Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Got Back

Exams just finished yesterday and i didnt come back home. Today when i got back i got this in the mailbox, from the Phillipines.

What is Philippines famous for? Asia Card gold mine.

What is inside? Secret! Teehee.

Also, when i checked Facebook, there was alot of shit in it about Tour Bus from Underworld.

From Jeff Jones and Jarel Winston's statuses, here were some rumored effects:

When this card is used as an xyz material, add Tour Guide from the Underworld to your hand.


Tour Bus from the Underworld
Level 3
Fiend DARK
1000 ATK 600 DEF
When this card is Special Summoned, it's effect cannot be negated. When this card is summoned, add one Level 3 Fiend Monster from your deck to your hand, except for "Tour Bus from the Underworld". If this card is in your hand, you may return it to your deck to add one "Tour Guide from the Underworld" to your hand. When this card is destroyed in battle, return it to your deck, and add one "Tour Guide from the Underworld" to your hand.

Second effect is broke too. Tour Guide into Bus exceed no.17, and search Tour Guide 2 from deck to go into Sangan. Fuck.

I assume all those effects are troll ones. lol. Cant believe Konami would go as far as to print another broken card from the Underworld Tour series. Crazy stuff.

My speculation on the point is that it probably has nothing to do with Tour Guide, but, it will have some other special summoning effect. Well, i hope so, or else another stupid card.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sung Lee Cup Results

Held in Miri.

The Malaysian Asia top team consisting of Michael Yap, Tan Sung Lee and Chen Yau Sin participated.

No of participants: 20 +

Top 2:

Chong Jun Seng (Junk Doppel) VS Yek Tek King (WWBF)

Winner: Yek Tek King

Michael used Agents and Sung Lee with Dark World.

Top 8 consist of (in no particular order) :

Tan Sung Lee
Michael Yap
Chong Jun Seng
Yek Teck King
Kelvin Chan
Hii Lu Jeck
Last person unknown

1st place got a WHOLE duelist box. greatest prize support ever? (by Malaysian standards)

Just goes to show that East Malaysia Sarawak Yugioh doesnt suck =)

Monday, November 21, 2011

How to Side Against Rabbit Lagia

Lately Rabbit Lagia has been topping alot and showing its potential everywhere here and there.

I was discussing with Andrew the other day and we both dont really know how to side against Lagia effectively.

So, after giving some thought, i decided to post about this.

Usually Rabbit Lagia will have a high percentage of winning once they open first with a rabbit. A whole lot of backrow plus spamming Macro Cosmos/Dimension Fissure isn't funny too because they lock out alot of options.

So, how to side vs them?

1) Chain Disappearance- obvious. Successfully resolving it vs Rabbit is more or less game over. Unless they suddenly resolve a Jurrac Guaiba effect and xyz a Lagia.

2) Effect Veiler- This is for when they go first. You cant stop them xyz-ing a Lagia with no backrow so Veiler works well. Agents have it better since they have Herald as well.

3) Spirit Reaper- I just realised how good this card was against Rabbit Lagia. Lagia cant get over shit over Reaper and then Jurac Guaiba cant special summon itself either because it cant destroy Reaper so this card is actually really good for you to stall and draw out your options. In the Rabbit Lagia matchup, this card is gold. I dont know, but i will probably go side 2 or something.

4) Kuribolt- This one is really a troll option. People everywhere are saying Kuribolt summon waste Lagia so i dont know if i will go to all that trouble to side Kuribolt just to kill Rabbit Lagia as side deck space is precious.

Personally, i dont think Lagia is that scary and hard to play around against, but when they back it up with Macro Cosmos/ DD Fissure, thats just cruel. Gonna be hard for Junk Dopple to topple that Fissure/ Cosmos with a walking Solemn Judgment, and another Solemn waiting face down.

Haven't had the chance to explore other decks. Still liking Doppel cos the number of Doppel players have decreased and i like using decks that less people use :3

Anyhow, for anyone who has any other ideas, please share in the comments box so i dont get raped by Rabbit Lagia next time. Thank you!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chaos Control

SPM is more or less over for me whee =D No more History and Moral and BM. All i have left are Physics Add Math, Bio, Chem bla bla. lol. Which are all still easier than History even if i add all together.

Since Chaos Control won YCS Kansas, and if it continually wins, it maybe Konami's excuse for not hitting plants for the TCG.

Urmm. Its still a little hard to believe Chaos Control won YCS Kansas.

congratulations to Courtney Walker.

The guy talks seriously damn alot on his video. Feel free to skip the part where he talks and just see what cards he runs

Here is his list:

Monsters - 27
3 Tour Guide
3 Dimension Alchemist
2 Battle Fader
2 Raioh
2 Chaos Sorceror
1 Gorz
2 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Sangan
2 Effect Veiler
2 Maxx C
1 Kycoo
1 DD Crow
1 DD Warrior Lady
1 Honest
1 Spirit Reaper
1 Tragoedia

Spells- 12
2 Pot of Duality
1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Dark Hole
2 Enemy Controller
1 Book of Moon
1 Pot of Avarice

1 Trap Dustshoot
1 Torrential Tribute

Extra Deck:
1 No 17 Revise Dragon
1 No 39 Utopia
1 Steelswarm Roach
2 Leviair
1 Trishula
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Scrap Dragon
1 Brionac
1 Arcanite Magician
1 Armory Arm
1 Thought Ruler Archfiend
1 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon
1 Magicial Android

Side board:
1 Chaos Hunter
2 Gemini Imps
1 Vanity Fiend
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Ryko Lightlord Hunter
2 Skull Meister
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Banisher of Radiance
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Soul Release
1 Leeching the Light

Notice he said: "I have always run Magical Android. I do not run Catastor, i have never seen the need to run Catastor"


But props and kudos to him though for topping with a deck like this. Salute him for his effort as the deck does look quite good.

To: Edsel Gozon

Cards are mint, near-mintish (old card). Confirmation photo up here. Post it to you tmr =)

Verz O Wisp = Flambell Baby
Verz Golem = Catastor
Verz Thanatos = Fabled Ragin / Fabled Unicore
Verz Bahamut = Brionac
Verz Ophion = Gungnir

Verz Ouroboros= Trishula!!

Thats all for today.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Update

After like a really long time, i finally have time to make a post.

Every exam has been fine, except History. Having mixed feelings. Many opinion questions, but you never know where you could go wrong cos you could have different opinions from the markers. Afterall the paper is supposed to be subjective... BUT Malaysian education is NOT subjective. Still banking on an A but no A+ so owell.

This post will be based on ORCS. From LGQ's blog, i managed to see that Konami has released Dark Blade, Head Soldier of Dark UnderWorld.

The original text of the Dark Blade card spoke about him being linked to the Dark World army so im kinda glad that its finally here. Its good Konami released cards that are linked to the old storyline of Yugioh. For example, the Legendary Six Samurai. Its always nice to see old cards again.

Now to discuss Dark Blade the Commander.

Being 1800 attack makes him nifty because he can be a good beatstick and being dark is just adding icing to the topping of a greatly designed card.

Dark Blade is probably the best generic card in the set because of its usefulness in the sideboard.

I think Konami purposely designed this card to tackle the Angel deck problem. This is like the best answer to Kristia ever, and it even answers to Hyperion, and occasional random stuff like BLS etc.

This card works well in DW (obviously), Blackwings (grave or whirlwind), and most importantly Junk Dopple.

I think this card was created FOR Junk Dopple specifically because Doppel have few outs to Kristia besides BTH (which is not even a staple!) and the other only thing is Ryko. Banishing a dark is free for Doppel who has Tragoedia, Chaos Sorceror, Tomato, Junk, Dop Warrior, Sangan bla bla swimming in the grave constantly.

The fact that it is a Warrior allows it to be searched via rota, and rota could be dead mid or late game sometimes. Having Dark sword sided gives you more options for Rota. Who wouldnt like summoning a 1800 beatstick which clears Kristia in the mid to late game?

This card answers to half the problems you could face against Angels already so i think it is pretty good. The other half comes from Gachi, or occasionally otk-ed by Daigusta Phoenix and Orange Lights waiting in their hands.

Exceed Reborn is quite funny too because it looks like a thinned down version of the TCG design of Monster Reborn and i think the Turtle Who will Once be Called God is probably the cutest card in the whole set. Enthusiasts would love to get their hands on Gagaga Girl, which i have no idea why too.

Overall I see ORCS to be a pretty decent set with good themes like Ninjas and the Insecters are also decent , so it kinda reminds me a little like CRMS except we dont have broken Dark Dive Bomber , but its definitely an improvement from the last 2 Zexal sets.

Its still not worth buying a whole box unless your gonna be playing Ninjas.

EDIT: Post is null and void. Dark Blade only solves level 4 or lower light monsters. Thanks to all the people who notified me. Shriek got it wrong this time. Wanna delete it but nvm just let it be

Monday, November 7, 2011

D Box Update


1x scr Hope (wtf totally waste of promo space)

1x Wind Up Disguised Zenmaio

Rank 5 (2x level 5 monster)
atk: 2500 def:1900
Effect: Once per turn, detach 1 xyz monster and destroy one set card on the field.

1x M X Saber Invoker
Rank 3
atk: 1900 def: 500
2x Level 3 monster
Effect: Once per turn, detach 1 xyz monster, and ss 1 level 4 Earth warrior or beast warrior monster from your deck in face up defence mode. The ss-ed monster is destroyed at the end phase

Invoker is kinda balanced at first look, but it sets up Gottom Emergency Call really fast which is a good thing. Which means fast Trishula.

Personal comment of overall product:

Wasted promo space of Hope.
So red. Looks bad. My eye pain.

Total disappointment. Fail Product.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

So Imba

Just for some of you who don't know, Rauzes has started a Vanguard blog. Those who like/play/watch VG can check it out.

FYI, no im not dead yet, just busy and lazy thats all. Exams start on the 14th!

Cya all on the 31st!