Thursday, October 20, 2011

More OTK w/ dragons!

firstly, the thing konami tcg did with DW deck promotion was really really gay.

Summon out dragon, banish for redmd, special summon pulsar for redmd's effect.

send both to grave for Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon.

Pulsar's effect ss REDMD which in turn revives Pulsar again

Total damage = 8300 damage otk lol.

Yes the more Galaxy Eyes , the more fun.

Kudos to Anand for the combo =)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Little Bit Of Comparison

So, i decided to compare MTG and Yugioh, since i know a wee bit about mtg but i know shit about vanguard still.

One of the things that makes mtg superior to yugioh is how the game is designed. For example, mtg is designed that it is harder to lose life points unless your playing burn, whereas its so easy to lose all 8000 lp in one turn, or it can happen in the course of 2 or 3 turns.

mtg was designed so that your opponent has 20 lp, and yugioh has 8000 life points. Because mtg allows your opponent to choose to block whichever monsters you want, the game prolongs. furthermore, mtg doesnt deal the difference as battle damage to lp like yugioh does. That is not necessary a bad thing and can be healthy but when the game is designed in a way that you can dump 8000 lp worth of stuff on the field like snapping your fingers, then you have a problem there.

but its not impossible to end the game in mtg too because some creatures have flying effects or other built in effects like haste, death touch, bla bla bla.

another reason is that mtg has a larger set base. To make up for the set rotation problem (which sucks), mtg releases more cards in a set. Perhaps Yugioh OCG could release more cards, so that we have more options to play or choose from. You can really notice that YGO in the OCG now is quite stagnant and theres not much changing around so its getting kinda boring lately since everything is the same. Its different in the TCG because more cards are released cos of exclusives etc, and then the cards are really lop-sided cos some can be really broken while some really suck, which i guess are fillers only.

with that said, mtg's large set base consists of more playable themes and cards. these cards exist within the same power level which makes the game more fair. sure there are planeswalkers and stuff, and i can say almost each planeswalker is equivalent to dropping a hyperion, it makes up for it by being more generic, so each deck has its very own planeswalker unless your playing something really theme specific.

i guess what im trying to say is that the designers should make more of yugioh's cards more generic and less theme specific to ensure a lil more variation.

nowadays its all about theme theme theme, and like rauzes said, there is alot of weightage on how you build your deck in yugioh. when you play dw or angels, there are theme cards which you MUST add in order to keep it smmoth and effective.

dont you remember the times in early yugioh way before GX era only during LOB to AST, whereby there is less weightage on deck building? You dont have to throw in multiples of several copies of a certain theme card, and the best decks were ones whereby at least half of the monster base is made up of staple stuff like Sangan, Breaker, Spirit Reaper, DD Warrior Lady etc.

Take for example Zombies last time, it was just Vampire Lord, Pyramid Turtle mixed with other staples etc.

even warrior toolbox last time was not theme specific at all, whereby you just put in don zaloog, exiled force, dd warrior lady and other random warriors, and 3 reinforcements of army. there was no "Mainspring for Mainspring only" or stuff like that.

the most themed deck last time was probably gadgets and its just putting in 9 gadgets while everything else is generic.

remember how goat control was shaped from putting the very best cards in the game while backed up by a great ideology of stopping every single option of your opponent with TER, BLS etc?

Maybe im just nostalgic but then yeah its totally more boring nowadays. Maybe Konami should make it less about appealing to kids and i think they are kinda sidetracking from the original Yugioh which we all loved.

maybe this is why everyone is going into VG because it was designed by Kazuki Takahashi himself and it probably aims to try to correct every loophole YGO has. I just dont like the art. Prefer more mystic kinda art like MTG or old school YGO :D

anyhow this is not a rant, and its just a comparison :D

thank you for reading.

edit: due to large amount of response, (never knew i would get that many) i guess what i mean to say is that i want to see more decks that are less theme specific. problem was the repitition of seeing certain decks over and over again got to me. themes nowadays are good enough to keep up with good decks that comprise of non themed cards like junk doppel. so yeah. just wanted to see more theme decks vs non theme decks in the game around. just personal opinion.

i still think that sets should be larger in ocg, and stuff like that lol

Monday, October 17, 2011


Finally, i post about Dragons!

As you all know, the new SD is broken, and releasing REDMD into competitive play in Malaysia is nuts because REDMD is a great boss monster, possibly as good as Hyperion and Grapha, as its almost the same as having 3 Gorz in your deck (REDMD generates a beatstick once per turn)

Pulsar is good because you can ss REDMD and go into something else.

The advantage about this new deck is that it makes Dragons a Tier 1 swarm deck right off the bat.

While most people have forgotten about Dragons, let me refresh your memory about what Dragons can do, and the advantages they have.

1) A decent draw engine

Trade In exists and its still a good card, where you dump something and draw 2. Unlike other draw engines, like Cards from the Sky or Cards for BF , Trade in has no drawback whatsoever.

2) The ONLY deck around to have an effective Painful Choice sort of card.

FutureFusion alone makes this deck overpowered, and once this deck is released i expect FF to be banned in the next list. Its a friggin Painful Choice which leads to +2s or 3 instantly and can even fill up your entire field. Keeping it around means dropping a 5000 attack beatstick once 2 turns have passed, or it forces your opponent to use his MST or spell.trap removal.

Furthermore if you dump 3 REDMD, 1 Pulsar , 1 other random Dragon, you can effectively end up with 5 big Dragons on your field with just one move!

3) The generation of many OTK FTK engines.
Dragons have always been somehow used as engines because of their high level, and their synergy with Trade In. Because Dragons have such good synergy with REDMD, Future Fusion, Blue Eyes White Stone (used in Exodia FTK) etc too.

There is currently one going around with Cannon Soldier/ Toon CS, and Pulsar.

4) Foolish Burial every turn. Some of you may have forgotten Dragon Canyon.

You can discard a card to Foolish Burial a Dragon once per turn. I think this is a joke because you can just discard REDMD or Pulsar and use canyons effect to dump a dragon from your deck, and then revive Pulsar ss REDMD, ss another dragon and end up with a field of 3 beatsticks just like that. Its crazy, not even Junk Dopple can generate high level stuff as efficiently as Dragons.

I can dump Pulsar, discard REDMD and something else for Pulsar's cost, ss it from graveyard and just do stuff from there. Its ridiculous and the options are infinite.

5) The only deck out there besides X Sabers or old school zombies to have so many Monster Reborn effect monsters in the deck. Pulsar revives REDMD, Red Eyes Wyvern revived REDMD and REDMD revives everything else.

Discarding White Stone for Pulsar only generates advantage in the form of Blue Eyes White Dragon, while Blue Eyes fuel the engine of Trade In, and stuff, and its a decent removal target for Pulsar (effect or removal cost) and REDMD.

Blue Eyes isnt exactly dead either. You could try running Sin Blue Eyes just for the fun , okay i am sidetracking from competitive play ideas, but then the ideas are endless.

I am very sure there are a thousand other better Light or Dark monsters around , but its just i cant think of em right now.

One of the core points of this deck now is setup. If you can effectively set up Light and Dark Dragons in the grave consistently, you can pull Pulsar, or if you need to discard for Pulsar to be ss'ed from the grave, and you can do it without losing advantage, then you have a tier 1 deck right off the bat.

As im typing this, there has only been 1 card out of the 5 new cards in Dragons (i totally have to mention this.

I been getting so many "you should use Gate of Dark World, or Snow, or your deck build of DW is bad" when those cards have not even been confirmed at that time, that its not even funny.

Most likely, the new cards include a searcher beatstick theme card, and more field magic stuff, and a useless random trap lol

Anyway, more updates once the cards are released !

When i have time, i will try to compare MTG and Yugioh through the gaming aspects and the design, and a lil on the card design but not on Konami's or Wizards faults etc.

Monday, October 10, 2011

GoGoGo Giant

Just finally saw Shriek after a really really long time :D

GoGoGo Giant:

Level 4/ attack: 2000/ defence: 0 / attribute: earth

effect: when this card is normal summoned, special summon 1 gogogo monster frm your graveyard. then change this card to defence position, and if this monster attacks, it is turned to defence position afterwards.

Thank god this card is changed to defence after effect resolves, or else you could summon gogogo, revive gogogo number 2, whack 2 opponent monsters and then exceed.

Anyhow, this card is a very good instant rank 4 exceed and it has potential.

Could be the new Debris Dragon kind of card. As the protagonist, Yuma is bound to receive more support in many ways.

You can also randomly revive glow up to make naturia beast.

Inzecter Beetle is also interesting as it is a pseudo Scrap Dragon, although Scrap Dragon is much better.

However, being level 6, it can be nifty for X sabers because Hyunlei is a floater and you can use your Faultroll for exceeding it, and you can actually generate profit if you send Darksoul or Gottoms E Call to grave, depending on how well you play it.

Anyhow, dropping it on the field already guarantees that it has a very big attack due to its effect.

PS: Managed to get Seans decklist for Chaos BF. Will ask him again if he allows me to post it. He won the recent Zexal Ranking tourneys again, (1st on Sunday, 2nd on Saturday), seriously he is like the new Wong Fei Hung.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

D Boyz

Yup you all would have seen this already.

Really racist lol.


"everyday im shuffling shuffling"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

QD Doppel 2.0

2 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
1 Dark Armed Dragon

2 QD synchron
2 Junk synchron
1 spore
1 glow up bulb
2 effect veiler
1 level eater
2 card trooper
2 ryko
1 mystic tomato
1 sangan
1 dandylion
2 doppel warrior

3 tuning
2 mst
1 foolish burial
1 heavy storm
1 one for one
1 rota
1 monster reborn
1 dark hole
1 pot of avarice

2 call of haunted
1 torrential tribute
2 bottomless trap hole


I only run 5 boss monsters because of consistency and lack of space. QD version takes up more space. Still choosing between DAD or a Sorcerer.

Really wanna fit in another Junk Synchron, the deck will be perfect that way. 3 Tunings now to search 4 monsters sounds impractical but works better than you think because Drill Warrior can discard any useless stuff.

Really wanna cut down the deck to 1 Veiler because its quite useless in the OCG

BTH eliminates the luck factor in YGO and i even chose to run it over Dustshoot.

No scapegoat because lack of space. No mind control or enemy controller because they were just okay, and i didnt find them spectacular. they were just there most of the time and i didnt really need them.

i think 2 Trags are really compulsory in every Plant build because it makes the deck more consistent especially when you have a bad hand, and dropping a 3k attack Trag solves everything. The Snatch Steal effect doesnt work that much in here because most of my monsters are weenies but then the level modulation thing is so good and gives so much versatility to the deck.

Kinda satisfied with this build now. It may not hav the 3rd Junk or the Scapegoat or Mind Control but it works pretty well and consistently for a Plant build, the only problem i have is drawing QDs without any other monsters and a whole load of spells and traps. May cut out the engine and just play pure Doppel xD

Thats all for today thanks for reading.