Saturday, October 31, 2009

Black Horn of Heaven

Today's card of the day is "black horn of heaven". its effect is mediocre and quite amazing and best of all, its free!
Here's what it reads:
[Negate the special summon of 1 of your opponent's monsters and destroy it]
I came across it while sorting out my card piles. Players all know that Royal Oppresion is one of the most painful, annoying, and evil card in the game as it severes alot of decks. Now decks which can special summon can also toy around with such an effect. Black Horn of Heaven is so good and I think decks such as Dimensional GB, and other decks have found a new toy to play with.
Just to serve as a reminder, it is just like Raiou and Solemn Judgment, and the pure Horn of Heaven- It can only negate inherent special summons. So, cards that are special summoned by Monster reborn, Cry of the Living Dead, Early Burial, Polymerization and such will not be affected. Inherent special summones refer to special summons such as synchros summoning, Judgment Dragon, Dark Armed Dragon, and other special summoning crap etc. Still, that isnt a good reason to why you shouldn't run it. I know I would tech it out. Its better than you think.
Also, my version of Cat synchro next time. (got mix with power cat combo- quite nice! But abit inconsistent just like the old CS)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just got back

....and after arriving in Kuching at 5, i napped till seven and then went to play badminton. Still not feeling tired. Did most of my sleeping in the bus =P Besides, that Carls Jr. famous star the night before must have gave me that energy. I also couldnt stand not exercising for so long and eating so much. Beixong ah.

Anyways, in KL, I didnt do much Yu-Gi-Oh. I met up with Khye and LGQ for about 5 to 10 mins. I only glanced through LGQ's collection and picked up some cards from Khye. Skill drains, Barbaros, Chalice, Kycoos, and a super rare solemn that I keep wanting to find for so long. After that I went shopping XD I realised how well conditioned and nice the decks of you guys are. The cards are still straight, hard and supple. Are you guys too gentle or am I just too rough? :O

Then go Kinokuniya. Bought english vers of GX book 1 and book 2 manga. I opened it hoping to get a Raiou in TCG version so that I can have eng, korean(gettin frm khye soon...most likely.), and a TCG version. sad to say when I opened it got no card!!! WTF BBQ I got like F***ing scammed T_T Next time I shall open the books first and check. Wasted money. yerr. Bullshitsssssssss!

Overall, my trip to KL with my friends was quite fun la. Sunway Lagoon was the best! Adrenne and Zhi Li make excellent companions on those rides. Even though I dont know how to swim I still go on all the darn rides. So fun. Hallelujah. Extreme park and Scream Park is scamming trick too need pay so much to enter -.- wanted to write the pirates revenge ship thingy but then the girls so scared =.= Then all the guys already ride liaw. Haizz i think it was damn mean and sexist of the teachers to separate the guys from the girls. Cant even ride on same bus. Cant even go to their rooms! Haiyooooo! Backwards thinking.

Visited IMU too. Might consider going there for a future medicine course. Hmm not bad le.

I also wanna apologize to Khye and LGQ for such a short visit. I also wanted to stay to duel but then I come KL to shop first lei. Dont worry December trip is all about dueling =) I can even go everyday if you guys want to. Which is what I'll probably do. Then can duel till xong.

Now to catch up on some blog reading that I have missed.
Oh and one more thing: Happy Halloween! Farewell party themed Halloween soon and I wanna dress like Brandon Urie from Panic at the Disco in "I write sins not tragedies". Ypu gotta love their new song "New Perspective" which is also "Jennifer's Body" official sound track. Nice.

Some more thicker eyeliner and it will look just right and evil. Could be vampire too hha.

To Baha: next yr i come Sing. =P

Monday, October 26, 2009

WOO Im going to KL

Not sure if going to Sungei Wang is in our list of destinations. If we do go anywhere near there such as Pavillion or so I shall walk there. =)
Anyways meeting up with Khye tomorrow morning to afternoon at KLCC. Khye, we are free to shop from 12.30 till 2. Is that okay with you? 11 too early la we going to stupid Petrosains. Isnt that for kids =.=

Gonna do a morning run and leave for airport at 9.30. 11.30 flight. Yeah!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Second and Third of the Asian Qualifiers Trilogy

Do you guys know whats the problem with series posts? I do. Two posts ago I promised to post on "card choices for certain decks and why you should run them", and that was approximately one week ago. I had all the ideas in my head up and running but now its all gone and I cant remember much =( So, for today Im just gonna concentrate on the 3 main decks:

1) Gladiator Beasts
2) Lightsworn
3) Black Feather Variants

Since I can remember LS the best, I'll start with them. I think the normal Lightsworn deck is pretty standard. I have never played LS before (because Im not interested thats all) and I have played against LS very rarely too so I probably may make some mistakes, hither that, I'll still carry on.

I think the choice of spells and traps are the main decision point for LS. Would you rather main Royal Decree or Beckoning Light? Will you want to main cards such as Lightning Vortex? The bad thing about LS is that if you run one copy of a certain spell/trap, it IS VERY LIKELY that you will mill it away or never see it in a duel. Thats why people run 3 charges and 3 recharges. On the contrary I'll first discuss Beckoning Light.

Beckoning Light- I think Light is a very useful card to ensure JD is in your hands, or get that Lyla back to boom some oppressions! I did say to see many a copy of a card in LS you gotta run 3, or at least 2. Beckoning Light is different. Its not a key card and its much dead in early game while you are still starting out. Therefore, I think the preferable number is 2 or 1(for you ppl who have defined luck) Some players just have that sort of luck where they never ever see a single card in their games but see multiples of another instead! I think we all know what I mean as there is/(are) card(s) that we always see, and for me that is Trap dustshoot. I think TD loves me and I see it in my early hands at least 3/5 games.

Next up is lightning vortex- why is this card a must? why is it not? There are several possible answers to both questions and definitely several reasons to running it. For the first, Vortex helps you to clear your opponents field so you can swarm and attack. Is the discard worth it? No and Yes. Sometimes you can discard Plaquespreader zombie/ black shining C/ Necro guardna or put a 4th Lightlord into the grave for JD. But if you have none of the above, it merely depletes your card presence. Can it save you? yes. What if you have no monsters to run with Celestia and your JDs are gone and Beckoning is nowhere? Yes, you need Lightning Vortex. But then if you run Lightning Vortex at one, it is possible you willl hardly see it as explained above. If you run 2 instead, its just not worth it because it takes up your card space and the slots could be used to play something that can make the deck more consistent? Now the question boils down to this : Is is worth running? You tell me. Again its player choice n preferance. If I had to make a choice, it will be no. =X

I think everybody knows spirit burner. And why its awesome in LS. I dont need to explain but then I want to highlight some pros about this card and remind you guys to run it in your builds because it will really save you and add some spice to the deck. Unlike other spell cards or traps, where once they are milled, they are gone. Burner is different because once it is milled to the grave, it still is able to serve a function or play its role. If opponent wants to waste DD crow on it, be my guest. Also its a spell, so not affected by D.D Fissure.

Royal decree is also something you want to run 3 in your sideboards. It cripples certain decks (ask neuxcharge- true story!) So a sideboard of LS should contain at least 2-3 threatening roar, 2-3 Decrees, 1-2 lightning vortex(just in case :D), and copies of malevolent catastrophe. Im also wondering why people arent running more Twilights or Undeadlord builds. They seem more fun, better, and you get several options to make and have several strategies ba.
I'm also wondering why some people rather play Black shining C instead of Necro guardna. In my opinion, Gardna is far more useful and more versatile and some decks just dont run synchros (eg: Glads and LS mirror match)

Now we talk about Vayuu. The most popular BWs build now will probably be Akatsuki Control which was popularised by Rodrigo Togores, and my man LGQ. Its cheaper than Cemetery Vayuu (3 burials already find till half dead!) and its much more fun! You get to run Oppresion. IMO, Oppression in a meta deck is so much much fun! Now the problem is collecting 3 Super rare Sirrocos.

The most important piece of tech in here IMO, is definitely Kycoo the Ghost destroyer. Some players have already spotted this gem and taken the liberty to run it. Some players still have not seen it, and Im hoping players now take heed of whats written here. Kycoo is definitely definitely MADE FOR THIS DECK. Many players fear matching against Kycoo but what they fail to realise is that this card is your best friend. Kycoo's first effect prevents your opponent from playing Necro gardna, Black shinging C or removing his own Vayuu. If vayuu is in the cemetery and cant remove, your opponent has a dead bird. Dont forget, his effect also protects your Vayu from being removed from played by anything. The text reads "your opponent cannot remove cards from either graveyards from play." This means you yourself can do so.
Not to forget Kycoo has 1800 attack and is quite hard to take down. He is also spellcaster so you can mix that other chicken in to make him into an Arcanite Magician- something which is not seen very often.

Now that Arcanite is mentioned, we remember Summon priest. Some players wonder if he is worth running. The answer, simply, is No. Your spells are already limited and it is just retarded to discard Black whirlwind or allure. =.= Other cards like brain control, MST, heavy storm are all more needed than that lvl4 monster that you wanna call out. If its shura, you can just wait for the sirroco+blackwhirlwind combo.

Final deck: DDGB!
Im not gonna talk about standard GB and Im not afraid to say its either too slow, too inconsisent and has no more chance. Cat GB is even worse. Drawing Samnites and test tiger is worse than LS bad hand! Trust me! By the time you wait to attack and return Samnite to deck you would have died already or drawn it again!
DDGB is the dark horse among the decks and has several good and bad points. In the first game, its is MOST LIKELY 99.999% confirmed you will win if you match against LS or Vayuu cemetery. I am not gonna add that 0.001% in case I have to eat my words if you draw all monster hand and your opponent is simply touching himself! But in the 2nd n 3rd games when your opponent sides in those catastrophes get ready to scoop! save those dark bribes and that solemn! Or simply, dont set down many cards, conserve them, or just set the chainable ones. Chainable cards such as Waboku or Threatening Roar or whatsoever.

Against the mirror match I remind you guys to side out waboku and put in Shrink or Econs or any sort of spells. Waboku is terrible as since its your opponents turn, your opponent gets to tag out his Murmillo first!

Then, I want to remind you guys out there not to run 3 chariots. (thanks Rau) Chariot at 3 is going to be terribad because you just see it too often. It should only be played in 2. Two is just right not too many not too little. Its gonna be sickening to see Chariot all the time (thanks to equeste too!) plus you would much rather play other tech cards in the deck instead to open up new possibilites.

Waboku at 2 or 3 is basically player choice. Some would much rather run 2 because they want to play other counter cards or monster removal. Some would rather play 3 because it is never dead, and always does its job. Personally I rather play 3, but im trying two out at the moment and its been doing just as well.

Next is Morphing Jar! I know I mentioned before its terrible in DDGB and theory-wise it is terrible. It may give you more options but then your opponent gains too! I admit Im wrong and urge you people to play it. Jar has saved me countless times and it also sometimes (just sometimes) disrupts opponents hands. Actually the idea is givving your opponents more opptions may sound bad but it is easy to handle with your 5 cards. Also, the idea of drawing 5 new cards is just too inviting in a deck like DDGB which is so boring and never draws cards.

Summoner monk is one more piece of card that I consider playing. Monk+ GB on field and a spell in hand= Gyzarus. It solves many of your monster problems too because of the lack of monsters. Think of Monk as a double sided tool because it turns cards into and A and B. You can choose to treat your spell card as a spell, or you can turn it into any 4 star monster from your deck. Monk is just plain good and I like it =) Its not gonna die very early in a deck such as DDGB.

One more thing! Players should not worry too much about the problem of monster clogging and run so few monsters as it will just be your own downfall. In fact the standard monster count should be 12 to 13. I choose 12 though. People should also max 2 to 3 kycoos.

Thats a long post. At least I wont have a heavy conscience since I wont be posting for almost the whole of next week. After Friday, I probably will post alot as its gonna be boring after the KL trip. OHH yeah one last reminder! Dont forget to keep a straight poker face even if all your spells or traps get heavy stormed and you have nothing left while opponent has full field of monsters. There was something else I wanted to say but then i suddenly forgot, next time I need a notebook and write whatever comes to my mind down. Ah well.

I hope you guys found this post useful and use it to your advantage. Oh yes I finally remembered what I wanted to say! The qualifiers are coming very soon and will be here before you know it, so,....start building your deck and playtesting it out now. Find out the weaknesses and tune it to fit your playing style (thats the most important!) Good luck and kudos to everybody joining!

Anyways, I hope I can sleep on Monday night as I will be feeling the full KL fever. Kl here I come!

Thanks for reading

Edit: Now Ken have nothing to say =X

Thursday, October 15, 2009

*inserts title here.

Cat GB is really too slow this format. Had a few games for fun. And I got owned by Burden of The Mighty and Mirage dragon. That shows how slow the Cat synchro. Bottomless Trap Hole keep showing up twice in every game! Murmillo got outplayed by Caius. That shows how bad AKGB is now.
Conclusion: dont play it

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Post for Ken.

Since Ken mentioned that no one posts a decklist of DDGB, I decide to do it for him. I think Hong's blog talks about it quite alot, but then maybe Ken is just blind. =D Hope he sees this one here. So this short one's for him.

The average deck looks like:

2 GB Laquari
1 GB Bestiari
1 GB Murmillo
1 GB Darius
2 GB Equeste
1 GB Retiari
1 GB Hoplomus
3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

3 Dimensional Fissure
2 Gladial Proving Ground
2 Book of Moon
1 My Body as a Shield
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Shrink
1 Smashing Ground
1 Brain Control

1 Solemn Judgment
3 Dark Bribe
3 Waboku
3 Gladial Beast War Chariot
2 Bottomless Trap Hole
1 Trap Dustshoot
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential tribute
1 Trap Stun

Basically. this post is specifically directed to Ken and I need not elaborate or talk about card choices, because Ken should know how the deck works, right?

Some changes will be some players deciding to run Morphing Jar, Cyber Dragon, and maybe maximizing Book of Moon (which is viable and all up to the player), some might choose to run less Bribes or one less Chariot but like I said, its all up to the player. Cyber Dragon and Morphing Jar (especially Jar) is one of the most terrible card choices in DDGB, IMO. Shall do a post on it soon.

But, I will talk about one particular card choice now: why I main 2 proving grounds only. Well its because I want to see less monsters. PG is just like any monster. Sometimes it can be dead if you have too many and Equeste just keeps retrieving it for you. Then later you realise all the GB left in the decks are the one that you want to keep in. Would it not be more helpful if it was another trap/spell instead? No? Most of the time, monster presence becomes abundant. Once again, its all based on the player's playing style.

Till next time.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, its about a month away and I cant make it. Darn! I saved enough money but my mum said I'm too young. F*ck that! Okay, I am a lil young but I can manage, thank you.

Although i wont be going, I definitely will make a series of posts to prepare you all for the tourney. This first one will be on decks to expect, decks to run, and what you ought to run this format. In short, BIG 5.

Second one will depict on main deck and side deck choices for a few selected decks, why you should be running them, and how you should play them.

Thirdly, will be a list or reminders of what to do, what not to do, and answering your questions of who why what when and how.

So, to elaborate on Guan Quan's post, the first of the big 5 will be undoubtly...

1) Lightsworn
With LS being the most powerful, most game breaking and certainly most scary to play against (u never can predict them damn honests! they are more annoying than JDs!). Furthermore, LS has access to the recent versatile Charge of the Light Brigade, a new Ehren, the untouchable Aurkus and certainly the new Spirit Burner from ANPR (I trust you people know its superawesomenessss from Baha's blog). Although LS is the most powerful, LS has NEVER won a tourney in Malaysia despite taking 3rd place in last year's Christmas tourney. LS is also the most inconsistent and when you draw crap, you feel crappy as well. Then its hard to sculpt the most perfect LS build with no flaws. Then you have your excuse: Oh well, its Lightsworn. When you match against dimension fissure, you will feel even more crappy and its possible that you could not draw the spell/trap removals in your deck, you milled it away, or your opponent flips up another Macro Cosmos and you groan and scoop up your cards. Holy Light is bullshit against it. No one in the right mind will run that.

2) Cemetery Vayuu/ Blackwings
While this deck is probably the most explosive and most fun (its better than LS!), this deck is also the most expensive. One copy of Arms wing is double the price of a Armor Master and the Silverwind the Lonely is 80rm. can u belive that! Fuck! Despite its price, its versatility makes up for eveything. And it also can fit in Charge rather nicely, its no doubt that this deck will prevail as one of the best. Sorry t0 break your bubble folks but i dont think this deck will be in the top8. Why? Because nobody has the money to buy all the damn cards. 3 Vayuus, 3 Arms wing and 3 Burials will cost you not your arm and your leg but your head, and heart as well, THAT IS if you can find anyone who is willing to trade/sell them. There might be one or two people who runs the COMPLETE version but its not confirmed that they will have excellent luck, and easy matchups so oh well.

Now we talk about BWs itself. This one will definitely see more play. Its cheaper and anyone who can innovate will bring this deck far. LGQ has posted his Dawn Control and IT IS VERY GOOD as it is a modified and better version of Rodrigo's Bws. Since his blog is widely read, expect to see people netdeck it and run Royal Oppression in there, think about it: Fast, big deck+ ability to negate special summons! Now tell me its not a winning formula.

3)Junk and Debris (ps: its pronounced De-bree, not Bris-the 'S' is silent)
This deck is fun, its effective, its cheap, why wont we be seeing it? Rauzes revolutionized Archipelago by introducing this original build of a GEM to us. The draw speed is crazy if you can pull off convert contact and throw out Chaos Sorceror. Although it wont match LS, or Vayuu, its bound to see lots of play and its not to be looked down on. A skillful player will bring this deck to the top8 (possibly? I predict so), Long Live the Spacians!

4) Zombies
Fast, efficient and although we cant use Mezuki, trust me it will still be widely played. Malaysian duelists are so predictable. Cheap deck that can run synchro plus easy to make? They will run it. Zombies without Mezuki and maybe they will play Light Undead? Honest is so easy to obtain (its 10 bucks for a common only). It can run royal oppresion and skill draon, but then Malaysian duelists are more predictable. Anything slow that doesnt synchro they wont run it.

5) Gladial beats
Last but not least, my favourite among the five. GB is probably the least consistent but the one of the most annoying matchups. Not to forget, DDGB is going to rock its way through with Dimension Fissure. Throw in Doomcaliburs, kycoos and it will be too good. Trust me its so fun to simplify the game and do one for ones but its so hectic and brain-racking to matchup against it. Dark Bribe can never replace Solemn Judgment.

I will elaborate more on the next post.
And a lot lot more on the next =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Malaysian Asian Qualifiers 2009

Well i plucked this out from LGQ's blog. Time to publicise. Letting all fellow Malaysians know.

Date : 22th of November 2009 confirmed
Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza , at the empty space next to Green Box (if you've been to any tourney there, you'll know)
confirmedTime : most likely 10 am for registration and starts at 11 am , but it'll usually be 1/2 to 1 hour later
Prize : nothing is confirmed yet, but if it is similar to the prizes we get for the Qualifiers for 09, it;ll be :
1st place : 4 x booster box (don't expect ABPF), some YGO merchandise (sleeves, deck boxes), a medal, and an air ticket to where ever the Asian qualifiers are gonna be held.
2nd place : 3x booster boxes , merchandise, medal
3rd place : 2x booster box (most likely Duelist pack Yusei 2), medal
4th place : 1x booster box (most likely Duelist pack Yusei 2)
top 8 : some packs (around 8) and some crappy holo that aren't worth anythingparticipation (they give it to you when you submit your registration form) : a booster pack and something else (random things or a stupid holo(Lam got Victory Dragon last year))*

reminder : these are just assumptions as the prizes always looks similar
*rules confirmed :
cards below are not allowed confirmed :
-any cards published by Shueisha-cards from LE and PP (aside from PP 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5 , 10)
-cards from the Duel Terminals-TCG cards* DT and Magazine cards that had been released in boosters and decks can be used
*all cards must be sleeved in Konami official sleeves (the ones you get in YGO size) confirmed
- apparently, LGQ's friend told him this is a method to sell the sleeves.reason why the 2010 Qualifiers are held during this year sorta confirmed (I suspect it too)
- the shopkeeper (Mr. P or Mr. KC , either one of them) told LGQ : "Don't know, we are just following orders. If you have problems with this, go complain to the officials..."

After lunch, a post on the big 5, meta matchup, sidedecking options and what you need to do/know at Asian qualifiers Malaysia.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Casino de Baha

After reading rauzes twitter and on how he called Lady Luck a bitch, it got me going that if anyone criticizes her, he or she will be doomed to bad luck for the rest of his life.

Then suddenly a thought hit me. "Casino de Baha"

For you guys who dont know what it means, it simply refers to Michael Santoso's (Bahamut84) luck. In fact, it is elaborated till it sounds so bad and I almost laugh everytime I hear of it. Now i just wonder, could anyone's luck be that bad???

Baha, maybe you insulted Lady Luck before?

And also to baha: what is a prc! you seem to super hate it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WTF is a Black Feather Dragon.

All I want to say is: WTF is a Black Feather Dragon. Bird+Dragon? Huh? Dragunity? How on Earth does Crow suddenly come up with a dragon, simply for becoming one of the 5 signers.

Weird plot.concept. definitely prefer GX and original Yu-Gi-Oh compared to 5DS.

Gold series 2: Hope we get awesome things. >.< Hope they dont reprint Pyramid of Light, similar to Watapon -.-

Two more days of exams left. So far so good, cant wait to be back into the dueling scene.

Lately, I got down to reading the coverage on Shonen jump Orlando, and did not like what I saw there, Neither do you guys, i reckon.

Takamichi, I wanna see your sister! And Ken, please no calling of names please.

Since, Marvin from the Perplexed Duelist brought up a topic about Gladial beast Respite. I shall explain:

1) In OCG we much rather run DDGB which has a small monster count.

2) Its dead if you do not have 2 GBs in your hand, therefore making it situational.

3) GB doesnt rely on draw engine. If i draw Retiari, Secutor, or Murmillo, then how? By the time you wait for Equeste to retrive Respite, you might lose control of the game so its risky.

4) Standard TCG style GB can make use of it =) But if i were them, i just rather run less GBs. Alex Vansant's deck is WTFBBQ weird. Dimension Fissure at 2 in standard GB??? It could not get worse than that. No offence.

Spirit Burner is good. TCG players heed this! If you dont know why, click here. Let Baha enlighten you, just scroll down its the post below the one on the poor hanewata that looks like Cartman. Reason number 5 is the best reason why you want to run it!

I want a new haircut that looks like Denny Huang's!