Monday, February 28, 2011

Light Beat

Light Beat is the number one deck taking at least 4 or 5 top 8 spaces in at least 4 different tourneys organized on Shriek. Probably because Skill Drain stops everything, and they still have 3 Gemini Sparks which are a pseudo- Icarus or Book of Moon which makes it the best quick spell card this format.

With Skill Drain around, the 2 MSTs we pack will be used to destroy it. Oh and Trap stun too =)

Im actually interested in the triple Scrap Iron Scarecrow concept because its an every turn Fullhelmknight and it lets you stall till you draw your combos.

The number one problem with anti meta decks are the inconsistency rates, so im still unkeen about the deck.

I guess Samurai is superceded for now until someone finds a better build.

Looks like anti meta is slowly becoming the meta in the OCG

Makes me wonder where all the Psychics are.

I also expected Infernity to have a more popular showing.

Also, Debris Dandy and all variants even Dopple Junk variants along with BF is totally gone.

Maybe its because siding in Effect Veiler will ruin them as they only rely on Mental Master.

the url above is a very good post.

For BF decks, with the release of 3 Chaos Sorceror, i was thinking maybe somebody out there would build some form of Light Dark Beat. I think Rauzes did it before, but im not sure if he would do it again.

Monday, February 21, 2011

New Ruling Change: so whats the implications?

Ok everybody now knows the new ruling change.

Monster priority is abolished.

I have always hated monster priority because it made many cards too powerful and plus-one-ish and made them all instant like monarchs!

Now with monster priority abolished, Bottomless Trap Hole is becoming staple again.

One of the main reasons BTH was not as good in the OCG last format was because it couldn't one for one anymore as too many monsters were having priority and it didnt do anything against Samurai.

Bottomless Trap Hole + Compulsory Evac Device = New cards to run

Luckily i have found 3 asian editions for the above cards =)

So, BTH becomes more important, i guess Cyber Dragon too?

Saturday, February 19, 2011


This is my friend's psychic deck that has summoned 10 synchro monsters on the first turn TWICE.

Kudos to Yik Lai Wen of Miri who has built this deck.

No written decklist as i have no idea of the name half the cards in there

Cant guarantee its effectiveness as i have never played against it.. Im sure Baha can come up with a better version or something.

LFN if ur readin this, pls FB inbox me. as i have forgotten your real name sorry!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Stuff About Exceed Summon and no.17 Revise Dragon

What attracted me to Revise Dragon was probably its rank, which is rank 3.

So i can only see Revise Dragon being OKAY in sabers for now.

Why? Cos Sabers can spam level 3 monsters like freaking fast in the form of Dark Souls.

Think this:

Use 2 Darksouls as Overlay units for Revise Dragon.

Send 1 Darksoul to grave, raise 500.

End turn search 1.

So your transforming 2 weak monsters you got for free (assuming through E Call or something) and your putting out a free 2500 attack beatstick.

Eventually you are going to search 2 from Dark Soul anyways. By using Revis Dragon, your gonna confirm search one in the end phase.

And by playing a beatstick in the form of Revise Dragon, you could force your opponent to commit at least one card to destroy it.

Then your when its gone, you search with Dark Soul.

Without Revise Dragon, eventually your still gonna search, yes thats true. But with Revise Dragon its a damn plus one in the form of a big monster, and i'd be happy if my opponent wastes a trap on it :D

Olay the post up there was just a thought.

Okay, so many people are wondering about Exceed summoning preferably about the extra deck limit and the usage of tokens.

However, i was like "wutttt" cos i read abt Exceed Summon on Team Arco's blog the moment i popped onto Only the Duel.

So, due to the Vjump banlists picture and scans, Team Arco has graciously translated it for us.

I hope this gives you guys the confirmation you need =)

So i literally copied and pasted it except i editted the grammar.

1) Summoned from the Extra Deck

2) Usage of TWO monsters (of similar levels ). Monsters used for the Exceed Summoned are put under the Exceed monster , this is called overlayed.

Michael's note: Urmmmm think Pokemon. When the pokemon evolve, you place the evolution monster on the basic monster right? Same thing.

3) For the effect of exceed monster ,ホープ(main character's ace monster), it states " the overlay unit is removed". The monster "removed" is NOT removed from play, but instead sent to the graveyard.

4) The Exceed monster's level stars start from left to right, and are considered as "ranks" thus these monsters are unable to be used for a synchro summon

Michael's note: Aha! Good one Konami.

5) Any monsters can be used for the Exceed summon, including tokens.


Thus. I hope this is all clear to you guys, however there has been no news about the extra deck's limit being increased to 20 or something like that.

Cheers, have a nice day

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three Things That You Could Look Out For In The Upcoming Format

# 1 Cyber Dragon

Now while Cyber Dragon is an awesome card to run against Machinas, i was thinking of Cyber Dragon in Machina Karakuri just to gain early game momentum against other decks.

This might cause your opponents to waste stuff like Mirror Force and Bottomless Trap Hole to destroy it.

So, it baits stuff out while destroying at least one opponents monster.

If you used it to destroy a monster by battle, and wasted your opponents removal on it, thats a clean plus 2.

But the main reason i called for Cyber Dragon was because there is now 2 copies of Overload Fusion available making machines very dangerous as they now have their own version of Miracle Fusion to summon Chimeratech Over Dragon, one of the most powerful otk engines ever created.

With all the machine hype, and the unlimiting of Overload Fusion and Card Trooper, could Machine Beat Control become relevant again?

Back in the days, i remember being one of the best decks that ruled an entire format till an emergency ban was called for just to kill the Devil Franken (Cyber Stein)

Also now with:

3 Cyber Dragon
2 Card Trooper
2 Overload Fusion
3 Gold Sarcophagus

the Jinzo machine OTK MIGHT also be more viable

Furthermore Jinzo is incredible as there is only 1 copy of Book of Moon.

Truly this is a swarm-speedish format *cough cough Mind Master*

#2 The Advent of Trap Stun??

Last format, everyone was maining 2 or 3 stuns because of a replacement for Heavy Storm

But what kept Stun from being extremely viable was Book of Moon, and has now been limited to just one precious copy.

Is that why Konami left Heavy Storm banned?

Because Trap Stun would be similar anyways.

Truly, the limiting of Book of Moon has called to have the most effect on the current format.

Now more decks have the chance to top (like Sabers Infernity)

I predict Sabers and Infernity to have a strong showing in the next YCS.

That is because Sabers have Saber Hole and Infernity still have their expensive Barriers.

The limitation of Book could also be to promote Excel Summoning which can be stopped by a Book of Moon.


#3 Effect Veiler

Now with Warning and Book gone, monster effects are left to be the most important aspect of the game.

A good Coelacanth will ensure OTK

Letting the effect of Bureido/ Burei run even once will make you get OTK-ed by the karakuri.

So, Effect Veiler remains the BEST replacement for Book of Moon out there.

Since both are timely -1s which are used to even out strong effects your opponent have, and pluses made through monster effects and synchro summoning.

Lets dig out our foil Effect Veilers!

Being able to interrupt an opponents play seems very valuable too so i urge people to try out Wizels =)

New list

Im fine with the new list.

So to keep it short and sweet:

1) Machine Karakuri ownage soon

2) Psychics ownage, as Mind Master the Substitoad is not banned.

3) My Debris Sabers are safe

4) End of Book of Moon Warning format. Now its just 3 copies only, which will become immediate staples to everyones decklists. My Hyunlei is very happy =)

5) Infernity ownage soon too. Michael Bonacini's new deck.

6) GB officially dead. Sort of.

7) Where is heavy storm? However im not as insistent on Heavy Storm now that Books and Warnings are curbed.

8) Banning Goyo Guardian was a very smart move. Makes Blizzard less effective

9) Gravekeepers are less powerful with 2 less Books and 1 less warning and 1 less Tribute. However they will still be played.

10) Time to have fun with triple Chaos Sorceror =) One of the better lists ever.


New replacement for Mass Driver: Cannon Soldier

Exceed Summoning looks beast. The black artwork is nice! Im liking the 2 cards, exceed energy and exceed effect. Generate good one for ones whenever you exceed summon.

Especially exceed effect. It destroys one card on the field. Gemini Spark anyone?
Aspiring King Hope no.39 is a one turn or two turn Necro Guardna.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Banlist (Real/ Fake?) plus Exceed Monsters

Now that info on Exceed Summoning has been fully released, its time to blog about it!

First of all, the cards will be BLACK! omgwtfbbq <3 <3

Then the levels (ranks) will be on the left side of the card. so its something like Dark Synchro (negative summoning etc)

However the better things about Exceed monsters are that the cards do not require a tuner. However they require monsters of similar level to be on the field.

Eg of decks that can do this well:

Plants (level 1 tokens everywhere) (there is bound to be rank 1 or 2 exceed monsters soon just like our beloved formula synchron)

X Sabers- level 3 - Darksoul, emmersblade..

Six Samurai- Kizans (level 4) , Shinai+ Mizuho (level 3)

The best thing about Exceed monsters is that they reside in the extra deck! Oh joy!


ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン Dark Armed Dragon
メンタルマスター Mind Master
死者蘇生 Monster Reborn
大寒波 Cold Wave

裁きの龍 Judgment Dragon
大天使クリスティア Archlord Krystia
ダンディライオン Dandylion
同族感染ウィルス Tribe Infecting Virus
ブラック・ローズ・ドラゴン Blackrose Dragon
王家の生け贄 Royal Tribute
六武の門 Gateway of the Six

剣闘獣ベストロウリィ Gladiator Beast Bestiari
BF−月影のカルート Blackwing - Kalut the Moonshadow
ライトロード・サモナー ルミナス Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
強欲で謙虚な壺 Pot of Duality
ワン・フォー・ワン One for One
神の警告 Solemn Warning
ゴッドバードアタック Icarus Attack

終焉の王デミス Demise, King of Armageddon
スナイプストーカー Snipe Hunter
サイクロン Mystical Space Typhoon (?)
魔法石の採掘 Magical Stone Excavation
スキルドレイン Skill Drain
魔法の筒 Magic Cylinder

Currently, this is the latest list on Yuginewz.

Now usually i do not like speculating on lists, but imo, this is a list that reeks of Konami.

I mean it seems very reasonable and if you have been playing Yugioh long enough, there are lists that gives you the impression that the list was made by a biased player at like a first glance.

This lists seems very very reasonably Konami

Some of the good notable stuff to be taken note of:

Banning of Cold Wave (finally)
Banning of Dark Armed Dragon (card that wins games too often)

Limiting of Judgment Dragon
Limiting of Kristia - as Angel is now too strong with 3 Damudo light version which is searchable when field card is on the field.

The RIGHTFUL limiting of Gateway although i think it is not enough to stop Samurai

Limting of Black Rose- Sad for my Debris Sabers, however this is a move that had to be done. Nuff said.

Limiting of Royal Tribute- Crush card Virus x 3 is now reduced to one.

Semi limiting of Bestiari- Guess what deck im gonna make now? It seems GB has slowed down way too much. So Konami is bumping it back into the competitive scene.

Semi limting of kalut and Icarus Attack- This banlist is being quite harsh to BF as Konami has made kalut Honest status, and limited Icarus while banned DAD without destroying the theme itself.

Pot of Duality + Solemn Warning- Neutered down Gravekeepers and Hero Beat. Warning at 3 was too crazy. At BTH status, i think this is a very good move.

Now for the bad points of this banlist:

Where is Heavy Storm? Instead Konami has released MST to 3??!! Now there is only Giant Trunade left. I think this is where Konami really messed up this list. I know im gonna get annoyed about MST being spammed at me every end phase =.= Now the question is: Is it worth running 3 of?

What is Tribe Infecting Virus doin back???? Me and Michael Bonacini discussed about Konami playing Russian Roulette with the banned cards and releasing one of them.

Gosh i didnt think Konami would release Tribe. This card will make Stun and Hero Beat decks strong as Virus destroys cards of the same Type, which is just what every theme deck fears. (Angel, Wing Beast, etc) It becomes a Water attribute for Absolute Zero.

So, this was just a short post about this mock banlist which has circulated through Yuginewz.

The only reason im doing this is because the list reeks Konami. Like fuck yeah.

Please do NOT assume this is the real banlist. You have been warned.

Yes im sure there are still ppl who are gonna argue with me and talk crap and even ask how i know the banlist is real or anything. Any questions regarding banlist authencity or arguing on how stupid this banlist is and how stupid i am to believe this list will automatically be either erased or ignored.

No, im not gonna dig out my Tribe Infecting Viruses. YET.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Worm Nebula Meteor

Most ppl have reviewed it already.

Pretty awesome. Its an automatic Pot of Greed if you run the Xex Yagan engine. and it helps you put them face down for either Yagan or Xex to have the effects (cant remember which one)

Then if your running a Worm deck, you can Emmergency Teleport a beatstick from your deck.

WOW. Did you read the Pot of Greed effect??


Decklist.: Sept 2010 format: X Sabers

So, as a tradition, before every banlist, i will reveal the decklist i have been using and perfected for the whole format.

As most of you know, im running X Sabers and am the ONLY X Saber player in Malaysia who runs Dark Souls and Boggarts (basically the TCG exclusives). Aside from Loo of course, who uses the printed out versions.

So, here's the decklist.

Deck Count : 41

Monsters : 20

2 Dark Soul
3 Emmersblade
2 Pashuul
1 Ragigura
2 Boggart Knight
3 Fullhelm Knight
2 Faultroll
1 Sangan
1 Gorz
1 Giant Rat
2 Debris Dragon

Spells : 10

1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
2 Book of Moon
2 Pot of Duality
1 Giant Trunade
1 Cold Wave

Traps : 11

2 Gottoms Emergency Call
2 Trap Stun
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgment

Some rambling and foreword

The 2 most interesting decks in the format has of course been Six Samurai and Debris Dandy which both have explosive capabilities to gain significance advantage over the other.

While Debris Dandy can gain advantage, they cannot do it without at least a few turns of setup while slowly netting abit of advantage here and there. The best thing about Debris Dandy is the card : Debris Dragon, which creates a Heavy Storm effect, where you are forced not to commit too many cards to the field if you do not have Book or Warning saved up for Debris Dragon.

Samurai on the hand is the total opposite, where it gains advantage at a very high frequency and quick period before locking you with Warning + Shien.

My general playstyle combines the 2 decks playstyle together , well sorta.

You may say that Sabers are nothing like Six Samurai because they do not possess Gateways or Kizan. But i would beg to differ. Because in my opinion, Sabers are the closest thing to Samurai in the current game.


Boggart= Kageki
Faultroll= Weakened mash up version of Gateway + Kizan
Gottom Emergency Call= Double Edge Sword Technique.

Also, the similarity between Sabers and Samurai is how they can gain advantage and drop 8000 points of damage in a single turn.

Samurai: All you need is Kageki, Kizan, Kagemusha, Gateway etc.

Sabers: Darksoul (in grave), Boggart, Faultroll . (the combo must be backed up by stun/ cold wave/ trunade etc)

Choice of Playstyle and Strategy

The general idea of this deck is to do two things:

1) Swarm with sabers
2) Destroy field with Debris.

The deck should be able to swarm with Sabers quickly with the combo because of high consistency rate.

If the deck is unable to produce a good hand, you can just stall with Dark Souls and Emmersblade to get to combos.

The reason i ran 2 Debris Dragon is to incorporate Debris Dandy's explosiveness. And, nobody is ready for TWO Debris-es. Also, this gives me several chances to carry out mass destruction, to reset the field while gaining advantage over opponents.

Because the thing is, if you do not have the combo pieces (boggart, faultroll, darksoul, fullhelm/ pashul), you can summon Debris Dragon to disrupt your opponents tempo.

But the beauty of Debris Dragon doesnt just stop there. The best part is that, after blowing up the field, Debris Dragon netts you any X Saber monster from your deck via Dark Souls search effect, making it one of the most dangerous plays i have ever seen this format.

And that is why i run 2 Debris. For one card, i get a search from my deck and a free Black Rose Dragon. If the banlist is not too harsh to Debris/ Black Rose, i highly recommend Saber duelists to run each.

The good thing about running 2 Debris + 1 sangan + deckthinning + 2 pot of duality is that i will see Debris Dragon in at least 3/5 games. This gives me the chance to play conservatively and stall with Dark Soulls and Cockroach, then i sweep the field with a Debris, and conduct an OTK the following turn.

And thats what differs my saber build and playstyle from others.

Its been doing pretty well too.

Card Choices + Opinions.

Now to explain some card choices:

2 Faultroll- ONLY? simple. 3 is too greedy and can hand clog alot, I honestly only need 1 Faultroll to gain plus ones and to change the game around. The decks consistency rate is very high so i can see 2 very often, and if not, i have Gottoms Emergency Call.

2 Dark Soul - ONLY? Oh. My bad here. I only have access to 2 Dark souls because i was not in a financial position to purchase a 3rd , few months ago. Anyways, 2 Dark Soul is doing very very well anyways.

2 Debris Dragon- nuff said.

Gorz- Trusty monster. Favourite in the game. Partner I've carried with me in all my duels (quote from Yugi). Won too many games because of Gorz.

One of my favourite plays is to open the game without playing a card to telegraph Gorz (even though I have it) (and also because Im infamous about my Gorz plays).

Then next turn i set 1 card (emmerblade/ Dark soul) and make it seem that i did that just to avoid discarding a card from my hand to the grave (6 hand card limit rule)

Then my opponent destroys my card, and after all the overcommitment he has done to my field, i drop Debris Dragon in my next turn.. Simply lovely.

2 Pot of Duality- I have played every single deck with 2 Duality (every since it was released). The consistency provided is just too good. And activatin it on turn one and set Darksoul/ emmersblade is just too good too.

Many may say, in a special summon heavy deck, Duality should be avoided. But, my version of Sabers is not too special summon heavy and usually explodes in one or two turns only. You will see this deck simplifying the game and stalling in the early game.

Also, I agree that Duality should be avoided for decks like Samurai because that deck TOTALLY focuses on special summoning for every move they play, but i also see Duality in decks like X Sabers.

In the recent coverage in a feature match for YCS Dallas, I saw X Saber veteran Roy St Clair lose out because he had no access to a Dark Soul or Emmersblade. For X Saber players, this situation is the most scary as it meant you almost would not have any big play.

I also saw one or two other feature matches whereby the Saber players suffered the same fate and lost because of that.

I also saw players running maxx C just to curb off special summoning. I saw a few duels where Maxx C was helpless when smurai swarmed the ppl to death. Now, im curious to why ppl would run maxx c, when they can just run some counter traps or cards that can stop the mass special summoning itself.

I was also curious why some Saber players ran Thunder King Rai-Oh in the main deck. Too much deck space i think. Good tech choice? No.

2 Book of Moon- ONLY? Well, thats because i do not have enough deck space, and i do not like drawing 2 books at once.

2 Bottomless Trap Hole- I have space for it and i much rather main it over Mirror Force. Guess what, i still have space for 2 books, 3 warnings!

So, i'd guess thats pretty much it. The rest is pretty standard but the difference would probably be the user's playstyle i guess.

Matchup VS other meta decks

I'd say this deck has a very good stand in the current meta, because its easy to side cards in and out without disrupting any consistency.

It handles BF pretty well because the deck can play control similar to BF, and everything, but fears Bora. Constant Bora poking is painful.

It handles Debris Dandy pretty well too because the deck is faster than Debris Dandy and can go control with all the Warnings etc too. Dark Soul attacking into Ryko is so good too.

It handles Six Samurai quite well already for a meta deck and i'd say it has a 50-50 matchup (in KL). However i have yet to test it out vs any Samurai variants since i upgraded the deck.

3 warnings, 2 Books, 2 Bottomless, 2 MST are a good lineup. I'd admit that.

If i go first, and sync Naturia Beast, the Samurai player would scoop almost immediately.

If the samurai player went first, and i did not have an answer to his backrow (i need Trunade Cold Wave etc), i'd lose. I'd still be able to sync stuff and control the field, but i'd not be able to answer to my opponent's Solemn Warnings and Books.

Okay im starving and that is the end to my wall of text. I hope you enjoyed reading it, or at least enjoyed the decklist and the general strategy part because its slightly different playstyle to how Sabers are played.

Thank you for readind =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Mastermind Behind the Six Samurai Phenomenom

Is not: Six Samurai Gateway.

Rather, its the damn Kizan!

Because seriously leave gateway at 3 and ban kizan altogther.

The most six sam can get of a field is 1 shien + 1 grand master. and 2 counters on gateway and maybe other stuff.

Because Kizan is the one which keep adding 2 counters at a time to gateway.

Well, im not thinking straight right now so I may not be sure what im blogging about.

Anyways stay tuned to Tuesday's post!

So for my banlist wishlist pls ban Kizan instead of limiting Gateway. =) Of course i know konami wont make this happen

Saturday, February 12, 2011


So they changed the name of Machine Emperor / Mechanized Emperor monsters to Meklords?????????


As most of you know, this is the first time i have ever complained this much about the change of name of an Yugioh card archetype.

Seriously. Meklords??

Mek mek mek mek mek mek mek.

Yes now you hate it too.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hermit of The Six Samurai

Level 3. Warrior. Earth.

Effect: When you control no monsters, and your opponent controls at least one monster, you can special summon this card from your hand.

Now i know that most of the six samurai cards have stories, and appear in previous sets and STOR (eg: chamberlain of six= LSS kageki) Does this mean that there are more stories to how shiens strategist, and hermit came along? :D

Kudos to Sean for pointing this card out to me. He pointed that this card aided in Trishula summoning for six samurai decks. IMO, six samurai decks should summon Mist Worm instead because Mist Worm is like Giant Trunade and it helps with the OTK. Sure advantage is important, but when you have a whole field of about 5 x 2000 attack monsters, you should really OTK instead...

The first splashable useful NON TUNER six samurai card.

Do you know why i am startin to like this card?

1) Searchable with Reinforcements.

2) Easy to summon.

3) Because it is splashable, we are encouraged to use LSS Shi En.

What to do: Special Summon Hermit, summon X Saber Pashuul (best non six samurai level 2 warrior tuner around)

Lets make LSS Shi En!

i may consider moding my deck to fit this card in together with Reinforcement of the Army.

Afterall, seriously, if you had an easy way to play LSS Shi En, the most annoying synchro monster ever, wont you?

Of course the spell/ trap negation effect is gold.

Im starting to like Shi En, at least.


Edit: Just heard the pricing of Malaysian LSS Shi En. Totally expensive. Even if i have money, i dont think i will get it unless i get a good deal for it. Totally bullshit.

So, brings me back to the topic.... AUGGGHHHH! Everyone can summon shi en now. And I hate Shi En !

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just one day ago, i thought that extrme victory was a waste of money.

Today, i think otherwise.

Because it fucking rocks my socks. (okay that sounded gay)

I just scrolled down and 4 cards caught my eye.

Gladial Beast Tigel.
1800 effect: When this card is special summoned by the effect of a GB monster, discard one GB card to add another GB card from your deck to your hand. This card cannot be used as a fusion material monster.

Pure search card for GB. Awesome. Search Gladial Beast War Chariot! Discard cards as fodder for Darius to revive. Its abit sad that Tigel cannot be used for a fusion material. Also, it doesnt have the pleasure of tagging itself back into the deck.

I guess Konami is really trying its hardest to make the cards look balanced. Incredible.

Somebody (LGQ i think) expressed his thoughts that random Frogs will be inserted into sets. Well, woops they did it again!

Enter: Change Toad

Effect: You may release one Aqua type monster to special summon one Frog monster from your graveyard. This effect can be used only once per turn.

I think this is a good card. Can see me abusing it with Ronintoadin and random Swap Frogs in my grave =) Michael says Yes!

Also, suddenly, Red Dragon Archfiend gets a raise in popularity.

Pot of the Crimson Hell Dragon.
Effect: Activate this card when you have a face up Red Dragon Archfiend on your side of the field. Draw 2 cards. Until your opponent's next end phase, you cannot normal summon or special summon any monsters.

First off, this card has no restrictions to how many Pots can be activated per turn.

yes i will tell you now. I will synchro Red Dragon Archfiend just to activate this card. Lovely. Am now thinking of ways to abuse it.

Also, meet :

Crimson Hell Secure
Effect: Activate when you control Red Dragon Archfiend face up on your side of the field. Destroy all your opponents spells and traps.

Harpies Feather Duster? Awesome.

I <3 Red Dragon Archfiend now. Even though some may say these cards are situational and are hard to play, i dont care!

As of now, Red Demon Dragon > Stardust Dragon in my books.

There is also more shit for Six Samurai.

Shien Dojo.

Effect: Each time a Six Sam monster is normal or special summoned, put 1 Bushido counter on this card. Send this card to the graveyard and special summon 1 Six Samurai monster or Shien effect monster with level equal to or less than the number of Bushido counter on this card.

Ci Pai! As if they needed anymore support. Although this card is really balanced. Nothing like United or Gateway of the Six.

Honestly if i was Six Sam player, and i played a Shriek Six Sam OCG version, i wouldnt play this card.

But : The Six School's Dual Wielding.

Effect: Activate when you control a face up Six Sam monster. Return 2 cards on your opponents field to its owner's hand.

Instant Comnpulsory Evacuation Device, good support card. Somehow like Six Strike Thunder Blast, but i doubt this card will be used in this format or any format to this. Or at least not with triple Warning and triple Book still around.

Also, Instant Shinto.

Effect: SElect one monster you control and send it to the grave.

Quite interesting. Im sure there are ways to abuse this.

Also, A Sudden Turn

Effect: When your opponent activates a card effect that targets a card(s) in the graveyard, destroy this card. When this card is destroyed by its own effect, your opponent adds his whole grave to his deck.

And..... Assaulting the Weak Point!

Counter Trap. Effect: Negate the activation of the effect of a monster which activates in the hand or graveyard. Then remove it from play.

Anti Honest Anti Kalut Anti Veiler. Interesting card. Anti Wisel too. But mostly, anti Gorz =(

So, Extrme Victory actually boosts some pretty nice cards. I love it honestly! This is exactly what Yugioh should be like!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Machina Karakuri Plant

2nd deck on this link.

And also, from dueling days blog.

With the machine rage, its time to maindeck Cyber Dragons (talking crap here), provided you can even survive the whole turn! The karakuri combo is actually a damn strong one which can nett you alot of advantages and people have just started to find consistent decklists for the archetype.

This deck has both control and speed elements in it. I have never played against it, or seen it function, so i wont say anything about its consistency.

Reminds me somehow of Samurai in their one-turn-explosiveness (Baha+ DS' post) .

All the more reason why Limiter Removal is unhealthy for the game, because, initially this was the only card that kept machines competitive (not talking about Cyber Stein period). Now Machine archetypes are well-supported on their own.

Speakin of machines, Machina decks are also a very good deck to maindeck Wisel Infinity. And certain anti-meta beat decks. Wisel Infinity is good to be used because anti meta decks usually dont run many monsters so they dont have to worry about Wisels attack restriction effect.

The anti-spell effect that Wisel provides is VERY useful in all matchups because its one of those cards that ruins the tempo of the game and destroys matchups.

High attack too, so no longer 1900 as the standard base beatstick attack.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Necro Defender

Effect: By removing this card in your graveyard, during your main phase, select one monster you control. Until your opponent's end phase, that card cannot be destroyed by battle and all battle damage you take involving that monster becomes 0.

The new Necro Gardna? The downside of this card is it must be removed during the main phase and it has to be done during your turn. Konami learnt their lesson.

However Necro Defender ensures you stay in the game and the monster you select will be able to make it through to the next turn to use its effect to gain more advantage.

Possibly maining one in Lightlord?

Quite balanced card overall. i'd give it a 6/10

Side against Gravekeeper

This format, no one plays starlight road.

Side Malevolent Catastrophe

Attack, and then destroy their back row.

Gravekeeper GG.

Because when all their backrow has been destroyed, you can earn some advantage back because mostly all they have on the field is one or two monsters.

Their whole hand will likely be commited to the field in the form of Book of Moons, Warnings, traps etc. Or it could be just a second copy of Necrovalley or Gravekeeper Stele in their hand.

What Malevolent Catastrophe does best is even out the loss of Royal Tribute.

So they end up having one or two monsters on the field and next turn you sycnhro and beat them down!! Yeah :D

Just like Royal Tribute, its like free meal man.

If they dont have many spells traps, and have a monster hand, you can expect to auto win. But if they have Royal Tribute, then you auto lose oh.

Cant believe i didn't think of this earlier.

Anyways i had a great CNY, got tipsy, bad headache, and won cash from gambling.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Xing Nian Quai Le to all the duelists out there!!

Just thinking abit la...

Splash Wisel in Debris Dandy.


Debris into Black Rose, then drop Wisel hit for 2500.

Next turn can negate spells, and handle a few synchros, or two, provided he doesn't die.

Debris Dandy can just go conservative after that, or just use him as a synchro material. Level 1 is favorite level for debris dandy players cos it helps them get that extra level to make trishula and make formula synchron.

Debris Dandy is, overall, a slow-paced control deck so why not use this, since it fits in the sort of slow paced control environment?

But im not too sure if the deck will survive through the banlist...

Some stuff do not deserve to be limited, but i think i can see Konami limiting them. Hopefully not.

That's all for today.

P.s: Tomorrow, gambling session start. Time to make some big bucks. Tomorrow gonna visit like 6 to 10 houses? I must TRY to avoid alcohol >.< hahaha