Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysian Open Results

(Stolen from LGQ's blog)

1) Sung Lee- Quickdraw Plants, congrats man.
2) Samurai- Player name unknown

(however from sean i heard that the 2nd best was Ivan with BF or something like that.

3) Khye!!- samurai. sorry dude that time in KL i didn't contact you, i didnt save the 017 number properly and everyone gave me your old 014 one and when i called, couldn't get through...

4) Shin Tat- Frog Monarch. Kudos to him too. His decklist of Frog Monarch is in the post below. It was a very good build. My point was proven.

Other notable mentions too were November's Malaysian Open, and the current National Champion Michael who topped 8 with samurai, and Nick topping with Odin. O.O

And to all who contact me via FB, my acc has been temporarily suspended cos it got hacked damn alot, and who knows i may stop having FB ^^


LGQ said...

yes, ivan was the runner up. but is he playing BF? he told me he was using samurai ... not sure as i didn't watch any of his matches.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Can we see the Odin list?