Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The reborn-abyssqual comparison

I am prepared to receive alot of hate for this.

But it must be said.

PS: Pls ignore why this post mimics a personal diary, or sounds like i'm thinking aloud or that im crazy.

For the past few days preparing for Oceanics and final exams, i have come across a very very contradictory situation : Maining Monster reborn in dragons.

the first thing you must think is this guy is out of his mind, reborn is a staple card and reborn is a very versatile card which aids in many otks, and many comboes, it is hardly ever dead, and you can do so many cool stuff with more than 1 tuner (like the shamir otk!)

The thing is, i couldn't agree more.

i noticed a long long time ago, that reborn was cut from japanese decks and i had no problem with accepting that. One of its primary uses now in TCG is to combat verz by bringing back a dracosack and bringing back level 4s to make that gemknight pearl vs verz. Verz is pretty big here, so reborn is theoretically pretty good (it still is)

However, that decision plaqued me for several days as reborn is the 41st card in my deck, and i have to say, im out of space (i am thinking of playing other cards). It was hardly ever dead, in playtesting on DN, and although i never playtested with my deck much in real life (outside of the last regionals) , i never found it dead and i never regretted drawing it.

However, when i was discussing with a friend about the viablitity of RFTDD once again (i love hearing peoples opinions ), and he came up with a very good metaphor. RFTDD is very much like abyssqual in mermails, its dead early game, it provides alot of leverage but yet it is just somehow not needed. When i was playing mermails, i was a very big fan of squalless builds.

The same goes for reborn. We know its (somehow) not needed, its a card which you would like to have in winning situations (most of the time you're in one), and when i discussed with another friend, he told me :

1) reborn is a winmoar card, meaning that reborn is good when you are in a winning position, and helps aid your victory but it also doesnt do that much if your in a losing position. This argument is very true. Because if i play against dragons and my opponent has 3-4 colours and a maxx c and i have dead cards in hand like reborn, reju, and not enough dragons, what am i going to do? the most i can do is to make a synchro, or if possible, a dracosack/big eye, but what follow up will i have? My opponent will easily overpower me next turn with his own big eye , and more big beaters.

Similarly vs verz, if your opponent has a whole load of traps and you have reborn, whats the point? Although i dont think my points for the verz comparison is solid (you must have as many options as possible), but you get the idea.

Also Reborn Vs Prophecy is very subpar considering how often jowgen is on the field. Builds that play exchange love Reborn in your hand, its free stuff for them !

But still that was not enough to convince me. This whole thing i had considered a while ago, but i still could not bear to cut reborn.

Asking me to cut Reborn was like asking Yugi to cut dark magician from his deck.

Then i started taking out my deck and tutoring some hands.

I drew " 1 Max C 1 Droll Lock bird, 1 Super Reju, 1 baby, 1 reborn, 1  Storm" . I checked my 7th draw and saw Effect veiler.

Yup bye reborn!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another regionals report =(

So a bunch of us travelled to newcastle to play a regionals to help our friends qualify (surprise! we have unfair activities in TCG too ! ) and i ended up with 3 hours sleep the previous night because people would not let me sleep.

So i wasnt gonna play actually, just go down to buy stuff i needed to complete edragons which was 3 dracosex. I literally couldn't find any although i had $ to buy them, just no one who wanted to sell them for a legit price without blowing off ebay prices. #1stworldproblems

Then it was announced 1 day before that Tachyon would be legal so OF COURSE I WANTED TO PLAY EDRAGONS

Round 1: Gadget

G1 : Dragon > gadget
G2 : Dragon > gadget

Round 2: Spellbooks (yaowei)

he scooped because everyone wanted kato to qualify but then we played it out for fun and it was funny because it was more like playtesting, and he was asking me if certain plays were correct or not throughout the game.

conspiracy happened and we played many many games but i shall just record what happened in the 1st 3.

g1: Dragon + droll > prophecy with toontable + elf in hand
g2: Prophecy God hand > Dragon with 0 hand trap + He set up D fissure beforehand,so next turn i mst the d fissure and dropped card destruction but he had solemn judgment
g3: I EEV turn 1 and dropped 4 from his hand including a tower and he summon kycoo. was planning to deal with it next turn then he topdeck ANOTHER TOWER and dropped another kycoo while i topdeck redox mst veiler whee yugioh. People who say EEV = instant win have never met me.

he later proceeds to pull a dracosack and another SCR in 5 packs...:)

Round 3: Verz

G1: Dracosack is good
G2: Cleared his Ophion and he dropped DAD next turn to destroy my thought ruler and summoned something, but i electric virus the DAD and win.

Round 4: Verz (Andy)

He was supposed to scoop for our friend too but we played it out

G1: Dragons + reju r good
G2: I had storm mst reborn virus baby and smtg irrelevant, he summoned thunderbird set 1, and i passed. He made ophion next turn and set another 1, obviously you'd read it as pandemic. So i thought i'd do this thing tcg players did called conserving and making the right play and mst the other fd, made gemknight pearl and attack into ophion but it was forbidden dress ! He otk me next turn with reborn and something else. Misplay is still misplay and loss is still loss.
G3: Dragons r good

Round 5: Prophecy (jimmy)

Another guy who was supposed to scoop for our friend but he wanted to play it out suddenly after g2 so (O.o ok)

G1: we take the longest g1 and i win with blader stopping him from dropping John and win
G2: Time was called and i was leading 8000 to 3500, and when i attack with tempest, he chain waboku, and i dropped tsukuyomi to keep tempest fd so that if he had John he couldn't be able to kill me. But he topdecked the 2nd John in his deck and dropped 2 and knocked me down in the 5th turn :(

I still went up cz nobody wanted to wait for us, and dragons which go 1st usually ... assumingly....you know...

Round 6: Stun deck (james)

G1: he had raioh and safe zone and stuff which slowed me down but i played around it and won
G2: I mst his 2 fd, card destruction and made mental sphere demon and whack and set EEV. Next turn he makes direwolf uses its eff on mental sphere, but i chain eev and he died.

So i went "undefeated" and came 1st, got 1 1/2 boxes of Tachyon and pulled Totem bird.

decklist is :

3 blaster
3 redox
3 tidal
3 tempest
2 burner
2 reactan
2 stream
2 lightning
3 veiler
3 max c
2 droll lock bird
1 corsesca

3 super reju
1 card destruction
1 sword
2 gold sarc
1 reborn
1 heavy
1 book moon

2 breakthrough skill


3 dracosack
2 big eye
1 gaia
1 abyssgaios
1 pearl
1 scrap dragon
1 crimson blader
1 thought ruler archfiend
1 armory arm
1 ancient sacred wyvern
1 black rose dragon
1 colossal fighter



explanation for maindeck:

People said no u will not face prophecy only a few ppl have 3 judgment days, then suddenly everywhere spellbooks were the majority and almost everyone had 2-3. But i decided to keep it in cos just in case u meet a random verz and they max c you, and you just drop droll

explanation for retarded extradeck

- Blackrose dragon because i couldnt find burei
- Thought ruler over red demon today because predicted not many dragons and many verz with compuls is annoying
- 2x Big eye. Although Frazier and the rest of the other american players are going on about why you need 3 big eye, i really don't see the point, i rarely made it, i rarely play it in dragon mirror match, and i can cut it for more options.

Anyway today was just testing grounds against verz + prophecy. Have side/main revamped :)

No more posts for now cos nationals season and the blog will just die because everyone is using FB, twitter etc so.... !