Thursday, February 25, 2010

Part 1:
Tech: Royal Impregnable Fortress.

I just finished my assessment and omfgwtfbbq was it hard, with Chem being the worst, I think Im gonna fail, and Bio and Physics, just being borderline or a narrow pass. Still Add Maths was easy like hell and my predictions are

Chem- Fail. Who knows, if Im unlucky- single digit mark, BUT my school standard is extremely high and hard and my teacher writes her own array of questions and brands them. Anyways she's still hot and young.

Physics- Narrow pass. 2nd hardest, IMO.

Bio- Errr Okay, probably B or abit lower like high C.

Add Maths (combined with Singapore syllabus enrichment. Some of you may still have your Shinglee, big, thick and extremely expensive book)- Marks ranging from 80-->100

I'm pooped. So, back to YuGiOh.

The topic today is : Royal Iron Wall (Royal Impregnable Fortress)

Go find your own picture, I'm lazy. And its the trap from the Undead Structure. It stops cards from being removed from play.

So, whats its concern here today?

As you know, Infernities are extremely versatile and one DD crow or Crack from the Other Dimension will kill them. This is a great side deck option.

You may be still vulnerable to stuff like Compulsory Evacuation Device but then, no deck is perfect, right? Builds might run some Threatening Roars or stall cards. Trap Stun can also shut down Crack from the Other Dimension. An example of a good build would be this one. It contains speed, synergy, and while most Infernities run out of steam, this one has more options in late game.

I shall add Gadgets into the group of Tier 1 meta decks. Smashing Ground format is too pro. True story.

Part 2: Deck: Evil Eatos
Thinking of a fun deck that can beatdown and have control at the same time? Sezuar suggests Death Caliber Knight + Sandman + Guardian + Evil Calling.

And for now, the decklist:

Evil Eatos (41)

Monsters- 14
3 Guardian Eatos
3 Death Caliber Knight
3 Core Chimail Sandman
3 Core Chimail Guardian
2 D.D Survivor

3 Dimension Fissure
3 Smashing Ground
2 Book of Moon
2 Evil Calling
1 Mystical Typhoon
1 My Body As A Shield! (Most epic card name ever)

Traps- 14
2 Claymore Dud
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
3 Dark Bribe
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Trap Hole
1 Starlight Road
1 Macro Cosmos
3 Dimension Prison

Extra Deck
1 Stardust Dragon
2 Evil Hero Dark Gaia.

Best tech Card:

As we can see, the number of monster removal cards are EXTREMELY HIGH in here (19 cards in total NOT including Book of Moon). Trust me, nothing beats monster removal. Its so damn annoying to match up against your opponent who just destroys every single of your cards. Simplification is just too powerful. Somemore, this format is calling all of us to play Beatdown and Control decks.

I ran only one Starlight Road because Core Sandman can negate certain traps that destroy your spells and traps. This means BYE to Dust Tornado, and Royal Decree. The only thing that will work is Twister. Whee. That lets you use Dark Bribe however you wish without fearing Dust Tornado. Some people still side Dust instead of Twister because of its wider range of target, ability to set a spell/trap/ and dont need to pay 500 lp. Too bad, they're not gonna be successful with the Sandman.

We use the Core Chimails and the Death Calibur Knight to control, negate, simplify, beatdown and most importantly: make your opponent EMO. Surely you know, unstable emotions greatly affect gameplay. This is a pretty harsh deck to bring to the tourney scene.

While the original (Good)Eatos deck runs Gemini Spark, this deck has a hell lot more amount of control and that makes it better in a way. In the old deck, they had options to Miracle Fusion to clear the grave for Great Tornado, The Shining, but this deck has options like Dark Calling for Evil Hero Dark Gaia to own for pawnage. Evil Calling is pure advantage as its like Miracle Fusion and you can remove the monsters in the grave so you can special summon Eatos. Everybody wins. Happy.

Also, this deck runs Claymore Dud which I personally like very much. Its a "destroy any one monster on the field" as you can just target Survivor, Sandman, or DCK or Guardian. After negating a trap form Sandman, Claymore Dud destroys one face up monster on your opponent's field. Pain ah. Seriously man.

The thing that makes Evil Eatos inferior to the original Eatos is Skill Drain and Barbaros. We don't run Drain because Evil Gaia wont be so cool with 0 attack anymore. Then we dont have a big 3000 cheater to play. Anyway, we dont need 3000 beaters as the field will be clear almost all the time anyway.

Okay thats all for today. Happy netdecking and thanks for reading as usual.

6 more days: Enter the Smashing Ground format!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


When I was just a young boy, I followed the YuGiOh graphic novel released by Shonen Jump. In the Death T game set up by Kaiba-san to challenge Yuugi, Yugi was put into a very tight spot where Kaiba (obviously cheated) and managed to draw out 3 copies of the legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon to beat him to death. As the last sword of the Swords Of Revealing Light started to fade, Yuugi put his trust into his next card and picked up the legendary Exodia head where he combined it with his in hand forbidden pieces to cause a humiliating defeat towards Kaiba.

Since the bane of Kaiba, due to Exodia, you could say I have been quite fascinated by Exodia for a very long time. Until I gained knowledge on the competitive side of YuGiOh and the meta, you would see a very happy child playing with the 5 pieces of Exodia (yes I know it was expensive but I bought the set that looked like a briefcase- OCG of course)

Ahhh....Those were the good old days.

I picked up playing Exodia again during the EMOBC Cyber Vary format where you could perform infinite draw in your deck in turn 1 due to the combo of Magician of Black Chaos+ Spell Economics+ Dimension Fusion+ Cyber Vary. Exodia was once again playable and it was super awesome when I killed people with that (i think it was 2 or 3 years ago). It was not fun too when you play against Cosmos deck and they set one Macro Cosmos and killed you.

Wouldn't it be fun to summon these 5 cards again?

Today we look at a competitive deck that involves Exodia (which is quite dependent of luck too) People with bad luck (you know who you are! >=D ) should avoid playing decks like this.

The concept was not developed by myself, but was found in a friend's blog, while browsing around the World Wide Web yesterday and I decided to share it with you guys hoping that it might interest you too.

The deck is a second turn kill deck (STK) and is very potent and cool as it relies on Veils of Darkness and Heart of the Underdog to draw Exodia infinitely.

So for the decklist, (which i editted to my liking as the original decklist did not run Battle Fader, Vary, or Allure. Also I tweaked the dark monster lineup to suit my taste of monsters) =D

Monsters- 30
1 Exodia the Forbidden One
1 Right Hand of the Forbidden One
1 Left Hand of the Forbidden One
1 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1 Left Leg of the Forbidden One
3 Battle Fader
1 Cyber Vary
3 Summon Demon
3 D Napoleon (Meda Bat)
3 Archfiend Soldier
3 Swords Stalker
3 La Jinn the Genie of the Lamp
3 Curse of Dragon
3 Dark Magician

Spells- 10
3 Hand Destruction
3 Veils of Darkness
3 Heart of the Underdog
1 Allure of Darkness

As you can see, you just dump and dump your hand and discard for Veils of Darkness and draw a new card. You can activate Hand Destruction in your draw phase as its a quick spell and still draw.

Do note that you cant activate both Heart of the Underdog and Veils at the same time as the effects clash. So choose the right one.

Now for tech choices:

Batlle Fader- He's dark and it works with Allure, Veils and so on. If you cant survive your opponent's OTK just throw out a Battle Fader.

Cyber Vary - IN RARE CASES you may discard a Exodia piece out of desperation. He's here to retrieve it back. He can be used to stall too.

Thats about it, happy netdecking, happy dueling, and I wont be updating the entire week due to EXTREMELY BUSY schedule

Monday and Tuesday- Studying for assessment
Wednesday and Thursday- Assesment test
Friday- Moral Project
Saturday- Interschool Debate

Good day to you guys.

Saturday, February 20, 2010



What's the hype with Elecimals? I've seen Sazabi and one or two other blogs such as Neux talk about this. In my opinion, they're useless. Direct attacking is lame. Besides, they look like Pikachu-wannabes that obviously fail, lol.

Is it cause you guys really wanna use that super rare version of Elecgiraffe?

Unless provided more GOOD RELIABLE support, they're almost a fail decktype.

No offence to Sazabi, Neux or the other blog owners.


Edited the previous Hero deck by taking out Barbaros x2 for Sangan x1 and Gorx x1. Works much better.

Was browsing the net for random Gorz pictures, and guess what I found?

If this isn't the best mat ever, what is ?

Jason Grebher Meyer is probably one of the best YuGiOh article authors ever to live and his articles all incorporate psychology (apart from the deck building ones of course) and he has written another awesome article.

Head over here (1) and here (2) to read them.

Now that you've read them, what type of players are you?

Those who immediately classify themselves as Group 3 = FAIL.


On a side note, I'm really bored with Blogger templates. I've found one custom template that's really nice. I was just wondering if anyone who is very good at programming with those computer language and all those squiggly symbols would be kind enough to help me. Just pop up in the tagbox if you could help.

D-Slayer, I need thy help!!!!!!

Also, i've just updated my blog links to add some new blogs. Check to see if your blog is there, and if its not, and you want it to be, just link it in the tagbox.

Lastly, i urge all American readers to support Andrew Garcia on American Idol! C'mon he well deserves it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hero Love

With everyone buying their Shining Darkness boxes, which is useless for me, I'm hunting copies of Miracle Fusion! If anyone in MALAYSIA got any and wish to trade/sell, please contact me. Anywhere from tagbox to email/msn which i never use T.T or my cell phone number.

With the rise of the new banlist D.D Eatos has lost a Skill Drain which made me think twice about running it this format. While mine does not incorporate the usual Hero engine, I suddenly felt a strong love for Elemental Heroes. Yes.
Why Heroes?
Heroes are at the top of the consistency scale and have good efficeint beatsticks, good bombastic explosive plays, and good searchers/ recyclers. Also, Heroes have a good form of monster removal in the form of Gemini Spark and Hero blast.

From builds such as Bahamut hero Beat to Chain Material Gate OTK heroes, I've decided to try different variants of Heroes and playtested them about 50 times per deck today. While Baha's deck is by far the most consistent, I found Chain Material Gate OTK to make really explosive plays (if not stopped by Mystical Space Typhoon!). While both decks had their pros and cons, I decided to mish mash the 2 decks together to form a new one which I took a great liking to, and because it had consistency, explosive plays all in one.

Once again, why Heroes?

The retrieval effect of the Shining is too powerful to cast aside, and the sheer destructive power of the Absolute Zero makes Heroes a deck worth playing. Not to forget weird random comboes that can suddenly happen in the deck due to synergy while you're playing them.

While Blackwings are at the top of the meta, in my opinion, they did not change much as the usual strategy is still the same except Black Feather Treasure replaces the lost whirlwind and allure. Next, they got a new Breeze which is good, but its duty is just like usual, and doesn;t do much special things: which is to synchro. Sure it introduces more options as it widens the variety of synchros you may play, but its still pretty much the same old BlackWings.

GB is no different as its playing style has not changed much. Its sheer power lies in its spells and traps that provide excellent control over the field.

DD Eatos might be abit of a problem, but then just side in some spells or traps in the second and third games, plus, add monster removal, and what do they get? Nothing! They have nothing to side against Heroes as this decktype has not many cards top counter it. Monster removal totally destroys the deck as the monster supply is so limited.

Infernity is different story as I have never played against it. By destroying random cards that are needed to set up the field in the form of Hero Blast, card simplifiers, or Gemini Spark, we pretty much have broken the combo or Infernities.

Now let me summarise how Heroes can take on the 3 top meta decks.

BF- Its still pretty much the same. I've seen LGQ beat BF with Heroes THIS EASILY and although its wide variety of synchros have expanded and now lvl 8 can be summoned more easily due to Breeze, simple one for one cards can make BF players emo by destroying their hard-to-make-with-much-effort syncrhos with just one card. Stardust? Do you think Absolute Zero or Shining is scared?

GB- Its pretty much the same old GB. While GB aims to control the Hero player's field field while setting up, the hero player does the same. Basically whoever does it better win. And we finish the coup de grace with a big Shining or Absolute Zero. The opponent will think twice to use cards to destroy Shining, as you will just get 2 Heroes back, to be converted to more advantage. Now one question: how do you maintain a standard efficient re-usable Polymerization. Read on, and see.

Here's the decklist:

Hero Love! (41)


3 Elemental Hero Another Neos
1 Elemental Hero Airman
1 Crystal Seer
2 Yomi Ship
3 Thunderking Rai-Oh
2 Honest
1 Morphing Jar
1 Sangan
1 Gorz, the Emissiary of Darkness

1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 E- Emergency Call
1 Brain Control
1 Heavy Storm
1 Cyclone
3 Gemini Spark
3 Miracle Fusion
2 Fusion Gate
1 Parallel World Fusion

2 Skill Drain
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Starlight Road
2 Hero Blast
2 Dimension Prison
1 Cry of the Living Dead

Extra Deck

1 Stardust Dragon
3 Elemental Hero Absolute Zero
3 Elemental Hero The Shining
1 Elemental Hero Great Tornado

DO NOT INSERT 7 generic synchros. Old School deck love!

The playstyle of this deck is slow at the first few turns because it sets up its field and aims to simplify the game to beat your opponent by generating one-for-one advantage. Truth to be told, I love the amount of advantage generated by the Hero cards and, like Baha said, I feel like I'm playing YuGiOh again! And by advantage, I mean advantage, lots of it. Do not be surprised if you open Bottomless Trap Hole after Dimension Prison after Hero Blast each consecutive turn just to find out that your opponent has lost every monster he/she has commited to the field in the first few turns, therefore giving you time to set up combos/ big plays.

Fusion Gate is a true gem, and I first noticed it when playing against SungLee Heroes in KL, I was amazed by its speed, its amount of advantage generated (as usual) and the ease of bringing out Shining and Zero like nothing. Fusion Gate outweighs its cons and lets you fuse from the hand and removes the card from play therefore letting you constantly re-use the Shining. If played properly, the number of Shinings can be constantly regulated so that each time you have copies of Shining in the extra deck, or on the field, with fusion materials in your hand.

I decided to incorporate Rauzes' tech of Skill Drain from his DrainZero main deck and what can I say, it works! 2 Skill Drains are like the perfect number and can easily help you to kepp control of your opponent's monster effects while you continue to beat down.

Starlight Road is an staple, that is unpredictable and I love it in here. Also, if I bought it and didn't use it, waste of money, right?

Just like Skill Drain, I thought of using Blizzed, Guard of the Ice barrier, but decided that the deck needed more monster control (so I ran Yomi Ship and he works awesome) in the first few turns of setting up the field, rather than more draw options. But, I did run a copy of Seer because I dont have any Blizzed =( and Seer lets me see 2 cards instead of one, so why not?

EDIT: Removed 2 barbaros to add Gorz and Sangan.

I also thought of running Future Fusion but couldn't find mine. Its very good and automatically dumps 2 monsters for Miracle Fusion. Elemental Hero Gaia is also good, but then do you know how expensive it is in the OCG? Or how rare it is to find one?

Thats all for today. For more Airman love, click here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

YuGiOh banlist

Those who read Baha's blog have seen the banlist by him. Baha is quite confident that its real since DS found it, and he's searching for the scans. If you haven't seen it, take a look:

Lightlord Summoner Lumina
Necro Guardna
Chaos Sorceror
Reinforcement of Light
Allure of Darkness
Foolish Burial
Destiny Draw
Burial From Another Dimension
Magical Explosion

Semi Restrict:
Cyber Dragon
Yomi Frog
United We Stand
Black Whirlwind
Skill Drain
Royal Oppression
Royal Decree

To 3:
Dark Mask
Smashing Ground


n my opinion, Lightlord is dead. Dead to the max. BF is dominating, no GB fun though. =( Nobody cares about Zombies.

Cyber Dragon decks will be a blast and Junk and Debris becomes more potent with more CyberDragon, Frog, Dandys. Tragoedia is broken, stops OTK and its good thing that its limited considering how annoying it is. But "Oh no! how are we going to stop BF swarm effectively!"

Nobody runs more than 2 Oppressions anyway. As for Skill Drain, I'm pissed. Oh well, thats why I run Card Traders and Doom Caliber Knight anyways.

Monarch is still gonna suck even though there's 2 frogs.

One thing that puzzles some readers is that nothing went in or out of the BANNED section. Why? Simple, nothing's worth putting in. I do think some are worth taking out anyway.

With Smashing ground at 3, there's no one who is going to use Fissure anymore.

Still I hope this is fake!!!!! I dont want my poor SkillDrain semi-ed =(

Will Demise be back now that its at 2?????


And if you have read the great neux's blog, you will see something weird coming out!~

Horoko's post:

Next V-Jump will come with Wave Knight Kiteth (Tuner Synchro Monster,)
Usage of Gold Rare,
New pack also detailed
New pack Duelist Revolution goes on sale 4/17
Wave Dragon Knight Dragon Kiteth,
Accel Synchro MOnster (Synchro Dragon-type + Synchro Tuner)
Walkure Monsters and Toon Monsters are in

7th series introduces Tuner Synchro Monsters and Accel Synchro Monsters

Extra Deck extended from 15 to 20

Main Deck extended from 60 to 80.

Accel Synchro introduced as a new rule- If you control a Tuner Synchro and a Synchro Monster, you can Synchro Summon even on your opponent's turn.-

5 Tuner Synchro Monsters per Extra Deck-

Accel Synchro Summoning can only be used once per turn.

Pack with a legendary restricted card goes on sale in June

Comments: WTF I DONT KNOW WAT TO EXPECT!!! this is gonna change the whole gameplay of YuGiOh. Excited!!! They are trying to encourage Yuusei wannabes. 80????? No one will play 80 in maindeck.


Have a good day everyone. Thoughts on the banlist in the comments or TagBox =)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Its Chinese New Year, seasons greetings, gong hei fatt choy

Happy CNY to all Chinese readers! I hope you all gather alot of ang pow, I've gathered 1800 bucks on ang pow already, but that doesnt mean I'm spending and wasting it on YuGiOh ;) I hope you guys eat keropok till you fat fat, and gamble till xong. I feel sorry for Baha and his gang who love playing the drinking game whereby a person drinks vodka for a certain amount of life lost! After experiencing 20% alcohol in a few cups, woah not fun. I'm still sober, but my face turned red and I had a horrible headache. I'm never gonna try alcohol again.

Like all you duelists out there, I'm eagerly anticipating the ban list. Although the one released on YugiNewz seems quite good and balanced (in my opinion), I have 2 reasons whereby it appeared ridiculous to me. First is, Infenity Necromancer.

Notice how Konami usually does not limit a certain awesome card until both formats (OCG and TCG) have gotten their chances to abuse it. Notice for example, Charge of the Light Brigade (Reinforcements of Light), no matter how broken it was, until it was scheduled to be released in the extra pack 2 it didn't get touched (although everyone knows death to lightlords in the next banlist. Several more cases have emerged too, whereby I cannot remember and I will not take time to do so =.=,

You may argue that Dandylion and Gorz was limited long before the TCG has had their chance. This is because, at that time, Konami (most likely) have not planned the Shueisha TCG debut yet and it was because they were too powerful. 3 Gorz in the Perfect Circle emperor or the Destiny Raida format was just too powerful. The same goes for Dandylion, whereby a turn 1 Foolish Burial usually meant a Monarch the next round because it gave 2 tokens (one to block opponent's attack-assuming he has only one monster by normal summon, and the other to tribute) If Dandylion existed in the hand, it could be set and the tokens could be used as tokens. Raigeki break and PWWB was used widely too so the cost of discarding one card was obliterated and replaced with 2 free tokens.

Brionac may have been limited in the TCG because zombies was a very strong pick for the top 3 decks and will occupy, on par, if not more, than the spaces of Lightlord decks, and the D zombie deck is very fast. Zombies are a very good deck as it gains advantage from the cards destroyed/ lost (goblin, mezuki and such) and have fast synchro options. Combined with the speed of the Dheroes, Destiny Hero Malicious provided instant quick synchro options to Stardust or more level 8 Collosal Warriors. Variety of Synchros were rather limited in the TCG as they did not have the Natural series, Frembell cards, Ally, Genex monsters or the Starlight Road card (which is gonna change come March)

The speed of Allure of Darkness, Goblin Zombie, Pyramid Turtle, and Destiny Draw was unparalleled (not counnting Lightlord of course) and they almost matched the TeleDAD deck (if not better since TeleDAD runs out of fuel VERY FAST and zombies are the exact opposite). Also not to forget cool combos such as a random Future Fusion teched will send Mezuki and a chosen D-Hero monster to the graveyard to form Elemental Hero Gaia. DUD (Destiny Undead Diva) was a strong pick too because it can provide faster syncrho options and the possibility of seeing a random E-Hero Absolute Zero is very very annoying and random. Wouldn't you emo if you faced Brionac, Absolute Zero and Stardust? I know I would.

Now the second issue that makes me disagree that that is the real banlist is the banning of Brionac Dragon of the Ice Boundary. Zombies are possibly going to take a hit with the limitation of Mezuki and Goblin zombie (based on "thebanlist" given), it renders the deck UNPLAYABLE (except for Light Undead). You could argue that Brionac is compatible in other decks, but is it that crazy till its on par with YataGarasu or Chaos Soldier or even Chaos Dragon? NO. How many people would summon Brionac over Goyo if he did not have a card that he wanted to get rid of. Its certainly not as powerful as Dark Dive Bomber, and its not GAME CHANGING till "WOAH FUCK i got pecked by Yata or I died to DDB screw him (which I hear too much last time).

Do note that these are just my opinions as I follow a particular peculiar (yet sensible) pattern. I don't think Skill Drain is gonna limit as Konami never limits anti-meta cards =) Guardian Eatos is also not gonna be limited due to SuperFusion and random GreatTornados in the side deck. Also why not limit Barbaros? Whose bigger? Eatos will die if there is even one monster. True story, some people cant read Eng as Baha bolded "speculation" twice and people still ask him if its real. Sigh.

For next format's top decks, I'm willing to bet that D.D Eatos is still around. The Dimension SkillDrain King Eatos idea is gonna be incorporated into several anti meta decks (such as my main deck) and is gonna be tier 1.

Heroes are also a VERY strong pick as they are just too strong and fun, plus with E-Hero Neos Knight and new fusion support, what can I say. M/V Hero!

Glads are always going to be a strong pick every start of the format, and as the format progresses, it becomes too slow and nobody plays it despite being the most consistent deck ever. It takes skill to play Glads and anyone thinking that new magic card from Shning Darkness is gonna rule? I disagree wholly as Bestiari out into Gyzarus will destroy it. If SkillDrain is u, different story lah.

Infernity? The new deck to hate. 3 Trishula and 3 IDemon will eat your ang pau money.

I advise people to buy their copies of Airman, a few copies of Alius (for backup), a few copies of the Shining, Absolute Zero, Great Tornado, and Super Fusion. Heroes are going to be so splashable anywhere that even I'll be amazed. Don't forget can use DHero.

I'm very glad that Singapore and Malaysian meta/ideas are being widely considered/admired/looked at around the YuGiOh world due to forums and BLOGS =).

There isn't much point building new decks or even posting about Undead Synchro as I just wait patiently for the banlist to descend...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tech for Infernities!

Wanna know a card that can single-handedly help to clear your entire hand while providing advantage at the same time?

You guys must have forgotten Snipe Hunter. Dark, fiend, 1500 attack, this card is great and just perfect in the Infernity deck. Searchable by Sangan, Killer Tomato, and being a fiend is just right in Infernity. Why is it so good? You can use its effect as many times per turn and you have a 4/6 chance to destroy one card on the field. Beat that. Once cleared your opponent's field, the Infernities will swarm and eat your opponent's life points.

Time for Prophet Session!

The banlist should be out sometime next week, around Monday or Tuesday so I'm just in time to make a prophet session! Sites like Pojo and Yuginewz have posted a leaked banlist whereby Brionac was banned and stuff. Personally, I think that was a very good, consistent and stable ban list and I would love to see it take place.

Now for my 2cents.


1) There is no one. I think everything is fairly consistent in its own way. Nothing craz like DDB to ban but definitely some changes to the limited and semi limited list =) I think Brionac and Dark Armed should stay as Brionac is essential for Zombies. Without it, they are a lost deck. Dark Arm at 1 is still just right =)

1) Judgment Dragon
2) Charge of the Light Brigade

Death to Lightlords (quote Baha)

3) Tsukuyomi- Flipflop control.
4) Magician of Faith- Book of Moon abuse! Time to bring back the old flip flop control :D

5) Burial from the Different Dimension- Too expensive to even find one =.= Too powerful somemore. Returning 3 removed from game cards?? If all 3 of them have crazy sick effects or are potent for a certain combo, its like getting 3 effects for the price of one. Undead madness.

6) Allure of Darkness- Draw cards like him deserve to be at one. Maybe this is to sell Black Feather Treasure? Hmm?

7) Crush Card Virus- Originally banned because it was too gay. Alot of decks miss CCV and with undead taking a hit, I say let them use CCV. It could be the only card to destroy D.D eatos efficiently in one single blow. Oh wait I have Starlight Road :P

8) Mezuki- Two is abit crazy. Back to square one.

9) Ring of Destruction (secret wish)- i want play my english secret rare version!

Semi Limited

1) Black Whirlwind- While most players think this belongs at one, i say they are just biased to BF decks. Im not a big fan of the deck too but then to be rational, it will hurt BF too much at one. They may be getting BF treasure but what is it compared to Allure or the other single copy of Whirlwind lost? Limiting it will destroy the playability of BF decks as Whirlwind is the heart of the deck. Konami has to protect their BF players and the sake of their next set which focuses on BFs.

2) GB War Chariot- Because 3 is too gay and nobody plays more than 2 anyway.

3) Bestiari- I seemingly agree with this and I've played GB with 1 bird only and it dies and gets removed from play too easily. If it dies, you can almost say the playability of the deck is dead. Sure there is Heraklinos and if you have great luck and skill, you can still pull it off, but what are the odds of that?

4) Honest- He has been waiting to be semi limited anyway =) I think 2 is a good balanced number and will open up options for new tech in Light based deck. Sorry to Baha's hero beats though.

5) Snipe Stalker- Infernity fun!!! Its like monster version of the IGun.


1) Secret wish * Solemn judgment! I want!!!!! Actually 2 is okay for the DD Eatos deck anyway as there is already 2 Starlight Road.

2) Mind Master, Magical Stone Excatave, Ultimate Offering, Mind Crush- nobody plays them anyway.

3) Golden Sarcophagus- LS players need as many chances to get their 1 copy of JD only to see it blown away. Oh wait, LS players still exist??!!

Personally people have talked about Sorceror's debut back at 3. IMO, its not bad and I would like to see his effect on the meta. Although Im not much of a big fan of him. Stuf like card gunner, Gravity bind, no one care bout them....

Baha is a great influence in the YGO OCG world! Even his decks are now in the japanese meta. Black Knight Dark started out originally as a fun deck for him, but is now winning Japan metas everywhere. Stealing opponent's monsters is too pro, and is the next best thing to destroying them! Tragoedia, Kurokishan is the monster stealers. Raiku and Spy is to stall for fun! Dark Creator is one of the most powerful win conditions IMO. Trago is also very pro as the deck runs alot of monsters. This means that the deck can steal probably EVERY other monster except lvl 10 or above with just any random hand.

Meanwhile Infernity Reflector activates when Infernity Archfiend dies! Search Gun to hand and do the evil loop! <3 Synchro ejection is quite good too, but then I still prefer Plot of the Piano Tuner. Junk Destroyer is also very good as its , at least, a one for one, but with Junk Destroyer decks people can destroy up to 4 or 5 cards a turn and still draw from the deck! (Usage of Tuningware) Im looking forward to see these rogue fun decks.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Gold Series Damage

I know its really late...

But i just got my box today. It was horrible. Altogether 5 Judgment Dragons @#$% But tio 4 Catastor. What for? I dont even play synchros.

Gold Rare Count

1 Dark Arm Dragon
2 Judgment Dragon @#$%
1 Breaker the Magic Warrior
1 Morphing Jar
1 AOJ Catastor
2 Exiled Force @#%$
2 Spirit Reaper @#$%
1 Mobius @#$%

1 Brain Control
2 Lightning Vortex
1 Book of Moon

1 Skill Drain
1 Call of the Haunted
2 Magic Cylinder @#$%
1 Sakuretsu Armor.

At least only one Sak Armor. Ho chai, can put one foil one in my deck because i lack 1 D prison =)

Its okay not to get Barbaros since I have 5 already. Was disappointed not to get Valkyria =(

Props: 4 breaker, 4 book of moon, 4 Catastor

Cons: 5 JDs. A friggin FIVE. LGQ will laugh at me. I didn't even get a single Gold Solemn.

Will do my prophetting session quite soon. After Bio test. Chem calculation is worse than Ad Maths IMO!

Will post on D Zombies soon. Not bad deck =)

It looks like "Chaos Genex" deck a Shriek's is a Baha-inspired deck! And Baha I saw a girl that look like you at church o.o

If you guys thought AllyGenex Birdman is gay, wait till you see Black Feather Zephyros the Elite. If he is released in TSHD (which i don not doubt!), as I justsaw him from the youtube show.

1)no one will use Vayuu much anymore

2)Oppression BF=CRAZY plus the best deck ever??? Return Oppression to hand and special summon him from the graveyard??? Somemore 4 stars, dark!!?? BROKEN. I hope Crow dies in the anime.

3) Recycle Gale to halve every card

Weird loop time!

1) special summon Zephyr from grave.
2) Special summon Gale from hand and halve.
3) Set a trap card and destroy Zephyr (by its awesome effect)
4) Return Gale to hand to special summon Zephyr.

Might play Gladial Eatos by Clarence and Hong. Cool deck =)