Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saw plant cat at shriek. Nice. Snyffus glowup bulb in cat is viable. Also, synchro fish frog is cool.

Teched Mind Crush and Trap Dustshoot in every deck i had.

It was awesome, Mind Crush is too viable this format. Plus Dustshoot. I think almost every deck should go ahead and main it. And i mean stuff like Machina, Cat, Plant Beat, Hero beat, BF, GB etc. Any deck which has a win condition of attacking and not lame stuff like Countdown Burn etc.

Why do I think Mind Crush won't be back at 2?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Machine Emperor

If they are really really that easy to be special summoned (as long as your face up monster is destroyed by a card effect)

It's really amazing, the summoning conditions is really easy. Almost every good deck revolves around destroying face up monsters, stuff let's say Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, Mirror Force, Torrential Tribute, Scrap Dragon, Snowman Eater, Gravekeeper Descendant, Ryko, Lightlord Hunter God Bird Attack etc as i just wrote what randomly came to my head.

A free 2500 attack is no fun

Plus, the level 1 is really really cool since its versatile to be used as synchro fodder. level 1 is versatile as it can formulate Formula Synchron, or give you more synchro option

eg Junk Syncrhon + Cyber Dragon. If Emperor exists, it can probably allow you to summon Trishula instead of Stardust as an option if you wanna clear more cards.

Wisel's Infinity's effect has already been confirmed, whereby it can absorb at least one synchro per turn. You can have (max 5) synchro monsters equipped to it, provided you have enough monster card zones. If Wisel is destroyed, (like any other card equipped with an equipped spel card), the equipped card is sent to grave. So that ensures at least one synchro is destroyed

It can negate one spell per turn too. I'm guessing Granel and Skiel negate one trap/ monster effect per turn too.

Each is versatile in its own way depending on the meta (which meta is more dependant on trap/monster/ spell)
EG: This meta is equally dependant on its traps/spells/ monster effects. Last meta was more dependant on monsters for summoning.

Granel is Earth meaning fodder for E-hero Gaia, Skiel is Wind meaning fodder for E-Hero Great Tornado, and Wisel is dark, meaning it's probably gonna be the more commonly played one.

Mechanical Castle prevents your synchros from being the target of Synchros. It also adds a Machine Emperor when its destroyed.

Self replaceable, i like. But first part isn't awesome. Lol.

Being machine of course means its friends with DS and Cyber Dragon. Easy chimerafortress fodder

And OHMYGOD in the latest Yugioh episode 120 of 5DS, that guy has a Trishula!!!! So, it exists~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ban List

Whee time to make banlist.

Banned cards: None/ Seriously. If you ban too much right, then we will not have such a diverse enjoyable format anymore.

So, I go according to decks la.

Limited cards: Icarus Attack

Semi Limited: Kalut the Moonlight

Reasons: Icarus is broken. Try taking 2 out of BF deck and they will lose their so called Gemini Spark. Also, limiting Icarus, gives them more options to innovate and such. So, they don't really lose out.

Kalut is also evil because its like Honest. Too much Whirlwind galore into Kalut.
Kalut is one of the most dangerous cards out there.

Other comments: I know that some people will wanna limit Whirlwind, but imo, that will cripple the deck too much till it becomes almost unplayable. Shura need not be limited also. Its Kalut and Icarus that make Shura broken.

Limited: Trishula of the Ice Boundary
Semi-limited: Infernity Gun, Infenrity mirage

Reasons: As long as they have only one Trishula, its not so dangerous till it strips away 9 cards (3 from grave, hand field). I chose to limit Gun so they can't do to many loops, and I limited Mirage because its crazy since it can summon 2 Infenrity.

Other comments: I didn't limit Demon because with one you can still do the loop. I didn't limit Necromancer cos its not as broken as Mirage.


Limited: Ronintoaden, Substitoad,

Reasons: Obvious

Other comments: Though the frog lock is annoying, it isn't impossible to break it. Black Rose, Torrential, Gaius, Dark End Dragon, Scrap Dragon, Mist Wurm, Trishula, God Bird Attack...quite alot.


Limited: Nothing much really as the deck is quite okay. Its not so broken but I don't really play the deck so I'm not sure if Gearframe or Fortress should be touched.


Limited, semi-limited: Nothing much.

Declarer Lock ( Angel ceremony)

Limited/ Semi Limit: Archlord Christia. Three is too many to increase consistency to get the lock. If he has only Declarer its easy to kill as you can just perform a Synchro Summon.

Cat Synchro:
Comments: Nothing as the deck is quite stable now. Can't ban Cat as that's too cruel and you will kill the whole point of the deck. Limit Airbellum? Nah, they have less dead draw and now can play Magician's Ape (soon) or mix with Quickdraw Dandy because it can abuse Spore, Snyfus, Glow Up Bulb bla bla bla...

Okay That's all for decks. Next post, hopefully I will post the other random cards that make it in or out ot the banlist. Stuff like Brain Control and Trap Dustshoot is VERY VERY dangerous, but does that make it ban worthy?

Hopefully I will remember to answer these questions next time //


Friday, July 23, 2010

We reached that point

We reached that point of the format where there is almost nothing to blog about. It happens every format , at least once, if not twice.

True also, d//

Though release of Mgician Ape means that its an awesome card to splash in our decks.

Magician's Ape (effect is anime effect so it may be errataed)
level 3 /dark/ beast/ atk 800 def 1200
effect: This card can be treated as a Spellcaster too. When this card is in attack position, send one card in your hand to the graveyard to take control of one of your opponent's monsters. That monster cannot change its battle position.

Notice that it is not limited to once per turn. And its like Change of Heart cos face up, and face down, you can take all. Literally, almost better.

So, till next time!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random stuff

Gonna buy some Arcanite Supreme fusion magician. Too broken now. By playin Miracle Sycnrho Fusion, which is a minus one, you can remove 2 counters for your opponent to -2. Which is awesome, Also its like a Pot of Greed, except better because you get to keep a monster on the field to defend you or tribute for Caius.

Tuning Dandylion should splash Scar Red Nova.

I mean Quickdraw Dandy cos with Tunings and Glow Up Bulb, you can just play Scar Red Nova.

JUnk Synchron + Glow Up Bulb + Red Demon Dragon = Scar Red Nova.

Easy shit man.

Glow Up Bulb can be dumped by Foolish Burial, discarded by some random effect, revived by Junk Synchron, thrown away by Ryko the Light lord dog, and special summoned by One for One.

Quickdraw Dandylion now can splash Junk Sycnrhon

Let's rename it Scar Red Nova Dragon simple summon deck.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Polar Divine Emperor Thor

Apparently Thor has come out in the anime.

Wow shiok awesome power he has.

Level 10 is seriously not that hard nowadays. Its basically just any synchro summon but you invest one more monster in.

And you get something that almost never dies.

Stealing the effect of a card is pretty awesome too. I guess its like Neos Spacian dark Panther...meaning it is gonna have weird complicated rulings! Wargh they make my head spin right round right round.

Being a Divine Beast is awesome. So epic. First time we see divine beasts that are lower than level 12.

Oh btw, Thor is one great way to smash Scar Red Nova Dragon.

Notice it also says when it is destroyed and sent to the graveyard. Still pretty cool. Dies to Caius, DD Crow etc but so does everything.

But his effect is NOT THAT great. I hope the other 2 is better. Odin should be the best. Since in Norse mythology, Odin is the king and father of Thor.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Star Strike Blast!

Thanks to Baha.

Now let's note super rare cards from Star Strike Blast:

DD Ground- One turn DD Fissure. Awesome. Side deck material. Must invest in two. I mean DD Fissure is awesome but then the problem is if you're playing a meta deck, which is likely to invest in the graveyardm you can't main DD Fissure. One turn DD Fissure is nice stuff.

Dark Emperor Dig? - Something like Kuraz. But for removing 2 cards in graveyard. Can't attack on the turn its summoned like Kuraz. Mill 2 cards from opponent's topdeck??? Whaaaat? Epic fail. Trash.

Supreme Magician Arcanite- so what? Spamming Miracle Synchro Fusion in Gravekeeper cat is now very very viable! Arcanite Magician after used up and removed with Gracekeeper Spy/ Guard/ Descendant. Nice!

Power Breaker is cool too! Nice beatstick. Can see it spammed in Earth Beat decks. Also, Gigantes food.

Tuning- what it is super?? Money fly away. This is the new Pot of Duality.

Glowup bulb- hmmm cool stuff too. too bad it isn't a dark or its an auto level 5 synchro with Knight of the End. Discarding top card from the deck is much much more useful than Plaquespreader. It is also a tuner and it could be used for a sacrifice summon.

Core Chi Ring is pretty good for Core Chimail too. Destroying any face up monster and deals 1000 damage? Wow. Just like their Core Solemn negating thingy too which is freaking annoying.

Large Heat Wave- What??? Cold Wave monster form ?? You can still set something. Nice. Not exactly a game breaking card now, but we'll see.

Stranger's Compensation- Lets send Neos Alias to the graveyard, draw, and then play Hero Blast next turn! Or use it for Miracle Fusion stuff. Profit.

Star Eclipse Level Claim- Whaat? You can use it on your monster and then use it so synchro again...

Void Space is nice. Its almost like a one turn Royal Oppression. Similar to Imperial Order which is usually used for one or two turns only. The sad thing is its much easier to get rid of then Oppression. Only by "sending" it,....Hmm....

Large Traphole- is mehh. Could keep it, one day it can be viable side deck material. Best is when your opponent special summons with Gyzarus, then chain it and everything is lost.

Tyrant's Coercion works better than many think. The cost of releasing one monster can be voided by just chaining it to your monster when its about to be destroyed to lose target. Then being not affected by trap cards is useful too. No Bottomless, no Torrential Tribute, no Mirror Force.

I guess that means chaining Torrential Tribute when you normal summon will end up letting your opponent's cards be destroyed and not yours.

Best is no God Bird Attack.

But with Gemini Sparks, Caius, other forms of monster removal (Aklys and Legion). its quite meh too.

Oh why doesn't Konami release more game breaking cards like best in the old days?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cease Fire!

Today's topic is ceasefire!

I think we can agree this is the best burn card in the game which has the ability to deal up to 2500 to 3000 damage in just one turn.

So, why is ceasefire viable tech this format?

Firstly its first effect is very very useful at certain times as it can allow you to flip face down cards up for safe attacks.

Let's not forget it completely destroys Jowls of Dark Demise, Gravekeeper's SPY, GUARD, and Ryko lightlord dog. It's almost like your best friend versus Cat Synchro.

Oh yeah take note it doesn't destroy Mr. Snowman eater because snowman is not considred a flip effect monster.

But that's good if you are the one using Snowman! Flip Ceasefire up and deal 1000 damage then destroy a face up card with Snowman. (Your opponent is guaranteed to have a face up)

Of course that isn't half the potential that Ceasefire brings. In a control heavy format, we im to deal as much damage as possible.

Ceasefire deals at least 2000 damage if you use it well.

It is chainable, plus at the right timing, it could give you game. Seriously chipping off 1/4 of your opponent life points is scary stuff. Even if you only inflict 1000, its really alot.

Let's not forget Royal Oppression, Solemn Judgment, Divine Warning, My Body as a Shield.

You can chain Ceasefire to inflict damage to your opponent when he decides to activate a life paying card such as Divine warning and My Body as a Shield. Super epic if you can render that card useless by chipping off his or her lifepoints.

Inflicting 2000 damage plus in early-mid game, and mid game, is very valuable when you want to deal damage in late game. Sometimes you think about it and say "shit, what a close game, I lost by 1000 lifepoints only. What a shame"

What a shame, right? Ceasefire can change it.

Its an incredible card that is for crippling opponents. I think its good tech, as i too, have teched it out, and won several games with it. Its been always good and proves useful. Also, that could be because I rarely get bad hands so its not hard to utilize Ceasefire to its fullest.

Oh oh! Read its text it says for each effect monster on the field. Dragunitys can use this to punish the opponent with its crazy Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Swarm and Mistill and also since every Dragonunity basically is 2 Dragunity since they always cheat and summon each other from the graveyard.

Oh my god, Birds are full of God Bird Attacks, first 3 copies of the card itself, now Legion and Aklys. Nuts man. Legion is a +2, so basically thats probably one of the main reasons why the deck is so good aside loop and Dragon canyon, the best field spell in the world.

Let's use it to burn Dragunity too when they throw their Aklys at Ceasefire face down.

Its so random and its so epic! who would be ready for Ceasefire??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fifa World Cup!

Nothing Yugioh related.

Netherlands FTW! Arjen Robbin and Wesley Snedjer ftw!

Who cares what that octopus thinks!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Falcon Beat

Bored today so here's my take on Falcon beat!

With the release of Dragonity structure, we have 2 incredible decktypes emerging - namely Dragunity and Falcon.

Falcon is an underused card and its underrated by most duelists. The one where you spam Big Bang Shot is the best probably.

3 Mist Valley Falcon
2 Raiou
3 Gravekeeper Spy
1 Gravekeeper Guard
2 Snowman eater
1 Breaker the Magic Warrior
1 Battle Fader
3 Caius the Shadow Monarch
1 Mobius the Frost Monarch

1 Brain Control
1 Cold Wave
1 Mystic Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
1 My Body as a Shield
1 Swords of Revealing Light
1 Swords of Concealing Light
2 Arms Hole
2 Big Bang Shot
1 Pot of Avarice
1 Giant Trunade

2 Royal Oppression
1 Starlight Road
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Trap Dust Shoot
1 Solemn Judgment
2 Dimension Prison

Beat style, which allows diversiy for trap cards to make strong defensive plays.

The deck plays a monarch stall variant with Spy Guard and Snowman which all acts as incredibly powerful floaters.

I didn't run that card called Gravekeeper Descendant cause i didn't exactly need it. Falcon plus Big Bang Shot= Gold already.

Breaker is useful plus it can bait Bottomlesses and you could recycle him with Falcon.

Of course you can recycle Caius and Mobius with Falcon too!

Return Monarch, return Big Bang Shot, tribute Falcon and resummon Monarch. You have just cleared at least two cards on your opponent's field. Too bad Big Bang Shot can't be equiped to face down monsters..

Raiou is staple for beat decks and can be very annoying with all the back row in this deck. My Body as a Shield is really unexpected and can save your Falcon from Bottomless.

2 Arms Hole and 2 Big Bang Shot to get combo.

Swords of Revealing Light and Swords of Concealing Light to be recycled with Falcon. Swords makes sure your opponent never attacks, and Swords of Concealing Light is Book of Eclipse, basically so your opponent will never see his monsters.
Concealing Light is not really a main combo but it can prove useful when you want to destroy some strong monster with low defence. Its quite okay tech.

Trap lineup is quite normal and standard actually and i would play that lineup in almost any Beat deck this format.

Somehow I feel the deck has too much monster hate but not enough backrow hate.

Removing pesky Dragunitys like Laevatin is awesome with Big Bang Shot.

Random idea- Bamboo Chut Beat to be mixed with Monarchs combo. Could it work? That way the deck has 2 directions which is always good.

Thinking of teching Chain Destruction. Incredibly useful this format. BF shura die in hell. Blizzard no more appear for lucky topdecks!

Chain Disappearance is some sort of Crack to the Different Dimension cos against Infernity and Frogs it totally takes away one combo piece of the deck! Bye Necromancer/ Mirage/ Swap frog/ Substitoad/ Ronintoadin!

Chain Disappearance is officially the main card to use to sidedeck against Frogs. I Think. Scared they chain Aoi to Disappearance only. Urgh Urgh.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So chem today was suprisingly easy. I think i will pass :D

Tomorrow is Moral and for Malaysian syllybus we have to remember and memorize word for word definition of moral and life values. =.= Im sure everyone hates it too. Cheating mode activate!!!!

Vayuu the emblem of honour as super rare in Majestic Red tin??? Nice. Super rare Battle Fader? nicer!

Scar Red Nova dragon is changed to Nova Red Dragon in TCG. Boo hiss.

Thanks Exiro for telling me that Fusion gate's effect is not counted as triggering or activating the effect. Now, Fusion Gate Heroes can kill Declarer! Provided they don't summon Kristia lol but that's usually much later in the game or around mid game.

No post tommorrow and Saturday. Futsal, Badminton, Movie, Karaoke, Supper, Sleepover.

Playtesting on Saturday so hopefully Sunday can, if im not busy.

That's all for today. One day I will discuss the benefits of a trap heavy Froggy build. Like Andrew's. Instead of the usual 4 traps consisting of 3 aoi, and 1 trap dust chute.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Declarer again.

So is using Fusion Gate's effect to fusion summon considered as using its effect?

Or does Fusion Gate just sit there and its effect is like allowing you to fusion summon without Poly.

Cause the way its phrased makes it sound that way.

If the effect doesn't trigger so easy to kill Declarer. Summon some fusion like Shining and whack it to death.

So since Declarer never dies, the only way to beat a Angel Ceremony deck is to play aggressively and spam the field with synchro summons as fast as possible. Make sure their attacks exceed 2800.

That way Declarer can't bitch at you ^^

That's all for today i guess. Chem paper tomorrow. Rumors are its so terrible it can make you skip lunch.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Herald of Perfection

Okay short post today. Exams not yet finished. Wait till friday >.<

After that will have a lot of decklists and discussion, i hope.

Just Herald of Perfection discards a fairy to negate a monster/spell/trap effect etc.

So, is Herald like Light and Darkness Dragon?

Can it only use its effect once per chain? I mean it would be broken if I:

1) activate MST
2) Herald chainlink 2
3) I declare 3rd chain link and chain a Raigeki Break

can Herald jump chain link and negate Raigki break again? No right...That would be illogical even in terms of Konami rulings....

So, if that can be done, it will be very easy to kill.

Chain Divine Wrath , Doomcaliber Knight, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Raigeki break, Gemini Spark, God Bird Attack, Book of Moon etc etc.... Too many to name.

If can't, prepare to scoop and side in Lava Golemn or Volcanics Queen.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Black Ptera

Totally saw this card when browsing Japan Nationals.

Some guy was using Ptera Control. So, I checked it out and here's its effect:

When this card is sent to the graveyard, other than being destroyed by battle, it is returned to your hand.

Pretty amazing and can go for some OTK of some sort. So I checked it out in the internet and what do you know, there is really a Ptera OTK.

Apparently it takes the dinosaur itself and Ultimate Offering and a card that can deal damage (i.e: Cannon Soldier, Toon Cannon Soldier, Mass Driver)

Tribute Ptera with a Mass Driver and deal 500 damage and return it to hand. Your opponent's life is at 7500.

Now pay for Ultimate Offering and summon Ptera again so now your life is at 7500. Tribute for Mass and opponent's life is at 7000.

So after you OTK, you will be left with 500 life points, cos you are always 500 life points ahead of your opponent.

To receive zero damage, just run stuff like Waboku and stuff you would run in Countdown.

Cool OTK but its epicness level would be 0 out of 10. OTK with a dinosaur? Lame!

Alot of Hero Light Beat in Japan, didn't realise it was such a popular deck for them. BF still topping there.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brain Control

Nothing to post and waiting for Sung Lee's decklists...

Plus, my exams are like now, so just a short post. History motherfucking hard, ask any malaysian, they will tell you form 4 and 5 history need remember abt 6 to 7 points on meaningless stuff. Height, area measurements for Hindu Buddha temples? Ugh.

So another filler post this time regarding Brain Control.

Brain Control is arguably the most broken card in the game right now (except for Heavy Storm). Its the single card that should be banned, but left limited for our topdecking luck sack pleasures.

I'm sure many of you , including me, have topdecked a Brain Control at the last moments of the match and turned the game around with it. And you won.

Therefore, here is proof that Brain Control was made for the late game.

So there are many players playing it wrong. Because they choose to activate it in early game and waste it on removing that single monster when you have 1000 other ways to do so.

Brain Control wins games. It is the staple that must be inside all decks that are not autopilot FTK etc.

So, save it for late game next time, unless your in a tight pinch. Decks like Frog Monarchs should not use it so quickly, as they can tribute for their Monarchs and LADD with their Frogs or Soul Exchange.

Try playing in a more conservative manner, what can hurt? From what I hear, Singaporean players are extremely conservative and that is how they win tourneys. Proof: Ben Hong as the defending World Champion.

Conserve that Brain Control and you can see a difference.