Monday, January 25, 2010

Sin Stardust is not that useless!

Woah Dark Synchro (negative) isit??

Okay the new movie has come out and I'm not interested at all in watching 1 45 minute show. Besides, Kuching don't even show in cinemas.

Anyways, today I will look at Sin Stardust Dragon from the movie. Its effect isn't bad and it can actually be used in a Dimensional Eatos deck!
1) It won't be destroyed if you have Skill Drain up.
2) It is dark so people won't play the spell speed 4 card known as Super Fusion on you!
3) Beatstick with 2500 attack is equivalent to summoning Guardian Eatos.

In fact I would classify both cards as equal. Eatos dies if you have monster in the graveyard but that can be solved with Soul Release (or more popular now: Miracla Fusion). That puts a restriction on her but its one that can be lifted off quite easily.

Now we see Sin Stardust. He will only survive if Forbidden Chalice (for 1 turn) or Skill Drain or Divine Fowl King Alector is up (but who uses him anyways). Once you play Skill Drain, you can use Sin Stardust easily. Note that their defence is also equal!

Removing Stardust itself from the extra deck is quite easy and for Parallel Fusion users, its actually useful because you can get out Great Tornado extra fast.
Eatos herself is wind and can be used for Great Tornado easier. Sin Stardust just rots away. Thats the only thing that makes Eatos slightly better than Sin Stardust.

If you ever lack of Eatos because you don't want to buy the whole damn LE just to get one Eatos, give Sin Stardust a try! Its easier to obtain, its much cheaper and if you ever need to find a beatstick in DD Eatos because you think your monster count is too low, just find Sin Stardust. =
Sin Stardust is a poor man's Eatos.

IMO, Baha is trying to brainwash people here that Airman/ Stratos is not broken and should not be unrestricted! =D Nice try =P
This guy's blog sounds so much like Rauzes. Same age again! Japanese again! Could it be??!! Rauzes is back with a hidden identity!
I'm quite lazy to change the template even though D-Slayer gave awesome templates cause usy reading Fairy Tail manga

Monday, January 18, 2010

I like Core Chimail Sandman. It negates traps. Wow for D.D Eatos deck. Now its a 1900 beatstick and i can negate traps. If can get one that negates spells? I'm so gonna take out Raiou out of my D.D Eatos and run Sandman or one that can negate spells. Crazy ah. If got Skill drain, so don't need to reveal the cost.

Anyone notice that E-hero Neos Knight is the fusion of Chaos Soldier- Messenger of the Beginning and E-hero Neos? Maybe they will unban Chaos Soldier!! =D Dont get your hope too high lah its probably the crappy ritual one....

I will make and Earthbound God deck soon using Sin Stardust!!! Because Sin Stardust kinda prevents Heavy Storm. It will be ala-Guardian 4ngel adapting the Black Garden combo =D or should I do Crystal Beasts?

Gold Skill Drain is nice.

Claymore dud (from Clarence's blog) is a very good tech. Alot of you should look out for this card. Normal rare trap from ABPF, looks like the old jap version of Claymore mine (widespread ruin)

Its effect is: When you play this card, select 2 monsters in Attack Position on the field. When one of the monsters is destroyed, this card is destroyed also. When this card is destroyed, destroy the 2 targetted monsters.

Broken much? Choose 2 opponent. Destroy one of his monster and then this card destroys the other one. Not bad right....Free destruction. Good tech if people want to typhoon you and then you destroy two of his =D the best deck to play it in is of course GB.

I like the idea of Black Feather Hunter in the new box! Its abit situational but doesn't it remind you of Tribe Infecting Virus! 1 for the price of 3 (or more). Of course its a handy card that will be quite useful in the future so i advise people to keep a playset (or at least 2)

Baha's new E-hero deck looks fun! Neux, i will join the E-Hero team very very soon....

I think Black Feather Treasure is really good. Its like Allure of Darkness. Do you guys remember Tele-DAD?? Well imagine, 3 Black Whirlwind (if not touched by banlist but duhh of course it will be limited), 2 allure of darkness and 3 Black Feather Treasure. Thats a total of 8 cards that can thin the deck at a crazy pace. Plus some more cards like Breeze the Gentle Wind (which i totally compare to Emergency Teleport!) and you got a crazy fast deck that can control with Stardust and Collosal Fighter by turn 2, hands down! Tele DAD had 3 destiny draw, 3 reinforcements, 3 emergency teleport, and allureof darkness (12 deck thinning cards)

Now lets compare that to Black Feather

3 Destiny draw- black feather treasure
3 allure of darkness - we have 2 only.
3 reinforcements of the army- 3 black whirlwind
3 emergency teleport- tuners searched by whirlwind (1 gale, 2 breeze)

Just short of one speed card, we have a crazy powerful Black Feather deck, no kidding true story

So, here's Black Feather control new version, which is untested:

3 Sirocco the Dawn
3 Bora the Spear
1 Gale the Whirlwind
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Blizzard the Far North.
2 Breezethe Gentle Wind
3 Kalut the Moon Shadow
1 Dark Creator (With Breeze, its too easy to get 5 in the grave!)
2 Vayuu the Big Flag

3 Black Whirlwind
3 Black Feather Treasure
1 Monster Reincarnation (helps set up the grave and dump Vayuu to add Breeze to hand!
1 Card Destruction
1 Heavy Storm
2 Allure of Darkness
1 Cyclone
1 Brain Control
1 Mind Control

3 God Bird Attack
1 Cry of the living dead
1 torrential tribute
1 mirror force
1 royal oppression (tech!)(set up with collosal and stardust and throw royal oppression= pro!)
1 Starlight Road (its a staple that everybody wants to play!)

Miracle Fusion is the new Soul Release!

Might consider Parallel World Fusion in DDGB now that it can return Bestiari removed from play into the deck!!!! Or play Gladial Hero!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay I just went to dinner and got some lucky draw thing and guess who won grand prize of guitar + lessons for 2 yrs. Time to go musical XD

Black feather dragon sucks. If they want to sell this card, you know what they should do??? They should unban Dark Dive Bomber and then this card will actually gain popularity. But then its still stupid if you think of it. Tribute monster to burn and -700 attack. DDB attacks through it and kills it. Too bad. Now where were we? Oh yes it still sucks..

The main reason to get the box is Breeze the Gentle Wind. Its sexy. It opens so many combos in BF deck. You can use that "Against The Wind" or the one that require you to throw BF to grave to add it to hand. Cool. If you want to be ready for the next meta, go collect Infernity liaw....Don't expect an unNerfed Black feather treasure.

Next up, gratz to Claudio and Rodrigo for topping the recent SJ LA. It was a disappointment for me as the top 2 decks are Lightsworn. Sigh.

Gold Barbaros is confirmed! I think if its not a normal rare, i will have 10 =.= Now have 5 liaw. Cant wait for it though, after CNY i'll slow down on YuGiOh. Finally Drain decks are playable in tournament~ dark drain!

To sazabi: I dont think toothless GB is gonna work that well, its probably slow although more consistent. No variety and combo to the deck. But then if you're a serious control player, toothless GB is for you. If i were you, I would play the test tiger version =) Try Gladiator Heroes? Cool eh. Pojo got. If im not mistaken, neux got link somewhere,

This format is officially considered the most boring format of all! Asides from monarchs! LL and Bf is sien. D.D Eatos no comment. Therefore I shall predict that next format become better! In case you didn't notice, the format got boring when the cards become more kiddish and cuter.

I know banlist is still far but then its time to make predictions!
1) Infernity synchro
2) X Sabers synchro. Hyunlei is equivalent to Harpie's Feather Sweep. If no skill drain, dd eatos die liaw.
3) Dimension Eatos (No comment with Parallel World Fusion and that Dual Lancer guy)
4) Gladial Beasts
5) Black Feathers

I wonder why there is less Junk Collector decks. Maybe its not that fun. But i see quite fun le..
Neuxcharge is too funny. Stop that neux~Toot him.

Will update soon when new cards come out and can see the potential of the decks!! Can someone tell me the beauty of Sin Red Eyes? Its not awesome.

Nothing much to blog nowadays le...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Rant on SJC LA

First of all, let me say "good luck" to Claudio, Rodrigo and the European Elites who are going there. Surely you guys can kick some ass =)

What's the deal with Super Nimble Mega Hamster??? If you don't kniow what it is, go to the event coverage and see it. Its gonna be released soon in TCG ABPF. WTF is wrong with the name. Konami become super childish i think. SUPER MEGA???? and HAMSTER somemore???? So lame.

Got one guy called Michael SmithGrant I think. He running D.D eatos. Wah without Starlight Road sorry to say for him la no hope...=( He adapted my tech of Rai-Oh and DCK in it and doesn't run the Gemini Variant. I'm quite sure this variant will do better in the TCG =) He teched cards like Cyber Valley and Upstart Goblin. What????? Running Upstart is stupid in my opinion. Your deck should be balanced enough and we all know DD Eatos has limited space la. Somemore draw 1 card nia. Does he think the idea of 37 cards in a deck is so cool =.=

Cyber Valley is okay lah. He can remove it so its not affected by Skill Drain. Not bad actually. Quite good idea. can stall somemore and it goes outplayed. Free stuff with D.D Survivor. I'll keep that in mind =) I don't like that he runs 3 Fissures and 3 Macro. Dead hands much.

Enemy Controller is good stuff in TCG. If you're playing TCG you should run it. Got 2 effects to choose. You can block and OTK/ Monster attack or you can kill it later. Can also set and psyche your opponent while pretending to be something else. Chainable is good. It may become the new Book Of Moon.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Start of school =(

Today school starts. and I really got nothing to post about Yu-Gi-Oh, seriously lah, there is no new cards, no new decks, no ideas spawning, and nothing interesting. Last few sets before syncrhos, there is still interesting stuff to blog about.

Now that synchro come out, i feel so sien and no mood to look at the new cards as most don't interest me. They have bad art, bad names, and lose the old classic Yu-Gi-Oh touch as the original Yugi-Pharaoh-Kaiba-Jonouchi series. =( So unless you are posting on technicalities of the game (like Rauzes does in his cheating and prevention post), there is almost nothing to post about! I'm really quite excited to see the new SJ Los Angeles. I loved what did and I hope the official YuGiOh TCG blog can keep up the good work. Its really interesting to see what plays out in the TCG. Its often considered that its the faster side of YuGiOh compared to the OCG which is slower and more control-based.

Finally, I'm in form 4 (having my sweet 16 this year) and I'm in quite a boring class. But props is that I'm sitting next to the hottest and cutest girl in my year, starting TOMORROW. And if all goes well, maybe we two go change class to more interesting one =) I'm in a positive mood as girls= ace exams=inspiration to studyy

Poor Andrew got my opposite luck. Andrew, i feel sorry for you =P who ask you pick such a lousy college..

Since I start learning on AdMaths (this bull shit), Chem, Bio, Physics, etc this year, its not so easy as last year where I have nothing to study. So forgive me if I dont post much uh.

And if you aren't reading Neuxharge's blog and didn't stumble upon this link, then you better visit it. Its Heroes at Tier 1. Its amazing.