Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We now enter

We now enter that phase in Yugioh during mid format where everything gets boring, lack of innovation, stereotype cookie cutters dominate the game, and us bloggers become lazy.

Luckily, we all have a life. I think.

May think of playin Exodia deck. Legend White Stone + Cards of Consonance are now cheap.
So, random combo from angel deck:

Summon Earth , play Sanctuary, add Hyperion/ Jupiter , remove Earth drop Hyperion.

Next turn, drop Jupiter , pitch card, special summon Earth --> tune level 6 synchro of your choice.

Hyperion now has 2 light monsters in grave to have fun with !


Plants and zombies actually make an awesome combination. proxied Rau's decklist. mmm. fast, fast.

Sorry for boring you guys but until i find something worth posting on, nvm.

I need a bang button.

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LFN said...

Yea OCG wise i think it's likely getting a bit stale, maybe Lost Sanctuary will shake things up a little?

TCG though we just got Hidden Arsenal 3, I don't think it'll have much impact on the meta though. Probably just Balkion and Gungnir haha

btw i send u a quick question in an email, check ur inbox :)