Sunday, December 30, 2012

how to deal with verz

sigh must i really post this up.

this goes out to all the ppl who keep asking what do i do vs verz?

anyway its easily dealt with in your side deck.

lets go thru some popular choices and some unorthodox ones

1) snowman eater
obvious generic choice however problem is still forbidden dress. problem is u dont always draw dress ... so ^^

2) forbidden lance
damage step ? opp cant use verz lance, end of story nuff said.

3) holy light
yes ! the 1 card that was used in BF era now returns

4) spirit reaper
stall and draw out.

5) morphing jar 2
what??!! this shit now comes back? why mj2? cos snowman gets nerfed by dress and holylight dies by random stuff like someone siding and summoning max c and killing it.

6) verz azatoth
snowman like effect for ophion which avoids dress

and while we're on that topic:

it seems verz and constealla and tenki are currently reaching tier1/1.5 status.

so that means come march banlist, if konami takes care of WU, and nerfs mermail abit, does that mean yugioh will actually have a decent format? I mean constella and tenki and verz do not have crazy special summon one turn vomit everything combo.

i mean sure ophion or pleaides/omega is strong but its not invincible, since the whole constella deck dies to bottomless.

Konami already saw how problematic WU would be, but they introduced constella, verz and tenki , which have good matchups because they are so big and can just eat WU up if played properly

seeing harpie come into the meta, they are a balanced deck, with good drawbacks, and i have been testing with harpies lately, and they seem balanced (more on harpies some other post)

could yugioh finally have more balanced beat and grind formats ??!!

something for y'all to read

so are you still playing yugioh?

or scouting around blogs?

go read something better:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Malaysia Open 2012

1st: sam kee- verz
2nd: allen chiew- mermail 
(damn kids era coming, we're being superceded :D)
ng wai loong- windup
random - tenki firefist

Yup this pretty much sums up the entire malaysia open :

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why Verz Will Be a Top Contender This Weekend

I think everyone in malaysia is very aware of verz taking top shop singapore.

which leads to an increase in demand of verz and prices of verz in malaysia yugioh FB groups.

and to make it even worse, verz is taking japan by storm.

What makes verz so good in the malaysian meta?

just by playing verz, it totally knocks out hero beat and agents as viable decks, and totally slows down chaos dragons (unless they have ryko)

Verz also has a decent matchup vs windups as windups will have difficulty with ophion. Ophion into lance totally destroys windups options of using compulsory , prison, torrential etc.

This means the only way to kill it is to sit on a zenmaines or make maelstroke tiras, but that is not a guarantee as if your opponent has backrow like warning, torrential, etc, then you will fall back a turn and continue to take damage. And everyone knows windups worst nightmare is a stream of big monsters, which make it slightly hard for them to deal with.

That makes it a 50-50 matchup, as siding could go either way. If verz resolves a DDV, windup can scoop. But if windup resolves a Snowman, without Verz having forbidden dress, then verz dies.

Since windup is the best deck this tourney, i expect the meta to shift more towards singapore's, with decks being divided into mermail/windup, or decks that run DDV.

Although windup is underrepresented in numbers, 1 thing is that just a few good players wielding windup will immediately take it to the top tables. Everyone should be watching out for shahmir or jason because they are popular top windup players.

so some popular questions to be answered:

1) will masked hero make it big?
my verdict is there will be some masked hero decks but i dont expect anybody to be able to wield the deck perfectly.

2) will mask hero top?
errr. every heard of verz?

Anyhow, if 1 doesnt know how to play vs verz, so here is some advice to players out there. Ophion is not invincible. IMO, the deck is very very linear (it is not a 1 trick pony though) as it just makes rank 4s and has forbidden lances, protection, and can suddenly jump DAD for fun :D

however, ophion + lance is not invincible. If you rmbr perfect circle, u rmbr that LADD can be destroyed by 2 traps. EG: activate prison on LADD, ladd negates but u chain compuls. just a simple example.

The same applies for ophion. If you activate prison, then opp responds with lance you can respond with compuls to return it to the deck.

Other simple moves like snowman ryko etc.

So that ends todays post. I predict windup verz mermail or dw in the top 4, but i may be wrong. Windup will still be the best deck for the weekend.

On a side note, congratz to fellow blogger Lauren for making it into United Gosus. And i did not know fellow ex blogger Mystic Tomato was Lukas Prinz. GG

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Singapore Top Store Post

Here is the long awaited top shop post. 

Take note that there were 32 players. And It was a swiss 5 round cut to top 8 format. 

The meta was basicallly WU or any deck which can kill WU (any deck which runs DDV)

That is why Mermail wasnt a top pick because it cant use DDv consistently,Verz, Chaos Ninja and DW were solid choices to abuse DDV

Deck Breakdown of the tourney was :

6 Wind up
5 hero
3 mermail
3 chaos dragon
2 agent
2 dark world
2 infernity
2 offering gadget
2 rabbit
1 verz
1 fire fist
1 hieratic
1 inzektor
1 laval

PS: didnt know akira posted this up already my bad.

Top 8 consisted of: 
2 windup
2 mermail
2 hero
1 arrive hero
1 verz

Cassandra- hero beat
ryan stark- destiny heroes
samuel cheng- hero beat
johann loke- windup
welsey seek- windup
calvin- verz
yu bixuan -genex sea emperor mermail
ying jun- genex sea emperor mermail

Top 4 was : 
1 windup
1 hero
1 mermail
1 verz

Top 2 was Hero vs verz

This is top 8 Johann's list: 

PS: Dont ask me why heavy slump is there....

This is Wesleys deck:
No extra deck and sideboard as he wanted it to remain anonymous.

For calvin ang's list, pls refer to Road of the king blog.

The videos will take abit more time as everyone knows sarawak internet suxxx balls.

I lost game 1 though but i'll summarize everything here :(

Game 1: Wesley opened Factory and monster hand and just farm and win because Johan didnt have factory.
Wesley opened TGU into zenmaity , played factory, and sp Magician in def mode. The magicians and factory were a soft lock in windup mirror so he could farm advantage if johan did anything in response. quote from wesley: pseudo max c set up.

Game 2: Wesley set a few to his backrow but Johan showed storm magician shark.

Games 1 and 2 was a show of Yugioh as we know it.

Game 3: This was the best game of all. It was a show of how the windup mirror should be played. luckily i still have the video ;)  However it is split into 2 parts because my video stopped recording because i didnt have any memory left in my iphone. The video remained unfinished but it was pretty obvious because welsey won a turn later with shock master and beatdown. Kudos to both players for playing flawlessly.

Overall it was a fun and good event.

Stuff i noticed and learned:

The meaning of ching
Singapore playstyle is much more casual compared to Malaysia where we are very serious and do not smile. Sharking is done casually in singapore too, without much tension.
The players play very smoothly and quickly without thinking much (they made the correct plays still tho)

Kudos to :

wesley bixuan johan wee min william for chaperoning me whole day from my hotel to lunch to marymount.
other ppl ive met like vishal , putra, keith etc.

Baha for being a funny bastard whe he duels.

Quotes of the day:

Andrew is actually shorter than Wesley??!! (rumours were fake)
Wee min almost torrential tribute on baha.
When i asked Andrew why he had 3 copies of New Era original caps of different color (exp shit), he replied how many windup sharks do u use, 3 right. Mindblown

PS to wesley and co: i will get bigger when you see me in january.

My whole trip was pretty fun and my room now smells like Abercrombie and Fitch.

sorry i cant post a funny post like andrews HK day 1 because im not nearly as gay enough.

Thats all for today

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This post is dedicated to UG

Ramin Tezkol and Lukas Prinz have been dropped recently due to underperformance.

I understand there is a need to promote quality.

But here is 1 thing i'd like to ask.

Recently my friend Shahmir Rosidi has applied to UG but to have his application rejected.

There was no valid reason or explanation given.

He has been topping consistently, and when votes were cast, only 2 were in his favour.

Let me list out all his credentials:

Malaysia Top 16 for World Championship Qualifier 2010
Malaysia Top 16 for Asia Plus Qualifier 2010
Malaysia Top 8 for World Championship Qualifier 2011
Malaysia Top 8 for Top Shop Championship Qualifier 2011
Malaysia Ranking No.2 2012
Malaysia Top 8 for Asia Championship Qualifier 2012
Malaysia Top 16 for World Championship Qualifier 2012
Malaysia Asia Plus Champion 2012
Malaysia Top 16[11] for Top Shop Championship Qualifier 2012
Asia Plus 2nd Placing 2012
Now,could you post a valid reason?
Is it cos his Malay? 
cos we'd like to think that :D 
and shahmir ask, would you like to see him win Penang and Malaysia Open although he scrubbed top store malaysia
Furthermore, he finished 2nd in the Team event for Asia Plus, another solid credential, and as many know, Asia, Japan, and Europe are among the hardest and most competitive Yugioh communities around.

Singapore  Top store post coming soon !

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Top store Singapore 2012

Had the honor to watch the entire event yesterday.

Thanks to Wesley n co. for chaperoning me the whole day.

1 thing I notice about Singapore is that the people are much more casual in tourneys compared to Malaysia .

Singaporeans also tend to joke and talk cock more in tourney which creates a very calm

Congrats to Wesley bixie and Johan for topping. Videos of Wesley and Johan's awesome top 8 mirror will be uploaded

Congrats to Calvin Ang for winning the whole event with verz. #respect

My predictions was right as I called Wesley and bixie in top 4.

Johan's and Wesley s deck lists will be uploaded as soon as I get back :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Asia Plus Event Malaysia Decklists @ andrew's place

 Imba 2x Mermail playmat only 9 in the world !
 Awesome glass trophy

Now for decklists !

Andrew Ng hero beat

                                 PS: there is a missing paladios which andrew sold off.

Shahmir Rosidi aka Malaysia best Wind Up

My lovely DW set. Thanks sherwin

PS: dont have zacks deck. according to andrew, its still the same as the previous one posted.

Thats all for today !

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Decklist for Malaysia Asia Plus Winners

 This decklist was for the National Qualifiers.

Leader is zack teoh with mermails.

 Player B was shahmir with windups.



I didnt get andrews decklist because it looked very similar to the one i topped 4 with hero beat in top store. This is because we playtested alot together, and we made alot of similar choices, and he taught me some stuffs regarding the deck.

I was initially gonna post up something else but then this is way more important.

And FYI these were the sleeves the players got for participating. These sleeves are even rarer than any TCG or OCG sleeves and they look pretty sick. ENVIOUS. (source: irwin arogo)

Just FYI: Taiwan's lineup yesterday was Lightlords, windup and arrive hero, and Malaysias lineup was similar. (source: wesley seek)

Malaysia takes 2nd place in Asia plus !

Congrats to zack Shamir Andrew for doing do well ! They have put in immense effort so kudos to them !

Deck list will be out once they get back as I will pester them for it :D

Their winning team deck lists for the nationals event , not the regional event, will be out tmr .

Would you like to see he awesome mermail playmat and the awesome sleeves they got at the event ?

Tune in soon .

However . I feel high level gaming will post it up sooner than I will so be sure to check it out too

Also here are the results in order:

Taiwan Malaysia HK and Singapore

Congrats to all who participated although its sad we didn't have a Singapore Malaysia final. Orwell.

Malaysia Boleh!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hero Beat In and Out

Today's post will regard some rulings for cards in hero Beat which you MAY or may NOT know. But i can finally post it up since im quitting and it wont hurt to share :D

kudos to andrew for the info. Good luck to Team MYM and team JBW in HK.

However, here are some rulings which you can abuse to shark your opponent or to avoid yourself from being sharked:

a) Gemini Spark and Chaining.

First of all, you must know Gem Spark only lets you draw a card when your opponent's card is successfully destroyed. If the card is tributed or if it is returned to hand/deck/banished , your opponent doesnt draw.

Let us consider the scenarios:

1) Gem Spark opponent's monster but opponent responds with compuls. You dont draw.

2) your opponent gem sparks your alias. You may respond by tributing your alias with your own spark to opponent's card. That way, your opponent will not draw. and they lose 3 cards, while you lose 2, but draw 1. That is a +2 for you. This is a good reminder for hero beat mirror matches. At the same time, in mirror matches, it is safer for you to conserve your sparks to avoid the minuses in this scenario :D It is also safer to chain to your opponent's spell/trap as its almost confirmed you get to draw.

3) You spark opponents facedown s/t but he chains it. IN this case, you DO draw, do not be conned if people tell you that the card was not destroyed. This is because, according to rulings, all cards remain on the field until the entire chain resolve. That means cards arent sent to the graveyard separately but rather as a whole. So, in all cases, you do draw :D This means that the card will still be destroyed. Kudos to Predadent for pointing this out last time.

Next up, is the card: Stratos.

Stratos alone provides SO many ways for you to shark your opponent , which will be discussed later in the post :D

However, there are several things you must know. Stratos has 2 effects. So, lets say you are in malaysia where ppl are careless, when opponent declares stratos effect, you should ask him, which eff? #1 or #2?

Hence opponent may get carelessed or stunned and you may meet a player who thinks that the search effect is the 1st. However thats where your WRONG! The search is #2, and the destroying 1 is #1. If opponent declares first effect, then congratz you just avoided a +1 and your opponent will look dumb  assuming he doesnt have another ehero in his field.

stratos + super polymerization.

Here is a nice trick for you all to know.

Lets say you summon Stratos and declare effect 1 to destroy, when stratos is on the field. opponent will look stunned because there is no other card. ask your opponent for response then after he has done so, you chain super poly, on stratos and opponent's card.

The chain will resolve like this: Super poly resolves and summons monster --> stratos effect resolves in the graveyard. This means when stratos effect resolves you have 1 fusion monster on the field already so you can destroy 1 s/t

This is a nice trick to use when opponent has Skill Drain on the field so you can destroy it :D

Just be careful so that your fusion doesnt get BTH or it will go downhill from there ! If this combo is activated in late game, you will probably win the duel.

Kudos to LGQ for showing this to me during one of our playtesting sessions.


I used this combo to destroy an exodia player on DN. Miracled for something, summon stratos and boom destroyed 2 cards. followed up by shock master next turn and he couldnt do anything :) this is a nice trick to know vs countdown too.

Now for the last and the most important section:


Now this is a very important phrase so you must remember it. This is important because stratos 1st effect activates upon resolution.

huh what does this mean?

simple. Lets say you summon airman. your opponent will have a chance to respond to the summon. Once it goes through, airman effect activates. and it activates upon resolution.

This means that if you summon airman and declares effect targetting your opponents face down card, and he chains it, you are allowed to destroy another face down card because it activates upon resolution. say, your opponent tries to chain it, you can say NO airman activates upon resolution therefore it must be destroyed (if you really want that card gone).

OR you could play dumb and you could say ok i let it pass, you activated it and wasted it, and you destroy another card upon resolution because you CAN CHOOSE because IT DOESNT TARGET .

Here is a link to prove what i said:

The same goes with hero blast. It activates upon resolution.

Lets say you activate hero blast and your opponent tries to return one of his cards to its effect, you can choose to destroy something else. This is because it activates upon resolution. Of course you can play dumb, let him return, then shark him, and destroy something else because hero blast does NOT TARGET.

Now, do you know how imba hero beat is ? YES. But no where as imba as windup.

Until Mermail and windup gets nerfed, i would NOT advise anyone to play hero beat.

New post tmr folks. Wanna get some stuff off my mind before i quit for good :D

Singapore !

I will be heading down to Singapore on the 8 th to 12 th with a bunch of friends . However I will spend 1 day on yugioh !

That day will be 9th Sunday When you all have top store .

So I will be there will team koi And Wesley them all as they agreed to chaperone me for the day .

I will not be doing coverage as its dueling days turf but I might get some pics , or videos with the winner or someone who tops whom I'm close to .

So cya all there !