Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Really don't know what to blog about.

Once Sung Lee sends me his and ojisan (Big Mike)'s decklists, i will post it up and do a review/ deck discussion/ the champions article for them.

Similar to the one I did with ivan's Tele DAD Jinzo wayy back 2 yrs ago.

Sung Lee and Oji san made very good meta reads. As Plant Gigavise isn't an expected deck, he took advantage of that fact. It also provides good OTK method which is very different in a BF heavy format.

That's why most people aren't prepared by it. So he could win easily.

Like I said, rogue builds have a great advantage in the game.

Same goes for Ojisan. He plays Frog FTK because its a one round elimination. How many people can take out that deck on turn 1 without siding? Or draw that one lucky piece of DD Crow on turn 1? How many players run Effect Veiler?

His happy go lucky attitude and carefree attitude (he only plays Yugioh for fun). I think winning all the way to finals must have been very fun.

Also Frogs were not a popular deck in Malaysia. So, most duelists were not siding for Game 2 and 3. Perhaps only us bloggers heard about frogs? and some other duelists who read and keep up with the meta trend. Most kids who play casually only know BF BF BF etc. Some don't even know how to sidedeck?

Once again, gratz to Sung Lee and Michael Yap!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Infinite Attack!!!!

So, I was reading Neux's tagboard and I came upon a very interesting combo!

If i were you, i would try it out, and tech it out in your Froggy decks!

You know how Light and Darkness Dragon dies severely to Yomi Frog where it decreases its attack?

Just flip Reverse Trap in your standby phase and have Yomi Frog revive and revive infinitely in your Standby Phase, and instead of subtracting 3o0 attack, you get an infnite LADD very soon.

Yes, that card above actually has a use!

Kudos to whoever invented it.

Infnite attack LADD? Don't play play. Negate everything in opponent's turn ah. No kidding. Except if you trump LADD in the chain link XD

Still, its interesting. Very, very!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Mass Driver + Froggy Monarchs

Basically everybody hates Frogs now. Its like some passion. Scrub to Frogs and hate it.

I for one hate it too.

All are annoying asses and its cheap and good, and that's why we hate it. (Blackie, and others who hate it too, I support you)

Mask of Rsetrict them please!
Substitoad and Monarchs die hahaha

So there are basically 2 versions of Froggys running around:
1) Froggy Monarchs
2) Froggy Mass Driver OTK

For a long time, many people have been wondering which is the better variant?

I don't know, no comment, both is equally hateful to me, so I was just thinking, why not combine them together.

Yeah, why not?

Splash 1 or 2 Mass driver as tech in Froggys Monarchs.

Say the deck thins down really fast due to Ronintoaden + Substitoad + Swap Frog loop.

And it has 3 Morayz of Greed.

So it can seriously access Mass Driver really fast.

The average Froggy Monarch deck runs essentially 13 frogs, maxing out on all the essential ones:

3 Substitoad
3 Swap Frog
3 Dupe Frog
2 Ronintoadin
2 Treeborn frog

So Mass Driver can dish out 400 damage per card. So a total of 13 frogs deals you :

13 x 400 = 5200 damage already.

Lets say you didn't manage to use all 13 frogs, so plus minus abit, you still manage to deal about 4000 damage, at the least.

Say you deal another 400 damage for tributing a Monarch. Total already:

5200 + 400 = 5600 damage.
or 4000 + 400 = 4400 damage.

Lets say you direct attacked once with a monarch or so in early game.. You have dealt:

5600 + 2400 damage = 8000 = GG,
4400 + 2400= 6800 damage. Orz //

So at the least you can deal 6800 damage. Only 1200 damage left ba. I'm sure you can chip it off from a Light and Darkness Dragon or Caius burn or random damage inflicted from battle or even another direct attack from a Monarch!

Lets not forget random stuff like Battle fader and Tragodia. More tribute fodder in all ways. Tragoedia can "Snatch Steal" somemore oh.

With random awesome stuff like Thestalos and Spritit Water Art Aoi, you can control the opponent's hand

Of course this small scale hand control is virtually nothing when XX sabers debut in the OCG. Even the advantage generated by the hateful Frog Monarch will be overshadowed by X Sabers.

Rescue Cat + Saber Slash + Saber Hole (the best "Hole" in Yugioh ever!) = broken.

Oh shit first turn synchro summon with Boggart Knight. Finally, drawing Airbellum isn't so bad!

Faultroll is a Monster Reincarnation on crack!

Emmersblade is the second best recruiter in the game aside from Mystic Tomato.

Darksoul is arguably as good as Sangan.

Saber Slash is a 1-for-1 at the least.

Hyunlei is a Heavy Storm.

Describe a more broken deck. Let me reaffirm my stance by saying even Chaos from last time cannot compare with the meta and tier 1 now, and there comes X sabers. Makes Yata lock and Devil Franken (Cyber Stein) OTK look like biscuits with the right cards..

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last day of School holidays! :( I haven't had enough hols :(

This also means I will not be blogging as often as 5x a week for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

IT will be good to see friends again though.

Today I will attempt on a deck list of Anti Meta BF.

Sure most people run Black Feathers in a rogue-ish way but it's not exactly anti-meta, despite the fact that it is ala-Jae Kim.

I've not an avid BF player, and I do not own a BF deck but I have borrowed Sean's and Travis' several times so I think I should be err quite familiar with it?

Today's built fits in 2 copies of Skill Drain and 2 copies of Royal Oppression. While Oppression is the icing of the cake, Skill Drain is still good because it can negate certain monster effects that you do not want it to go off. Of course, we will tune the deck to fit in these 2 cards so that it will not conflict with the 2 effects as much as possible.

So here's my take!

3 BF- Day Break Sirroco
3 BF- Azure Flame Shura
2 BF- Big Flag Vayu
3 BF- Kalut of the Moonlight
1 BF- Shippu no Gale
3 BF- Blast of the Black Lance
2 Cyber Dragon

2 Black Whirlwind
1 Cyclone
1 Heavy Storm
3 Pot of Greederosity
1 Allure Of Darkness
1 Pot of Avarice

2 Skill Drain
2 Royal Oppression
1 Mirror Force
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Trap Hole
3 Dimension Prison
1 Torrential Tribute
2 God Bird Attack
1 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Dark Bribe

Anyway this deck is just for fun as you can play it in an aggressive anti-meta Gadget tool-boxy way if you pull of Black Whirlwind.

While the deck rarely special summons, there is of course 3 Pot of Duality, and 1 Allure for you to look through your deck and synergize.

There is 2 Vayuu just in case you need to synchro for Arms Wing or Armor Master. Since it doesn't conflict with Oppression, it doesn't matter. You can Allure it away or set it for Icarus Attack

The beauty of having a trap based variant is that those traps will never be dead. If there is Jinzo bothering you, just attack over it with Kalut or use Sirroco's pumping effect. Nobody runs Decree anymore though.

Shura can help you summon your monsters during damage calculation so Oppression can't get to it. Leave Vayuu as a floater or for defence or Icarus fodder. If you do not have Skill Drain up yet, you can synchro for a quick Catastor or Magical Android.

The single copy of Pot of Avarice is for mere recycling as you can find out the count of your monster army will drop very very quickly during mid game/ late game. It also gives more target for Black whirlwind so why not?

The best move is to open with a Sirroco and a Black Whirlwind and auto synchro Collosal Fighter or Stardust Dragon, since both monsters aren't affected by Skill Drain. Colossal is the better choice since he returns during the damage step so Oppression can't get him (correct me if Im wrong about this)

Overall this is just a random deck concept and I still think the other original BF variant is better. I will be surprised if people take this deck seriously and tune BF to become like this. I would be surprised if this even tops a tourney.

You could side into standard BF or stuff like that.

Anyway if your bored running standard BF, just give ths deck a try and tune it to fit your likings. Who knows, it might work out for you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mirror of the Ice Boundary

First of, the release of Mist Falcon Valley lets us build more great Beat decks! See Rauzes' for example.

Karakuri Ninja Sazanku is like a fake Snowman Eater for Machine decks. Its some lame floater.

The new Inverz in Duel terminal is like fake Monarch! The spell and trap card is not bad, and is quite good support. Wait for more support from upcoming DT sets and this may amount to some good archetype like MGS. Inverz Giraffa is good because although its lvl7, it requires only 1 monster to release summon. Also, it send one card to graveyard and lets you gain 1000 lp. Quite the opposite of our good friend Caius.

Inverz has potential to clear the entire field in one turn and swarm the field quite easily. Re-use with the magic and trap card that lets you destroy and draw stuff. Pay 500 life points and re-loop with Ultimate Offering or Gemini Summoner. Fun stuff there.

New Bf cards in the new sets is quite useless, imo. Even Back Black is overrated. Most good BF builds don't even run Call of the Haunted, which is 1000x better. Aurora looks good, but will never see anything than mere casual play.

Apart from that, not many new interesting cards.

Teched a single Royal Oppression in E-Hero Fusion beat. Though it may seem contradictory, it works VERY WELL. A well-played one can take your opponent off guard as no one really plays it in a special summon-heavy deck. But the deck can switch from offensive to defensive beat with beatsticks and the Gemini Spark Blast abuse which is damn gay now. Extremely annoying, true story. Once rendering opponent to at least 1000 life points, i don't think he dare to use Oppression anymore. So just fusion and beat from there on.

Its like what Jae Kim did to Tele-DAD. Awesome tech.

Also, many people totally forgot about the Sphinx cards from the 2nd Yugioh movie.

Looking back at it, paying 500 life points for a Pyramid of Light to summon an extremely strong monster of 2500 and 3000 attack points is damn strong.

It would make a good beat! Like DD Eatos. This time, we take out Eatos because its more inconsistent. Still, Sphinx has no risk. Except Oppression which everything dies to, so its really lovely.

Here we go!

2 Sphinx Teleia
3 Sphinx Andro
2 DD Survivor
2 Raiou
2 Doom Caliber Knight
3 Beast King Barbaros

1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Smashing Ground
2 Card Trader
3 Dimension Fissure
2 Book of Moon
1 My Body As a Shield

2 Dimension Prison
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Starlight Road
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Skill Drain
2 Dark Bribe
1 Macro Cosmos
2 Pyramid of Light

Random deck concept.

No,LGQ we aren't gonna main Theinen just cause its epic XD

Fun deck, try it out, your opponent sure WTF.

So, for the end of the post, lets talk about Ice Boundary cards!

New support. Dancing Girl?? I like!
Crest of Ice Boundary is direct Reinforcement. Hmm always good to have.

The last card is the gayest seriously.

effect: During this turn whenever card(s) are removed from play (from either your hand, field or graveyard), you can apply the following effects:
* If a card is removed from your hand, randomly remove 2 cards from play from your opponent's hand.
* If a card is removed from your field, remove up to 2 cards that your opponent controls.
* If a card is removed from your graveyard, remove up to 2 cards in your opponent's graveyard.

So, does this remind you of Trishula-sama? yes, notice that Triahula fits all 3 of the conditions perfectly.

Come and Trishula me la! I remove 2 Infenrity from your graveyard (equivalent to Crevice from a DD so it works VERY WELL.)

I remove 2 cards in your hand, well technically there will be only one card (the Infernity Gun added by Archfiend), so you will remove that as well.

Remove 2 cards on field. Probably 1 random Infenrity Monster and the Trishula.

Hahahah Infernity died to their own favourite card: Trishula!

Thanks, Konami for helping us f*ck Infernity.

Dont forget is a quick spell so no Trap Stun lock and it won't die to Heavy Storm. If he don't Trishula you, you will still probably die to Mist Wurm and other syncrho beat. But Oh well, its quite good already!

Now, let's wait for a card to f*ck Frog Monarchs up.. Oh yah. Big Burn all go to hell wahahaha!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, apparently the new craze is dragons. But I'm not surprised.
Everybody get your REDMD now while its cheaper. Go buy TCG ones, they're way cheaper too.

Lim GQ and HD Lam demonstrated for us a crazy powerful Dragunity loop, whereby Dragunity Arms Laevatin can be summoned back by Light and Darkness Dragon for an insane re-loop.

The only 4 things that can destroy it effectively is Dimension Prison and Gaius the Shadow Monarch, DD Crow and Royal Oppression, but then Royal Oppression destroys anything, big or small.

Now, let's make the evil combo even STRONGER!!!!

Lets throw REDMD into that loop!

1) Destroys whole field when LADD is destroyed.
2) Target REDMD.
3) Special summon Dragunity Arms Laevatin during your Main Phase.
4) Special equip your LADD to Laevatin.
Oh wait, I forgot we have Dragon Canyon to significantly dump more dragons into our graveyard! Lets assume we dumped 2 more Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon into the graveyard!

Now there are 2 extra steps. So after you finish everything, you end up with a field of THREE Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and 1 Dragunity Arms Lavatin equipped with REDMD.

Thats a grand total of 11000 worth of attack on your field.

And this can be done in only one turn, without costing any cards provided we have the proper setup.

Oh wait, why wouldn't we? 3x Dragon canyon, 3x Terraforming, 1 x Foolish Burial, 1x Future Fusion.

3x Trap Stun, 2x Royal Decree, 1x Cold Wave, 1x Heavy Storm, 1x MST, 1x Giant Trunade.

So yeah....

HOLY SHIT this is one of the best OTKs in the world.

Destroy my setup?

Nevermind next turn I will do the exact same thing again!

I think that's why Konami is giving us Red Eyes Wyvern. For more gay Red Eyes abuse.

Yup somewhere out there Joey is smiling

This is outrageous, REDMD price may shoot up and beat Trishula! Maybe people will start giving REDMDs as first prize for tournaments in Singapore.

This combo is crazy. It single handedly defies the entire Yugioh lore by giving you a +4 just like that in terms of card advantage that it isn't even funny. The fact that if it is not taken out by Royal Oppression or something ensures you that the combo will re-rinse and repeat as many times as possible despite how many trap cards you use against it. Even if you remove JUST ONE copy with Prison or Caius, how are you gonna stop the other 3 cards from rampaging the field?

Any card combo that can single-handedly make BROKEN STAPLES such as Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute look like a big joke is not even funny anymore.

The difference between this combo and old Hopeless Dragons one is that this one can repeat itself thanks to Light and Darkness Dragon and Laevatin's effect.

Has anyone noticed that without the proper side cards, this combo is infinite??

Yugi once said "infinity is merely God's deception" when dueling Saint Dragon of the Sky- Osiris used by marik's mime guy. This is not God's deception.

It even defies the early Yugioh stages where people could summon level 5 and above monsters without tributes, now we can summon 4 kickass monsters in one turn without even normal summoning. I can't believe it. Dragons are returning to their rightful place as Tier 1 decks like 14 years ago (2010-1994=16)

Congratulations, I don't know what you're thinking.

Finally how do we stop this combo?

Everybody maindeck 2 Royal Oppression now.

Big Burn anyone? Remove all cards in all player's graveyard? 1 Crow could break the whole loop by sparing you one turn or so. You could Crow LADD's target but then if he has Red Eyes Wyvern (I mean, why wouldn't he?) then you just earned yourself one turn to spare :)

A timely played Icarus Attack, Diving Wrath, Gladial Beast War Chariot, Gemini Spark, Bottomless Trap Hole.

Also, Scar- Red Nova Dragon! Its not THAT invincible. It cannot defeat Collosal Fighter and BF- Armor Master. Attack a light monster and you can just discard Honest to make it look like a big joke.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Sarcophagus

As for yesterday's article thingy, i totally forgot about Snowman eater x_X and what a good card it is to sidedeck.

Yes 1900 defense is too big.

It eats EVERYTHING face up.

Come and Smashing Ground me liaw!!!

People can consider maindecking it too because its an immediate plus one and good field presence in all Monarch decks and even in BF decks, which some Jap players are doing so now.

Also, regarding the new Structure deck.

Awesome. I want Mirror Force and Bottomless Trap Hole! Dragunity is the new meta. I spot a very good Dragunity Beat anti-meta style that can work like Hero Beat. But that will be some other post some other day....

Today's card is Gold Sarcophagus!

People who run Infernity should spam 2 like IMMEDIATELY!

Its a trend in certain japanese players and you should to it too!

Its an immediate -1 in terms of hand count which is basically plus one.

Drawing it on turn 1 is GOLD (no pun intended) as you can remove Gun immediately.

2 turns is enough to give you the gay Infernity loop.

Actually, 2 turns is a very good deal as some people can't even get Archfiend or Gun sometimes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go main it now! And have fun Trishula-ing everybody!

Because I shall also have fun doing so!!!

Ohmygod Michael are you crazy since when do you have 2 Trishulas!
No lah, kidding. Its not mine. Its a friend's.

(Thanks for the pic Travis!)

No Im not filthy rich and do not have money to buy it. Actually I do, but no thanks!
No I do not have tournaments that give Trishula as 1st prize.

Anyways Im honoured to hold and see 2 Trishula. When you look at it closely, I just realised it had 3 evil heads ... O.O

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something to Keep in Mind

After watching the Infernity vs Gadgets video that Neux uploaded, something just occured to me.

Yeah, actually I know it already, just didn't really realise it. Okay I don't know how to explain nvm.

And so do ALL of you!

Yes dear reader, we are in "The Side Deck Format".

Where the sidedeck is SO important that it doesn't matter about your deck, you can just take game 2 and 3 with a good side!

So, For Malaysia,

Your sidedeck is less important here as the elimination rounds are single elims. So, make sure you know your deck's weaknesses and build your deck to avoid that problem.

Also, the majority of the decks are BF, so as long as you build your deck well to be anti-BF more or less, you are guaranteed a spot in the top 16.

Yeah, i'm not kidding. Unless you're really unlucky and meet some guy who copied LGQ FTK and killed you with that. yeah, not fun.

But that makes FTKs/ OTKs somewhat good. Although it may appear abit lucksack, you may wanna reconsider this. Because from my experiences, the latest FTKs get "stuck" for, is about 2 or 3 turns. And by that time, you confirmed won't be dead from any attacks yet.

Just don't get killed by Icarus Attack, and Gladiator Beast- War Chariot.

Also, do not hinder on beating BF only, you may meet some rogue decks in the top 16. And examples are GB and LS and that's where you should dedicate your side deck to that too. Consecrated Light is a must and is a staple. So, go find your Holy Lights. Also DD Crow is high utility as it kills everything so go borrow some if you don't own any.

For Singapore

Okay, I don't know Singapore meta very well, but i RECKON, only, that most of the skilled players are gonna run something like BF. An occasional hybrid of LS, Synchro Cat or decks like Infernity could appear. There should be less Infernity since I heard from Gabriel, that only Baha owns Jap Demons.

But that doesn't mean that you should stop sidedecking against them. Try side-boarding high utility cards that can be used to kill both Infernity and some other deck. For all you know, the unlucky duelist who may be matched up with the guy who borrows Baha's Demons could be YOU!

Still, Infernity format without Trishula and Mist Wurm is seriously not that scary.

But with Swiss rounds format, this just rehighlights the importance of the sidedeck!

Make sure you dedicate your side to be fighting against

1) BF/ Infernity
2) LS/ Infernity
3) Glads
4) Froggy Monarchs
5) Machina Gadgets

Froggy Monarchs is annoying, true story.

So, for a random side deck, let's try this!

2 DD Crow- Infernity, Frogs, LS

2 Consecrated Light- BF, Infernity

2 System Down- The one and only Machina Fortress

2 Royal Oppression- EVERYTHING LOL

3 Pulling The Rug- Monarchs, Machina, Gadgets

1 Mask of Restrict- Monarchs, Frogs. totally kills frogs.

2 Trap Hole- GB, BF

1 Crevice into the Different Dimension- Infernity, Frogs, LS. This card spells "Fuck you, ronintodin!'

So anyways since this is the big 5 decks that people are more worried abouts, rogue builds such as Quickdraw Plants and Synchro Cat have a BIG advantage because its generally gonna be harder to play against them, and it takes awful skill and precision to kill them in Game 1. Because in Game 2 and 3, they just gonna sidedeck and laugh at you lol.

That's all for today, hope you guys learned something, and good luck for the nationals :)

Please don't wish me good luck, i can't go because exams starts 3 days after it. Sad much!! Also, my school is evil that all the exams are gonna be held on the same date for the next few years! Luckily, next year is my last year of school! Before I move to KL and do further studies, then I will have a chance to participate in Nationals.

And lead a fun and exciting life :D

More places to go on dates on too woohoo!

(Somewhere out there, I reckon LGQ is flinching because Im talking about girls)

Forget bout the last few sentences lol. Remember, its the sidedeck format!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Elemental Hero Airman

First of all, to start today's post: Harmony's Treasure.

So, why bring this card up?

Crazy awesome card that you people should obtain before Dragunity comes out.
I know NOTHING about the archetype except the combo LGQ invented.
Dragiunity are bird dragons right? There should be dragon tuners right?

Guess what card you can abuse it with?

Splashable with 3 Harmony treasure, and you can abuse Light and Darkness Dragon and Red Eyes Dark Metal Dragon???

Freaking epic.

I'm sure it's a splashable deck that can run cards like Debris Dragon too.

Awesome awesome. Dragons Tier 1? You betcha.

So, after totally playing Heroes for basically the whole of this format, I concluded one thing.

Ehero Airman is not broken.

Yes 1800 attack, searcher for ANY hero type monster is not broken.

Oh, Michael, you gotta be kidding me, last format, you were just declaring it was broken and it was outrageous when LGQ declared that Airman should be unrestricted to 2.

No, seriously, he isn't.


Firstly, Stratos can be used to thin the deck or played as a beatstick for a certain number of minutes before you find that he will die to a random Snowman Eater, punched by Smashing ground or rammed by a random Synchro.

The plus one he offers is good, but what sort of Hero is actually game-breaking this format? Dhero Bloo-D? D-Hero Diabolic guy?

Even searching E Hero Another Neos isn't that of a big deal.

The only reason he was THAT good last time was because last time in DDT, people spammed 3 and did the gay Phoenix Blade combo.

There is no crazy broken combo that can affect the game with ANY Hero type monster.

Its not like his effect is a broken Judgment Dragon or the gay Infernity Gun.

He can search out a monster, but that costs you your normal summmon and the 2 best Fusion monsters are basically Absolute Zero and The Shining which all can be dealt simply with a simple Starlight Road or Caius the Shadow Monarch.

Even if you abuse it with Fusion Gate, there will just be a hero overload in hand and once again, Ehero Shining and Absolute Zero is nowhere as crazy as Infernity Gun and Judgment Dragon.

1800 attack is so easy to kill, for God's sake.

Even last time in Tele-DAD, he was quite redundant to be honest as people can just abuse Knight of the End and Dark Grepher to get Diabolic guy to the grave. Then they wont have dead 3x copies of Destiny Draw or drawing all their Clevonse in their hands. They could have removed that all and run more tech and support cards to make sure the deck doesn't go out of steam by mid-game, which is usually the case. But nooo they want to be cool and run 3 allure, 3 destiny draw, 3 calling army and 3 teleport to make their deck auto-pilot.

Its not crazy broken like X Saber Dark Soul which has its own special ruling and can be abused by Rescue cat.

Poor Airman, i still love this card.

But once again, I reaffirm my stance that its not broken.

Oh you can go semi limit it, and its still not gonna gain Eheroes much attention that they deserve. If it does, its all mentality , mentality :)

Heck , I think if you run 3 of it, nothing will happen too. Baha did that once right? Splash 3 Airman in all his decks, right?

Feel like changing the layout of the blog. Guys, tell me if the layout is boring you, I might just change it. Blackie already said no. lol.

Also, managed to get Ultra Pro Yugioh size sleeves- the nice scratchy back type that the TCG people always use till they make nice sounds when they play a card and shuffle.

Ohmygod these sleeves are so good. Lucky I got them. I don't think Malaysia sells these anymore... Guys, you should seriously find these sleeves and throw away your thick Konami ones with a lousy quality.... I think you will thank me, lol. Makes playing so much smoother and more enjoyable.

Too bad its compulsory to use them in official tournaments for the OCG.

So, TCG readers should be happy and count themselves lucky that you are not under stupid rules like "Konami sleeves allowed only" and "no promos allowed".

Friday, June 11, 2010


Graverobber again.

Its very very useful in Mirror matches.

Since M'sia majority is BF lets say you should seriously sidedeck it.

Graverobber could be useful in a BF mirror match.

Steal their Black Whirlwind (frigging epic , no?) , steal their Cards for Black Feathers, steal their Heavy Storm, bla bla bla.

While doing this, you could force them to waste their DD Crow on their card. Now they cant Crow your Blizzard target, and your Vayu! yay!

I will be extremely surprised if anything besides BF tops M'sia tourney. All the more knowledgable players are choosing BF as their deck of choice.

But the variants and card choices are all gonna be extremely different.

Simply put, this format is an Oppression format.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tech and Innovation: Trap Stun and Graverobber

Today's trap card is some that some may consider a good choice to maindeck as tech for their decks for Worlds.

Trap Stun is more useful than you think. It negates Royal Oppression, giving you the chance to turn back the game with a synchro. It helps BF negate Oppression so they can summon too.

Protects you important card from being eaten by Bottomless Trap Hole.

Stops Torrential Tribute and Mirror Force from turning the game around in your opponent's favour.

Stops Icarus Attack to protect your cards, as well as garners you advantage since playing Trap Stun is losing only one card, while negating Icarus means your opponent has lost 2 cards (Icarus+ BF)

Stops Dimension Prison from claiming your Machina Fortress! And from stopping your swarm for game, powered up by Limit Break.

Stops that stupid Infernity Inferno from wrecking you.

Stops that stupid Crevice to a Different Dimension plus any traps so you can perform Infernity gay kill. Seriously, its like OCG Infernity Barrier!

Destroys GB and Quickdraw because it ruins Quickdraw's excellent early game setup, as well as negates traps of GB.

Extremely good in Malaysian meta. The advantage it provides you in game1 is too much, true story. One must be careful and conservative with the cards they play since its a single round elimination, and Trap Stun destroys it.
Graverobber is in extraordinary card. Long have we wondered why we don't have any of marik's spell stealing cards that shifted control fo his Monster Reborn to Yugi and back to him in the manga.

But I don't think many people noticed Graverobber. Old cards are really interesting.

Its like paying 2000 life points to activate one of your opponent's spell cards. Take his Pot of Duality, or Heavy Storm, Mystical Space Typhoon, or Brain Control.

This card is really interesting.

One thing to note is that if you don't use the spell , you don't receive 2k points of damage. It could be a one turn crow but nobody plays cards that takes back spell cards anymore anyways. Because hey are all banned lol.

Will Graverobber ever be used competitively?
Maybe. Its effect could be mediocre in the right format.

No, not this format. Its too risky to play it and get only some spell that doesn't excatly help you. Its definitely great vs some meta beat deck. Steal their Heavy Storm/ Smashing Grround, ha!

But still...not enough synergy. Imagine BF stealing XSabers spells. Nothing to steal. You wanna steal something, just side in Gottoms Emergency Calls. X Saber's best friend, worst enemy.

Also, Absolute Zero gets better and better. Choosing Absolute Zero instead of Shining brings more advantage than doing so vice versa.

Using Fusion gate and fusing Ab zero thrice, on subsequent turns will dish you out at least 5000 damage (from 2 Zero direct attacks). Plus combine it with other damage from other monsters, and a face down Solemn/ Bribe/ Starlight, your gonna cry..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Trap Dust Scoop.

Anybody, everybody knows Trap DustShoot, and originially names "Scoop Shoot" by EGale, but personally, I think Trap Dust Scoop fits it much better.

Seriously, let's think about it. Never has a card has had so much effect on a certain point of the game , and in this case of this card, this card dominates the early game.

I've asked some players what they thought of the card.
"It's good. I take it out of my deck only because i'm playing casually"
"Awesome. No reason not to play it. I will main it when tourney comes...."
"Players say I end my turn. Cheaters say- Trap Dustshoot!"

Okay for this one, I didn't ask him, but it was on his msn PM so nothing much to ask!

So, what does this tell you?

Singapore and M'sia qualifiers are coming. Every deck that can main DustShoot should main it.
No, not should, MUST.

It cripples any bad hand, destroys any okay okay medium hand, and literally slows down an awesome hand.

BF will die to it, unless they have Black Whirlwind.
Infernity can be slowed down. Return their Dark Grephers.
Lightlord? Return Honest, JD, Ryko, Laila, celestia, the possibilities are endless.

You can return any Monarch back to the deck so they don't wreck you next turn.

VS Glads, return their Bestiari, Test Tiger , Cat, Summon Priest etc.

In dandy warrior, you can return Quick Synchron, or dandylion.

VS Gadgets you can almost assure you can activate Dust shoot, and return that stupid Gearframe/ Fortress back to the deck.

BF is the deck that can run Trap Dustshoot best. And that's the reason why every BF deck should run it. They have no reason not to.

They have Allure, and Cards for Black Feathers to dig for Dustshoot, Icarus, Whirlwind, and Oppression.

Even Infernity can run it efficiently, which some TCG duelists are doing so, now.

Let's not forget if you run it in a control heavy deck that constantly replaces their cards/ gains advantage (like Gadgets), its gold.

Machina Gadget is not fun, true story. Hero decks just hate it. Because the advantage generated by it is enough to replace the card loss that Absolute Zero/ Shining aims to do. Let's not forget
Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is not allowed. So sad. Now the only thing to effectively counter it is System Down.

Even in mid game, this card can cause quite a hassle because of the information it provides you with. It can tell you which direction you should be heading- control, or aggro. It tells you what/ what not to play.

It's a beast in late game where your opponent has lots of dead cards, when they draw that one monster which can turn the game around/ even the game/ create simplification.

Don't forget for Malaysia, the format is a Swiss round (I think?) which means single elimination (right?- sorry I've never been to a major tourney so I don't know the format, but I can play fairly well I think). With this single elimination format, you need all the luck you can get. And advantage you can get too.

Toppling and crippling that game for your opponent is what Dustshoot can do.

Trust me, from personal experience, Dustshoot wins games.

When you reach the top 16/ top 8, you can easily side it out in Games 2 and 3, so all pros and no cons.

Unless you are a sad person who doesn't get any luck with Dustshoot, and gay cards like Dark Armed Dragon cos you are damn soi, and you always draw it at the wrong time and it ends up a bad topdeck. Then, yeah....Stay away from Trap Dustshoot...True story...

On another story, Fusion Hero top 8-ed some tourney in Japan. Top 8 were all BF and Infernity and some Hero deck. Wonder why people still run Polymerization variants and not Fusion Gate ones. Poly ones lose too much advantage...But can provide a wider range of fusions...WHICH YOU DON'T EXACTLY NEED. Bleh.

Thanks for reading, just remember, main Trap Dustshoot!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's Build: Don Zaloog Beat!

Okay so the post title sounds like something that Jason would do, but scrap that, this isn't Jason's articles.

Today's article concerns the leader of the Dark Scorpion band, which once, had a very distinct effect on the meta. Don Zaloog was the main component of an anti-meta-ish Warrior Toolbox back in the old days.
Of course, no one will use his second effect because that is like giving advantage for the opponent. What's good about him is that he's a warrior, level 4 and has an Airbellum-ish effect.

Airbellum effect only activates when he directs attacks. The beauty of this guy is that as long as he inflicts damage, your opponent loses something.

Being 1400 attack lets it evade Bottomless Trap Hole - the most annoying trap card in the game.

So, how do we make sure our opponent's monsters have low enough attack?

While most decks have Solidarity, this time we make use of its counterpart, Burden of the Mighty. Burden is fairly annoying, and can maken any 1700 level 4 monster fall prey to Don Zalog.

So the deck will be runnig a higher trap count, can be considered a rogue type of element, meaning its defininitely more interesting to play around with.

So, on to the deck.

3 Don Zaloog
1 Tragoedia
1 Mystic Tomato
1 Sangan
1 Battle Fader
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
2 Snowman Eater
2 Thunderking Raiou
1 Morphing Jar
1 Blackwing Gale the Whirlwind
1 Gravekeeper's Descendant
3 Gravekeeper's Spy

2 Shrink
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Giant Trunade
2 Book of Moon
1 Allure of Darkness
2 Burden of the Mighty
1 Pot of Avarice
2 Pot of Duality

3 Dimension Prison
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Royal Oppression
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Solemn Judgement
1 Starlight Road
1 Wasteland Tornado

As you can see, the deck has quite alot of protection.

You can also see that it doesn't exactly focus around Don Zaloog but actually focuses around just simple beat, but more interesting than standard beat decks like Hero Beat and stuff like that.

In fact, Don zalog is more like a simple element that is used just to assist the deck to garner advantage.

3 Caius the Shadow Monarch is godly, as 2400 attack is just big enough to simplify the game, plus it removes any card that you want. You can easily self- tribute cards like Fader, Snowman, and Spy.

The deck generates more advantage than simple beat decks that has only 15 monsters because it adds more variety/ synergy in the build. It also has the same objective strip your opponent of as many cards as possible. Needless to say, it won't draw bad as those other decks do.

Spy and Descendant is fun because they can abuse the Burden of the Mighty card since its free monsters. That means more monsters that your opponent can't destroy.

Raiou is excellent here too because it is 1900 meaning not many cards can take it down. Its gonna stay for a pretty long time. It stops Airman, Gearframe, Black Whirlwind, and simply slows down the whole game.

Tragodia is tech, unaffected by Oppression, and can definitely pitch dead level 4's to steal your opponent's.

2 Snowman eater is gay, self explanatory.

I splashed Gale the Whirlwind because Gale is quite broken. Being able to evade and destroy an overpowered setup such as a "Stardust Dragon+ Bottomless Trap Hole". It can singlehandedly take down anything short of a 2500 monster, and combined with Don, that's pretty mean. If Oppression isnt on the field, feel free to sync it with a Snowman, or a Spy.

I didn't run Heavy Storm and Reinforcement of the Army as you can see. Heavy Storm is bad because you wanna keep your Oppressions and Burdens to control. So, instead, I played Giant Trunade over Storm. One plus that Trunade has over Storm, is that it won't trigger Starlight Road.

I didn't run Reinforcement because we already have Mystic Tomato, 2 Pot of Duality, 1 Allure and 3 Dons. There's not much use searching Don anyways since the deck doesn't focus totally around him. Having 1 to 2 copies at your beck and call is sufficent enough lol.

POt of Duality allows synergy and lets you dig through your deck to get Caius, Oppression, and Burden. I would run 3 but not enough deck space.

Oppression is broken in this deck since basically only Spy special summons. And if you can just leave Spy face-down till its attacked, and it can escape Oppression. Furthermore, Spy is more like a first turn card, so it won't be affected by Oppression.

I teched Tornado of the Wasteland because it can randomly destroy Black Whirlwind, Machina Armored Unit and annoying cards. You just don't lose out when you play it. There's no reason not to either.

I'm quite looking forward to seeing some rogue decks bursting into the spotlight in the M'sia and Singapore World Qualifiers. But most of the good players are playing meta deck anyways.... Sigh..

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

KING tiger Wanghu

Decided to visit my German friend's Mystic Tomato blog and apparently he's stopped blogging and decided to go to the next stage....Yugitubing!

So, visited his profile, and saw that he had only one video up and so I watched it. he discussed a blackwing deck. It looked pretty standard, more ala-OCG now since it's more or less based on Jae Kims build.
One card in the sideboard particularly stood out for me.
Yeah King Tiger Wanghu.
Why is it the most amazing sidedeck cards for E-Heroes, BF and GB, Machina this format?
Because it screws up QuickDraw and just basically stops token farming altogether. Sure Ryko can destroy it, but Ryko destroys everything...
For Bf, it destroys Holy Light which is damn annoying. Wanghu is Earth anyways so bye bye Light. Lol.
It destroys Infernitites and he has to summon an Archfiend to destroy it. But that's why we have heavy backrow options for these decks!
I've been looking for the perfect card to side against Frog Monarchs. Bye Bye Battle Fader, bye bye Frog, bye bye everything.
Because I don't have any Holy Light, I will side in 2 Skill Drains, 2 Royal Oppression, 3 King Tiger Wanghu, 2 Dark Imprisoning Mirror. Hatred much. They will scoop, i tell you. If they draw Giant Trunade, then I will scoop :)
Thanks, Mystic Tomato! You have a deep German accent. Cool!

Reign Beaux

Today's topic is Reign Beaux, Overlord of Dark World.

Apparently, all Dark Realm Monsters have their names named after a colour of some sort. The Real God of Dark World is Colourless, meaning its wayy above all other Dark Realm monsters because light is white, so its colourless, so it has all the colors mixed together and meaning Colorless is all the colors bla bla bla! However, nobody really knows what its effect was it it was never successfully summoned by bronn in the GX anime arc.

Dark World also has one of the most defined and unique art of all YuGiOh cards. Just look at Reign-Beaux. It looks like some demon devil berformet kind of thingy.

Yes actually reign-beaux is not a weird name. For those of you who may/ may not know, its not pronounced "reign bolts" but actually "reign-bow" as the "x" syllable is silent. Thus, making its name "Rainbow"! , so its 7 colours! Hah!

As some of you may or may not know, I was an avid Dark World player back in the old days, perfecting a DW build once, but apparently lost to the speed of the format, and of my own interest. Surprisingly, DW can combine really REALLY well with Monarchs and splashed with Gaius, and Dark Necrofear, it makes a really good unpredictable rogue build. Back then, Dark World in my area was the meta, and I was so impressed by it, since it destroyed my Stein-OTK machine build.

Also, Dark World is one of those decks that can let you main Mind Crush in twos and not lose out in advantage. You can guess your opponent's hand and discard the cards or just help you call out a free Goldd or something.

However, today's topic is why you should buy some Reigns and keep it. Its's really cheap. Probably 20 to 30 ringgit for an ultimate version. Simple. Just buy some ultras.


(I'm speaking for the OCG).

When Extra pack 3 comes out, XX Saver Boggarty Knight, XX Saver FulhellKnight, XX Saber Emmersblade, and XX Saber Dark Soul will be released,.....

And we all know what XX Sabers do best?

Oh yeah, Airbellum whack me, I discard Reignbeaux and I laugh hahahaha.

Staple sidedeck material next format.

Come whack my hand please!!!!!!!

"It's a beautiful day"
U2 and Lee DeWyze

I listened to Me and Bobby McGee again by Crystal and somehow Im having mixed feelings bout who should have won Idol...Anyways, more ppl will listen to Lee anyways so, oh well!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cheating 101

Since Nationals for Singapore and Malaysia is coming up, I'm gonna do a really short post about cheating.

One that is very very popular already is the monster in the spell/trap zone.

Yes, Infernity can be used in Singapore (if I'm not mistaken?) because Archfiend is considered a game promo card. OH.

It's a popular trick alright, ingenius, in a way, but very disgraceful.

So, most of you, after facing an Infernity player, should ask them to reveal all set face down spells/traps to make sure none of that is done. You will be very lucky if you can catch them, because its a free win for you.

Most of you know this already, but for those who don't please take heed.

Now the 2nd trick, less known, is one that (according to sources and TCG players) Peter Cheng conducted in order to bring Gadgets to the top deck.

Yes, its true the best gadget variant out there is probably Machina Gadget being the most consistent, the most explosive , and the most annoying, but what Cheng ran was a Jinzo-returner variant. In most cases, nobody is downgrading the deck (and I, certainly am not) but Cheng has been caught for cheating once before in previous tournaments.

Because Jinzo returner- gadgets is no where as consistent and its hard to believe it doing well against the likes of Infernity or even X-Sabers, let alone BF and Quickdraw decks.

So, how could it have won if the version which topped is inconsistent and also missing the elements of an Anti-Meta approach which should be amazing this point in the format.

Besides extreme luck and skill may be a factor, you cannot play cards you do not have.

The way I see is the reason Gadgets appeal to a fourth player base apart from my aforementioned. This is the environment of terminal cheaters. Many top players get away with what they can.

This is no secret, and they do so regardless of deck run. Bending rulings is nothing new, especially to knowledgeable players in the game. But, Gadgets are used by the players who have realized you can forgo the time to mathematically perfect a Gadget deck.

The answer lies in Gadgets searching capabilities. Because some players utilise it as an instant Gold Sarcophagus. So lets say I run 6 Gadgets, 1 Card X, 1-2 Gold Sarco, and 2 to 3 Gearframe, about 25% or more of my deck can reliably search any card I want.

See right, example: If I have 1 green gadget and 1 red gadget in hand, I can summon green gadget...and I dunno, search my deck for Future Fusion mmm...and then shuffle my deck, shuffle my hand around for a while then show the red gadget in my hand!

Once again, I AM NOT ACCUSING PETER CHENG of cheating. Because its not just me, its the whole damn internet!

So guys, when you do match up against Machina Gadget, pay very very detailed attention to the duelist. Maybe he cun cun search a Solidarity or Smashing Ground to eat you up. Ask that guy to reveal the card he searched out to you.

Now, this situation doesn't only go for Gadgets. It could apply to Black Whirlwind, Reinforcement of the Army, and such.

Apparently, its quite illegal to ask a judge to stand behind a player to see the cards in his hands/ or what he searched? Why Later people suspect that you and the judge are conspiring as he can tell you what sort of hand he has/ what sort of deck he plays bla bla bla by sign language.

Oh btw, guys, Pot of Greederosity, with its long and dumb name of combining Greed and Generosity together, resulting in an A-grade tongue twister, has had a name change in the TCG! Finally they made a name better!

They call it Pot of Duality.
Also, I'm not sure if this is legal, but it would be damn cool if it was. Activate Mystic Refpanel in response to Pot of Duality. Now you get to draw! Fun!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Super Fusion

It took 4 souls, including one of a pretty girl, for Bronn, Mad King of Dark Realm to create Super Fusion.

Let's see how good Super Fusion is in today's meta.

Generally, once before, people thought its a crappy card especially with the one card discard cost. Now, who cares?

Let's analyse the card.

Point one: Its a spell speed FOUR. Yes, we have never heard of a spell speed 4, and there is no card, ever heard that can fuck up Super Fusion. I'm not sure if Royal Oppression can negate it, but then Royal Oppression f*cks up EVERYTHING, and that's why we hate it!

Point 2: It sends ANY monster on field, but I'm not sure if any of you have noticed this, but it can be used to fusion summon 2 monsters on your opponent's field together. Wow, eh? If your opponent runs a Hero deck and has just pulled of Starlight Road, its basically, special summon Great Tornado from your extra deck.

So while people has been thinking this card is godly in Heroes, but it is even more godly against Heroes. Its also a +1 in terms of card advantage. Opponent can't chain Gemini Spark to their Alias because its spell speed 4

Its not hard to use seriously, and it makes Wave Dragon Knight Draqo-equite look good. Because its incredibly easy to find a dragon type synchro monster. Black Rose, Stardust, TRISHIULA, etc. And warrior monster? They are everywhere la.

LOL if you vs Psychic deck and special summon Ultimate Psychicker on your opponent's field.

It can change total control for your opponent to zero control for him. Let's not forget how easy Stardust Dragon is coming out, with people maining 1 Starlight Road in their decks.

Versus machines, its even funnier if you fuse your opponent Cyber Dragon and Machina Fortress to make Chimeratech Overdragon. Super Fusion DOESN'T target.

For Heroes, you will practically win against Lightlord as you just have to chain it when they make an important big play like Judgment Dragon and Celestia, Lightlord Angel.

It can pull off more advantage when your opponent destroys a Hero on your field and you chain it.

Even versus Infernity, its incredibly easy to summon Absolute Zero as they will just spam Trishula. So? When they target your field card, and the in-hand card, pitch that very card, and play Super Fusion for a free Absolute Zero. Even if they choose Mist Wurm, so? Free Great Tornado.

But overall, Absolute Zero is 1000x better choice. Which brings us to the next topic:
The Awesomeness of Absolute Zero versus Infernity

Let's think about it la. If your using Heroes, if you match up against Infernity the ONLY thing you want to fuse out if Absolute Zero.

Once they set up their combo, they are handless. And no matter what they do, as long as they choose to summon 3 Trishula, they will lose all their monsters one way or another, despite they do not target Zero for Madam Trishula's effect, because next turn you can just ram Zero into something and destroy the whole field. Do not forget they are handless, making them 100% vulnerable.

Against other decks, I still think Zero is amazing. Just try to picture you versus Absolute Zero, and see how you feel.

But still, the best thing to kill Infernity is Crevice to the Different Dimension or Royal Oppression. Dust Tornado/ Gemini Spark to destroy Gun is good too.

Or most epic: MASK OF RESTRICT. HAHAHA. Neuters Gun, and Mirage.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Caius The Shadow Monarch

Is an Awesome card this format.
Why? This format is slow as hell and its likely Caius will remove any important/vital card of the opponent. The removal effect is key especially when it can remove "Royal Oppression" or "Jet-Black Whirlwind" from the game.
It serves as a beatstick after it has removed your opponent's cards.
Also, it is likely to take out 1 more card by battle after removal, meaning it was basically 2 cards for one.
Lets say you tributed frog/token/snowman eater/ gravekeeper's spy, its almost 2 cards for none.
The burn effect can take out 1/8 of your opponent life points and can often be used to go for game if people can remember to remove itself from the game when your opponent's life points are low. In late game, that 1000 is a damn huge chunk.
In late game, Caius works best. Because it does too much damage when your opponent's at his/her weakest.
Eh, remember how annoying Shining is? Just remove him from play and no heroes are returned.
You are advised to do the same thing to Machina Fortress too so he doesn't come back and when you are handless :D But of course not really advisable.
Surprisingly, I totally forgot about Caius and left him in my binder until i saw some Hero Beat deck on Shriek utilising him and Doom Caliber Knight.
Awesome awesome. Tributing Heroes like Absolute Zero or Shining or a simple Alias can get you lots and lots of advantage.
Tributing Zero and removing a spell/trap on opponent's field usually means destruction of the entire field.
Tributing Shining ensures you a +2 in terms of card advantage.
Tributing Alias can let you use Hero Blast!
So, i decided to mix just 2 copies of Caius into my Hero deck, and it worked wonders. Just like on paper.
Its incredibly easy to summon Caius in a Hero deck.
You can draw a random Battle Fader/ Brain Control or tribute a floater like Snowman Eater or Crystal Seer.
Or better, tribute Shining and return 2 Heroes, then fusion another Shining again. Crazy explosive plays involved. Lol. Its like playing Caius FOR FREE.
Some other Hero decks can tribute that random Cyber Dragon/ Gorz token/ bla bla bla.
Sometimes, that lone Caius is enough to win the whole duel if your opponent has a bad hand.
Trust me, I've seen many tourney reports that ended in "I poked my opponent to death with Wicked Emperor Gaius" or "My opponent died to 2400 damage lol"
But after such a successful testing period, I decided Mobius The Frost Monarch is awesome too.
Why? Mobius is WATER type so you can do more Absolute Zero tricks.
Instead of a +1, it is a +2, and is the ONLY monarch that has a +2 effect built in.
Sometimes, that plus 2, is exactly like Heavy Storm, which is THE MOST GAME-BREAKING card in the game now, imo.
Spells and Traps are just as important as monsters this format. Especially with people maining 3 Dimension Prison. BF is like shit without their spells and traps. Heroes/ anti-meta beat dies when their s/t are gone as they will lose control of the game. Glads will die too because they are a simplification deck.
So, after much debate, I still haven't decided which card is better.
Caius's range is larger but is it worth playing over Mobius. Take for example, raiza, it was good because you could choose s/t/monster but then its still not as game-breaking as Mobius.
To be honest, in the Perfect Circle Monarch era in the TCG, i had no idea why they liked to run 3 Thestalos and 3 Raiza. Sure, Raiza is understandable but, imo, Mobius or zaborg was 1000x better than Thestalos.