Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want Cardass branded sleeves! If anyone can find them, please contact me!!!!The blue ones!

Firstly, regarding Mr Jae Kim's article on Blackfeathers, congrats to you, you found out something the OCG duelists have been doing since...forever? Its a good thing you're an influential player, now maybe BF will flourish in the TCG meta again.

Tested Hero deck against Infernities. Forgot to bring sidedeck so had to play with the cards in my maindeck =.= Learnt my lesson to feign the thought about advantage against Infernity and just summon Absolute Zero and my opponent will confirm be in a predicament.

Giant Trunade is annoying! I couldn't change Gemini Spark to Infirnity Gun!

Tested against BF. Won by 7-5 on first day but then i was beginning to lose faith in my deck. I decided to re-main my Battle Fader which I sided out for Monk and after re-maining Fader, the deck became much much better. Gravekeeper's Guard is a bad draw. Good topdeck but I'm rarely pushed into these situations.

After some retesting. 2-0. Yes the deck is back on form.

If i get all my traps, its mostly GG but then if not, I may struggle abit, but still okay.

Got 2 Super Poly and may think of teching one.

Running Pot of Greederosity in 2s in more than enough per deck. I encourage you guys to search this card and main it en masse. Its too good not to be passed up.

need to go watch the idol finale now. i totally missed it =.=

Also, I have THREE weeks of HOLIDAY! Feeling elated now, time to have fun and relieve all the stress! More posts soon//

Monday, May 24, 2010

Summon priest and the Jessica

For some reason, blogger is not failing me afterall :D so first a Yugioh-related post. Short one nia.

Card review: Summon Priest.
Extremely versatile this format. and extremely useful. can summon E-hero Airman , Rai-oh, Honest for Light Beat and Her0 decks. Turns that useless dead E-Emergency Call/ Terraforming into free monsters. Fun to call Honest. I'm testing it out in hero and its working VERY WELL.

And you know the usual Cat stuff, uh huh.

Can be adapted into Infernity to summon Demon by pitching your magic card. Then search gun to hand.

Or its a direct Proving Ground in GB.

Machina Gadget dont need it lol. and Blackwings dont need it either.

Extremely useful in the right deck. Every person should look through their decks and see if their deck can adapt Monk. remember Monk boosts synergy and imo, its the most important aspect of the game.

Synergy of various cards to create deadly combos can destroy consistent decks.

Rating: 4/5

Now on to the girl!

She is my close friend, who is one year younger than me and damn pretty. I first noticed SNSD from the Super Girl video by Super Junior and I saw a girl who looked like my friend! So I researched it on the net and bla bla bla.

My friend doesn't believe she bears resemblance to jessica lol.

She's top student, star athlete bla bla bla.

For starters, here's 3 scenes from Super Girl. Notice the blonde brownish hair girl.

yes the one in the middle lol.

yes quite pretty right.

Now pay attention to the next few pictures.

No la, dont look at the black girl! Thats my friend's sister. Look at the fair pretty one texting :)

Seriously, similar right! My classmates quite agree too.
This is her with the basketball guy. She still looks better natural in real life.

Nei, star athlete! From this year's Sports Day.
Jessica is thin as a stick, and so is this girl. Younger version only la! She's 14 going on 15. Same shape somemore! her brownish hair is natural btw.
Now promise me you guys dont go spam her on Facebook. Later i die. Seriously. Then I may have to shut down this blog haha.
Cos no one else knows I blog. About Yugioh. And certainly not show her pictures on the blog without her consent.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Wanted to update like long long time ago but blogger wouldn't let me sign in properly =.= was busy yesterday etc.

So, I tested my Heroes against Quickdraw a couple of days ago, and went 5 nil. yes, 5:0

So, I came upon a conclusion while seeing Quickdraw in action and seeing the feature matches in YCS Chantilly.

Problem: LADD and Tytannial.

They may be awesome beatsticks if brought out right but seriously la, it can be very very bad draw and sucks if you draw it at the wrong time.

Tytannial can be useful but imo, the deck should be all about crazy synchro-ing and I really suggest players to take them out and replace them with stall cards (see some previous post on the options that Quickdraw can take)

I think players should run more Debris/Junk Synchron and Tuning when it comes out :)

The deck is meant more to be a synchro deck so dont go play Tytannial and LADD inside it for nothing :)

Anyways, the top 2 is Crystal and LEE! But today's topic is 2nd runner up Casey James. I really liked his version of "Daughters".

And apparently we have a card that looks like him LOL. Except Honest's hair is longer and he is dressed in some gay old Greek costume. Which is good, it acts character to the art.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Synchron Explorer

Yeah this card is good
Why aren't you using it !
The range of targets match Junk Synchron...well..kinda...ok maybe that was exagerrating but its versatility nearly matches Junk's.
Its a well balanced card that can fit into (once again... ) Quickdraw decks. Just realised you can summon this and special summon Qucikdraw Synchron. (Hey it gets milled away sometimes!) So why not revive Quickdraw with this?
Instant Gungnir/ Black Rose some powerful lvl 7 syncrho.
If you have 1 fluff token (which you most likely will!), you can play a lvl 8 , say Stardust, Scrap Dragon or ooh Junk Destroyer and destroy some cards!
If you have 2 fluff tokens, lets just synchro Trishula.
Try testing it out. If it fits your taste, run it!
With Tuning, all Yuusei decks are finally confirmed Tier 1 to 2! Awesome awesome. Reinforcement of the Army for Synchron cards.
Also, if you watch 5Ds, when Quick Syncrhon uses his effect, there is a scene where he uses his gun and shoots a roulette wheel of "Syncrhon cards" to be susbstituted as. Notice there are a couple more Synchron tuners that we have never seen before so this probaly means more broken (hopefully) support! Nice!
Also, Formula Synchron is cool since you can auto synchro Black Rose or Trishula durin opponent's turn just like that. Epic man. I'll leave it to ur imaginations or Neuxman to think of the epicness where your opponent declares he's gonna play it. Then oops trishula it out of his hand. LOL. ok its not legal in tourney, but STILL!
Gonna complete my Hero deck real soon :) Yes!
LGQ, if you want my Red Eyes, come offer :)

Monday, May 10, 2010


Snyffus is made for plant and beast support.

As if it wasn't gay enough?

Now, quickdraw plant beat can incorporate snyffus for more combos. worst comes to worst, quickdraw cat???

Also, if Cat into Snyffus and Ryko is only level 2 dont forget the token farming involved or you could incorporate GK Spy for nice synchro options.

On a side note, i may be slowing down on YuGiOh. Its getting a little boring. especially with no one to play with. If I lived in KL, things may be different. And by different it could be better or worst. I could be more focused on YGO because there are many shops. Or KL is so big and nice for social life so I may ignore YGO.

Oh well. Expect blog to be updated frequently though.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Teching Quickdraw Dandywarrior: can we make it Tier 0?

Today, we look at tech, for the deck Drill Plant, aka Quick Dandy Warrior.

This tech can apply for both OCG and TCG, but is more OCG-based.

This article and information was taken from the conversation between me and Andrew last night.

Before we look at splashing tech in a deck, we can consider a few aspects, which are mainly:
a) Solving the problems faced by a deck
b) Adding more synergy, utility and options for the deck to combat a certain meta/ or to suit your playstyle
c) There is no C, and almost anything else that doesn't fulfill both, or one of the conditions above, its not tech, its crap.

So, lets analyse one of the problems in a deck.

Problem 1
* Speed, and consistency.

Sure the deck is already tier 1, but what every tier 1 deck wants to do now is to achieve tier 0 standard whereby it can solve all problems faced and defeat majority of the other meta tier 1 decks out there.

Sure we can agree Drill Plant is gay with all the token farming and all the abuse with Dandylion. But, whose to say that your hands just literally suck sometimes.

Or if we meet another deck that's too fast such as Lightlord in game 1.

That's where this card comes in.

If we think about it, there is no flaw or reason why we shouldn't main deck this, apart from deck space. But, Roar is a very good tech that lets you stall for a turn so you can set up your combo.

It also helps you stop Judgment Dragon from killing you so fast. Of course, in Drill Plant, they play many Ryko and stuff to slow the pace down and control.

I've seen several feature matches where Jeff Jones draw really crappy hands but change the whole game with just one or two draws. Its that explosive.

If Threatening Roar is good in a deck for stalling then so will this guy:

Cyber valley is one of those slow cards that help you to maintain the state of the game safe for you since it has so many various effects. First is a staller which can earn you another card. Its basically threatening roar plus one card to replace it. If you think about it properly, it brings the game one turn forward for you with the card is netts and it basically rendered your opponent's turn almost useless if he coudln't destroy it.

The second effect lets you abuse Dandylion fluff free token to draw 2 cards, awesome awesome.

Third effect lets you ditch a useless card to return one of your cards from the grave to the decktop. Awesome again since it can nett you your heavy storm, torrential tribute etc.

And it gets even better if you can add that card to your hand with......

Pot of generosity!
That was just some random combo from my head, but can prove useful, yet situational, especially when you want to go for game or clear the opponent's field or assemble a combo.
Or it can just let you search your deck. Basically with Pot of Generosity (in your opening hand, lets assume that) , we have seen 9 cards already from our deck (6 from your opening hand, and 3 more from Pot). Then we can just set a Ryko or Snowman Eater and maybe a face down or so. Perfect opening play.
Sometimes its worth giving up your special summon for that turn to see more options from your deck. With all the removal and stall Quickdraw can manage, its easy to stay in the game and just do your farming next turn.
Who knows, you play Pot and find out Tytannial is the next card on top of your deck, What a relieve you will have, huh?

The last card today is:
Why PWWB, you ask? Its simple. PWWB allows the player to deassemble a certain combo that your opponent wants to play. At a simple cost of a single card from your hand, you are allowed to disrupt the game in a thousand and one ways possible.
At end phase, you could discard a Dandy and than tribute the token for a monarch or Light and Darkness Dragon the next turn.
And maybe toss a card to the grave so you can play Debris Dragon. Then synchro, and recontrol the game with 1000 more options in your hand that you haven't played.
Or simply add another monster into the graveyard for the count of Pot of Avarice. Who knows, you may have a dead Tytannial and Lonefire in hand and if you discard Tytannial, you get to return it to the deck with Pot and draw 2 cards, then summon Lonefire and tribute it for Tytannial.
From 2 dead cards to a beatstick, removal of one opponent's card and 2 more options from your deck. Awesome awesome.
Returning a BF synchro to the decktop is annoying too. Like seriously. Or Stardust, ouch!
PWWB is a card that slows down the pace of the game and adds control, while adding synergy for different various combos whcih were usually unavailable beforeand most importantly, turn the tide in your favour.
QuickDraw DandyWarrior is not an autopilot deck like Lightlord or FTK decks, its actually a very very complex deck that has several conditions, several options and several combos that we have never seen before, or are yet to discover unless we are extremely familiar with the deck from playing it for a really really long time.

Its difficult to master, and requires alot of playtesting before you can decide which is the best move for a certain situation.

And that's what I love about it.

Although I cant play it cos I'm too lazy to find the cards lol.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A card most of you should have in your sidedeck.

Remember Legendary Judo Master, that card that everybody was sidedecking a couple of formats ago?

It was widely sided , and sometimes mained, to beat Gladial Beasts and can be extremely annoying.

This format's must sidedeck card is definitely Snowman Eater.

Snowman Eater destroys any face up monster on the field when it is flipped, BUT its not a flip effect. So once attacked, it acts as a monster destruction option.

If you see the trend from Shriek, you can see Snowman being mained in 2s or 3s in the side.

Its extremely good against BF, true story, as it eats anything up. Very annoying.

It also has extremely high defense (1900) which is very annoying already in this format, so opponent will take some damage or have to actually put in effort to destroy it.

A few posts ago, I talked about what a good opening play it would make.

We are in a slow format, so why not play this? Once it has destroyed something, the next turn you can use it as synchro bait. Being level 3, it is not too high and not too low, and you can easily summon Junk Destroyer or Trisiula. Its easy Goyo and Brionac fodder too.

Level 3 and water and 0 attack makes it a very good addition in Junk and Debris. This card has an awesome effect, and the attack makes it good for Debris target. Being water lets you access to stuff like Gungnir and not the usual boring Chain Dragon or Black Rose.

Its also so good in Hero decks as it does the same thing while providing fodder for Absolute Zero. Ab Zero is still crazy good this format because it can mess with the opponent's monsters. At least its a one for one. And usually it destroys at least 2 or more cards.

Wei we can also splash it in Drill Plant! (quickdraw dandywarrior) Good Debris target, good opening play, and set it then next turn discard Quick Synchron and Dandy so you can make Trisiula or any level 8 you want. Awesome awesome. Snowman is also good staller in Drill Plant if you cant get your combos yet or if your hand is bad.

Don't forget Cat! Basically ANY tech that you can splash into Drill Plant can be splashed into Cat too. The 2 decks are really similar except for the main combos or the fluff farming which is gay!

Seriously la, it can last at least 2 turns average if your opponent doesnt have a god hand. If you play it as an opening move, theres no doubt that it will last 3 turns or even more.

I would find some jap versions of Snowman if i could :(

I advise you guys to go find some and if you come across it whilst trading or browsin people's binder, invest a few bucks or commons and get it! Its no doubt an awesome investment.

This post is more for the OCG. I guess Snowman could work in TCG too since Drill Plant and Cat is really popular there. Hmmm.

I cant believe I missed 2nd may tourney!!!!! I cant believe it was Nationals!!!!!!!!!!!! since when was Nationals so fast!!!! nNuuuuuuuuuu....... shit...oh well nvm la.... :(

Also, I know Trap Dustshoot isn't fun to run, but I agree with EGale from Duelist Deductions. It is awesome and if you play a major tourney, make sure to switch a card for a Dustshoot!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ad Changer

effect: Remove this card in the graveyard from play to select one monster on the field and change its battle position.

WOW. This is the new Necro Gardna. LS and some Black Knight Dark or White Knight Light decks may want to tech it out. Like baha said 3 Necro and 3 Trago=block till next year.

Warrior somemore. Searchable by Calling Army.

Also Plant Hero sounds like a good idea due to Future Fusion abuse. Dump dandy or spore plus Another Neos to be abuse by Hero Blast. Or constant E-Hero Gaia(s) coming down to rampage.

Planning to collect Drill Plant cards and run them in Nats this year. The deck to beat will be BF. Drill Plant is more versatile because it has more synchro options but BF still has that dreaded GodBird Attack. We cant use SL Roads :(

Regarding Xeno on his post on Mr A though the whole world knows its Andrew, I think the whole post was very immature and if I were you, I would delete that post and instantly apologize so that you dont look bad. Instead of shaming him,I think you just did it on yourself. Oh and was the last sentence about Lam?