Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seed Tourney Report

I knew today i would lose to Andrew because of godly Hanzo Hieratic so i decided to take the chance to try to test out Inzektor Sword

Format: Swiss 5 rounds cut to Top 8.

Round 1: Vs Hew Kok Tong Machina Gadget

Game 1: He summon 1 gadget and set 4 backrow. I couldnt do anything with Damsel, Hornet, MST as he had all the answers

Game 2: He summon Gearframe and he went straight to attack then when he remembered effect, i shark him and he lost shortly after

Game 3: I control and win although he DD crow cos I had another Gruff in hand.


Round 2: Chin Ka Fui (Happy Chin) aka head judge Lightsworn Daedalus

Game 1: I killed him with beatdown

Game 2: He had many boss monsters like Daedalus and Judgement Dragon but i play around it while he DD Crow-ed my Hornet. We were in topdecking mode and he had Jain. i topdecked Gruff equipped Mantis and he Veiler. He summoned another LS and kill me later.

Game 3: Inzektor control and then with Zektkaliber swarm


Round 3: Andrew Ng Hieratic Hanzo

Game 1: We played around each others stuff as I did a timely Torrential when he activated Red Eyes effect. He had a dragon and after he PWWB my Centipede I chain Lance and search Damsel and he couldnt recover after that.

Game 2: He OTK me, nuff said.

Game 3: I had the otk hand with Inzektor Sword Zektkaliber :)

I admit I was really lucky this round because in game 1, I had the Lance to kill off PWWB.


Round 4: Parameswaran Inzektor

Game 1: I couldnt do anything as i got trash hand and he lived up to his name.

Game 2: It was my turn to get a good hand so I Night Shot and MST and played around his cards and won.

Game 3: I had Heavy Storm to wipe out Overworked + Disappearance and a Sword to seal the deal :) He told me that i was lucky to have Storm but I showed him my hand of Centipede and MST


Round 5: Izzat

We were both qualified to Top 8 so we decided to roll dice and I got higher number so my score became 2-1       O.O


So my Swiss record was 5-0

Top 8: Tan Wai Chee Inzektor

Game 1: I let him swarm until I had 700 lp left and we both had 5 cards but the difference was he had Inzektors commited to the field. I slowly played around until he had 2 cards left then he used Book of Moon on my Zenmaines and Dark Hole it. He had 0 card advantage and I had Solemn face down.

Game 2: An unpredicted DD Crow on my Hornet killed me.

Game 3: I saved up Inzektor Sword and Mind Control after he committed to field and won :)


Top 4: Andrew Ng Revenge Match

Game 1: I drew all spell and trap and died.

Game 2: I drew all monsters and I read one of his bluffs of setting Transformation. I could have OTK but then I didnt know that Gigamantis could only special summon once per turn and so I died to a restriction that I didnt know since I equipped mantis and bombed it. Sam who was next to us confirmed it too. Did Muzurythm, Leviair, and had Centipede but next turn ate his BLS and died.


Things I learnt today:

1) There is a full win curse.

2) I believe in it

3) Inzektor Sword is good.

4) This year is year of the Dragon ! (Chinese Zodiac). Died to 2 Dragons back to back already


Same as last week.

Extra deck:
1 Zenmaines
2 Gaia
1 Volcasaurus
1 Exa Stag
1 Crimson Ninja
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Utopia Ray
1 Force Focus
1 Maelstroke
1 Muzurythm
1 Tiras
1 Revise Dragon
1 Leviair
1 Black Rose


2 Snowman
1 Ryko
2 DD Crow
2 Scarecrow
1 Inzektor Sword Zektkaliber
2 Night Shot
2 Bottomless
1 Chain Disappearance
1 Transmigration Prophecy

Why I am releasing my sideboard? Because it was a troll mock sideboard (different from last week's) and I'm doing some massive changes :)

Gratz to Zack (top 4), Izzat ( Top 2) and Andrew for winning the Top 32 seed

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Skull and Bone functions like Tour Guide. 

Put in Chaos Dragon for OCG ? 


Not my cup of tea, what about you?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something Rauzes wants to say

Hello world.

My Name Is Rauzes,
And I have remotely mind controlled Mike in order to post this blog post.

Whats this? You want mike to do a head stand before continuing with this post?
I love this crowd.
Sure. Why not.

Had your fun?
Ok lets start.

Today, I bring to you a fun light based deck.
It utilizes boss cards that are "too heavy" or "too difficult" to use in the current meta, to explosive results.
It can churn out Exceeds rather well, or can abandon that idea all together and just focus on beatdown.

Phon Phon Photon!



2 Photon Lizard
3 Effect Veiler
1 Honest

3 Photon Thrasher
3 Photon Crusher
1 ZW - Unicorn Spear
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Guardian Of Order
3 Lightray Gearfreed
2 Photon Eyes Galaxy Dragon

1 Monster Reborn
1 Heavy Storm
1 Dark Hole
1 Book of Moon
1 Future Fusion
3 Cyclone/MST

2 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgement
2 Raigeki Break
3 Skill Drain
2 Solemn Warning
/Compulsary Evacuation Device
(Pick your poison)

Extra Deck/15

1 Twin Photon Lizard
1 Chimeratech Fortress

1 AOJ Catastor
1 Brionac

1 No. 30 Acid Golem
2 No. 32 Hope
2 CNo. 32 Hope Ray
1 HC Exaclibur
1 Photon Butterfly Asassin
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Tyrus, Keeper of Genesis
1 No. 15 Gimmick Puppet Giant Killer/No. 40 Gimmick Puppet Heaven Strings(Either one. Pick which one you want)
1 Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Card Choices:

Photon Lizard:
For opening with. Tutors either Thrasher or Crusher, depending which part of the quick exceed you need.
As the deck doesnt utilize too many Normal summons, you can tutor the 2k/2.1k power attackers with ease

Effect Veiler:
Because you need 3 to be anywhere near anti meta.
Oh whats this? Yugioh has no "anti-meta" anymore?
Signs of overpowered format.

Seriously? Youre asking why I'm putting this in?

Photon Thrasher.
Your special summon, your best friend.
Sets up exceeds, whacks for 21k.
Photon Crusher
Your second best friend. 2k. Food for Galaxy Eyes, as well as Exceed food.
Pretty much the only other card that would eat up a normal summon.

ZW- Unicorn Spear
Summon for 1.9k Light.
Attach for 1.9k equip magic for Hope Ray(well come to why hope ray with no effect but attached ZW Unicorn is GOOD on the first turn)
Also, 1.9k Light. Did I mention?
Good beatstick.
Honestly, 1 is enough because its just to give the deck a balanced number of opener pressure appliers

Cyber Dragon
Beatstick, for early game pressure.
2.1k is a good early game attacker, taking out most face downs.
Take into account how much size matters once skill drain comes out
You want to sit behind this guy in the early game.
Once again, there are no other openers that are LIGHT.

Guardian of Order
Once you get spamming you get spamming them. Pretty much here only for size
And level 8. We'll come to this later.

Lightray Gearfreed
Level 8, whom requires 5 or more different Lights in graveyard to special summon from hand at no cost.
So, the deck aims to rush out those 5 different lights in the graveyard, for the free special summon of beatstick
Without drain, youd want him to stand alone or with a few Crushers/Hope next to him, to maximize his next to no cost of negating spell/trap
Being a level 8 thats easily special summoned with high attack, it can be food for Galaxy Eyes.

Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon
One of the few "anti-meta" cards.
Beatstick, Photon, Neo Galaxy Eyes...
why not.

Spell Choices

Monster Reborn, Heavy Storm, Dark Hole, Book of Moon. 3 Cyclone
These cards are staples.

ROTA: To search your Photon Thrasher/Crusher.
See Photon Lizard.

Future Fusion:
The only "unique" card in the spell lineup.
Your only target is Twin Photon Lizard.
Basically, this doubles as your future fusion to quickly dump light monsters, in late game thins your deck of useless photons.
Your targets will be, in early game: 1 Galaxy Eyes, 1 Photon Lizard.
This means that if you special summon Twin Photon Lizard, you would release it to bring out Galaxy Eyes, and a photon Lizard.
Then, sack photon lizard for a search, and go for some exceeds/beatdown.
Late game, you would probally just thin out those photon lizards, and galaxy eyes.

Trap lineup
Solemn Judgement, Torrential. Solemn Warning/Compulsary Evacuation Device

Skill Drain
For killing everything under the sun. Your blood and backbone of deck.

Extra Deck
1 Twin Photon Lizard
Because you wont use more than 1 for future fusion
1 Chimeratech Fortress
Because Tinplate Gadget is so OP

1 Catastor
You never know when you gotta summon that Effect Veiler
1 Brionac
One of the other synchroes that make it to "just keep one in for emergencies" level

1 No. 30 Acid Golem
You only need 1 Rank 3 exceed, so why not play one that uses skill drain?
Not going to come out.
Can also be other R3s

2 No. 32 Hope
2 CNo. 32 Hope Ray
Now I come to your light dumping turbo.
Now, Lightray Gearfreed requires 5 types of Light to be in the graveyard.
Although most main decks dont have any mechanism to dump light well, since theyre not Dark.
The extra deck does.
Keep in mind that Chaos Exceeds can be performed at any time during the game, so you can chaos exceed a hope with 8k life.
Special summon a Photon Thrasher, normal a crusher, exceed a hope, chaos exceed out hope ray.
Now, let Hope Ray die after whacking around a bit.
Now, allow me to point out the fact that your graveyard now has 4 Light monsters, and 4 different ones!
By exceeding hope into hope ray, you effectively pulled out 2 Light monsters for Gear Freed for nowhere.
Hope Ray is also there you want to do funny final turn stuff.

HC Excalibur.
Slasher + Crusher = 4k. Delicious.

Photon Butterfly Asassin
For Photon.
Can be Blade ARmor Ninja

Nice card to have, but kinda small under Skill Drain
Tyrus Keeper Of Genesis
Any other Rank 5 fits here. Only Cyber Dragon + Cyber Dragon.
Drop for another R4 if you want.

Gimmick Puppet #1 and Gimmick Puppet #2
Do the same thing.
Rank 8 exceed that can blow stuff up. Either one works because its only for dire situations in which theyll come out.

Neo Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon.
Because Exceed summoning this guy is just so epic.
And you CAN exceed summon this guy!
Guardian of Order!
Lightray Gear Freed!
Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon!

exceed for FINAL TURN!

For people who cant get this card dirt cheap, replace with R4.

You can tailor your extra deck to include:
Blade Armor Knight
Shock Ruler
Inverz Roach
Lavalbal Chain(Not too reccomended)
No. 50 Black Corn

Deck as a whole would apply constant beatdown and try to rush out some 2k+ whackers, and push the opponent to below 4k on turn 1 if possible.

Do what you can to get in control of the game, and force out as much meaning from big attacks as possible.

I dont play in Duality because losing special summoning = entire deck arrested.
Losing your turns for cards is a possibility, so you can play in Card card D if you so wish.

Keep in mind that the exceed gimmick is to rush out Gear Freed, and the deck would rather beatdown than give up those monsters for tricky exceeds.

If you can overextend and get a Neo Galaxy Eyes out...

Because it hitting the field is so epic.

And if it gets its effect off, stand up and declare FINAL TURN!!!

Thats all for today

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chaos Dragons

IS VERY good in OCG Asia format.

Inzektor will lose game 1 against it, and the Asia format version doesnt even need TGU. And its more explosive than Hieratics.

You only needa side in spell/trap hate and pray your opponent doesnt know which card to DD Crow, which they probably wont know, cos you're in malaysia hello.

Putting 5.3k damage is too strong

Testing with it was pretty good.

Will this deck be the deck to run in Nationals? Hmmmm many many options!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

WCQ Top 32 seed tourney report

1st time i played for 7 and a half hours. People who say Yugioh is easy is damn wrong. Next time I will remember to pack alot of food. Pressure cos many big names were present.

Format: Swiss 5 Rounds to Top 8.

Round 1 : Andrew - inzektor

G1: I ended up drawing all trash spells and traps because table shuffling me when combo pieces in my my deck was evenly distributed stacked the spells and traps and monsters. My fault on the part. I Autonomous his Centipede and search Damsel, thinking i could turn the game around but he summoned Damsel and destroy my stuff then search Mantis and had enough to win.

G2: He MST all my face downs. He ended with a Zenmaines after Mind Controlling my monster. I had Mind Control but no targets. I made my own and attacked his and end phase we detached our stuff. Big misplay whereby i should have summoned it in defense. He killed me next turn


At this point if i lost another round I would be automatically DQ-ed.

Round 2: Inzektor

G1: He summoned Centipede and tried to make me scared but he just attacked. I then played Dark Hole destroying his set monster and Centipede but he flipped Book of Moon on Centipede (?) I told him he couldn't take it back then killed from there next turn

G2: Transmigration Prophecy + Autonomous + DAD is too strong.


Round 3: Choon Yu - inzektor

G1: He had Inzektor Sword Zektkaliber and he made a big otk using 2 Gigamantis.

G2: Forgot how i won

G3: This was a very close match and i had a Gruff with Mantis i think and then if he topdecked an Inzektor he would probably win but he didnt.


Round 4: Machina Geartown

G1: He flipped Skill Drain but my car D could still tribute as cost so i farmed for MST

G2: Forgot how i won


Round 5: Atta - 6 Sam

G1: He couldnt make Shien and tried to put pressure on me and lowered me down to 500 but i made Volcasaurus and dropped Dark Arm to win.

G2: He made a big field with LSS Shien and Shogun Shien but he attacked into Morphing Jar 2. I got Morphing Jars effect wrong as i thought you revealed the number of cards from the deck equal to your monsters sent back but apparently it was you reveal until you have the same number of monsters sent back. Anyhow my hand had Damsel so it wouldnt have made much difference.

This makes Morphing jar 2 even better VS Hieratics because you can reveal a chunk of their deck and send it all to grave (assuming they only run 2 to 3 Drago and car D cant be special summoned)


At this point i was hungry as hell. Bought takoyaki and gave me energy!

Top 8: Andrew - inzektor

G1: Had a good hand and controlled from there

G2: He took about 10 to 20 minutes to decide a move. At this point everyone else had finished and they were groaning. He eventually put a load of monsters and i couldnt come back, and the game dragged on to an hour.

G3: I farmed with car D, made Tyrus, he made Exa Stag and made Gaia. I had a hand of Mind Control, Reborn, Damsel, Gigamantis.


Semi Finals : Ivan Chen Yau Sin - inzektor

G1: I bait his stuff out then otk

G2: I attacked and he dropped Tragodia. He summon Centipede forcing me to Torrential but he chained Lance and I chain Solemn and he Solemn me. He made Zenmaines and I mind control and summoned Gruff to equip with Mantis thinking i could win but he flipped Lance and survived. He killed my gruff, I topdecked Car Car D but he Book of Moon. Next, I topdecked Duality into Centipede, equipped Hornet, attacked and won. He misplayed whereby he shouldnt have Book my Car D or else i would have died from Zenmaines twice.


Finals : LGQ - Hieratics

G1: Ate OTK and Exa Beetle is strong. Someone pointed out to me that i should have stalled with Ninja but i knew LGQ would drop Exa Beetle so no difference.

G2: I OTK him instead after MST and Judgment his 2 Macros

G3: Close match with low life points on both side. He PWWB my face down to keep me 1 turn back, I Scarecrow him and Dark Hole him. He had nothing but i kept summoning small Inzektors to push for damage. He summoned Su and I Warning but he summoned Veiler to make Ancient Sacred Wyvern. I summoned Centipede, equip Hornet but he flipped Macro. I tried to suicide but he flipped Chalice. I feel PWWB was the key card to my loss.



3 hornet
3 damsel
3 centi
2 gruff
1 mantis
2 veiler
1 sangan
3 Car D

3 duality
3 mst
1 reborn
1 mind control
1 autonomous
1 heavy storm
1 forbidden lance
1 allure
1 book of moon
1 dark hole
1 foolish burial

2 warning
2 torrential
1 solemn judgment
2 raigeki break

I went with Car D build cos i felt it could farm for MST with Macro / Skill Drain present.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

J Speed

Was checking some Phillipines blog (good stuff), and eventually got linked to J Speeds blog.

J Speed is a top OCG player.

Even though his blog is in JP, there are some videos, and decklists that you can see.

GO read now !

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Waste of time

Was looking forward to this weeks qualifiers only for Paul to announce there are none this week.

Waste of time, emo.

Opened a random tp to get Guiaba and acquired 3ae macro. Looks like the universe is asking me to play rabbit lagia

On a side note GB is still strong with 3 safe zone and 3 forbidden lance. Ultimate protection !

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What Yugioh is about now

Now that there are many sort of broken cards in the game and the entire game can tip in any favour due to topdecking strong cards like Damsel or Monster Reborn, the game is much more complex than last time. Although most people will be like "yugioh is lucksack".

I think many people are having the wrong mindset of the game and they think Yugioh is all just about playing your cards and then drawing the right cards to back it up etc. But thats not the case.

Yugioh is actually quite skilled based now if you think about it. Just not like how it was previously, but in a different way.

If everyone else playing top tier 1 decks have strong cards, then doesnt that make you equal?

I feel that Yugioh now comes down to a few things:

1) Choosing the right tech cards/ deck choice.

2) Planning far ahead and expecting how your opponent is going to play his cards and how you set up the field.

When you give 2 people a hand of 5 cards you will notice they play them extremely differently. That is because people think differently and choose to setup the field differently. If you ever saw Billy Brake play Plants you will be surprised because he makes many moves that differ from the norm. I saw a guy comment on one of Brakes videos that none of those moves were what he would have made and that alarmed him.

Even if you have bad stuff in hand, you dont necessarily lose. There is still mind games and all that. For example you can summon Mystic Shine Ball and smile confidently at your opponent. The first thing that comes to mind is Honest and opponent will surely Warning or some shit.

The same goes if you draw trash hand for Inzektor you can just summon Centipede/ Hornet with an empty field and your opponent will surely take preemptive measures to Warning it. Well, at least that is how I observe most games.

One small move goes a long way. If you have a clear idea what the game is about then it can be said that you know what to do to become a better player.

Wall of text end.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CardCarD VS Macro Cosmos

Before i start this short post i would like to tell the TCG readers of this blog that Card Car D is worth the hype and you shouldn't listen to the ones who tell you its overhyped. If Car D was common or rare, they will definitely not say it is overhyped =)

I see alot of people in malaysia just end their turn when opponent flips Macro.

Where does CarD state that it needs to be sent to the graveyard?

Farm for those MSTs!

Don't misplay.

Thats all for today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Interview with Jeff Soh

So, i managed to get an interview with our Asia Champion who is called the Billy Brake of Asia. I practically stole Kydes questions. 

Here is his interview:
Asia Championship 2011 [champion]
Asia Championship 2012 [champion]

forgot the rest.

How is the meta in your country performing at the moment?
Inzektor, Hieratic variants , Six Sam, Dark World, Rabbit Ragia, Machina Gadget/ Karakuri/ Geargia variants etc. Do refer to DS' pie chart. 

Do you think TCG exclusives provides positive changes in OCG's meta and competitive environment?
They definitely make a difference although i do not choose to use them like others. (Others use TGU, Dolkka etc in tourneys) Because Heroes FTW.

Has Yugioh's progression gotten better and do you enjoy playing the game as of now?
It has become much more interesting since the introduction of synchros and xyzs. But the deck choice doesnt matter as much compared to previous formats in the past, There are more variety of decks to choose from to play in major tourneys.

How do you prepare yourself upon entering a major tournament?
I will prepare my deck according to my meta and to maximise luck, and minimise bad luck, according to my own playstyle of course. (I assume he means through his card choices. Jeff has told me once that he mained 3 Raigeki Break to stall, and to discard stuff like Hornet.

How do you usually choose which deck to play? Is it by meta-preference or passion?
Both. Situational. Could be meta preference OR Passion

What is your major focus when it comes to side-decking?
I will make choices based on my area's meta because I do not usually make cookie cutter choices which you usually see on the internet.

What is the best or fastest way to improve yourself as a player,
in your opinion?
Definitely friends, they are vital !

If you were given the right to ban a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?

If Konami would allow you to unbanned a card, which card(s) would it be? Why?
Chaos Emperor Dragon. Cool art, nice effect. It helps to balance advantage and minimise difference. For example if my opponent has 3 or 4 cards advantage, i can reset that advantage with CED and make the game more balanced after that.

Apart from banned list, if you were given a chance to change in Yugioh, what would it be?
No comment. Too complex. lol.