Monday, April 26, 2010

Command from the Royal Palace and Grats to Jeff Jones!

Jeff Jones is the winner of the last SJ championship!

I'm impressed by the Quickdraw Dandylion deck. The name is stupid, but the deck is cool. But the name really sounds so gay to me.

Works pretty much like Synchro Cat because it sets up the field and then later takes control of the game with good gamebreaking combos.

Its definitely nice to read new feature matches instead of the usual BF and Lightlords.

But what amazes me is how come not even a single BF top??? TCG players totally give up on BF?

I saw a feature match of a guy teching Dark Eruption. Wth? Nothing better to play isit.

Has BF and GB been totally reduced to tier 1.5 or 2 in the TCG (quotes D-Slayer)

Still, from all those feature matches, I find that Quickdraw Dandylion decks can draw very bad crappy hands. I've seen many matches where the opening hands are very bad.

Maybe its because of the high monster count?

Or lack of synergy? Though I doubt it. Since it has lots of synergy.

I dont see why Jeff Jones should run Trooper in his build. Its ok ok only. If i were him, I would spam 1 copy of Reinforcements of the Light to search Ryko (like what Jerry Wang did)

OK, so again, why the bad hands?? I dunno too, i never play the deck, all I know is this ceratinly gives you TCG ppl something to think about!

Also, why was there not a single Flamvell Monarch or Flamvell Cat deck there??????????

Did Jae Kim scare them off with his article about Flamvell Firedog and Shura??? (which was sort of a hidden warning to TCG ppl to watch out for it and to maindeck more Raiko and Spy!!)

Shows the influence of the spiky hair dude in YuGiOh. Hehe.

Old school gadgets in 2nd place!!!

So, with the rise of Quickdraw Dandylion and Synchro Cat decks, lets see how we can thwart both decks with a single card!

Lets look at: Royal Command!

the image is so big, you ppl can read it urself.

So what does this do?
* Stop the Hamster from setup
* Stop the Raiko dog from preventing setup.
* Stop Gravekeeper Spy from setup with Descendant or another one.

Best deck to play this card in? BF. Lets stop the setup of Cat and Quickdraw dandylion warrior!
Afterall, there ISN'T any specific card that we can side in to vs that deck right....
Unlike Infernity/ Bf/ Lightlords that have specific cards to stop them dead in their tracks.

Here, we learn another important lesson today!

The importance of setup!

Which is another characteristic of a Tier 1 deck:
* being able to set up well.
* being able to break opponent's set-up decks well too.

So being tier 1, you must have:
1) the ability to set up well and break set up too.
2) have such godly setup or big opening plays till you dont need to worry about breaking ppl's setup.

GB has totally been reduced to tier 1.5 in the TCG and the OCG. Every format, ppl think "walao! *so and so* deck is dead and the best thing left to play is GB!"

Lesson learnt: Do not believe other ppl or ourselves when we think about it.

GB is a skill-oriented deck. And the best way to play it is to simplify all the game, with one-for-ones and make even trades while building tempo for huge Gyzarus plays and to gain back advantage with Equeste. In my opinion, its how GB is meant to be played.

As many decks are autopilot and about only 20% to 30% (approximately) of the YuGiOh players have immense depth and skill or are considered awesome born winners.

Possibly 2/3 of those duelists are playing tier 1 meta decks of the format. He or she has probably a good number of cards, a decent collection, and has just about the important cards for every sort of deck that has potential, so that he or she can use it in the formats to come if that deck suddenly blooms.

Now if we subtract everything the number of duelists left that are skilled are only 7% to 10% of the duelists left that MAY or may NOT play GB.

That's why GB is a hard contender in tourneys and competitive scenes as hardly any ppl play it. Only a minority of those players are skilled. And there are alot of decks that can do the same thing it does, if not better, eg: gadgets.

No offence to GB players. I apologise if this has offended you. But its the harsh truth. I have seen and do know some tough and skilled GB players though.

From Malaysia, eg: Michael Yap and the guy who top Malaysian tourney in 3rd or 4th place last year.

Good day guys!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Good Opening Plays

Best opening plays:

1) Set Gravekeeper's spy. Wait for advantage, while opponent wastes cards for destroying it. Or you can waste his with Descendant.

2) Charge of the Light Brigade--> Ryko--> Set. Offers control. OR just set ryko.

3) Play Pot of Greed and Humility. Set something like Spy, Ryko, or Snowman Eater. Snowman Eater is the better one, imo, because 1900 defense is harsh and it provides a wall.

* If ryko is set, it will die due to low defense points.

* If Spy is set, you will gain 2 walls, but no destruction.

* If you choose Descendant instead, and next turn you will need to tribute your Spy (which is your wall) plus you leave a vulnerable 1500 monster on the field.

4) Set Super Nimble Mega Hamster, and let it die. Search Ryko or Cat, for destruction, or synchro next turn.

Put them all together, and you will notice they all come from the same deck. So, now we know, why its topping.

That's why, every deck this format SHOULD and is advised to work like Synchro Cat, and follow its direction.

This includes:

1) High trap count

2) Cards to slow the game down (Hamster, Spy, Raiko)

3) Cards to simplify the game

4) Try to varify and make sure the deck can play in more than one direction. That is to say it can go defensive, and offensive, or however you wanna interpret it lol.

Tested my Hero deck against BF yesterday. It was my first time playing it, YES you read it right, it was my FIRST time. Playing with yourself and imaginary opponents at home don't count lol.

Went 6-2 against BF. Game 1, i lost because of bad hand. Terrible hand. Plus, BF had god hand.

Game 3, I lost due to a stupid misplay. Anyway, if i hadn't made it, the game confirm the other way round...

Conclusion: First turn into Shining is really too strong. It defies all rulings as it follows the concept: Make a big monster (with a great effect) by just playing 1 card. (eg: Flamvell Firedog, Shura... as mentioned by Jae Kim)

Honest is annoying since everytime he throw Kulat, I throw Honest.

Pot of Greederosity is not bad. DEFINITELY overrated and not as godly as I expected, but still decent and can help. Seriously.

Lots of traps and monster removal and one-for-one is really good.

VS Infernity confirm (95%) lose Game 1 if you don't swarm fast enough. Game 2 and 3 confirm win. That's why you don't see Infernity topping. When you side against Infenrity, side in Oppression and Shadow Mirror. This makes it impossible for Infernity to destroy both cards. If they over-side, they will lose utility, consistency, and definitely synergy in the deck. Then confirm win.

Borrowed friend's Bf and his decks and these were the scores.

BF vs Bf mirror match: 2:0

Bf v.s Infernity: 3:1

Infernity vs BF : 2:0

I think somehow I have godluck. Surprising to see my friend maining Urgent Tuning and Elphin in his BF. Told him to cut it out. Surprising to see him not running 2-->3 Infernity Inferno. Made him run 3. But neer draw it lol.

Also, Dual Summon in Infernity is quite a good idea, it clears your hand of monster and it can help you put free monster to synchro or abuse effect. Hmmm.

Time to read SJ Edison now lalala. And YOU should read the coverage too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

My 200th post!!

Yay today marks my 200th post. Though its nothing big.

No, im not gonna make some super long post for you all to read, there's nothing special bout today.

As for today's post was inspired when talking to andrew (the Andrew Ng in my blog links) about machina. He pointed out that Double Cyclone is godly in Machinas.

Now that you think about it, mixing Rau's idea of wasteland/dud/ double cyclone abuse is REALLY DAMN good in Machina decks.

Its already really gay with all that toolboxing and the big Fortress.

Seriously. Now add in all that crazy control.

And what do you get? An IMBA deck.

Reminds me alot of Dale Bellido's REALLY old deck that abused Don Zaloog and Blast With Chain for an awesome toolbox. No guys I dont think you're familiar with this. It was when TLM just got released into TCG and Goat Control was still rampant and was still around. I really love Wonder why it had to go :(

I take back what I said about Black Highlander, Divine King of Punishment being sucky. It was released for a reason. A purpose.

And that is to kill Dragunity archetype.

If Dragunity becomes the meta, expect to see DD Eatos coming back to. Splashed with United We Stand!!!

Also, just read rau's post on Debris Control. Awesome. Fun, explosive, and unpredictable. I think its better than Junk and Debris because its more consistent and the ability to do 1190819374 times more explosive plays.

That deck got balance,man.

Sure JnD has speed in the form of convert contact, but what's the point of drawing into your deck to get cards thats not extremely useful. This deck is helllot better.

Watch out for it. It makes for some strong opening plays, and very unexpected plays out of nowhere. Spamming Dragoquites, or suddenly E-Hero Absolute Zero? Oh no, there's still synchros and Mark of the Rose! Though I would suggest Starlight Road for protection. And a couple of D prisons.

Starlight Road+Monarch/Synchro+protection is an overpowered set up.

My fixes are probably minus 2 D hero Bloo-D for some protection like Prisons.


Say, if you could banish just ONE deck/decktype from the meta/competitive scene/ existence, what would it be?

Its similar to what deck do you guys hate the most?

Interested to hear your opinions.

Pls comment :) I will be damn sad if got no comments XD

For me, it is hands down, after some consideration, Stardust Buster decks. I hate that dragon!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Black Highlander Divine King

Is crap.

WOW neither player can synchro summon so coolll..

But it dies by a mere Kalut, Sirocco, and its requirements is kinda hard to fulfill.

I can see it in Infernity though :) Imagine Infernity control toolbox with Highlander and Death Dragon.


But anyway its still meaningless as no one bothers to make it.

To Exiro: Check the comment box 0f the anti meta post. I replied you :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Card of the Day: Chain Disappearance

Today, we talk about Chain Disappearance, the similar brother to Chain Destruction which was introduced by G-Ray a couple of posts ago.

While Destruction brutally murders BF decks just by destroying their Siroco, Bora and Blizzard the far Norths, Disappearance is instead used to combat the other annoying deck of the meta.

Yes, the expensive gay one that spams 3 Trishula. yes, infernity.

Totally murders Infernity by removing Mirage or beetle from play. Sad thing is it doesn't remove the ones in the graveyard from play. But then, its still kinda powerful. Anyway, that's what we have Crack to the Different Dimension for!

What's good is that when Mirage tributes her(?)self to summon 2 more crap you chain this to remove all that crap from play. Yes, its like Bottomless Trap Hole. If more than 1 is summoned at the exact same timing, they all get removed from play.

It also totally destroys Frogs or stupid synchron decks. Bottom line: This card is anti-Trishula.

Notice that Chain Destruction and Chain Disappearance are all GOOD solid one-for-ones that have immense potential similar to Bottomless Trap Hole. In fact it does more than remove something once. It gets rid of all the annoying copies from the deck or hand once and for all. Very useful, must find spares!

My god, i love Divine Warning's art!
(image taken frm Strategy Jam)
The art and the colour is so light and soft and the angels actually look much nicer and less fake compared to Solemn Judgment.
And the messiah (God/messenger guy) in the pic looks much cooler and refined and definitely more Greek-like, awesome awesome picture : 9.5/10

I cant believe its just a common!

I'm so gonna totally run this as its monster destruction, and in YuGiOh lore, and my belief, is very very important no matter what. Fucking Battle Fader, Gorz is a good idea. Oh and that annoying spider too.

I know, the way I curse/describe certain cards makes me seem like such a sad emo character. Don't get the wrong image!

How much you guys wanna bet that TCG is gonna clothe the angels with think robes and clothes till no skin exposed! Sounds Islamish to me (no offence/pun intended. Menutup Aurat is ok)

Notice Power Giant that Jack used in 5Ds episode 105 looks like a mere toy! Its unoriginal and the design and art is like below 0 =.= Konami, please lah, bring back the old awesome designs of cards before the GX era! In fact, the GX era cards aren't THAT bad, but still this new 5Ds era cards look unoriginal children stuff ! Please put some effort! Or at least try to learn from MTG (which has awesome art)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sin Truth Dragon

Special summoned when your Malefic monster is destroyed by battle or by a card effect.

5000 attack is really awesome and big. It can destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls if you just destroy one.

Useful in Malefic Berserk Dead Dragon deck posted by G-Ray.

Seriously if you manage to get them all to the grave easily, or into your hand, you can EASILY OTK.

1 Sin Truth attacks and destroys, while the other 2 attack directly for game.

It can be abused right, but I'm not interested to do so. I'm not sure if Baha is interested or what, but dragon or anime lovers would love this card. Thats cos Baha is now playing with his new DD Unicorn Knight.

One question though: when I special summon out 3 at the same time, do I halve my life points thrice or just once?

Hope it doesn't become like Green Baboon whereby you can summon one only..Sucks later..

Non Aggression Area is a good card that is similar to Divine warning. I find 2000 life points quite costly. Make sure you play it at the right moment, right timing. Its risky, and imo, I wouldn't play a card that will cost me 2000 lp. Solemn is a whole totally different matter.

Seriously Non Aggression Area is quite a good tech in Infernity. Prepares you for gay OTK cos:

you can prevent opponent from summoning monster in their turn to annoy you or kick your ass,

when used right, before performing Trishula and Gun loop, you may be able to discard one card to achieve stable zero hand condition,

or just stop annoying Gorz Battle Fader Tragodia from coming out.

In response to Jae Kim's article: Firedog and Shura are annoying. We should max D-Prison to stop them from gaining advantage and free synchros.

E Hero decks NOW HAVE SIX Miracle Fusion, alongside Miracle Synchro Fusion.

I feel Miracle Synchro Fusion is more versatile cos you can choose to summon an E hero fusion monster or Dragoequites. But besides being a big beatstick, Dragoequites isn't very good.. I still rather fusion out Zero or Great Tornado or maybe even Gaia.

Anyone got cheap Ehero Gaia that you want sell me? Just post in the tagbox. TCG or OCG also can. :)
Now getting 2 Pot Of Greedrosity for only rm50. Awesome price.

The optimum number of Paradox Fusion in hero decks is 1. Serious. You won't want your fusion to be gone too long (save Zero of course, but it's not 100% that your fusion that you can summon out is Zero) Furthermore, you don't run Bribes in there,. right? So, 2 will be too many. One is just right. Or I predict, (quotes DS) some people will play it for 2 weeks then throw it away pretty soon.

After reading Strategy Jam's blog, i realised I cant comment on there, and Shonen JUmp Championship is changing its name to Yugioh Premier Event. (eg: Yugioh Premier Event/ Tournament La). Thats a really stupid name. Just cos Naruto has it too, but why does Yugioh have to give in to Naruto. Yugioh deserves the title (SJ -) and we had it first anyway.

I realised anti-meta is a bad deck and it always loses tournaments. Still don't know why? Allow me to elaborate.

1) Inconsistent- The deck draws bad hands.

2) Its susceptible to heavy storm. Of cos there is Starlight Road now, but Storm is kinda still a threat.

3) It always draws multuiple copies of the same card. When I play gadget, sometimes, if you draw 2 copies of the same gadget colour, you die.. Whe I play Gemini Light Beat, I sacrifice my Geminis only to draw more Geminis or more crappy cards, in multiples.

4) There is ABSOLUTELY NO synergy present in the deck, And we all know, synergy is one of the main aspects for your deck to function well.

5) No speed, or draw power- Seriously this will kill the deck alot. Morphing Jar can help though, but its kinda 50-50 since your opponent gets to draw too. If he/she is running a meta deck, his hand is bound to be more diverse than you. Then, you can see that among the 5 cards you draw, 3 out of 5 of the cards will be in multiples or something that you have already seen in a duel.

6) It usually wins game1, and is damn scary to face anti-meta, but then in 2nd game and 3rd game, the meta deck will just rape you up.

7) There is less Solemn Judgment to help you control the duel. Oh well, it opens the deck to more tech anyway.

Dark bribe somehow seems bad to me cos it nets your opponent a +1, and if he is playing a meta deck, he will have a significant amount of card presence more than you.

And if you possess multiple copies of a certain dead card, your card presence and utility level will drop, and you will die too badly.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Duelist revolution

I think everyone of you has done their reviews on the set already, and I'm the last. Oh well, hoping to introduce something different.

The hype now is Pot of Greed and Humility. What the hell man. This card is wtfbbq good. I cant believe they introduced this. It only seems real in MTG and Pokemon. if you though Upstart Goblin was cool since its basically running 37 cards in ur deck, this is similar but 1000 times better and is Upstart on crack.

Similar to Angel's Gift.

G-ray noted that Raio-Oh will kill this and the downside is it reveals what you choose to your opponent. For one, I have to disagree. Rai-Ou usually doesn't last one the field very long, if you've noticed... My rai-ou stays on the field 3 turns max and that's cost i main 1000000 traps and monster destructions and Honests too.

Revealing it doesn't exactly do much of a problem. Sure it shows your strategy. But, by only one card. Its so good in the fact that that card that you choose, you will need it, and most likely play it soon.

OR, it could be a very important card that is vital for you to seal the duel. I think its a pretty worth it card. Somemore, if you reveal 2 or 3 awesome cards, its pretty hard for your opponent to predict what you'll take. Oh well. Utility over Practicality.

It may not seem super awesome at first, but in playing its probably 1000x better (eg: Starlight road)

A few posts ago, I commented on AMAZONESS. I think its a good archetype and that continuous spell and the field magic is broken. Its some killer toolbox, seriously. self-replacing Amazoness? Wicked. Self replacing Amazoness Swords Woman and Paladin? WOW. All plus 1k attack? WOW.

Treacherous Gofer can be cool, as its a +2 in certain situations. Anyway, I dont think its any good, as its not a guarantee.

Get your playsets of Double Cyclone now!

This set was supposed to hype Synchro Fusions. ONLY TWO??? Where the hell is the hype?

Scrap archetype spells are good.

Landol's Luminous Moss: Your Skill Drain in Cold Wave form, Nice.

Chain Whirlwind is interesting.

Lastly, isn';t there a trap in TCG that lets you destroy a synchro monster and draw 1 or 2 cards? Something like that? Wasn't it broken? How come its not in the TCG meta leh?

Ok this is next, Paradox Fusion is wtfbbq strong for heroes. Remove zero, negate spell and trap card, destroy all monsters= WOW. 2 turns later, my zero returns...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why Machina Is So Good.

First of all, to Aussie who couldn't find anything about Black Knight Dark.

Link1, Link2

You could check the 2 links above, but the deck now has probably drastically changed since Tragodia and Necro Gardna are limited. Still, it runs new tech such as Gallis the Star Bird etc, and is basically a pure monster deck with a 3-4 spells which are usually Trunade, Heavy, Cold Wave or spell/trap destruction stuff. Do look up Neuxcharge's Youtube for videos :)

Today. We look at a very simple solution to why machina is so good, side from having a big ass bitch.

Techinically, the control and speed is so annoying and the only 2 cards that can effectively take the deck down is Cyber Dragon and System Down.

We are also not talking about Machina matching up against a freaking fast Infernigay decks.

Both cards that people side against Machina can REALLY destroy the deck and ban all options.

But, that's where the fault lies. Only 2 cards.

We can run a plethora of cards such as Bottomless Trap Hole etc to counter Cyber Dragon.

Or simply, side in 3 Prohibition and declare System Down and Cyber Dragon.

We can also side in Royal Iron Wall against remove from play decks or people who play System Down.

There's also crap like Dark Bribe and spell/trap negation to stop System Down.

The most number of copies anyone would side in is probably 2. I know I would side in 2 too. Negate one, and opponent has one copy left in their decks that they must scrye through till God knows when just to draw it.

Pretty simple huh?

Makes you feel like buying 3 Machina Mayhem decks now huh?

Screw Machina, I say!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

2 New Gorz plays

If you're up against Black Knight Dark, Gorz is probably one of the best cards that you could have.

I see many players forgetting to activate Gorz for his second effect, which involves the burn damage one.

For example, BKD tributes summon a Caius and removes your dark monster, and you have no cards left on field, just summon Gorz and deal him back the 1000 damage.

Next, if the BKD opponent opens up the game (assuming) and summons Gallis the Star Beast, and burns you, you can summon Gorz and reburn the opponent back!

Although the second move isn't very advisable because he is likely to use that Gallis for a synchro (by Birdman) or to tribute for Caius, but it is a TOTALLY cool move since it involves you doing something when your turn hasn't even started! :D

Reminds me of Saiou performing zero-turn-kill against the Prince in GX where he discarded Temperance and burnt the Prince's life with Limit Break's effect.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Emergency Provisions

First off, to Guardian4ng3l : Here's the build I'm running now, more or less.

3x E-Hero Another Neos
1x E-Hero Airman
1x Gorz
1x Battle Fader
1x Sangan
2x Raiou
2x Honest
2x Snowman Eater
1x Crystal Seer
1x Morphing Pot

1x Cyclone
1x Heavy Storm
3x Gemini Spark
1x Calling Army
1x E- Emergency Call
3x Fusion Gate
3x Miracle Fusion
1x Brain Control

1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
2x Dimension Prison
1x Dust Tornado
1x Starlight Road
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Hero Blast
1x Trap Hole
1x Solemn Judgment

1x Stardust Dragon
1x E-Hero Great Tornado
1x Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
3x Elemental Hero Shining
3x Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
(Lazy to run other Synchros. Sold most of them anyway)

I know I should be running Ocean, but I don't have any YET.
Will probably replace Gorz or Battle Fader for Ocean for more E-Heroes.
Occasionally I try E-Hero Neos to give me options to Neos Knight.
I know Fusion Gate at 3 is alot, but then i really need it to pull off the Hero advantage stunts. Still, Ancient Fairy Dragon is there, and more and more decks are running field spells. (Aside from the meta decks)
I know your thinking: "why isn't he running 3 Rai-ou?" For me, I draw him in multiples too often. 2 is optimum.

Today's post is Emergency Provisions:

So guys, if you've been browsing Shriek, why the hell is everyone siding Emergency Provisions?

Truthfully, I dont know why, but I shall assume.

In the Haneman Tourney, the winner was a HERO beat deck, and the top 8 consisted of Whirkwind BF, Infernity and such.

I think the numbers of Infernities are gonna rise with Gold Series 3 TCG coming out. Many people will chiong the gold Archfiends. Then, many people in Japan already have access to multiple copies of Trishula anyway. Most of them run 1 in their extra deck without knowing whether it can be summoned or not. Just put in for fun, I guess. And yes, Japanese players do use TCG cards. Uh Oh Uh Oh.

Back to Emergency provisions: It probably is used in many meta beat cause when opponent sides in spell/traps destructions, Provisions can make sure you dont lose so much in the end. Gaining 1000 lp is kinda cool you know. ]

Too bad is says "send", so you cant abuse Claymore Dud and Twister of the Plains with it.

Or if you Provision one of your set spells/ traps and chain it, you get the effect and the life point. Still, it beats me. Seriously, You guys got any clue? Rau? G-Ray? You guys from Japan, right? Care to explain..?

For Gladial Beasts players: I think you guys should run Ancient Forest. Think about it, why not? Its pure advantage for you. If your opponent decides to waste a precious synchro summon just to summon Ancient Fairy to fuck you, you can just take it down easily right? Gyzarus next turn or tag out the Murmilo.

Think about it: making BF waste a synchro which was meant for Armor Wing just so they can get Ancient Forest. Sure you can say its vulnerable to Cyclone, Heavy Storm, God Bird Attack, but then so are every single of your other spells/traps right?

Besides if it sucks that much you can just side it out and run something else.

Its GODLY against Metabeat decks, heavy beater monster decks such as dragons and it can even give you significant advantage against Black Knight Dark.

Flamvell Cat, Traps, and Idol

I really wanna play this deck now. Lots of random, awesome, strong plays that generate many one for ones and many +1s or +2s. Possibly the BEST synchro generation deck ever.

Flamvell combo is really broken. As you know, one for ones are more than one for ones as I mentioned about Hong's article. They ruin many plans/combos and mess up the opponent's strategy.

Awesome. TCG people are so lucky to get Hamsters :(

On topic: Running many Traps in your deck.

Unless your deck is dedicated to making big plays with monsters, you should be running many traps. Seriously. One for ones are really imprtant this format.

Moreover, unless your deck is gonna make a very big impact with their monsters (like Infernity, Frogs), its a very good idea to run many traps.

Dimension prison, Bottomless Trap Holes runned in multiples are an example of that.

Remember, monsters summoned cant destroy spells/traps (save Breaker, Laila etc) but the traps can destroy the monsters.

Add a couple more traps and you can see how consistent/effective your games can be. You wont find yourself losing so often, and you will see that you will be saved by those spells/traps and the difference it makes is so much.

Example: Look at Gadgets/metabeat decks. They run many traps/one-for-ones while generating advantage and control with several effects.

Now, what if, you implement that strong sense of control in that deck, and then still havec monster combos/plays that can generate you game. Think about it: monsters for speed/beatdown. and spells for synergy of the deck while traps are for control and field removal. This is the simplest concept of Yu-Gi-Oh known to all of us when it was first released. Of course, the old game was not as complex and interesting as it is now.

Decks like BlackWings, Heroes, and Machinas can really do alot by implementing this concept. Imagine BlackWings having good consistent monster presence and control. Heroes with strong fusion plays and control, and Machinas with speed, a big kickass boss Fortress and good monster control. What more could you ask for?

That is why the old synchro cat was so good. It ran many traps. That is why Flamvell Cat is so good too.

So, guys, cut down some spells/monsters and run more traps and one for ones in your deck. You will see a new side of the game that may appeal to you. Running plenty of them will not hurt you and they can kill low monster count beatdown decks. Whereas running too many monsters MAY hurt you.

I played against my friend's old Chaos Stun last format and was pissed with all the monster removal. Trust me, its not fun.

By the way, did you guys notice DD Eatos more or less disappeared from the meta? So, how can you innovate the deck?

Answer: Easy. Run more traps/ one for ones and cut down on the damn hero Gemini combo. Run Rai-Ohs and DCK. It actually works better. Run the gemini hero only if you are running Miracle Fusion/ Super Fusion/ Parallel World Fusion. But, the harsh truth is that variant sucks and proves to be inconsistent. I actually did a decklist/article concerning that at the beginning of the year. Or was it end of last year? Cant really remember. Anyway, check it out if you want to.

Now, for Idol:
NUUUUUU why didn't big mike go out? He ruined/ butchered Eleanor Rigby!!!!! But when the judges saved him, the song he sang was actually good. If only his performance was like that...

My 2 cents for Top 3:

1) Lee DeWyze (definitely)
2) Crystal Bowersox (hell yeah)
3) Casey James (not confirmed)

I'm hoping Aaron Kelly gets into the top 3 instead. His music is more of my type, not what Casey does.
In order for the elimination of contestants (my opinion):
Next week: Andrew and Tim.
Then later (in order): Siobhan, Katie (or Mike), Aaron Kelly (or Casey)

Unless a dark horse emerges (like Kris last season), the run-up is more or less like this. Im hoping Aaron is that dark horse. Katie may be the dark horse... She's getting better. Chain of fools and Let it Be was great.

American duelists who read this: PLEASE ask your friends, sisters, FEMALE accomplices to stop voting Tim only cos he is hot! Yes I saw the shirtless picture of him in one of a fan-made video for Hallelujah. He doesn't deserve it! He is not star material! Screwball.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Saw Worm-Light Stun Beat in Shriek.

If your opponent opens the game, and you go second, you can summon Worm Xex and drop Yagan to the grave.

Special "set" Yagan on your field, and flip it up for a Compulsory Evacuating Machine effect. In this case, you have gained +1 in terms of field and card presence, and a -1 for your opponent's field presence. Which means you +1 again, so overall +2.

They are fuel for Brave Wanderer Freed. Cool. Japan is coming up with many qwirky interesting decks. eg: Falcon Control.

Now, on topic, Snowman Eater is a good/consistent card this format.
1900 attack is big, and its a -1. With such a big attack, it may even cost your opponent a card just to get rid of it. Or it forces BF players to waste a Kalut, and Light players to drop Honest. Then they lose a card from Snowman's effect. Nice.

Being water and level 3 fits perfectly into Debris Hero. Sync Debris into Eater for Gungnir/ Black Rose and then Miracle Fusion a Zero or a Shining/ Tornado. Nice. Explosive.

New tech card for Worlds: Compulsory Evacuation Device!

It ruins Infernity, fucks Stardust, ruins opponents play, slows Black Feathers and pisses people off.

Second tech card that may be possible: Karma Cut
It rapes Stardust and removes any face up monster you wanyt. The discard effect might prove useful, in the right deck. Best of all, you don't have to see Machina Fortress again.

I can see it replacing Raigeki Break in Junk and Debris. Optimum number: 2 Karma Cut, 1 Raigeki Break, or 1 Karma Cut, 2 Raigeki Break, or 1 Cut 1 Break.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Gravekeeper's Descendant and Jurak Deino

Gravekeeper Monarch decks along with Black Knight Dark/ monster decks that abuse Gravekeeper Spy should run this! Flip Spy into Descendant to destroy one card. Flip Spy into Spy and summon Descendant. Destroy 2 cards. WOAH. Did I mention CARDS? Not monsters or spells, but cards: similar to Gemini Spark's text.

TCG ppl are abusing this everywhere, so why not in the OCG?

Jurak Deino. When he successfully destroys a monster by battle, draw 2 cards at end phase if you tribute a Jurak monster (you can tribute himself). IMO, the effect is good. Its like so good in so many ways. Its like giving up a normal summon and sucessfully attack and poof you get 2 cards!
Somemore opponent will think WTF i dont want to let him draw 2 cards, then waste removal on it.
Did I mention its a tuner. Thanks Neux to pointing out this card in the Falcon deck review.
If there was a fire fusion Hero monster, I will definitely splash him in my decks.. May try teching one oppression in deck like TCG. IMO, wont work, but you never know till you try.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Veils of Darkness and the Amazoness

First of all, Veils of Darkness in an Infernity deck.

Could it work? Speed plus helps you fill your grave with Hellway Patrol and monsters needed for Infernity Mirage and Necromancer.

Still, there's Grepher for the job. Veil could discard multiple cards and then let you pull off a draw. Nice. What do you guys think?

If you have seen Shriek, the new Amazoness cards are slightly impressive. Hopefully, thats not all there is to it. They gain a monster that can destroy spells when it attacks. Or a built in Raiza the Storm Monarch. And a Machina Attack Unit. Now, the only thing it needs to become an awesome sucessful toolbox is a kickass boss monster like Fortress or an Elemental Hero Airman.

In fact, the spell card is even better than Attack Unit because its a field spell and it gives the Amazoness extra boost. Plus, the monster summoned out is based on levels not attack! Sweet. You can also special summon a monster if your monster died by effects.

Although looking at the past Amazoness cards released in Labyrinth of Nightmare and Magician Force, i must say the cards kinda sucked :-/ So, unless they give us better cards, the deck isnt gonna be very good YET. The only beatstick that could work is Amazoness Paladin which has 1700 atk (1800 atk at least when she's summoned) and perhaps Amazoness Tiger. The rest of the cards pretty much sucked.

There's a new contnuous spell card thats like an instant Kalut/ Honest that lets your Amazoness'es gain 1000 attack every time they battle monsters with a higher attack. Cool.

Amazoness Swords Woman was widely splashed in TCG decks several years ago. Cant seem to remember why. Oh well. She's not very good, but look on the bright side, she is 1700 attack with the field spell, and you are able to run a sexy card.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Elemental Hero Neos

As you can see, my exams just ended yesterday. And I think I passed Chem (calculations suddenly seem so easy o.o) and I aced Physics.

Add Maths was unbelievably harder than usual (they add in stupid Singapore syllabus that we don't need to know in Malaysia. To other Malaysians: You guys are lucky, so stop complaining your Add Maths damn hard!) so no more A...but still a B or C.. Sad...

Bio no comment. All come out on Plants. I hate plants. Blah. Lower life forms..

Yesterday, went out at night so lazy post. Went to watch Clash of the Titans with girls. Wow. It was good. But because, the movie included Titans, I was expecting action with Kronos etc.. not a simple battle between man and God. Kraken was cool. Do watch it. Its quite worth watching.

Notice I cut the April Fools crap because I was fooled by LGQ. And Marvin (more, or less) and NEARLY G-Ray too. Bitches!
Adding Elemental Hero Neos into a Fusion Gate Hero build is an incredibly bold move. Neos is a light monster meaning he can make The Shining. Or he can let you fuse into Neos Knight which is a -2 for your opponent since the card can attack twice. Instead, if you need an incredibly big beatstick, you can just use Neos Knight. Adding Neos Knight is so versatile to the strategy because it will always be 3000 to 4000+ attack, if not more.

Searching Airman into Neos is very good because you have 3 choices to make. The "Element" Heros (Gaia, Shining, Tornado, Zero) all best things in the world because if you use Stratos to search a card out, you immediatly have 2 or more options. For example, if i search Neos Alias, I get a choice of being able to summon Shining or Great Tornado.

Neos is even better because you can call out Shining, Tornado, or Neos Knight..
Voltic attacks and summons Neos for extra 2500 damage. Ouch. Opponent might have to waste removal to get rid of him too.

Furthermore, at 2500 attack, i swear, Hero Blast just became even more godly.
In Fusion Gate Heroes, you will always find it incredibly easy to make a fusion. With playing fusions like water, you're sure to run out of them soon. So, how to prevent that?

Use Ocean. He returns 1 monster back to the hand. In this case, choose a dead Shining (for example) and return it back to the hand. Say Shining died, and lets you retrieve Airman and a card, you can use Ocean to return it back and immediately never worry about losing out Heroes. That is, if you successfully protect him, that is. I know I do :)

With that move, Airman lets you summon him and immediately gain a +1. That means you have more options to fuse from again. Say you played it out like I mentioned above, you can search another monster to fuse with the Airman to make a fusion, then fuse Ocean with your other Hero (returned by Shining) back to push for game. Incredible..

Heroes are even more versatile than synchro summons, due to the fact that they can come out so easily in Fusion Gate Heroes. Of course, they do not have the wide variety of effects that synchros have (like Trisiula, Goyo, Brionac, Stardust etc), but they're still fairly good. Thats why I think FusionGate Heroes are the best Fusions Hero archtype this format and can exceed Debris Heroes.

Of course, I do not include Meta Beat Heroes, as thats a totally different approach. Notice the words: "Fusion Hero" above.

Now, King Tiger Wanghu is a great card to consider this format. Being able to shut down all <1400 monsters is awesome. It destroys synchros, setting uo of the field etc. Its bad against BFs but then its an awesome card to side against Infernities. Just make sure it doesnt die to Infernity Demon. If you can achieve that, its almost guaranteed they cant pull off the Trisiula loop and do their gay tricks.

Crack from the Different Dimension is cool and effective, but the thing is the opponent could suddenly pull off a Grepher or an Inferno stunt and get those needed cards back in grave. Wanghu stops it ALTOGETHER.

Other decks it can potentially stop include GB. Of course, just make sure you dont die to Laquari or those many battle tricks they have.

Still, it stops Infernity almost altogether. Infernity is probably the most explosive decks this format and will probably win every Game 1 it is uo against. But, Infernity cant side very well, as it will disrupt their combos (Assumed. Correct me if I'm wrong), so that is their disadvantage, imo.