Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Okay. Here is to that sidedeck

Okay. Malaysia nationals coming up . Anyone going pls read this.

So i would like to make this clear:
NO promos can be used, U heard this im NOT JOKIN. Colin confirmed this, so did Gamers Arena shop in sungei Wang( the place where the tourney is held.)So..... don cry guys..... its okay. u just have to refrain from using
a) dhero diskuguy
b) airman
d) phantom of chaos
e) blooD decks (they r not bad. quite good actually,can reach Tier 1, not joking..)
f) duel terminal cards

okay im repeating myself so on to the post

Since all those decks r not to be worried abt anymore, lets go on to the metagame n c how its affected
the top decks in meta now r (in order)
1) dark decks
b) gladiator beast
3) lightlord

Personally if u ask me the most affected is NONE!!! none of these decks revolve around promo cards . Each deck probably runs one or two promo cards such as
a) gorz- staple
b) phantom of chaos- lightlord use for judgemnt dragoon and dark arm use for copying himself
c) ehero prisma- gladiator beast use it. but onli those who have it.....it isnt a staple n gladiator beats still run well without them...

So to couunter those decks we need
a) light imprisoning mirror
b) dark imprisoning mirror

well those mirrors shut down one common thing - dark n lights. Yes they shut down all Dark/ light effects in field and graveyard BUT NOT HAND- beware dd crow and honest
But do keep in mind one thing, they cant shut down continuos effects. they shut down trigger effects n ignition one only (ruling checked on official yugioh website not on wikia)
Ignition n trigger effects r such as monarchs, snipehunter, judgemnt dragoon, bla bla. Do keep in mind it doesnt negate jinzo. So if jinzo summon they r effectless. See, jinzo effect doesnt trigger, its continuous.

c) deck lockdown
this card is the card to defeat gladiator beast. These annoying cards just bother us to much. Deck lockdown is a good card to defeat G beasts. Even if it lasts for abt 2 turns only, it shut down bestiari from coming from deck, equite, darius n so on......

Remember that dark decks r slow. Pardon me 4 saying that but it is the fact:
a) No more diskguy
b) we dont have allure

since diskguy is gone expect to see lots of destiny draw
thats y the card to counter here is definitely curse seal of the forbidden spell. It has a heavy discard cost ( one spell card) but its effect is mediocre, as it prevents opponent from playing that same spell for the remainder of the duel. Good right? bye bye destiny draw,,,,

Hand severing
okay as we can see, now that format is slow bla bla dark decks will surely play hand severing,. Thats y we must play more discard cost traps. This isnt a must but through my personal experience many times ppl have been killed by discard cost traps. No not by their effects but their cost - discarding one card. Y? lets say opponent has bad hand So he attempts to solve it by playing hand severing to draw. U have exactly 2 cards in hand. So u can stop that by chaining raigeki break, karma cut, phonix wing wind blast .... soo that leaves ur hand at only 1 card therefore hand severing is gone ahahaha

dont maindeck mind crush n trap dustshoot. It is good in TCG yes i admit, but no OCG. Remember the abundance of hand severing? u can play mind crush but what if opponent chain hand sevring ? then u will lose urself n be at disadvantage. Also discard cost cards stop dustshoot and mind crush. They target ur card u discard that card to make them look bad.

Phoenix wing wind blast
with a slow format i suggest this card to be sidedecked against dark decks. Dark decks will be hurt by this,. Dont play this against lightlords or gladiator beatss as gladiator will just shuffle away the card into their deck to be used again! lightlords discard effect will just throw that card to grave again. Useless.

Karma cut
its good. Probably the best matchup against gladiator beats. removing gladiator beast from play is crucial as none of the beasts yet hav an effect to special summon gladiator beats from outplay zone.

Raigeki break
Probably the slowest of the three, Dont play it

Bottomless trap hole n solemn judgemnt are 2 cards that i suggest playing. Why? they break opponent combos ....they stop dark arm, judgemnt, kaiseris and many more ....y not? Remember solemn judgment is gonna be widely played as it is probably the highest ranked counter trap in the game. the onli thing to stop solemn is another solemn.

Dust tornado
Don forget this usefull card. Kills stall. I got hit by spatial collapse stall lately...wasnt fun....but it was funny...

This is the card im gonna mention to sidedeck. With a slower format back. there is a good chance monarchs r seeing more play again. Though i dont think they r scary anymore, Still disruptive but not scary

* note: this is not for sidedeck . This is for maindeck. DD crow is the best surprise cards in the game
a) pre-burial
b) dark armed dragon
c) Judgment dragon ( sometimes....)
d) yomi frog( treeborn)
e) monster reborn
f) dhero malicious and many many more......
This is the tech card of the day. Don forget to maindeck it, U might nvr noe u play against dragon deck n then he plays dragon mirror, u crow him n laugh in his face,

Well, this is all for now, no pics of the cards sorry. I assume u all know these cards already as i dint mention any weird cards that nvr c play b4...

Till next time. play fair, play hard, n remember how important a sidedeck is in a tournament!!! =)

Emergency post:Something funny is happening...?

Let me define promo cards for all. Promo cards = cards that r available from:
a) vjump books
b) weekly jump
c) jump
4) game console(psp, GBA, PS) bla bla promos
5) duel terminal promos
6) many more such as mangakas, jump fest promos ...

Well, hear, hear ! In malaysia, a rumor has been driving wild n spreading so fast like SARS ( ^_^)

IT is a rumor that u cant use promo cards in national champs or the world champs

Yes,yes probably a pile of bullshit but i already heard from Miri, KL, n even in kuching. YES YES its shocking as u r gonna say WTF x1000000000000. Y? because promos are the heart of the yugioh game!!! Some say that Japan made this F*cking rule and they r affected by it too. Some say singapore also but i doubt tat since baha, colin no one talked abt this yet.

Imagine cards gone if cant use promos
1) ehero airman ( super crucial!!!!)
2) dhero diskguy ( very crucial!!!)
3) duel terminal cards ( aaaaahhh! baha's gonna scream so is colin. he uses 3 wrath of neos )
4) ehero prismer ( im saying this because gladiator beast run it. so does colin )
5) light monarch kuraz- bye bye magic explosion ftk not tat u were tat good anyway
6) arms hole - AAAHH!!!! everyone( mostly) gonna scream now
7) Gorz the emissiary of the netherworld- Lets all scream. Nothing to stop otks now
8) chimeratech fortress dragon- hail machine decks /=(
9) other promos such as dandylion, dhero blooD bla bla

So, if these promos are banned these decks r killed
a) magical explosion FTK
b) Crazy FTKS (arms hole)
c) dhero blooD control ( no.....)
d) colin's wrath of neos MK(4?) (i dono wat MK is it now ..i think its 4?)
e) Baha's synchro otk
f) those crazy draw decks abusing 3 destiny draw, 3 angel lift, 3 limit reverse ( we alll know wat got banned- diskguy )
g) other decks such as simorgh lock (dont look at me baha i don play this deck)

Decks which still can be consistent
1) gladiator beast( not all play prisma wad..... so still can..)
2) dark decks...onli thing gone is dhero diskguy and maybe phantoim of chaos
3) light lords. ntg affected

Okay not sure if this is real. It may may be real it may not....I hope not.. ( no..blood....=(
I am posting this because some duelists r gonna enter malaysia nationals on this 6th june. I know baha and colin is. ( good luck u 2...)
My advice: pls find out the confirmation bout this first be4 u go..... if u bring synchro shokan and wrath of neos MK IV then ur trip there might be wasted, so go to www.yugioh-card.com and find out. I will too. But i cant read japanese =(.

Till next time, play hard play fair and those attending malaysian nationals good luck

Next time: wat malaysian plays, and the proper sidedeck.