Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why You Should Run Celestial Transformation/ Valhalla In Angels

If anyone blogged about this before, i'm sorry, but i have to admit i've been ignoring pretty much every post related to Fairies.

Celestial Transformation/ Valhalla = First turn Trishula.

And Trishula is always good =)

Summon Earth, search Venus, play Celestial Transform, summon Venus, pay to get your balls, and sync Earth (2) + Venus (3) + Ball (2) + Ball (2) = Trishula (9)

You have spent only 2 cards to make this combo (earth + celestial) , and got it back in the form of Ball #3 and Trish on field and have done evil Trishula effect.



Opening hand : Celestial Transformation / Valhalla, Earth, Venus, Hyperion, Sanctuary

1) Play sanctuary, then Celestial/ Valhalla. Summon venus, pay 1500 lp and summon your balls
2) Normal summon Earth search Hyperion
3) Sync Trishula.
4) Remove 2x Agents in grave, summon your 2 Hyperion.
5) 2700 x 3 = OTK , with bullets in your grave to use for Hyperion.

Take note that the hand above happens alot if you max out on each, say 3 earth 3 venus 3 hyperion 3 sanctuary and 2 valhalla/ 1 celestial transformation or 2 each.

Remember 3x Duality, 3x Treasure of Heaven 2x White Elephants Gift...

Any deck that can put 8000 damage on field consistently within first few turns is always worth looking into.




Anonymous said...

I thought that Earth needs "The Sanctuary in the Sky" to be on the field then can be used search for Hyperion?

LGQ said...

yes, it does, thus, you need 5 specific cards to play this combo ...

mike said...

woops. my bad.

nevertheless, its really easy to play and obtain it la

Anonymous said...

Actually you only need 4 cards; 2 Hyperion, 1 Earth and 1 celestial to OTK.

Anonymous said...

So do you have a decklist for a build that contains celestial transformation?

admeda said...

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