Saturday, April 30, 2011

Reinforce Truth + Deck concept [zombie synchro?]

Just looked up the idea of running 3 of this card as 3 Emergency Teleport, and 3 X Saber Pashul as the warrior tuner.

This combo is almost exactly like Emergency Teleport + Krebons.

Also, i tried Zombie elements with Doppel, Dandy and friends and surprisingly its working very well.

The zombie master acts as a good way to discard in hand grave-necessities like Bulb, Spore etc to the grave. Goblin Zombie is still one of the most efficient monster search engines ever, next to X Saber Darksoul of course.

Was thinking of making it more versatile with Zombie World.

Could be some new era of synchro madness.

Because Doppel fits the condition of the Zombies recycling element.

And with 2 to 3 Book of Life????

Its like really easy to make Librarian and spam Formulas.

Thats all for today =)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Will be testing out a Tengu variant of Junk Doppel with some stuff.

No, i will probably not be getting the cards, i will just try to find a good consistent list for this.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dark World Deck (mock)

What i wanted to post about yesterday was how awesome Tyrus Protector of the Founders was.

I thought of it, but i didnt post it yet , simply because i didnt want the price to hike because of this post.

But since Guardian Angel posted about it in my comment box for the previous post, then i'd probably announce it here, if you didnt know already.

Tyrus is the best Exceed monster ever. Luckily i have reserved 3 copies from a friend.

What makes Tyrus so hard to play is the requirement of 2 level 5 monsters. Which can be easily solved through Goldd and Sillva of Dark World.

Tyrus guarantees you the chance to destroy one card at the end of the battle phase. For 2 turns it will be unaffected by card effects (SUPER WICKED this is so useful), but it is still susceptible to battle.

Of course Brionac and Trisuhla destroys it, but then Brionac + Trishula > everything anyway.

So, i tested the deck out yesterday by just coming up with a random decklist thrown together based on the best monster, and Theory-Oh!

Its FAR form complete. The deck is consistent and draws well, as long as you table shuffle it. Of course this is a table shuffle deck because the monsters tend to stack and spells and traps too, since you always get to swarm or all the fiend monsters will be removed from play by Gate's effect

If you thought Grapha was amazing, i can assure you its 10000x more amazing than you thought it would be. As long as it comes to your hand first turn, you will guarantee end up with a 2700 attack beatstick.

If you thought Doppel Dandy was amazing, for the Librarian Formula shizz, then this deck wont cease to impress, because Broww + DW dealing + Gate is too awesome.

Here we go.

3 Broww Huntsman of Dark World
3 Grapha Dragon Lord of Dark World
3 Goldd
3 Sillva
2 Khaki
2 Beige
1 Sangan
1 Morphing Jar
1 Dark Armed Dragon

3 DW Dealings
3 DW Lightning
3 DW Gate
1 Card Destruction
1 Monster Reborn
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Giant Trunade

1 The Forces of Darkness
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Dark Deal
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole

What scares me is that this deck isnt even a stable list yet.

Also, it sorts of remind me of Samurai's swarming capability, but... it doesnt have an awesome Magatama Musakani, the third best counter trap in the game.

But then again, there are still 3 more new dark world cards scheduled for release in the new deck, and they aren't announced yet, so im thrilled since this isnt the full potential of Dark World.

DW Lightning is amazing, you need 3 of it because it destroys Bottomless Trap Hole, while giving you the need to discard. Which you need to max out on in this deck.

Often, in early game, you will find Gate of Dark World really useless because you dont have a fiend monster in the grave to remove. Thats why there are 2 Khakis, to remove. Always keep at least one copy of Broww in the grave before you remove him , because its useful to reuse him with Forces of Darkness.

Here's an example of a random solitaire hand from the deck:

What you do:

1) Play DW Dealings, draw one, pitch Grapha, destroy one card.
2) Play Gate of Dark World, and then normal summon Broww.
3) Return Broww to hand and special summon Grapha.
4) Play DW Dealings #2 or DW Lightning and discard Broww. You have managed to draw an extra card.
5) Remove Broww, for Gate, and special summon Goldd/ Silva, then draw one more card for Gates effect.

Many more combos soon. Will update tonight. Thank you for reading.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guide to Dark World

Today's post regards the newly-improved Dark World archetype which will be scheduled for release in mid-2011

So there are many plenty Dark World cards around, so today i will be discussing which are relevant and good in the new post synchro, pre Exceed format.

Before i start this post, i must talk about the difference between the terms "send", "discard as a cost" and "discard as part of effect" .

Dark World monsters only get their effects when discarded as a part of an effect.

EG: DW Dealings, Card Destruction.

Remember discard =/= send! So Hand Severing (destruction) doesnt apply , sorry.

Discarding as an effect doesnt trigger Dark World monsters too. Because of miss timing, so they dont special summon.

EG of cards that discard as a cost: Lightning Vortex, Tribute to the Doomed etc.

One of Dark World's finest characteristics is that the monsters are discarded to the grave and then special summoned. Meaning Doppel Warrior. LOL.

All i can say is lucky Card of Safe Return is banned. I remember running 2 or 3 in my old deck, and WOW. Oh and Graceful Charity.

Goldd + Silva- Your free beatsticks which you should be running 2 or 3 each hands down. 2300 attack is fine, and a constant stream of 2000+ monsters is no joke. Being level 5 you can tune with Glow Up Bulb to get a level 6 synchro, and do other stuff.

You can also drop Goldd, special summon Doppel Warrior, and drop a Cerebral somehow, and then sync for Trishula. =)

Bronn, Mad King of Dark World- Bullshit. You dont need him to drop monsters because you have DW Lightning, Gate of Dark World, and Dark Realm Dealings to drop them. 2100 attack (300 boost from Gate is nothing impressive too)

Reign-beaux, overlord of dark world- More bullshit. However, this card is not too bad either because its the perfect card to side against Dark World.

Speaking of siding, its not so easy to deal with ppl siding in Reign Beaux, because the DW player can side out his Dealings and Card Destruction, because there is already Lightning and Gate to help you discard.

Grapha, Dragon Overlord of Dark World- Too awesome. Discard it and destroy a card. Then able to be special summoned. Godly. Instant staple 3

Broww, Huntsman of Dark World- Instant staple of 3 in the deck too. Explained below:

1) Broww + DW Dealing = 3x Destiny Draw
2) Broww + Gate = Destiny Draw too. LOL
3) Broww + Lightning = Destroy one, draw one.

So, Dark World can simplify the game well.

Beige, Vanguard of Dark World - Initially a few years ago, i would have wrote this card off immediately. However, now with the release of Grapha, I might take a look at this card again. Mostly because it can become a nice 1900 beatstick, with Gate. Now some of you may say 1900 is nothing compared to 2100 from Bronn Mad King.

However the case is that you can summon Beige, return him as a cost for Grapha, and still be able to special summon him if you have another DW Lightning or something in your hand. Which makes him far more versatile from Bronn.

Renge, Guard of Dark World, Scarr (scout) and Zure (knight)- More shit.

Khaki, Assasin of Dark World- I used to think this card was worth running. Now i think it should be left aside because Grapha is 10000x better. However, maining one could be possible because it acts as discard fodder for Gate of Dark World. It used to be VERY good last time, i teched one or two and they would always save me. In this fast summoning era, I doubt its ability.

Grenn, Assasin of Dark World- Similar to Khaki. What I would like to point out is that DW theme has ease with sidedecking because Grenn is a themed MST, which means its more synergical compared to MST, but im not writing off MST, because MST is still more relevant.

Dark World Lightning- Good one for one removal . I count it as a one for one, because you will get the effect of the Dark World monster you discard it for anyways. I used to think 3 is a must, but with Gate, i may reduce the number to 2.

Dark World Dealings- Destiny Draw for you. "Who don't want?" (colloquial Asian English)

Gateway of Dark World- Dont really think you need this, you have Monster Reborn and Grapha is self reviving already. But i just thought of you chaining Gateway in your opponent's end phase, and then returning the monster next turn as a cost for Grapha, and then reuse the monster. Delicious.

Gate of Dark World- The new awesome field spell. I would run 2 or 3, depending on the deck's capability. You gotta admit its great.

Dark Deal- Your opponent's spell's effect is changed to discarding a random monster from your hand.

Which is great of course. I will test this card out. Still slightly sceptical about it. Of course thats why we are maining 3 Goldd 3 Silva, 3 Broww, for maximum results. Discard Broww, and you get a free Pot of Greed. =)

Forces of Darkness- Is now very relevant because its more fodder for you to recycle Broww, and Goldd, and get off for Gate of Dark World. I would main one. Having "Factory of Mass Production" is good.


Now i will discuss other theme-supportive cards.

The usual lot are already really clear-

1) Morphing Jar
2) Card Destruction
4) Allure of Darkness
5) Solidarity
6) Eradicator Epidermic Virus
7) Deck Devastation Virus

This deck is probably gonna be the fastest deck around with Morphin Jar, Broww + DW Dealings, Card Destruction, Allure, and Gate running around.

Solidarity is interesting although i dont think the deck needs it. Having 1000 attack boost is too strong (solidarity- 700, Gate- 300)

The two new viruses are also debatable as side deck options.

As you can see, Im very excited for Dark World. And so should you !

There's something else i havent posted yet. Will test its credibility and post on it soon.
Thank you for reading.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Testing Junk Doppel + EDITED

1 Glow Up Bulb
1 Spore
1 Dandylion
1 Mystic Tomato
2 Doppel Warrior
3 Junk Synchron
1 Level Eater
1 Plaquespreader Zombie
3 Magical Merchant
2 Card Trooper
2 Chaos Sorcerer
2 Effect Veiler
1 Quickdraw Synchron
1 TG Werewolf
1 Sangan

2 Pot of Avarice
1 Giant Trunade
1 Monster Reborn
1 Mind Control
1 Dark Hole
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Reinforcement of Army
1 Foolish Burial
1 One for One
2 Pot of Duality

2 Limit Rebirth
1 Call of Haunted

This is just the birth stage of the deck. Will have more testing done in time to come.

I realise i didn't have Zephyros in the list because i don't own one yet so i'll get one when i have the time to go out and meet some players.

Its also ridiculously expensive here.

I switched out 2 Ryko, 1 Charge for 3 Merchant and found out the deck mills beautifully. (thanks, LG for the idea)

Having a more consistent dumping engine delights me.

Ryko is less important now because his effect to destroy one card is not so strong anymore this format and i also rather see another card from my deck instead because that is more helpful for me to piece my comboes together.

Merchant also doesnt mill away my important spells like Avarice, Foolish, One for One, Monster Reborn etc.

I tried 2 Pot of Duality in there for fun. May switch it out. But the reason i tried Duality is because in the early game, this deck doesnt do much except try to setup with Card Trooper and Magical Merchant. So, i thought hey why not try something to increase consistency and get me closer to my comboes?

The deck is still subjected to much change and i haven't tried like 10000 other things, will be going around the blogs and sites to see different variants of Junk Doppel, such as Baha's and LGQ's.

TG Werewolf will probably be switched out here and there because Werewolf helps me sync a second Librarian easily. I wanted to run 1x Spell Striker but i forgot i traded them away already. . . Damn. . . i should like hoarde my cards more . . .

With Merchant around, I might make my deck more monster based so that I can have more consistent mills with Merchant and Trooper.

I didnt like the idea of Dark Armed (although its good), because I wanted to minimise luck based cards. Such as how Jeff Jones did the same to his Chaos Plants (the one shown on Youtube)

Another possibility is running 2 Royal Decree over 2 MST.

Thank you for reading, and i'd appreciate feedback from everybody, especially experienced Junk Doppel players :)

Time to go watch the downloaded version of Just Go With it.


I didn't want to double post, so here i added some extra info to this post.

I was browsing Scyuu Lee's blog and saw something interesting.

Apparently, the news of the Dark World field spell has been revealed.

Copied and pasted from his post =)

effct: all face-up Dark World monster will increase 300 attack point while this card is face-up on the field. Once per turn, you can removed from play 1 Fiend type monster in your graveyard and select 1 Fiend monster from your hand to discard. Then you can draw 1 card from your deck.

This is pretty much amazing. Post on Dark World soon =)

Backs To the Walls

OTK card for Samurai.

Decrease life to 100 lp then special summon as many samurai from the graveyard.

Have the sudden urge to play the deck now. With Gateway no longer @ 3, the deck has turned into a skill control deck.

Spent the whole day testing Junk Doppel.

Have to say, the deck is incredibly good.

But when you get really bad mills and really bad draws, its no better than a tier 2.5 deck.

Problem i face with it is pretty much common:

If i keep the deck as a fast paced synchro machine, then i will lose to cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Solemn Warning.

If i keep it control based, it will be slow as hell.

If i keep it in between, like how it is now, it has chance of getting extremely crappy hands.

Currently searching for cards that can consistently dump cards into the graveyard. Aside from Foolish Burial and One for One.

Will try to figure out a deck engine soon.

Ryko + Card Gunner = extremely luck based.

No other exciting news so far. . .

Saw some guy summon Airman, then search Bubbleman, set his whole hand, special summoned Bubble, and then Exceeded into Hope, and Spring Meister . . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Celestial Blue King Hide + Inverz Roach

Level 6, beast warrior, dark, synchro. Is generic.

Effect: when this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, select one face up monster your opponent controls. It loses 2400 attack.

Nevermind about the effect, i couldn't care less about it.

Now we finally have a level 6 synchro that is generic to replace Goyou Guardian.

Now i dont have to sync Brionac or waste a Hyunlei just to summon a level 6 synchro.

And with a generic level 6 synchro back, maybe BF- blizzard the north pole will see more play again?


Inverz Roach.
Rank 4, attack 1900
2x level 4 exceed material monster.

Effect: You can remove one of this cards Exceed material to negate the special summon of a level 5 or higher monster and destroy it.

Once again, amazing. New Exceed monster that is probably the best around.

Only 2 Level 4 exceed material monsters make it a joke in Gravekeeper deck.

Adding more negating options to a strong anti meta deck is just bullshit.

Furthermore, you can negate twice. So, you still plus one because you lose 2 level 4 monsters but then you gain one monster and you can negate twice. If you got your exceed materials from spy, then congrats you basically plused 2.

Its attack is not strong, but it is decent and in a deck like GK, with alot of protection, be prepeared to be amazed.

Its a guide book promo so its probably around rm 4o to rm 50, so i can invest in a playset from kinokuniya.

Thats all for today =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grapha Dragon God of Dark World

(pic taken from Valafar's blog)

This card is more than amazing. Its a thousand times better than the last speculated "colorless, chaos king of dark world"

When you discard Grapha, you get to destroy one card on the field. Which is a one for one.

To top it off, once you get Grapha in the graveyard, you can return one monster to special summon it to the field.

So, unlike Goldd, or silva, its much easier to special summon and more worth it too, because you get to return one Dark World monster to your hand.

Which means it can be recycled for the cost of another card like Dark World Lightning, or Dealings of Dark World. Which is amazing.

Dark World already have Allure of Darkness, and just about Destiny Draw, because Dealings of Dark World + Broww, Huntsman of Dark World is a draw 2.

Very Very interesting.

In its own theme, i'd have to say Grapha Dragon of Dark World is ten times better than Machina Fortress. And just about better than Master Hyperion because it fits better in its own theme, thus its synergy with its own theme is higher.

When you do Dark World Lightning, and discard Grapha, you get to destroy 1 card on the field, and one face down.

With Dark World Dealings, you draw a card and destroy a card.

Then normal summon something, and then return it to hand to return Grapha to the field.

This card is amazing. Time to buy 3 boxes!

The art for the field spell is amazing too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Gravekeeper can deal with Six Sam Shi-En

One of Gravekeeper's most difficult matchups are Samurais. Partly because of their lock with Shi-En and Magatama Musakani.

So, if your using Gravekeeper, how do you get around Shi-En and avoid Musakani ??

One of these questions came about when i saw Mike Bonacini take a Worm Chaos deck to Anaheim. Worm Xex +Yagan is incredible to return Shi-En.

I wanted to blog about this but was lazy but on FB Yugioh page, one of my friends brought this idea up which kinda reminded me to do this post. (Thanks Roland)

Also, witht the recent success of Penguin Soldier.

Notice all these cards are cards that can bounce monsters off the field, into the hand.

So actually Graveekeepers do have a card like that, theme specific and all.

Gravekeeper's Guard.
Flip: Return one monster on opponent's field to its owner's hand.

yeahh thats right.

Thats all for today.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Happened last Saturday. I was too tired and lazy to post about it.

Did alot of trading with some Sarawak players around and got alot of good trades which i could sell and profit off like sleeves.

I also got 3 Dragon Ravine, (slowly collecting for Dragonities), and managed to get myself extra 2 DD Crow and some Forbidden Lances.

Tested Frog Monarch and X Sabers.

Practically 3-0 ed Hero Beat, and went X-0 against Tech Genus. Played mirror match with X Sabrs and went 3-2. One game he drew Trunade, so i couldnt do anything of course. Had a perfect backrow. Second game was casual and i was just waiting for him to Black Rose him next turn. I tried but he chained Solemn i chained Tools, he chained his own Tools.

Seeing just about every game featured in Anaheim showed people chaining Seven Tools to Solemn Judgment to gain tempo and eventually win the game. Proves Tools > Stun

Overall quite satisfied with Sabers, with 3 Dualities around. Had to change the list to a more control build to fit in with the format. Afterall, the format is kind of an anti meta format (in TCG, GK and Hero Beat in top 2 in Anaheim) with GKs doing very well everywhere, and even grave BF is a pseudo-control-speed deck.

Frog Monarch 3-0 ed Hero Beat too, but then went 1-2 against Tech Genus. Guess I have some fixing to do. Mainly because he got out TG Power Gladiator and i didnt get a Monarch in hand for few turns.

Moral of story- can win games with Avenging Knight Parshath, Bora, or any card with piercing damage around. lol.

My teammate, Andrew entered yesterday's tourney in Sg Wang, and he did very very well with GKs (finals), showing the deck's potential in the OCG, which proved my point about GKs being a top dog in next week's tourney.

Afterall, GKs have an amazing game 1 , making it extremely good pick for the single elimination format.

Thats all for today.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pot of Duality

Get ready to see it limited or semi-ed in the next banlist.


I also really like Card Trooper being able to get over Raiou efficiently. Props to Fili for that tech. I will be siding it, although it sounds weird to side Card Trooper :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Common Problems Faced by Players: Choosing the Right Tech

One of the biggest problems faced by certain players is the problem of deciding which tech is best for that one spot in their deck.

Some players run 41 cards, and prefer to, because it adds variance to the deck while allowing the deck to access more plays, and also because you have an easier time sidedecking because the 41-st card would be easy to sidedeck out.

For example, when i was tuning my deck a while ago, i couldnt choose between Dimension Prison or Effect Veiler. As you know, these two are incredible cards, and both has benefits and its cons and its generally impossible to say which is the better card.

For example, here's a basic lineout on the two cards

Effect Veiler:

1) Extremely unpredictable. Cards that drop themselves from the hand are VERY good

2) Can act as an emergency tuner at times

3) Doesnt remove the monster pemanently.

4) Thus, it isnt a guarantee that you can remove that monster the next turn, your opponent could shut down your plays.

5) Restricted to the opponent's main phases

6) Extremely good against Kageki, Coelacanth and boss monsters

7) Adding one more monster into the deck could upset deck balance. However since its almost never played, Effect Veiler isn't technically a monster, it functions more like a quick spell or a trap, except it comes from the hand

8) More monster = more painful with Royal Tribute

9) Can create mind games with it. I can add Veiler to hand via Duality and worry my opponent. Its really something like Shi-en, its negation. Since my opponent did not want to commit to any big plays, i otk-ed next turn with Faultroll + Gottoms Emergency Call.


Dimension Prison:

1) Easy to play around. Cards with built in negation like Shi-En, Trap Stun, Thought Ruler Archefiend, Natural Barkion.

2) Removes the monster permanently, guaranteeing you ease of mind.

3) Godly against Stardust Dragon

4) Easily destroyed, just like Mirror Force

5) Extremely specific. Meaning you can only activate it in response to monster's attack

6) Unpredictable (this statement is subjective)

7) Can create mind games with it.

I'm sure there are many other situations commonly faced by players, like
"which is better? Trap Stun or Seven Tools of the Bandit?"

Of course in a Malaysian OCG meta,where multiple set cards are almost guaranteed fully traps, Trap Stun is incredible because it makes your opponent entire backrow dead.

However, you cant deny that Trap Stun renders all cards under it in the chain link powerless, meaning your card COULD be powerless too, while Seven Tools guarantees you the end of the Chain link.

Seven Tools guarantees a one for one removal and it can negate Solemn Judgment, the most powerful counter trap card in the game, but it has a life point cost, and in Malaysian meta, you cannot guarantee your opponent to have no Mirror Force or trap waiting for you face down.

So what do you do?

In times like this, making the correct decision of maining the right card, is very very crucial in a tournament. Assuming you have done testing and both work really well.

While we all wreck our heads to decide which card to run, the answer can easily be divided into two main factors. I have to admit its hard to main a card because it fits your playstyle more, while knowing that the other card gives you more advantage in certain important matchups.

The first factor is the meta. This means that going into a tournament is not just taking your best deck and learning to play with it well. Good players will have the ability to predict the top decks and having access to communication (in US they have DuelistGroundz) , is a sure advantage.

Making the right reads in the tournament isnt all that hard, you just take a look at the previous tourney's winning decks and you can easily predict what the popular deck is. In Malaysia, it has always been BF, and will always be BF. Players cant accept the fact they spent rm400 on 3 Sirocos, and a Vayu, and they decided to spend rm200 more on 2 Vayuus to play Cemetery BF. Similar to Samurai, whom people have almost spent rm1000 on !

(estimate i last heard from Sean last year with triple Gateways was about rm800)

Which brings us back on topic, by choosing the card that will give you more advantage in those popular matchups. People take risks with strategies like even maindecking Gozen Match (duelist LGQ), and other various strategies which i cant remember.

So, you will have to think "is Effect Veiler gonna save your ass in the Grave Vayu matchup, or slightly slow down Samurai for you?"

Never before have we faced such a diverse meta :)

The second factor are bad matchups. Basically, you analyse what are plays your deck cannot afford to play against. It sounds really easy, but this is something many players do not even do (its not that they dont know it, they dont realise it)

For example, in my case, Effect Veiler is gonna be helpful against Fish, boss monsters like Trishula, Dark Arm, Hyperion, and stopping Kageki from summoning Shi En, which will then turn into a shaky matchup for me (i'd have to play extremely carfully to trump samurai)

While Prison is better against big cards like Stardust Dragon and removing the monster from play is very good because it means they dont come back anymore. Eg: E Hero The Shining, and other big guns.

Both cards have a surprise factor.

So i'll have to take a look at which matchup will trouble me more. Stardust Dragon or Shi-En/ Coelacanth?

Which one can i not afford to allow to resolve successfully?

This factor is probably the more important of the two, but since its so so self explanatory, i dont have to explain more.

I hope this article will help some players to solve these problems. Testing is one thing, but theory-oh matters too, and if you test the cards out and achieve equal results, this step could really help alot.

I've made my decision already ;) Have you?

I'd also like to wish the best of luck to fellow bloggers Michael Bonacini and Light Grunty for YCS Anaheim. Remember to keep your stuff safe with you and don't misplay. Since nobody knows LightGrunty's name, if you make the top 32, we'll all know who you are. It'd be good if you guys could get a match feature or a deck feature. I think LG will probably get a feature, because of the unique lineup his deck runs.

Thank you for reading.

Dark bribe

So going into ycs anahiem I would expect dark bribe to be a key card as introduced by Jerry Wang in his Charlotte hero deck , using iPhone to type so my post will be damn cacat lol, because dark bribe stops stele, negates pluses with hero blast and Gemini spark , stops miracle fusion, stops royal tribute and can't be negated by shien and also the only thing that can stop it is another bribe or solemn judgment , thank you for reading will have a proper post tomorrow :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Frog Monarch ver 2.0

Had sometime yesterday and decided to mod my deck abit, because although the trap dustshoot, mind crush aoi strategy was really good, it proved to be really inconsistent.

So i cut the 5 traps out and run a wholly spell and monster based deck with the monster to spell ratio at about 2:1

The result was an even better build, which is totally based on wrecking your opponents plays and setups. The deck is really really simple and effective, and without traps, this means my opponents running 2 MST 2 Stun, (x) of seven tools of the bandit become dead cards in the matchup whilst this deck doesnt have any dead draws

The Jinzo tech seems abit off, but nevertheless its good if your opponent doesnt have a Solemn Warning. Its easy to bait out Warning with a simple Raiza or Mobius.

So here's the deck:

Monsters (25)

2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
3 Raiza the Storm Monarch
1 Jinzo
3 Mobius the Frost Monarch
1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Gorz
1 Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity
3 Battle Fader
1 Glow Up Bulb
2 Effect Veiler
3 Swap Frog
2 Treeborn Frog
2 Dupe Frog
1 Fishborg Blaster
1 Ronintoadin

3 Soul Exchange
3 Enemy Controller
1 Double Cyclones
1 Monster Reborn
1 Foolish Burial
1 One for One
1 Dark Hole

Frog monarch is now very much possible due to LFN sending me 2x TCG formula synchrons. Thanks =)

I have also removed the tagbox due to a gay fag spamming on it constantly

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 17th Big tourney

Yeah, so Malaysia's gonna be having its first Asian Tournament right in KL (i hope we do a good job and dont give bad impression to the other Asians)

If the tourney doesnt turn out that well, at least the players will have some eye candy, (sungai wang's like some nest for all the young girls around)

So, here's a list to some of the common decks that you have to watch out for, and what you will have to do against them.

The first and foremost common deck will be BF Graveyard.

One thing im sceptical about is how OCG players and Malaysians just cant get rid of their BF fetish. Nevertheless, if i were a participant, i'd be very very happy because this means i'd have easy and good matchups, and all i have to do is side in Holy Light to win the game.

Cemetery Vayu is an incredibly tuned down version of BF, whose only moves are dumping darks and getting free Vanilla beatsticks. Then, coupled with a few backrow tricks like Oppression and Icarus Attack, which is possible to play around. Also, the most impressive trick is only returning Oppression to special summon Zephyros and do some special summoning that turn, but if you ask me, thats not impressive enough to win, and never will. The only reason i see Grave BF doing well is because its run in big numbers everywhere.

The next popular deck is Six Samurai. This is a much harder matchup because first turn Shi En can lock alot of people's deck and the number of Samurai players should increase due to the drop in standard BF because of the ban list. One of KL's Samurai characteristics is basically the inclusion of Shien's Dojo, while some players will go to the extent of maining Shien's Yoriko and Six Samurai Yaichi.

Yaichi is good tech, i have liked it since i played Samurai for the first time 4 years ago. People should be running him and Hand of the Six over Mizuho and Shinai because the infinite loop is much harder to pull off.

The third most popular deck should be Gravekeeper. The success of Frazier's creations has revolutionized the whole world. Royal Tribute + Duality is too strong. However, KL version usually runs 2x Sin Stardust Dragon to protect their NecroValleys and to apply beatdown.

The bad thing about Malaysian meta is that they dont have Recruiter. While Duality plays a big part in setting up, Recruiter plays a big part in keeping the monster supply together with Stele. Without 3 Recruiter, they only have 3 Stele and Spy so that means a lesser monster supply. If you can get rid of those monsters, you should be fine. Caius the Shadow Monarch and double Dimension Prison should do the trick.

The increase of GKs will make me write of Formula Monarchs. Im very sure the deck is still good , in the hands of good players like Sun Shin Tat, but you would have to go into the tourney praying you dont get Royal Tributed.

I have heard news of at least 3 players going with GK as their deck choice, and at least one of them is good player, and has tested GK thoroughly.

Hero Beat is not relevant because Airman is not legal. I do think Gorz will be legal soon because i speculate its reprint in the Dark World Structure.

One of KL's meta characteristics is that many of the decks are slightly more trap based, because that is "lumrah orang Malaysia", i guess we feel more safe behind our traps. Quoting LGQ's friend Nick, "anti meta is KL meta"

Thats why i suggest any player who isnt running Gravekeepers or anything to play Trap Stun and Seven Tools of the Bandit. Royal Decree is not really recommended because everyone is still running 2 MST in their maindecks.

Furthermore, KL players or Malaysian players in general can be divided into two types: one that follow Yugioh throroughly throughout internet information, and the other group are players who dont. So do not be surprised if you see players splashing their own tech and playing queer traps which catch you off guard. Dont be surprised if you have game but your opponent plays Magic Cylinder and you will be WTF. And these are the players running rogue-ish based builds

Of course this situation usually happens only within the first two rounds of the games. Because those players should be eliminated soon =)

Do not waste your MST, and do not overextend.

Thanks for readin

Friday, April 1, 2011

Trap Stun as a Medium for Summoning Gorz

BTW, this is Luna in the future in episode 154. Like finally no coconut tree haircut. Pretty good ending.

Gorz is good.

We all know that.

But one of the problems is a face down Warning.

But, one way to get out a good successful Gorz is to use Stun.

Setting 1x Stun on the field with nothing else, means your opponent would have Gorz on the last thing on his mind.

Once he declares an attack, Stun is chained, thus negating all sorts of possible traps (mostly only warning lol)

Gorz is special summoned successfully.

This play may seem abit off with wasting 2 cards to get out 2 cards.

However, its just something to think about since it can throw your opponent off guard, and has proved quite successful while testing.

BTW, learnt about a few weeks ago that Saber Hole can only negate inherent special summons not coherent ones. Meaning it cant negate Monster Reborn but only stuff like synchro summons etc much being like Raiou.

Total write-off. lol