Monday, December 20, 2010

The Most Useless and Overrated Card This Format

Thanks to andrew for pointing it out.

before, i noticed it, but was reluctant to take it out due to nothing else to replace it with in my deck.

need to keep this short and sweet,

will post again tonight once i reach home. now using retarded compp at gamers arena.

that card... is.... Bottomless Trap Hole!

Think about it, BTH is now redundant and superceded by Solemn Warning.

BTH is so useless because of a thing called monster priority.

Just about every big monster can activate priority to evade BTH and balance the loss you created. After that, with the -1 you lost frm BTH, you basically -1 in terms of card advantage.

Just about all the big monsters will die to Bottomless Trap Hole, but they will nett off advantage.

Against Plants, you can use your BTH to destroy mainly Caius, they still get to remove one of your cards.

If you try to destroy Camellia tytannial, chances are they have a fluff token, or dandy or lonefire to negate you.

Against BF, the only thing they can destroy is Shura and Sirroco, which the BF player can chain ICARUS ATTACK to. Then you -1.

If you really need to destroy Siroco or Shura, you can just use attack negation cards like Prison or Mirror Force which are pretty bad this format. And ppl can just chain Icarus attack.

If you use it to destroy the monster summoned by Vayu, its basically a -1 for you.

And if you face Samurai, BTH doesnt stop Kageki.

It dies to Shien badly, and if you really wanna chain it to Kizan or Mizuho or Grandmaster, they managed to get off their 2 counters already for Gateway or United.

Then they can just search another Kizan or Grandmaster. EMO-nya kamu.

Even against Sabers, BTH is bull cos Boggart replaces itself with a monster from your hand, and if you remove Faultroll they still summon a monster from their grave. Chain it to Hyunlei, but chances are they stunned you already and that you will still get Heavy Stormed.

Even against recruiters, its just bull cos the searcher replaced itself already (airman and gearframe)

im gonna staight away agree with michael bonacini, your deck cant win without 2 MSTs.

Gateway is too strong.

Got raped by samurai many times here. Score still balanced though.

PPl coming for the KL Xmas tourney (single elimination format), you either need to run 2x MST / or main Veiler or you have to be playing Six Samurai.

Im gonna boldly call Samurai/ anti meta/ or BF to take the tourney.

Decks like Scraps have a high chance too because they have versatility to run Book of Moons and Solemn Warnings in 3s and MSTs and Dust Tornados in 2s.

Im gonna reinforce my point more that BTH usually dies before it is used to MST/ Tornado and cant take on Trunade/ Cold Wave

Even against Fish OTK, it cant stop Fish Coelacanth from pulling off his effect. In fact i would thank you if you did that because now i have one more space on the field to play Fishborg Blaster/ Ronintoadin or Monster Reborn.

Tonight im gonna post on the most underrated card this format which i think should be run in 2s alot. Its not MST because everyone realizes how good it is already.

Tuning my deck to fit one more of tonight's card and one more MST.

Gonna post on a card that MAY change sabers and help it to overcome the threat of Book of Moon.

KL was a blast. Found Asian editions Cyber Dragons, an ultra edition Lily, and several old cards including the JUmp Earth edition of Blue Eyes White Dragon (thanks cookie) and the old EX editions of Blue Eyes and Dark Magicians.

Met alot of awesome new duelists like Wong Fei Hung Terry and Nick and probably somemore which i cant rmbr. Nice to meet Andrew, Biscuit, LGQ, Sean, Sung lee, ivan, Michael (old vers), and many more duelists again.

Played with all of Fei Hung's decks (well 11 of them which he brought that day), quite pleased that i managed to par his BF deck, and beat the rest about 2-1 or 1-0. But scrubbed to his legandary Light Beat 0-3!

First game he had good hand, and my hand SUCKED. Second game was good alot of card simplification going on but he played Miracle Fusion to win the game. 3rd game was super epic. and im not kidding i even had to tribute summon gorz, and DD Warrior Lady keeps eating my monsters. I Cold Wave and Black Rosed the whole field leaving him at nothing and i had 2 cards in hands. I was at 900 life and he was at 1200, but he topdecked Honest.

Really gotta hand it to him there, he has the best Light Beat deck i have ever seen, and i daresay its one of the best Light Beats in the entire game.

Its not one of those decks you can nettdeck just off the comp and play it because its tuned to his playing style (like Lazaros sabers from the frst YCS of the format)

Im not gonna be giving away anymore info about his deck. It was an honour dueling you (if ur readin this )

Before i end, i have to say Cookie is a pervert.

Thats all for now.


LightGrunty said...

If your opponent uses Vayu's effect, they're getting a +1 regardless of what you do. And Bottomless Trap Hole doesn't target, so it would get rid of Tytannial effectively.

If you don't commit more than two cards to the field, then your opponent can't gain advantage off of Icarus Attack. And using Bottomless on Boggart Knight prevents them from getting out a Synchro or Special Summoning Faultroll. And it's great against Hero/Light/Gemini Beat. So it has its uses.

Bottomless Trap Hole isn't that bad. It's just not necessarily Main Deck worthy this format. Solemn Warning is probably better in the OCG, because of Six Samurai.

I would use Solemn Warning, but I really hate the LP cost. And against Scraps, if you negate the summon of Scrap Dragon, it gets its revival effect, so it's a waste.

I'm going to continue using Bottomless, since there's not much else to replace it with. I guess I'll have to wait and see your next post that may change X-Sabers.

LFN said...

I'm guessing your 2nd card is Effect Veiler coz it's just that good :D

And yea as Light Grunty mentioned BTH doesn't target lolz

mike said...

@ light grunty- regarding vayuu, ur right. they get a plus one, and cann BTH stop it ? no.

i would personally use 3 warning, 3 books, but if its costly in TCG i understand.

im strictly talking OCG here.

and against BF, if you want to make a big play, you usually need to commit 2 or more cards on the field. or if you have face down protection, they die too but of course there are still people out there who over extend and commit against BF

forgot about scraps, because they arent very popular in the OCG due to price of chimera, although i think i would rather invest in scraps rather than samurai. but i would rather solemn warning chimera instead of scrap dragon anyways.

the card that could change sabers, is situational really, so im not too sure. havent had a chance to test it out at all.

i wont say its great against light beat because they can chain gemini sarks to crusaders and aliases. it beats raiou though

and yeah ur right, theres nothing much to replace it with. thats why , at first, i was hesitant to take it out in the first place.

But i decided to use 2 MSTs instead simply to kill Gateways. and because my deck can afford it, since the only bad matchup for me is something like fei hung's 18 monster light beat and SIX SAMURAI

and against sabers, if u use bth to stop Boggart, they may not be able to summon faultrooll this turn, but they can just fullhem their attacks next turn/ pull off monster reborn/ gottoms e call next turn, and run

solemn warnings 2k lp cost isnt so bad actually. 2 solemn warnings and you can control from there.

LFN said...

o n btw good to c u had fun on your trip..

Dno when I can travel overseas to somewhere in Asia next.. these OCG tourneys seem to be a lot of fun.
Dno if they accept TCG cards but yea

mike said...

@ LFN - surprisingly, no. LOL. it may have been mentioned elsewhere but then i doubt people pay attention to it.

im here to reinforce that point :D

its good in sabers...

and its not a -1 like veiler. hahahah although veiler is just strictly side board material for me.

that card is pretty old and it is good in sabers.

Takes care of BTH if they choose to destroy your Boggart...

should be pretty obvious what it is now :D

yupp and my bad abt BTH, but its still pretty bad against plants because of the advantage they gain, and they could synchro trishula/ stardust anytime. so its only effective against tytannial..

mike said...

official tourneys dont let TCG but locals is fine with anything except counterfeit and banned stuff.

errrrrrr my bad abt the post above, it helps to take ensure you synchro summonn regardless Boggart is destroyed etc ;)

pretty darn good card imo. its good in helping set up for any deck, and its the reason why one of the YCS winners topped with plant. because they ran 2 copies and have an edge against others

LGQ said...

playing against BF n lightbeat is actually pretty much the same. you don't let his monsters reach the field.

Yes, BTH is not as good in this format, people had pointed that out some times ago.

regarding fei hung, he is the best light beat player in KL, yes. he has the best light beat deck ... no ... but he knows how to tech them so they work. again, light beat ain't really a good deck here, but he is good.

mike said...

@ QQ- errrr yeah. he is imbal. i have never seen him draw inconsistently. even when i see him play with others, no inconsistent hands.

except BF are easier to take care of. and BF got more weaknesses like holy light.

although holy light is easy to destroy, but it takes time and the BF player loses massive tempo.

but like u said, probably just the player himself.

LGQ said...

u still actually think bf is weak against holy light?

Iceman Hotty said...

Just FYI Tytannial CANNOT negate Bottomless Trap Hole because the latter does not target. If multiple monsters are summoned simultaneously (ex. Return from the Different Dimension) you can use BTH to RFP all of them.

mike said...

@ iceman- errrr. yeahh everyone has been pointing that out already.

LOL thx anyways

Terry Tan said...

Hi man i see your posting everyday which is a good thing. BTW have you ever consider that the gates and united does not get tokens when ppl BTH six sams? What do you think about this Because it makes sense if the effect for the counters is a trigger effect. However everthing still goes around if Its a Passive effect.

Anyway Side puppent plant Against Six Sam FTW ^^ works everytime

mike said...

@ terry- No they still get their tokens. so EMO. I dont know why. i dont care too hahaha.

and i only post now cos hols la.

Anonymous said...

Are u serious? you think bottomless isnt a good card? yeah they can get priority, so what? your still removing from play a monster for free basically warnings cost 2000 lp a pop

and in 9/10 cases rfg>destroyed or put in grave

not saying warning isnt good, im just saying what you think is a useless card wins games every day and ever since i put my 2 bottomless in, its definately improved my deck