non-KL players who are really good. These are the unfortunate bunch who do not have much chance to show their credentials.

So, aside from that, what do you have to do to be good in Malaysia?

The card prices here are crazily hyped, and i can say for sure with Clarence and Baha telling me that the cards i purchased were expensive by Singapore expectations, while in Malaysia its considered cheap. Thus, one must be able to control his/her budget well to succeed here.

Basically, if you see a good deal that you can profit from, just take it.

You should also have a wide range of contacts, as well as maintain good terms with them, to be able to obtain cheap prices or "friendly" prices, and trade well.

Besides that, i think each player should read blogs. There are so many blogs in the blogosphere right now which are good, or decent, be it TCG or OCG and they are ALL good reading material to expand your knowledge. I wouldnt go into this so much because grading blogs is a sensitive issue, in my opinion, but the usual suspects that people visit are Dueling Days, and Death Aspect

It doesnt take a really long time, maybe 20 minutes a day to catch up on the blog posts? On some days, there are so few updates that it wont even take up your time.

There are many players out there in Malaysia who are ignorant, obnoxious, and although i am not going to point fingers, some people know who i have in mind, and they make loud statements that clearly show only how much they know.

For example, from LGQ's blog post:

i can tell that skill is still intact, especially when he was playing Andrew.

So, conclusion-wise, i'm quite satisfied about Malaysian meta and Yugioh as a whole.

Of course, there are issues like card prices, but we have to accept that card prices will never drop here in Malaysia and its a survival of the fittest situation, whereby, if you are good, the prices affair will not even matter to you.

The second unresolved issue i think is the skill level, but that SHOULD improve as time goes by, provided we dont have stupid formats like Dark Dive Bomber format or Chaos Emperor Dragon-spam Yata decks. Hopefully, by the time Tengu reaches OCG, its craze should die down and plant decks will not be in trend anymore and Formula-Libarian gets fixed.

And from this post, i hope you Malaysians learn something =) (unless you are a player with credentials, and know all this already of course)

Thank you for reading, and since today is Singapore Nationals, i wish them all the best of luck.