Friday, December 3, 2010


They were a good meta call.

Now, TCG wake up and don't die to Gravekeepers again in the next YCS! whenever that is..

There are basically 3 cards useful in defeating Gravekeepers.


2x MST : Bye Bye NecroValley. With No Necrovalley, no triple Crush card Virus to eat you up.

2x Nobleman of Crossout , or 3 if you like : Bye Bye Spy, and Recruiter.

If you hit their Spy, and they have activated Royal Tribute already earlier on, this move will have forced both of you into topdecking mode.

2x Gemini Imps: I have no idea why people think Goldd/ Silva are better. For one thing, you might as well run Reign- Beaux to be a bitch.

And with Goldd/ Silva it means Tribute has successfully resolved so you have lost all your hand cards. Okay, so you Goldd something, then 5 second later your opponent responds with Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Warning etc.

However with Gemini Imps, you can discard it to negate Royal Tribute. Then draw a card. Its a straight plus one in your favour and you actually get to keep your hand cards. So, its great right?

And if your opponent do side out Royal tribute in the 2nd or 3rd round, who cares if you have 2-3 Gemini Imps (although they are dead cards now), because with them doing that, it has just made the game WAY easier for you.

No 3x Crush Card Virus makes Gravekeepers just a decent deck. It just becomes some FAIL stun deck that failed cos it runs on traps to protect them only.


I just realized this is my 301'th post i didnt know i was blogging for that long!

And on a side note, I started playing XX Sabers again. Couldn't bear to sell the deck, and also i tested Plants out last night for a few hours, and i drew bad like 8/10 times. Every hand was partially dead with the most i could do, is Snowman plus Caius.

Didn't try a Quickdraw variant cos i didn't wanna mirror Yung Kang's deck.

I milled bad everytime with Ryko, Charge of the Light Brigade, and Card Gunner.

Seriously, any deck that requires milling is not for me!

Call me noob/ unlucky / no skill at playing plants, i don't care. It's not my kind of deck.

Except LS cos i dono why i mill godly for that deck (True story ask Sean)

But oh well there are strange things we can't explain in life either.


LFN said...

haha sabers are just that good :P

301 posts... and counting, keep it up

mike said...

lol. Thanks :D

they're so good yet what baffles me is how a simple Book of Moon stops them half dead.

I took your advice on -1 rag, +1 airbellum. works like wonders.

somehow plants dont work in my hands.

I remember trying to solitaire yungkang's deck and ended up with 2 volcanic shell and a load of crap in opening hand fml.

Michael Bonacini said...

plants just arent flexible. they force you into a slow game, so when an opponent opens with a crap hand, you allow them to draw out of it. i completely agree with you

mike said...

hahah yeah. so ur giving up on plants too? Plants is just wayy too slow for me.

from your blog i heard you were going to play geminis.

I have an idea for a Hero deck, but won't discuss it here. I'll email you on FB about it.

LFN said...

Yea with Emmersblade and Darksoul, the Loop is no longer the focus of X-Sabers haha

I don't like plants very much either.. actually it's just that Ryko doesn't like me.