Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Rose Dragon

For some of you that didn't know:

(Copied and pasted from Matt Peddle's TCGplayer article) : Book of Moon is another card that can help Black Rose resolve it's effect. In the finals feature match between Nguyen and Kwan the eventual Champion used Book of Moon to play around Kwan's Effect Veiler twice in the same match. Effect Veiler negates the effect of a monster as long as it's face-up on the field. You can chain cards like Torrential Tribute or Book of Moon to either turn the targeted monster face-down or remove it from the field, similar to the way you'd play around Skill Drain. Both of these cards can be put on the chain to Black Rose Dragon's effect, so if your opponent chains Veiler's effect to try and stop your Black Rose you can chain either of these and ensure the effect resolves.

Once again what could be considered the best play in this scenario will actually play into your hands. Let's say you've got Goyo Guardian, Book of Moon and Solemn Warning on the field withEffect Veiler in hand. Your opponent summons a tuner and is capable of making a level seven or six Synchro monster. You could stop the Synchro summon from being possible with Book of Moon or you could wait. You decide to wait, knowing you can negate Black Rose or Brionac with Effect Veileror could Solemn Warning an opponent's Goyo Guardian. Not only do you save Book, a much more versatile card, but you will get to steal your opponent's Synchro monster with Goyo Guardian next turn. Your opponent Synchro Summons for Black Rose Dragon, activates it's effect and you chainEffect Veiler. Your opponent chains Book of Moon to turn Black Rose face-down and there's nothing you can do in response. You lose everything on the field because you tried to make the most advantageous play.


Which mean that if Effect Veiler negates Black Rose Dragon, you can throw Book of Moon or Torrential Tribute out to help it resolve its effect, as STATED BY MATT PEDDLE ABOVE ^

Awesome. This is because Effect Veiler negates the monster's effect while face up on the field. Torrential puts BRD in grave, and Book places BRD face down so they aren't negated by Effect Veiler.

Now, I DIDN"T know that at first, and what puzzles me is the missing of timing etc, but if BRd is a mandatory effect i guess it makes sense although it still doesn't seem right.

OH WELL its Yugioh, and Konami makes this rulings, and we must take advantage of this for our selves.

I guess that makes Book of Moon even more versatile than before , being able to overwrite Effect Veiler.

Though I suppose that doesn't work for Trishula.

Some thoughts

1) Why isn't Great Shogun Shien ran in the Six Samurai decks in the OCG Shriek decklists. 14 to 15 monsters at most, Shien will do wonders for the deck actually.

Shien + True Shien is some damn hard to break lockdown, save if you have Effect Veiler and its hard to destroy too with its effect that lets you destroy another Samurai instead.

Its really REALLY easy to play. So, why aren't you running Shogun Shien now?

EDIT : thanks to lgq for pointing out on a ruling that I didn't know about. so no Naturia Bambooshoot scenario.

However, its still a free 2500 beatstick that can become 3k with Gateway's first effect.
Its easily special summonable too.

And it can disrupt opponent's flow/ tempo too as he has to choose carefully which spell and trap he must activate first. Mind game!

2) Why aren't Quickdraw / Plant Synchro Variants running Snowman Eater?

It provides consistency, disruption, incredible synergy with Caius (its a -2 and 2400 damage), and good with for synchro fodder. Hell, it makes Trishula so easily its not even funny.

3) This is epic :

Heroes + Plant Synchro. Remodified Debris Heroes? I likey. Seems abit inconsistent, but I may test it out if I have the time considering I have almost all the cards except for the 2 Dandys.

Thats gonna be really long, since i'm working on Fish now. Expect to see cheap fish decks taking KL by storm in 2 weeks time.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


So I'm posting the decklist i used in KL on the 5th day. I'm not posting the decklist i used on 1st 2nd 3rd day because it was a Scrubber's list.

Very balanced, currently, in my opinion. Only things i wanna explain is :

1) hamster- I dont have a 3rd Dark Soul so I main this.

2) 2x Duality- Consistency is key, and i open with Duality and emmersblade/ Dark soul alot.

3) No Mirror Force- Prison is there to replace it, its better, because Mirror Force opens Stardust/ Starlight Road plays.

4) No oppression - Unlike Bellido, St Clair, or De Obaldia, i'm not a fan of oppression, although there is triple Trap Stun

5) triple Stun- Now i have bad hands with this sometimes , cos i draw one after another. May switch them for a MST.

6) Will run MST soon because it kills Book of Moon, which stopped me from making the push.

7) May think of teching an Airbellum. Hamster sometimes becomes a dead card if i use up both Dark Soul already. Hamster + Airbellum = Black Rose Dragon. Also, its better to waste Airbellum instead on Fullhelmknight on synchro summoning.

8) No Trishula cos i'm poor !! I borrow your Trishula from your extra deck haha.

9) May consider Mind Control. I run debris dragon as inspiration from Lazaro. Debris saves my ass and clears board for free while netting me a card from dark soul's effect. It opens up Black Rose plays which are rare.

10) No 3rd Book because drawing multiple Books SUCKS and it is sometimes a minus 1.

IMO, guys, Sabers is not that broken, its true Dark Soul is super awesome. Sean has demonstrated that with a well- timed Book of Moon, i will lose massive tempo. So, here's the list:

Monsters (19)
2 XX Saber Dark Soul
3 XX Saber Emmersblade
3 XX Saber FullhemKnight
3 XX Saber Faultroll
2 XX Saber Pashuul
2 XX Saber Boggart Knight
1 XX Saber Ragigura
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1 Super Nimble Mega Hamster
1 Debris Dragon

Spells (8)
2 Pot of Duality
2 Book of Moon
1 Giant Trunade
1 Cold Wave
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole

Traps (14)
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
2 Solemn Warning
1 Dimension Prison
3 Gottoms Emergency Call
3 Trap Stun
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment
1 Starlight Road

Extra deck (15)
1 Mist Worm
1 Naturia Beast
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
2 Stardust Dragon
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Goyo Guardian
3 XX Saber Hyunlei
1 Scrap Dragon
2 XX Saber Gottoms
1 X Saber Urbellum
1 AOJ Catastor



Epic hungry now i confirmed a total of 4 burgers from Carls Junior. KL food is FUCKING expensive can cut my throat just to eat one decent meal.

So, I'm back! Short post!!!

1st day: Made Cookie come to Sg Wang on his day off. Sorry Cookie! Met Rauzes too, which was a first time, and finally i meet him, and no guys i DO NOT look like him, just cos we have Asian look + specs = not similar, and also, LGQ you said my hair is short now, actually its already considered long i gotta cut.

First day matches:

VS Rauzes D Hero Synchro. Score: 1:1 and i was laughing at someone's joke till if forgot to activate my Torential Tribute which would have cost game? But he synced Stardust and after laughing I looked at board and i was like WHATTTT Absolute Zero + Stardust + 2 more monsters. Nvm, twas good fun, good game there Rau.

VS Shooting Star - sorry i forgot your name i only remember your internet name and your face, and your deck. He used Quickdraw and i was testing a double Caius build, so score ended up 2-2
First match i scrubbed cos i had NEVER played against a Quickdraw variant and so i lost. Second match I drew double Trap Stun plus Bopggart + G. Emergency Call + Ragiagura. How to play?

Third match i needa give shoutout to Michael Bonacini as i followed his advaice about neglectiing card advantage and just push for damage, also Clear field and slamming Dark Soul into Ryko works.

Fourth match was arguably one of the funnest matches i have had ever played in my life as we dueled like Yugi and Marik where the game was so close and tight. Still won. Awesome.

However from first day, I was quite disappointed with my scores...

Second day- Met LGQ and we actually talked alot this time hahaha and i dueled his X Sabers. Result 3-3 if i'm not mistaken. Cos his trap based sabers and good timing of Gotom Emergency Call pulled through. Other matches i cant remember sorry!

So I had no mood to play Yugioh and i got a lil discouraged cos performance was poor.

Thanks to LGQ who pointed out that the problem was the 2 teched Caius. I searched for time to tune it but only had time on the 2nd last day.. Rode Roller Coaster at times Square and it was my first time and it was so epic it had like how many 360 degrees turn! I swear no Roller coaster will ever beat that!

Btw thanks LGQ for the mist worm!

Third day- Forgot too but i played Six Samurai. I cant remember the score but i remember total score, i won 2 more games than the samurai dude. Bad hand FTW. I met Sam! Cant believe he still remembers me! He looks much older and slightly talller than I remember. I grew, but we are bout same height, so he grew too i assume? Thanks for the awesome price for TCG Brionac, OCG Black Rose and random stuff.

Book of Moon plus Solemn Warning totally wrecks Samurai. Mgatama of Musakani is annoying. Stopping Samurai normal summon for the first 2 turns will help you set up and gain enough tempo to kill them.

Fourth day- sunway lagoon have fun in the water. Best day ever. Times Square roller coaster makes all the sunways one so noob.

Fifth day- (which is today), i met up with Sean Wong Fei Hung Zack, Michael Oji san and Shooting star. I needed to step up my game! So, i dueled Sean , Michael Oji san and Shooting Star.

Wong Fei Hung looked so so so OMG. This as a stick and hair like Grandmaster of Samurai. WOW oh wow. Shook his hand. And Zacks too. Im sorry Zack we didn't get to duel i had to leave, oh well next time!

So i played my first 2 matches against Scraps. Forbidden Holy Lance was really really good tech, and i have to give him credit, afterall he is our national champion. So i had no clue about how a Scrap deck works but i just Solemn Warning plus Judgment plus Book everything i see, and then attack for game. 2-0 . i was feeling good. I cant believe you didnt recognise/ remember me!!!!

Played Sean. I lost first match, awesome game, we both had bad hands, i chained Starlight and Solemn really really early against some card and his Oppression. Black Wing Gale is so annnoying it killed my Naturia Beast and Stardust, congrats Sean you are the first person i used my Naturia Beast against, but the second match was really close and it was a really high tension epic match, where every move was important. We both went into topdecking mode and i topdecked Duality and took Monster Reborn. It was really close i had 2 cards to his 2 cards and he summoned Reaper to poke through my life. He discarded Emmersblade, and next turn i Monster Reborn his Stardust Dragon and made a comeback. Nearly died to Book of Moon.

Third match i didn't remember much but raped with full Saber. Cold Wave is broken, true story.
Great games, Sean, we'll duel again in december. Our duels dont really revolve much on our decks, but more to skills and center on how we execute our cards. Good games man!

I dueled Shooting Star again and got my revenge 3-0 his Dandy deck, i felt good, he synchro summoned Shooting Star! He wanted to do Yuusei epicness but FAILED and next turn i synchro Brionac and game.

I dueled his Countdown deck and went 2-0 first match he had a bad hand so it was explainable. Second match was super epic too i won on the 19th turn. LOL. Nice matches!

So overall, I managed to get back some glory on the last day, thank you ALL of you who has made my trip memorable and enjoyable!

And i think i made everybody realize Dark Soul is Broken.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starlight Road

When we side deck Needle Celing and Fairy Wind to destroy the Samurais in Game 2, i almost think it doesn't work at all.

Because Samurai Confirm side in triple Starlight Road and triple Decree.

But its likely they side in Starlight because free Stardust beatstick, and less vulnerable to Mystic Space Typhoon. Also they get to use their traps .


If Shien is on the field, and you activate a card and it gets negated by a counter trap, you get to activate ANOTHER SPELL AND TRAP WHEEEE.

Why? Because the spell and trap was counted as negated, and not played i guess, so LOL its cool anyways.

Next year is gonna be an exciting year, Konami is doing such an awesome job turning us into suckers to buy Gold Series and Angel Decks! Must resist tempatation... But Trishula! \

PPL please buy your DT Trishulas now because its surely normal rare (short print) and the gold rare version will be just as, if not more, expensive than the DT ultra. Same as Brionac...

Lucky for me, i dont have cash for that card so i wont feel so burdened when i spend 220 bucks on a Trishula.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Played with 6 sams two days ago

Its only good as a swarm and the only 2 things you have to worry about is :

a) Shien monsters- retricting you to playing one spell/ trap per turn is damn annoying. The synchro is also annoying. So waste your Books, and Solemn Warnings on these 2 cards..which they will just negate and restrict LOL.

b) Or waste them on Shinai/ Mizuho. The loop is annoying.

Apart from that, it doesn't really do much except for swarm and all the monsters are 2100 atk and below anyways (except for the abovementioned shiens) , so summoning any bigger sycnhro monsters will help you win.

Surprisingly went 2-0

But the variant wasn't the type you found on Shriek, and it focuses on speed, and relinquishes control in the form of traps like the Magatami Musa something shit card.

and no tuners so no Gateway + Kagemusha + Kageki.

Used Gorz to save my ass. Then control on there from next turn onwards.

Now we know, best card to destroy Samurai is Gorz, then control next turn.

Or let them swarm field, and then you somehow survive, then next turn clear field with Torrential Tribute, Dark Hole.

Book of Moon plus BTH + all that about destroying their first summon is almost bullshit, if they splash Double Summon.

Smart Six Sam players will summon some random monster, then bait out BTH/ Book, then spam their Double Summon and Kageki,

Seriously, broken cards will help you win the game! So save your broken staples like Dark Hole, Torrential etc.

What i didnt like about the one that won the one on Shriek is that the monster count is too little, and there is no Mizuho Shinai loop and that there is just some random swarm toolbox deck that is basically BF plus *inserts swarm deck* and divided by 2.

Decks which run Caius must remove Shien and then beat Samurai down ! Although is not that easy.

Potential Sideboard cards against Six Samurai :

a) Kinetic Soldier --> die shien die. But sadly dies to Mizuho loop
b) Dust Tornado/ Fairy Wind --> Awesome really.
c) Caius --> Die Shien. Cos 2 version of Shien = Naturia Bambooshoot lock.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Combatting the Six Samurai

LOL storm of the 6 samurai!

Now, while many players think that 6 samurai are easy to be combatted if you take out their first summon, i have got to agree that's true.

But my question is.. What if they spam Double Summon? Which is the best card ever made for Six samurai because Double Summon + Kageki+ Random samurai monsters + Gateway/ United is crazy.

I really love the story of the 6 samurai , its so cool, Konami did a good job relating tand incorporating previous 6 samurai supports into new cards.

But now, seeing the pose of threat of triple double summon in the deck, what do we do?

Notice that six samurai are defined by their support of the 2 main spells: Six United, and Gateway of the 6.

Gateway is a retarded Black Whirlwind without limit, which can be activated like i don't know, how many thousand times a turn.

Its also the card that creates a good solid LOOP, which in my opinion, any deck that has a GOOD SOLID LOOP can be considered tier 1. (example: Frog Monarch last format, plus old Dark Magician of Chaos loops)

Six samurai United is just as retarded because you draw a card for every counter on it.

EDIT: kudos to baha who pointed out my previous mistake. didn't read the text it can only have 2 max counter. -.- nvm still free pot of greed! 3x pot of greed in samurai!

You can commit to field and then replenish your hand with United.

The Searching of Reinforcement of Army + Shien Smoke Signal + United + Gateway is retarded.

Crazier than Tele DAD you thought Tele DAD was mad since you could draw 1/4 of your deck in one turn.

WHICH MAKES THIS DECK PERFECT FOR POT OF AVARICE. Pot is one of those late game cards that made Quickdraw Dandy warrior SO GOOD. Now Samurai can still abuse with late game?

The easiest way to kill Six Samurai would be cards that destroy spells, meaning any deck which can first turn a Naturia Beast is skill !

Fairy Wind calls for instant sidedeck in threes because it destroys ALL faceup Spells and traps, meaning you can destroy United + Gateway at once for free.

Because seriously if you think about it, without United and Gateway they can still swarm with a couple of monsters below 2000 attack, save for Grandmaster of course..

But sure you take some damage, but in a fast samurai turbo, they aren't gonna waste too much space on traps you see.

So, next turn you just have to set some control cards, and synchro summon a big monster and you can control on from there.

Six samurai is gonna be a potent deck this December and Christmas, and I'm gonna have a fun time trying to challenge that damn deck.

On a side note, I may think of spamming Doppel Warrior in twos in my saber deck.

Seriously, Doppel Warrior is like some dandylion in this deck and it gives us all the more reason to run Army Reinforcements.

Doppel warrior can be special summoned with my immense Faultroll spam, and 3 Gottoms and 1 monster reborn... It gives me options for Trishula, Scrap Dragon sacrifices, and options for level 8, which is always a good thing. LOL.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Apparently, rampant of the 6 samurai has begun, and a very balance format has been changed to one that is dominated by one dominant archetype.... : The six samurai! or Legendary 6 samurai (TCG new name) .

Peristiwa Sejarah (historical event) : as pointed out by my History book and the Arcobaleno Crew, M'sia had been plaqued and conquered by the Japs for 3 years and 8 months. A very coincidential number marks that till the next ban list, there is exactly 3 months and 8 days, meaning its historical that the 6 sams are tearing down M'sian meta!!!!

This format is worse than Tele- DAD, and probably as disruptive of the Dark Dive Bomb OTK format.

Or Frogs...With 3 six united, 3 gateways, this deck is faster than Tele DAD. and 3 Grandmaster, 3 Kizan who all jump out of no where.


So, if you can't beat them, join them!

Konami: Emergency ban Gateway ! or do something to it...

Or Errata!

Or this will be a very big challenge to us duelists to innovate and take on the 6 samurai.

Now, the whole game will be focused on killing 6 samurais, and Lam is damn happy i bet he's smiling now... And all our tech cards must be able to take on the general meta and the 6!

Anyways i have 6 sams (old ones) for sale! PM me for price. except Grandmaster because i traded them away last time..

On a second note, the new 5 synchros coming out in duel disk is very interesting and worth buying! Like LGQ noted , the first 2 are must plays in Junk and Debris. Or synchron decks.

Also, the new Blood Mephist reminds me of Dark Dive Bomber! Being able to burn up to 900 to 1500 of your opponent's life points per turn is very very good! Stall decks plus burn deck for him coming up! Somemore, it has no strict summoning synchro materials requirements!

Even Dark flat Top is interesting because its easy to get out the boss monster Flying Fortress Skyfire. Easy dump with Magical Merchant in Birdman abuse full monster decks.

Even Determined Daredevil is useful but i still think AOJ Catastor > D. Devil.

Also, D.D Spirit is a very good tuner!! Its level 1 and light, so Ancient Sacred Wyvern abuse! Mike Bonacini, this card was designed for you!

Watt Kirimu is also a very good card! Gold Sarcophagus + direct attack in one? Awesome!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Large Heat Wave

sorry for the lack of posts but i've been lazy to post on yugioh, the interest in the game has quietly diminished after the exams but will spur again once i go to KL.

Today's card review is Large Heat Wave which is like Cold Wave.

The general disadvantage for it is that you can't special summon or normal summon and is a one turn Holy Light for all decks which is usually enough to throw your opponent off momentum

Just like Cold Wave, you really do not see monsters for about 2 to 3 turns (for opponent).

If you open up with Heat Wave and play it first, it is a waste of time because your just prolonging the start of the game, and the game instead starts when everyone has 7 cards in hand except you only have 6. And also, its not very good since its really a -1 for you and there is no point being able to play spells/ traps like Book of Moon, Prison etc when there are no monsters to play on.

Generally, this card is incredible when you have complete control over the game and play it to seal the game.

But then people do lucky topdecks like set Spirit Reaper/ Pashuul or Dark Hole then topdeck back into the game.

Which makes it very situational so its useless so its balanced but still shitty.

Like michael bonacini said, Bottomless and Book of Moon is 1000x better.

Speaking of him, his blog is like the new for TCG duelists. Go read up. Haha.

Also after testing out with 2 effect veiler, i'm having some serious doubts.

While it does have imbal power against certain stuff it cant stop a big attack monster from wrecking you.

Playing it on Trishula or Dark Armed Dragon (cards that wins games) will cost one card (veiler) and at least one trap to kill it making it a 2 for 1. And that isn't worth it, and its multiple cards for one, and isn't that what boss monster's role? To create a situation where you play one card and feed of for 2 or more from your opponent. In fact, if you dont lose a trap, you still lose a monster in battle.

And drawing 2 is SHIT luck in turn 1 like me. But ppl with shit luck like me balance it out by drawing Monster Reborn in my opening hands almost every game LOL. So, 1 teched veiler is enough.

Oh and i found a girl who looks like Yoona but shorter muahahahahahah SNSD fans be jealous!