Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fusion of Wing Kuribo and Light and Darkness Dragon

The fusion of said above cards.

Furball+ Dragon = Angel???

Notice that all the 7 millenium items are attached to whatever that thing is. Woo.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Graveyard Synchro

Good old- fashioned graveyard fun =)

3x Goblin Zombie
1x Zombie Carrier
1x Spirit Reaper
1x Mezuki
2x Zombie Master
2x D Hero Malicious
1x Sangan
2x Krebons
2x Deepsea Diva
1x Gorz
1x Doppel Warrior
1x Dandylion
2x Armageadon Knight
1x Glow Up Bulb

1x Foolish Burial
1x Book of Moon
1x Burial from Other Dimension
2x Cyclone
1x Giant Trunade
1x Emergency Teleport
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Monster Reborn
1x Reinforcement of Army
1x Dark Hole
2x Pot of Duality

1x Solemn Judgment
2x Bottom Trap Hole
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Raigeki Break
2x Solemn Warning

Other interesting card choices:

1 Wisel
1 Morphing Jar
1 Tragoedia
1 Pot of Duality
1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
1x more spirit reaper

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dragunity Arma Mystletain

Edit whole damn post...

One card synchro with mistil is still possible.

Summon Dux. Equip Phalanx, special Phalanx, send Phalanx to grave for the Mistil and equip Mistil with Phalanx, special summon it then you can sync a level 8 monster.

So..... still very much possible.

In theory may not sound so good. But.. from playtesting it works well.

Well , at least thats what my friend says. And he's been topping his uni's tourneys with Drags.

Yes, his uni has tourneys!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yugioh Zexal

For those of you who don't know what the anime's about, here's a short summary:

Yuma has some key item thingy that bears the spirit of a being called "Astral". Like Yami Yugi, Astral has lost his memory and is trying to find it. Also, everytime Yuma duels, or comes across an exceed monster with a number in front of its name, Yuma will drift into a Shadow Game.

Everytime a monster with the number in the front of its name is summoned for the first time, Astral gets a bit of his memory back. Apparently there are 99 Exceed monsters, so Astral's memory is divided into 99 parts, and thats about all we know :)

The anime itself is really just plagerizing the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and mixing with abit of 5Ds and GX

Components of previous animes they integrated:

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ermmm basically everything? Alter ego spirit plus new item to house the spirit and lost memory etc bla bla bla

GX: School life. Dueling life. Probably more casual in the first season but will turn out to be stupid like GX in the end. I mean main enemy is Light of Destruction, and then suddenly the last enemy is darkness? whuuuttt

5Ds- Introduction of a new game mechanic similar to Synchro summoning.


Everybody has talked about Wonder Wand, and im pretty impressed with it. I mean Gravekeepers anybody? Giving them more access to Royal Tribute now?

Konami, way to go to print a broken card. This is my reaction: Nah ! _|_

I'd be happy if this card is a super rare so now it will cost a bundle, and become the next Formula synchron price card. Then we will have less Gravekeeper players!!!! If its a common, i'd think everybody will switch to Gravekeepers because the only money card is Duality. Here, the price of 3 OCG dualitys match only one TCG Duality. Uh huh...

Now to thin their deck they have:

3x Spy
3x Recruiter
1x Allure
3x Duality

+ 3 wands?

Wow first time i have seen anti meta deck have so much speed that its not even funny!

Playing it with Recruiter netts you three cards and using it with a monster summoned from Spy netts you a plus one.

Furthermore those monsters are recycled with Gravekeeper's Lithograph (Stele in the TCG)

Wow luckily i have collected my Dualitys and my Necrovalleys just in case i have a chance to enter any official OCG tournament.

So, once again, Im like WHAT THE FUCK 3 dualities, 1 allure, plus 2 royal Tributes, and possibly 2 Wonder Wands!!!! Talk about high possibility of getting Royal tribute in the opening hand? Im not gonna do the math, but this is something we have to watch out for. GKs have tormented the TCG too much already, and cum September 1st 2011, we OCG players will have to bear full wrath too.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best cards in the game right now

1) Monster Reborn

2) Royal Tribute

3) Gorz

4) Gateway of the Six

5) Giant Trunade

6) Book of Moon

7) Pot of Duality

8) Trishula

9) Brionac

10) Gemini Spark

Out of the top 10, at least two cards are themed deck cards, which show how good those decks are, and i do not think anybody has an objection to Royal Tribute being top 2, if not should be the best card in the game with instant Crush Card Virus status while being able to give the Gravekeeper player a chance to play around other spells and traps within their opponents hands.

Some of you may disagree, that it is not as good since it is theme-specific while some may argue that you have pulled off wins although you have been hit by Royal tribute at the start of the game. But we have to attribute 2 other important factors which are skill and luck, which you may have possessed both while you were playing. However, its undeniable that the average player will auto lose when they lose at least 3 monsters with Royal Tribute.

I put Monster Reborn at the top of my list because of how versatile it is, and if you ask me, aside from Royal Tribute, Monster Reborn will still be one of the "cards that wins games" this format.

Gorz is third, with no personal biasedness there because in the hands of a skilled player, Gorz is a lethal weapon, and it allows for many mind tricks, and alot of several other plays. Last format, i think i wrote about how one could benchmark the strength of one's setup by using the Gorz factor, and i still think its relevant for this format.

Gateway is fourth because there is an infinite things you could do with Gateway, including the infinite counter loop which leads to summoning Trishula infinitely per turn. Check Dueling Days Singapore Asian coverage for the combo.

Giant Trunade and Book of Moon come next because Giant Trunade wins games literally and turns your opponents entire field of defence to no defence. Many decks should still watch out for Giant Trunade, or pray your opponent doesnt draw a Trunade soon. Book of Moon is still as versatile as ever, and being at one, it is more important than before.

Pot of Duality is next because it adds consistency to decks that have never before been available to the game for a really really long time! Its balanced with its drawbacks, but then its price marks it as the most sought after card in the game right now. If i saw somebody selling Duality with at least 20% lower than standard price, i would buy it immediately to keep as an investment, or use it for trade fodder.

Trishula is still remarkable and if you ask me, nothing wrecks more than getting Trishula-ed. i see that TCG have access to triple Trishula so they are either very very unfortunate. Attacking each of your opponent's resources in 3 different places makes it a one of a kind, because some players could commit to the field but keep cards in their hands while some other players had to rely on the graveyard to work.

What puts Trishula on a different level with cards like Dark Armed Dragon is the fact that it destroys recources in more places than DAD. This makes it harder for your opponent to hide behind Gorz or Battle Fader, or get back in the game with Monster Reborn or Treeborn Frog in their graveyard.

Summoning Trishula successfully in late game always chalks up a win too. And Brionac too, for that matter, because in 9 out of ten games, that i summon Brionac, i will OTK. Im not sure if Brionac or Giant Trunade is healthy for the game, but i think they should stay because it provides at least some excitement.

Now i rank Gemini Spark in here too because it is usually a plus one when you chain it to something. Being able to destroy any one card on the field makes it the best removal card in the game. It also exchanges your E Hero Another Neos for a card so thats always good. Its more versatile now in this format without triple Book of Moon, so i guess Light Beat will be strong because of this card and because it can drop free 3300 attack monsters.

One more point is that Gemini Spark also evades Trap Stun, just like Book of Moon, which made Trap Stun obsolete last format. And it works like an Icarus Attack, so in the hands of a skilled player (cough cough Wong Fei Hung!), Light Beat will triumph in OCG based tourneys.

I did not put Effect Veiler in here because i do not think it is as versatile or as game changing as the above cards. However if there was a number 11 or 12 in the list, i would fit in Torrential Tribute and Effect Veiler.

Thanks for reading this filler post! =) For highschoolers in M'sia, happy holidays!

New draw whore engine ^

I dont like Gorz nor Tragoedia in it (player preference). so I'd suggest 1 or 2 Machine Emperor Wisel Infinitys since the deck is passive till it draws the Return combos.

Sorcerors dont really need to attack as they have their effect. You could use Wisel for a synchro too (extremely useful Formula Synchron/ Trishula fodder)


Heard from Joz and Frozen Inferno that ppl are suggesting Wiseman Chalice to be the next Mind Control as it can be used for Exceed Summoning.

My 2 cents:

Definitely WAYYYYY (i could drag on and on the "y"s here) not buying this rumor shit.


The great thing about mind control is that its a -1 for your opponent, while you score free synchro fodder.

Wisemans chalice is also too situational to play, and it doesnt gain you any significant pluses. All it does it convert a card in your hand to Exceed fodder.

Im not sure how ppl are gonna play Exceeds but i definitely dont believe in Wisemans chalice.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Frognarch decklist

My comp has been down the previous days, as i had trouble accessing blogger, for some reason it couldnt sign in >.<

Not that I have anything much to post anyways.

The format now is pretty much just somewhere in between as everyone (in the OCG) is waiting for Zexal to kick off, and excel summoning to happen.

I, for one, am waiting for my Vairon Disigma to come out =)

So, for today, i'll be posting my Frog Monarch deck, just as a filler post.

Its pretty much normal, and not the Genex type because i have heard its inconsistent and Duel terminal cards here cost a bunch due to hype, import taxes, and ppl trying to earn profit.

The deck is built to be simple and consistent, and to maximise good hands.

Haven't had much time to play Frognarch (i haven't played properly since January!) , or Yugioh at all .

You'll probably be wondering how i can continue blogging and stuff, when i have so little exposure to competitive Yugioh. Trust me, i wonder too.

So here's the decklist:

3 Battle Fader
1 Gorz
3 Wind Emperor Raiza
2 Wicker Emperor Caius
3 Ice Emperor Mobius
1 Dark Dust Spirit
1 Phantom Skyblaster
3 Swap Frog
2 Treeborn Frog
2 Dupe Frog
1 Ronintoadin
1 Fishborg Gunner

3 Soul Exchange
3 Enemy Controller
2 Cyclone
1 Giant Trunade
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Foolish Burial

3 Spirit Water Technigue- Aoi
1 Mind Crush
1 Trap Dust Chute

Extra deck:
1 Stardust Dragon
1 Shooting Star Dragon
1 Vairon Disigma (planning to get one or two so giving him a spot first)
* The rest are shared with my Saber's extra deck and i am currently proxying or borrowing Formula Synchrons. LOL.

No point spending about 100+ bucks on a game which i'm not playin often. Proxying works fine in my area, and if i need to enter a higher level tourney, i'd just borrow them. This may seem abit strange to you guys, but i have a final exam to study for (and Malaysian education system pretty much sucks everything is memorizing), and im not sure, i might just sell this deck to someone who actually has some interest in playing it.

Side deck:

1 Snowman Eater
1 Jinzo
2 Cyber Dragon
2 Effect Veiler
2 DD Crow
2 Vanity's Fiend
1 Burial from a DD
1 Nobleman of Crossout
2 Malevolent Catastrophe

Here's some explanations to clear some doubts

Only 2 Caius- I dont have a third and i have had no time to trade for it anyways =)

Triple Mobius- because he's awesome. The deck works really well with E-con and Soul Exchange to take care of monsters and Mobius to destroy spells. He also works really well with Fishborg Blaster and Frog to synchro summon. Fishborg restricts its materials to "Water" types, so thats another reason i use triple Mobius

Phantom Skyblaster- I do not have any intention of spending money for a 2nd, and spending on more than one Vairon Disigma. If it gets really good, i may have to fork out cash to get a second, and, only if its not Trishula expensive. Besides, i have Swap Frog to recycle him.

Why there's no One for One: No point. I dont believe in the minus one it brings for this deck, and I dump my Frog and Fishborg via Swap Frog anyways.

One of the quirks of playing Frog Monarch is its hand advantage and the fact that its so simple, it neets advantage at a steady pace, and i can summon Shooting Star Dragon just for the fun of it =)

Sidedeck is pretty standard, the Jinzo and Malevolents are to take care of anti meta decks.

Will be saving up for :

1x NecroFace
2x Dimension Alchemist
1x Veiler
3x Cyber Valley
2x Gold Sarcophagus

as it cost like less than hundred bucks to play Mike Bon's Chaos deck. I wont spend money on Allure first and just run Duality, or proxy Allure, as im almost 85% sure Allure is gonna be in the Dark World deck as a reprint.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vairon Disigma

I checked back to Shriek and the new Devil Gate structure is scheduled to be released, so you ppl should not doubt the info i posted on Colorless and the return of Dark World.

Im thrilled for this deck, because this might mean we can see a reprint of Allure of Darkness. Finally, a common Allure!

Also, this might mean the reprint of Doom Calibur Knight, so now he can finally be tourney-legal.
Who knows, they reprint Phantom Skyblaster too HAHAHAHA.


Of course, if you had read Death Aspect or Shriek, you would know Vairon Disisgma is coming out soon. And it doesnt take any idiot to know how good Vairon Disigma is with Phantom Skyblaster around.

I think Phantom Skyblaster is the new card to add to Frog Monarch, as illustrated by Mike Bon, he mentioned that you could summon Yomi Frog from graveyard, and drop Sky blaster, and drop Vairon.

Its equivalent to dropping a monarch because you can -1 your opponent from there. Luckily priority is gone or else this combo will be nuts.

One thing Im not sure of is that are Overlay units allowed to be returned from the field to the hand? Considering they are ON THE FIELD, this might mean Swap frog can return Phantom Skyblaster back to the hand to play another Vairon next turn.

Vairon will be the new Trishula pricing card. LOL

So, here's a simple deck concept:

3 Phantom Skyblaster (dark)
3 Vairon Disigma (light) (prepare to spend your moneh)
2 Spirit Reaper
3 Chaos Sorceror
2/3 Effect Veiler
2/3 Cyber Dragon

Since phantom and vairon are both light and dark respectively, they make good fodder for Sorceror =)

WOW crazy monster removal? lol

2 Card comboes

Forced Requisition + Dark World Deck

This was something i played a while back last time.

Forced Requisition forces your opponent to discard a card everytime you discard a card.

Pretty incredible in Dark World.


Appropriate + Hand Severing

Appropriate activates each time your opponent draws outside his or her draw phase.

You draw 2 cards instead when that happens.

So, hand severing will nett you a +2 , and so will Dark World Dealings.

Just something to think about

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I hereby mark my return to Dark World

Colorless, Chaos King of Dark World

Effect/Level 8/Dark/Fiend/Atk 2800/Def 2000
This card can be special summoned from hand or graveyard by sending 3 fiend monster from your hand to the grave. Once during your turn or your opponent's turn, you may activate one of the following effects:
- Until the end phase of this turn, all normal magic your opponent activates become "your opponent picks and discard one card from their hand"
- As long as this card remain face up on the field, your opponent cannot activate trap cards until the end phase
-When this card's controller discards, the controller draw a card

This card is the new ultra rare of the Dark World deck.

This deck has been my favourite deck 3 years ago, and has been one of my trademark builds long time ago.

Colorless, special summons himself when i discard 3 fiend monsters.

Imagine discarding Goldd Silva, and swarming the field with this.

Or discarding Broww, huntsman of dark world and drawing a card to replace it.

This card has 3 very different effects which you can select from. Lets break them down.

Effect 1: Naturia Beast. But helps Dark World players
Effect 2: Trap Stun
Effect 3: Hyper Librarian for Dark World

The best thing about Dark World decks are that you can run Deck Devastation Virus.

Aaaaaand. I speculate the spell card support in Dark World structure deck will be:

Road to Dark World
effect: Search one Dark World monster to your hand, then discard one card from your hand.

As it was used by Bronn in the anime.

Also, the return of Dark World can allow players to mix MGS (Fabled) monsters inside for Chaos Sorceror.

Or allow you to run Dark Necrofear (which i did last time)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sin World

Sin World- searches Sin monster to hand right?

Now, do you think that could solve some inconsistency problems that meta beat decks face?

Furthermore, Sin Claw Stream is a decent one for one removal that fits in the "Beat" style very well.

Also, as i was reading LGQ's blog and viewing his previous posts on Aesir (Nordic), i saw that the deck could summon many monsters very quickly.

Now, the Nordic deck is not exactly a good archetype, as of now, to support the synchro mechanic (this is my opinion), but the ability to throw out 2 monsters on the field just like that (Tangjostr the one who summon monster from deck when he changes position, or Gulfaxe-i think thats the name- the one that summons 2 tokens when he gets destroyed or something)

Because once Excel Summon releases some decent Excel monsters, this deck could have some serious potential because of the non effort special summoning abilities.

As of now, seriously the new (confirmed on Shriekl's ) Excel monsters suck and are unplayable

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bottomless Trap Hole, Goyou and stuff

First of all, shoutout, happy birthday to Anand whose birthday lies on one of the two incredible turning points of the Yugioh card game.

New top tier deck is hero beat right? Destroy Shining with Bottomless Trap Hole, so they cannot get the addition effect, as BTH ruling says destroy and remove from play, its not sent to the graveyard.

Hong Kong results top deck:
1) Infernity

As predicted, Infernity is an extremely strong pick, and this is strong proof for players out there. As everyone knows, X Saber and Infern are the two top combo decks of the format, but if you ask me, Infernity is even better than Sabers so i'd expect a rise in this deck in time to come.

New idea for Salvo DAD (may not be new since im noob regarding the deck)

- 3 Chaos Sorceror
- Veilers, Cyber Dragons, and Ryko (light attribute)
- 3 Salvo is the new Debris so the deck can blow up field alot.
- Deck thinning (slow paced) in the form of Dekoichi Allure and Vary.

Impact of the ban list:
Many people thought that Goyo Guardian was not a very big change to the game, but after testing i feel otherwise. In common situations, level 6 is still fairly easy to achieve, and so i ask you, if you are in the early or mid game, who do you synchro if not for Goyo Guardian?

Its a bad play to sync out Brionac because you wouldnt be able to OTK and Brionac isnt something you can play like water and still feel safe because you have several copies in the deck left waiting.

Most of the time, Goyo Guardian is a good pick because it not only stands as a big wall (easily taken down), but it netts you the option of a permanent Brain Control over any weaker opponent's monster.

Goyou = Gay You (im pretty sure someone pointed this out earlier but i just realised it)

A while ago, the best and most generic level was 6 , and Brionac and Goyo were many people's favorite synchros to play (including mine and Andrews)

Expect level 6 synchro combinations to see a slight decrease in play.

Decks like Plants, MGS, fish, synchro based decks all lose an option, not to mention Blackwings which has the biggest impact.

Even for my X sabers, i wouldnt want to summon Brionac (as explained above) and Sabers have an incredibly high rate of summoning level 6 synchros , and I dont summon Hyunlei alot as
one Hyunlei is enough to destroy all my opponents face down spells and traps. IMO, one of the reasons Sabers are big now is because they have 3 Heavy Storms (Hyunlei).