Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today, I'm gonna discuss 3 things, namely Pashuul in X Sabers, the new Tech Genus card and me selling my deck.

Pashuul is one of the best cards to ever hit X sabers, not just because of its Marshmallon / reaper- esque effect and its level 2 (enables us to go for Scrap and Stardust Dragon) , but because of the fact that it maintains field presence.

It is one of the best cards to combat Book of Moon imo.

Take a look this way:

You maintain field presence with Pashuul, but fear Book of Moon next turn when you wish to proceed to rape your opponent.

So you summon flip Trap Stun, boggart, special Airbellum / Fullhellm etc, and special your Faultroll, special Dark Soul from grave etc.

The dilemma your opponent has because of Pashuul is that you have 2 tuners on the field, so that your opponent wont be too sure which to Book of Moon for!

If he chooses the Fulhelm, then he can avoid a coming Heavy Storm in the form of Hyunlei, but won't be able to stop you summoning Naturia Beast or Scrap Dragon/ or any other level 8 synchro for the matter.

If he chooses to book Pashuul, he would be able to avoid the latter but loses out to Hyunlei. Like its not even funny.

Then if he books your Pashuul, you are happy because you successfully pulled off Heavy Storm and have 2 2000+ beatsticks on the field, and a search from Darksoul. Happy ending.

If he books your Fullhelm , no worries too because you can just summon some synchro, beat him down and set a Solemn Warning or a Book of your turn to handle him next turn. And next turn, you rape with your Hyunlei. Your oppponent will face difficulties stopping Book/ Warning and the big synchro monster. Happy ending too!


A short review on the new Tech Genus card.

You synchro Tech Genus Hyper Librarian.

Your opponent synchros next turn.

You draw a card.

He destroys your Libararian.

Remind me why i synchro summoned it in the first place again???

The only good thing I see it for is to call out Supreme Arcanite.

Junk Synchron into Synchro Fusionist and pull out this guy, search Miracle Synchro Fusion then spam Arcanite.

Not bad since its Supreme Arcanite for the cost of ONE card only.


Lastly, I wanna sell my X Saber deck. No, not whole deck, staples only lah!

Offer please.

List of cards included are:

2x Darksoul TCG both Ultra (1st ed, 1 unlimited)
3x Boggart Knight TCG all Super

The rest all OCG

2x Gottoms Ultra OCG
2x Hyunlei OCG Ultimate
1x HYunlei OCG Ultimate

Other random stuff like 3x Emmersblade 3x Gottoms E- Call 3 Faultroll, 3 Fullhelmknight, Airbellum bla bla bla.

Find me on FB and ask me price.

All i can say is that I have gotten bored playing the deck and its too theme specific.

For card advantage loving indiduals , you will love this deck.


LGQ said...

just book the non-tuner? won't that just do?

Anonymous said...

haha so many non tuners in the above situation la... Darksoul, boggart, faultroll, dilemma !

LGQ said...

well, if you have faultroll into the picture, then its a different story(didn't saw him a while ago).

he should get limited or something.

Anonymous said...

once darksoul in ocg, confirm one. No need say ahh...

LGQ said...

i'm affraid when darksoul reaches OCG, the deck won't be as good anymore.

Anonymous said...