Monday, May 30, 2011

Revise Dragon and the Ignorance of the Malaysian Community

A while ago, I asked one player from my area which Exceeds he thought were good. He commented that he liked Revise Dragon best simply and he thought other Exceeds weren't good, and simply, almost bad.

I was shocked.

I asked him why he though Revise was good. he said it was because it got big @ 2500, and the attack raise was permanent.

Just yesterday, I saw a player selling Revise Dragons on Yugioh FB pages (yes our duelists utilises FB to conduct national trades within our country)

I was curious for the prices (he was from peninsular Malaysia, I'm from Borneo, which are 2 different islands although we are of the same country.

He told me that Revise Dragon was sold out, and some player apparently ordered his whole stock.

I was shocked.

So I asked him why he thought Revise was good, and why it was getting so much attention.

He said that Revise was rank 3, and supposedly had high attack, and can kamikaze with Shien.


I think this post will be sort of a rant.

If you were any sane-minded player, and you were playing competitively, you would probably be shocked that there were players who actually made this sort of remarks.

The answers showed no basis, and i was so shocked that I didnt even bother explaining to them why their statements were so stupid.

This just highlights the ignorance of certain Malaysian players in the game.

Im not speaking about ALL Malaysians in general, im speaking about some only.

What this situation highlights is how Malaysians do not even realise about the concept of card advantage.

Revise Dragon is in no way a card that can gain advantage, and if you really wanted a high attack monster @ 2500 attack, why dont you just fuckin tribute summon a Summoned Skull

This also shows that Malaysians care nothing about good card effects but only high attack monsters, making them look really like primates, because only little kids care about high attack monsters, and 2500 attack in a rank 3 monster is enough to satisfy them.

The last thing that is shown is how Malaysians cant even differ a good effect from a bad one. Revise Dragon's effect is so obviously bad, oops i go to all that trouble to summon Revise only to get Bottomless-ed, Mirror Forced, and 1000000x other traps.

To top it off Revise isnt even easy to summon, the only deck that can do it efficiently now is Sabers, and i dont even need to talk about using Emmersblade, Dark soul, and Fullhelm for an Exceed summon.

The statement about Revise being a decent solution to Shien is blasphemous, you are likely to get BTH-ed, warninged etc halfway while attacking.

Even if you do get Shien off the field successfully for some reason, theres no denying you lost card advantage to Shien already and as a boss monster, thats what shien is supposed to do. Generate +1s and +2s, while ruining tempo and momentum of your opponents plays.

Lets not forget your opponent will flip Double Edge Sword Technique next turn....


So what a sane good player would do, is take advantage of this situation, they would gather lots of Revises at cheap prices, and sell them for enormous profit (probably rm 20 to rm 30 per card), to all the idiots who want them

So, why am I playing the good Samaritan here, and not doing it?

I dont know, I've no time for big scale Yugioh at this point in life, because Im still living under a house with my parents, and I have no intention of forsaking my books, social life, and I simply do not have big enough modal to conduct Yugioh at a higher scale.

I am already earning a few hundred a month from simply investing, and selling, so Im pretty contented with that.

Recently, I just purchased RM600 worth of cards, which are considered cheap for the cards i got, due to good bargaiining, good relationships with sellers/ player, and have just sold off RM600 worth of cards which I have obtained at a much lesser price.

Although it is a good scheme to invest in Revises and sell them to idiots, i dont have the heart to do this, because you must remember, those players are also part of the entire Malaysian Duelist Community, and if they are bad players, the environment here will be bad, and it just makes us look shameful to other duelists around the world.

If the environment is bad, there is no way the community's intellectual force will expand, and the good will get better and better (that is why Sung Lee, Zack, Andrew, Sean etc keeps topping tourney after tourney) while the others either sink worse and worse, or never grow as players.


So, what can we do to thwart this?

From what I see, any player that is exposed to the online Yugioh community, such as blogs, TCGplayer, DGz, Pojo, and catching up on the official Yugioh site's coverage of Western events are free from this ignorance.

So, I'd like to urge the English-literate players in our Malaysian community to spread their knowledge to the other players on card strategies, and even simple concepts like card advantage.

Im talking about people who can actually read, write and speak proper English to players, and the bloggers have a big role in this, and not those who can read and speak half-assed broken English.

Those who have mastered a full command of the English and Mandarin language are even more useful assets because they can understand what we write online, and translate it properly to those players who can only grasp half the stuff we write here.

Currently, our country is quite behind in everything, economy,politics, social affairs, development, and ironically, its Yugioh too!

Our neighbours, the Singaporeans have no problem with this ignorance thing, because their players are of a different level compared to ours. Hence how Sam can come to every Malaysian official sanctioned event, and take top 3 everytime.

So, as dutiful citizens (??), it is our job to help. Next time you see a player making bad, unprofessional remarks, do remember this article, and try explaining to them why they were wrong.

Thank you for reading =)

And to practice what i preach, i'll try explaining to that player/seller about Revise.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Discussing tech for Light Beat

Now that Light Beat has excess to Escuriado, Super Fusion, the spell speed 4 awesome godly card is going in 2s or 3s in each players deck, making it the most expensive deck to date in the OCG in M'sia.

While Escuriado is good because you can now fuse your opponent's monsters, many forget that it means you are free to run dark monster cards yourself because of miracle fusions.

I think the best tech is Spirit Reaper. Its a staller, and its presence alone already makes your opponent waste a Warning or Torrential just to destroy it.

Its easy to get through with Reaper because of how good Light Beat is at simplifying the field. It -1 your opponent, which is what Light Beat does best.

At the same time, Doomcalibur knights become liable too in Light Beat builds that do not run Skill Drain. Knight backed up by Warning, MST, and other face downs make a very intimidating field. It gets even better with Warning, meaning you dont have to force it to tribute itself the moment any effect is activated. I think. It still can tribute itself to negate an effect with Skill Drain on the field (cost and its counted as not on the field) but im not too sure on it , and i'll like some reconfirmation.

Lets not forget that if Darks are splashable in Light Beat (now should be called Hero Beat), if BLS gets unbanned guess which deck it goes well in :P

Light Beat will become <3

Im also gonna be running the lone copy of BLS in dark world. In case you haven noticed, i can get a light monster in the graveyard through Tyrus. Just a combination of Goldd or Silva will pave the way for BLS.

So, should BLS be unbanned? think again :)

I got my playset of Disigmas already and they are lovely =D getting 2 more soon and plannin to sell 4 for profit, and keep 1 Disigma, 2 Roaches, 3 Tyruses, 1 Levial, and 1 Terrabyte, which are the Exceeds you SHOULD waste your cash on not cup ramen stuff like Leviath (revise) Dragon.

i read on Shriek that TCG is getting their Inverse Roaches. Grats Grats. Raioh now in extra deck. Tried it out in Sabers. Mmmm

I also cant believe the 2 TCG exclusives are good. Orient Dragon is a generic level 6, and is very balanced. Sorta like Caius. Its effect is handy.

Adreus Keeper of Armagaedon is imbal too. Seriously? Tiras no.2? More support for DW. I need to get 2 or 3 :D Its effect isnt as good as Tiras, but it is instantaneous meaning you dont need to conduct your battle phase to get its effect off

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Safe Zone

Michael Bonacini pointed out on this card a while ago.

I just realised how valuable it is to protect Inverse Roach, Disigma etc.

Lets not forget you can target your OPPONENT's monster if it gets MST-ed face down.

It can be recycled with Giant Trunade.

Target opponent's card, play Trunade, recycle, and remove opponent's monster from play.

In Sabers, you can use it to target your opponents monster and use Hyunlei to destroy Safe Zone and two other cards on my opponent's field.

This card has potential. There are still alot of other combos.

Meaning the monster cant be destroyed, save Trishula, and .. MST XD

Today is the finals for American Idol, and its Scotty and Lauren battling it out.

Im sorry, America, but i lost interest the moment James was kicked out early in the top 4 when he should have made top 2 or 3.

It was bad that Pia Toscano, and Stefano and Casey got kicked out early too.

As a person who appreciates originality in music, its really depressing.

I know most of America's older community root for Scotty and Lauren because they kinda resemble the ideal children they'd like to have.

But sorry, Scotty is just depressing. Country = no no for me.

Lauren is okay... I hope she wins. America, pls dont let a country singer win :x


And just thought about it, if BLS came back @1 , which many players are predicting, Bottomless Trap Hole will probably be back @3. We need it to kill BLS.

I would like to run him for his epicness, and the card art, and because i never got to run a BLS because i wasnt playing competitively when Goat Control was around. Although i was aware of the card...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Power of Gadgets

Apart from being an incredible game simplifier, Gadgets have the power to swarm the field with Exceeds in one turn.

Earlier on at one point. there was only no 39 Utopia so people were already hyping Gadgets.

Now. At least 3 more playable Exceeds that are ranked 4 have been released.

They are:

Gemknight Pearl- decent beatstick

Disigma- Awesome game simplifier too.

Roach- built in Oppression.

So, we all know Ultimate Offering is the catalyst for this combo.

Spamming 9 gadgets in one deck and 3 ultimate offerings. Now, there is a very very high chance (no im not gonna do the math too lazy) that you will open up with 1 or more gadgets and at least one Offering in your opening hand.

Even without Offering, there is always 3x Duality to improve the numbers for you.

And.. Everytime you summon a Gadget successfuly and search, you thin the deck thus giving you more chances to draw into Offering, or reveal Offering via Duality.

Even without that dreaded combo, the deck can still simplify and beatdown for a while.

So, lets see how many Exceeds we can summon in one turn!

Flip offering, summon 3 gadgets, and pay 1000 lp for offering. you have 6 gadgets left in your deck/ hand

exceed summon disigma.

drop 2 more gadgets, and exceed a roach.

you now have 4 more gadgets left to use, meaning you can exceed another disigma or roach depending on your mood, and playstyle.

So, you can actually end up with 3 roaches (6 gadgets there) and 1 disigma (3 gadgets)

pretty awesome huh.

The best thing is that the deck is going to be easily compatible with 3x Pot of Avarice.

If you are playing casually, you could even summon Pearl or no 39 Utopia, even though Im NOT a fan of utopia, and i have never been, and never will be, despite how everyone says how good it is. Unless some bullshit support comes out for it then, since it is the main character's main card...

And it is at 2500 attack, the base attack for all main character main monsters.

Not to mention, Baha pointed out that Utopia cant prevent opponent's dimension prison and mirror force

I have this freaking tendency to run Safe Zone, Dark Bribe, Seven Tools of the Bandit for some awesome good fun !

3 green gadget
3 yellow gadget
3 red gadget

3 pot of avarice
2 mst
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole

3 ultimate offering
2 seven tools of the bandit
2 dark bribe
2-3 safe zone
1 mirror force
3 dimension prison
1 torrential tribute
2 solemn warning

Extra deck
3 steelswarm roach
3 disigma
0 Utopia (sorry i just had to do this)

Monday, May 23, 2011

DW decklist

3 Grapha
3 Goldd
3 Sillva
3 Snow
3 Celri
3 Broww
1 Morphing Jar

1 Card Destruction
3 DW Lightning
3 DW Dealing
3 Gate of DW
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Allure of Darkness

2 Dark Deal
1 Seven Tools
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Forces of Darkness

Things to note:

1) How imperfect this deck is.

Allow me to elaborate:

a) No 3rd Dark Deal yet
b) Deck is at 42 cards. i prefer 41, or better yet 40, if its possible.
c) No Tyrus yet!

2) Thinking of teching Burial from D.D

3) I didn't like Dark Armed Dragon inside :/

4) No solemn judgment!

5) DW Lightning is getting unreliable because opponents keep chaining their cards or they are smart and don't set anything for me to use Lightning on >:D

so, i may have to replace one with Dragged Down into the Grave.

Another thing to note:

Debunk gets even better and better. In case you have no idea its effect, it is :

When a monster effect in the grave or hand is activated, negate it and remove that monster from play.

List of stuff you can negate:

1) Honest
2) Kalut
3) Veiler
4) DD Crow
5) Gorz
6) Trag
7) Battle Fader
8) Dandylion
9) Grapha and friends
10) Glow Up Bulb and friends

and the list goes on and on and on....

So, do comment, rate, fix , thank you :)

tmr: post and deck on exceeds

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Wanted to post like last 2 days but then my internet sucked and i couldnt get the sign in button at the top right hand corner to show up.

tested dw with a scrap duelist frm cali on duelnet.

he was a good player.

i lost 2 games in a row due to a certain card called debunk.

he was maining 3 !

it totally wrecks dark world.

the first game i lost because of debunk. i could have turned the game around because i had a level 4 snow in my hand a monster reborn to special summon a scrap beast from his grave.

however i didnt have an extra deck because i was just testing the deck's flexibility and i forgot about an extra deck T.T we were topdecking at that time so i was pretty sure if i summoned collosal, the game would have gone differently.

also, everytime i used DW lightning, he would chain the face down mst, chalice or lance, so i couldnt get the discard effect.

the 2nd game was extremely funny.

i was controlling then he set 3 cards face down in 2 turns, and they were all 3 copies of fiendish chain!

he stopped my grapha from attacking in 3 turns and used scrap dragon to destroy my grapha each turn.

it was very wtf for me :(

i was ahead in advantage but then 3 scrap dragon direct attacks = 2800 x 3 = game!

also cos he activated debunk some point in the early game, but i was able to play around that, but not the 3 fiendish chains!!

moral of story, debunk wrecks dark world.


played darkworld mirror matches with andrew one day. went 1-2. the thing about dw mirror matches is that they go really really fast, or really slow. the first 2 games took like 5 mins each? while the 3rd game took a whopping half an hour.

at one point of the game, there were 3 celris on the field and we couldnt differetiate which one was ours.

first game was really bad for me, i didnt draw well and he had dark deal to negate my lightnings and he dropped a sillva to claim advantage. woooo. then he summoned bronn which is amazing in dw mirror matches because dark deal negates ur lightnings, and u cant activate dark deal because your opponent will profit. lol.

2nd game was my mistake. i was sleepy, but i had dark deal face down and he activated lightning and i flipped deal. however i realised i forgot to set a lightning in my hand >.>

i had 4 cards in my hand and 3/4 chances of getting a dw monster discarded but noooooo fml he discarded my lightning, which was crucial to me because i couldnt get my dw monsters out next few turns and i lost alot of advantage there, so it went downhill from there :)

3rd game was us playing really conservatively.

also, im not worried about the samurai matchup agaianst dw.

this is because as hard as it seems to get rid of shi-en, quite the contrary really. lol.

this is because as long as you can get a grapha out, it can kill shi-en really easily.

you basically have to waste one spell card so that shi-en negates it then after that, you can drop grapha pretty easily.

its balanced out because shi-en was made from kageki + kagemusha (thats 2 cards there) so you dont really lose advantage.

dark deal negates trunade and rota and smoke signals so they rot without shien if you go first and acts like a solemn warning for spells. watch out. this is a very crucial card in the dw deck thats worth running 2 to 3 of.

apart from that, i won just abt every other match there with dw ^^

So, lessons learnt from duelnet.

1) debunk wrecks darkworld. side it.
2) DW mirror matches are stupid
3) sillva is amazing with dark deal
4) Bronn, mad king of dw is VERY good in Dw mirror matches.

thanks for reading, deck list will be out tmr.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Today on DN

Tested Dark World.

Incredible man.

Decklist will be out soon.

3 Dark Deal = death to samurai, thanks to andrew for pointing that out. i was maining only 2 at first

3 snow is broken. this is the card that will bring the deck to tier one. lol.

Adding any card is broken.

Sillva is broken too.

Since celris effect has been confirmed as you discarding the monster, i straight away main 3.

met my share of scrubs and trolls too.

fyi my username is mike9944

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snow, Magiician of Dark World

1700 attack

level 4.

If this card is discarded by a card effect from your hand to the graveyard, add 1 card with DW in its name to your hand from your deck. Additionally, if this card was discarded for your opponent's card effect, you can special summon one monster in your opponent's graveyard to your field.

This card just brought DW up a notch.

Dark Soul for Dark World.

Jizz in your pants, man

This is Dark World Gate cost fodder.

Celri Monk of Dark World is pretty shitty.

The new Strategy of Dark World is pretty strange... Just a buffed up version of Dark World Dealings.

Maybe worth running two of.

Looks like Konami has decided to reprint Tragoedia, and not Gorz T.T Tragoedia to replace Gorz in officially sanctioned tourneys? Maybe not.

I can almost see it.

1 morphing jar
3 broww
3 snow
3 gate
3 dw dealing
1 card destruction
2 strategy


I saw a friend playing one of the Sasuke Samurai monsters last week. Not sure which number. Its the one with the Cold Wave effect. Interesting.

Although triple Seven tools is working very well, i miss my cold wave =(


Call of the Haunted

Tested this out. Amazing. I think everyone is beginning to realize its potential and is beginning to bring it back to competitive tournament scenes.

Decks that main Giant Trunade MUST use this. LOL


Elemental Hero Escuraido means that E Heroes are gonna be the new meta because Super Poly is gonna wreck.

Super Poly at 3 and Gem Sparks at 3 means Heroes are gonna be the number one annoying deck. Gonna shut down ALL your plays.

Kills samurai like eating vege.

LSS shi-en no longer the number one card.


Disappointed with all the new cards in the Proton Shockwave box. Hopefully the cover card doesnt suck too like Revise Dragon, one of the most useless cover cards in so many sets.

Hopefully the Kachi Kochi DRagon rank 4 exceed (promo from Zexal manga vol 1 ) doesnt fail to disappoint.

Im addicted to Dueling Network too =) That program abit weird la. I run 1hamster, 3 emmersblade 3 daksoul and 3 dualities, and in 3/5 games i dont open up with a single. Ask Andrew. He LOL @ my hand.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New Direction Sabers

I'm not making this. Just a concept.

2 Super Nimble Mega Hamster
3 Darksoul
2 Boggart Knight
2 Faultroll
2 Pashul
3 Fullhelmknight
2 Emmersblade
2 Effect Veiler
1 Debris Dragon
1 Airbellum

1 Dark Hole
1 Mind Control
1 Monster Reborn
2 Pot of Duality
1 Book of Moon
1 Giant Trunade

3 Seven Tools of the Bandit
2 Solemn Warning
2 Gottoms E Call
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Dimension Prison
1 Solemn Judgment

Extra Deck:
2 Inverz Roach
1 Naturia Beast
1 Brionac
1 TG Hyper Librarian

Rest are generic. Aim is to provide a lock.

Which is incredibly easy to set up.

Boggart + Hamster = Roach.

Drop a Pashul on your face down Darksoul for Naturia Beast, and enjoy the game while you sit behind 3 Seven Tools of the Bandit, 2 MST, and Stardusts soon to come =)

Plus Effect Veiler.

If not, do the usual X Saber imbalness thing.
Thats all for today ! Tomorrow got alot of tests

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inverz Roach hype

I am here to hype Inverz Roach because its the best Exceed monster so far, almost as good as Stardust Dragon was when it was first released.

LOL because this cards price is gonna shoot.

What decks abuse this the most?

1) Gravekeepers. 1 set Spy = Roach, and makes Stele live.

2) Scrap! Scrap Beast + Chimera = roach!

3) Samurai.

Gee. What do I do when I have Kizan spam on the field and Gateway?

Easy. Spam Roach, recycle Kizan with Gateways.

Seriously strong. Imagine a built in Royal oppression , or a 2x effect Raiou which is generic and can be splashed everywhere.

Its not virtually impossible to run in Sabers either. XX Saber Bogart Knight is a great level 4, and the deck has one of the best floaters (Not Tengu) in the game, Hamster!

Take this:

Hamster on field. Darksoul set. Now summon Boggart, drop Fullhelm/ Pashuul, drop Faultroll.

You will end up with a field of 1 Inverz Roach + 1 Faultroll + 1 Hyunlei + 1 Fullhelm.


1 Roach + 1 Stardust + 1 Nat Beast = insane lockdown field <3

Or 1 Roach + 1 Librarian + 1 Stardust + 1 card drawn from librarian effect when you sync Stardust.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Card Trooper

Damn This card fine.

Pump up to 1900 attack, shoot down them Inver Roaches and Thunder King Raioh <3