Monday, March 29, 2010

No definite deck.

There's no definite tier 1 deck this format. Even if the deck you have is tier 1, there's no saying that you will win the tournament anyway.

Each deck has just as good as a chance of winning.

If you browse OCG World (NOT Shriek), you can see a variety of decklists topping. Heck, even at Shriek, the decks that make top 8 include:

1) Monarchs
2) Fader Monarch
3) Meta Beat
4) Debris Hero
5) Diva Cat
6) Diva Gravekeepers
7) Black Feather
8) Lightlords
9) Infernity
10) Malicious beats
11) MGS (Fabled)
13) Cat Gladiator
14) Dimension Gladial Beast
15) Dimension Eatos
17) Perfect Declarer bitch lock

WOW thats a LOT of decks. I find the 2 below quite interesting:

2nd: Dark Demon Roar God
(Player: Juumajuu)

Monster: 23
1x Rescue Cat
1x Summoner Monk
1x Sangan
1x Sea Koala
2x X-Saber Airbellum
2x Gravekeeper's Spy
1x Gravekeeper's Guard
3x Demon Roar God Raven
3x Demon Roar God Grimro
2x Demon Roar God Beast Cerberal
2x Demon Roar God Beast Ganashia
1x Demon Roar God Beast Rubilarda
2x Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness

Spells: 13
1x Heavy Storm
1x Mystical Space Typhoon
1x Giant Trunade
1x Cold Wave
1x Scapegoat
2x Book of Moon
1x My Body as a Shield
1x Mind Control
1x Brain Control
3x Pot of Avarice

Traps: 4
1x Mirror Force
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Bottomless Trap Hole

Winner: Malicious Beat
(Player: Blockman)

Monster: 21
3x Stygian Security
2x Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy
1x Neo-Spacian Groun Mole
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
3x Doomcaliber Knight
2x Cyber Dragon
1x Tragoedia
3x Caius the Shadow Monarch
3x Evil Hero Malicious Edge
1x Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
1x Dark Armed Dragon

Spells: 10
1x Heavy Storm
1x Giant Trunade
1x Cold Wave
1x Mysitical Space Typhoon
1x Allure of Darkness
1x Book of Moon
1x Brain Control
3x Dark Calling

Traps: 11
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
1x Call of the Haunted
2x Bottomless Trap Hole
2x Compulsory Evacuation Device
1x Return from the Different Dimension
1x Trap Dustshoot

I love it. This format is amazing!

I hope Trisiula gets limited next format. Then Khye will sell me one of his beautiful Trishugay. Hahaha.

Tomorrow: An inspiration from LGQ: Elemental Hero Neos! What it does in Heroes and the options it can provide.

Also, on topic: One for one card removal? Are they more than one for ones? Find out by going to Great article, Hong! I guess no one has been able to put it into words lately. Go and have a look, guys.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Bringing you guys some tech from the OCG/ Malaysia/ Singapore etc.

First of, Magic Cylinder.

Gained a recent popularity in Bf decks lately. Don't know why too. Its a game ender and a life saver. Luckily, I didn't burn the Gold Rare ones.

Next, Dust Tornado.

* Extremely versatile. Can save you too many times, true story from me and Andrew. Seriously. Most importantly it stops that fucking Oppression and the Infernity Gun. Stops alot of other nuisance such as Bottomless Trap Hole, Mirror Force, and Dimension Prison, nuff said. Flipping Tornado in response to your opponent's Cyclone or Tornado is fun too!

*Never use it vs Rauzes and G-Ray. Later they chain Claymore Dud and that Twister of the Plains. Shoot!

On a side note, I hate Declarer is a bitch. I love smacking Another Neos into him. Better yet, put up a Dimension Fissure and they scoop. Outgame decks still in da zone!

Lately, Battle Fader has been awesome awesome. Surprise surprise when brionac clears my field and I drop it. Next turn, control back the game. I think I'm gonna run him in 1s in every deck i build just for tech. he gives you that relief that you know your not gonna die. He is almost never dead. There are bound to be times your opponent can wipe my monsters out in an instant. If they don't, good for me lor.

BAHA stop making god decks. Gallis the StarBeast + Ally Genex Birdman and Core Chimail Doom is the most evilest broken combo since Hero Mask and Fairy Atcher!

Go look for the pictures yourself, since I'm lazy to upload more.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


is back.

glad to see you again, pal (although I don't know you very well personally_)

Missed blogging huh?

Guys, Check it out

Double Cyclone into Tornado of the Wastelands and Claymore Dud is really a good idea. Its a plus one, and it destroys 2 monsters and 1 spell/trap. But then is the idea consistent?
How does testing go for the build?

So, for your deck, I think you could add a Fusion gate for tech and advantage. Shining Abuse is handy.
What do you think? Lazy to comment on the blog..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Smashing Ground

Is very good. Is a one for one trade. Can be compared to MST.

If you need to destroy a monster, what better card to use than Smashing Ground? Somemore, it doesnt't have to be set, meaning its a guarantee pull off unless Solemn Judgmented/ bribed/ etc. Its not vulnerable to spell trap removal like Dust Tornado, which has seen an increase in BF decks. Great, just great. :-/

So why isn't it a staple in all decks. Even one is effective and random. It saved me thousands of times.

MST destroys spells/traps. Monsters win games for you by attacking. We should also concentrate on the monsters, no?

AHA, so I see Dragonquites and Synchro Miracle Fusion getting the hype they deserve thanks to G-Ray. Guys, don't hope so much, Konami will probably errata it soon, ONE DAY. In Hero decks, you can remove Stardust Dragon (that you have summoned from Starlight Road) and a random hero monsters and make Dragonquites. Or make random Great Tornado FTW. I don't like the Gungnir builds so much. Why? King of the Swamp and Gungnir are expensive. Somemore, Gungnir is not in production anymore. And I don't like Synchro..

That's 3 negaters in a row, man. Woah. Not bad.
1) Starlight Road
2) Stardust
3) Dragonquites.

Dragonquites can copy any effect of any random Dragon type synchro in ANY players' graveyard. Too bad, it can't copy Trishula. And Brionac is a snake, not a dragon.

Duelist Revolution could really be a revolution. There are bound to be better Synchro Fusion cards coming out. This format MIGHT just become a Fusion format. Time to buy some Super Fusions.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Browsing Shriek's tourney decklists and saw LGQ commenting. LOL you so free ah.

Tim Urban should have gone out last night. I guess this shows how big a part young girls play in the voting of a person to remain in the show. BTW, do head over to Youtube to hear Aaron Kelly's studio version of Angie. Its so good. My favourite song from the Rolling Stones, cun cun he do it somemore.

Looks like all the decks there are still LightLord and BF. All hail BF. Saw a Hero deck. was quite happy and surprised. Might try the build out. Snowman Eater FTW. Its an awesome card. The 1900 defence is what makes it awesome. Ram Laquari into it. Die. Ram any BF card into it. Die. There's still a wall left after that. Opponent will waste cards and put in extra effort to destroy it.

Compulsory Evacuation Device is pretty crude and awesome this format. Synchros are high and CED works pretty well. You need to pretty much control the field. If one piece of the combo gone, your pretty much in deep shit as your opponent can just take control of the game next turn. CED works very well. Can return your cards back to hand too if you need to re use them, if you know what I mean.

Today'a article concerns Heroes and are for players who want to play them this format, or start playing them. For other players, you can still read on, as this article could give you new insight and maybe even convert you to the Hero cult.

First of all, Heroes need no introduction and the builds that can work this format are:

Tier 1
1) FusionGate Heroes
2) Fusion Heroes

Tier 1.5
1) Shining Zero
2) Bahamut Heroes (ANB)
3) Chain Material Heroes

What I can say about Hero decks that use polymeriZation is that it loses advantage quickly IMO. Because you waste 2 monsters and a polymerization to bring out a monster thats waiting to die. Its a -4 waiting to happen. If it was Shining, you can still get a +2 and if 1 of them was Airman you get +3. Anyway, the odds of you having no cards removed from play could be quite high too.

If you chose to play Absolute Zero, its still safe to say that you can garner advantage. But remember, Smashing Ground is rampant at 3 this format, and people have gotten their TCG Starlight Roads. At most, you are lucky to destroy one or two of your opponent's monsters, but is that such a big deal? You have lost so much more cards. Lets say you are matching against BWs. You destroyed that lone Bora or maybe a Shura. That player still has plenty of cards in hand, and he/she has probably searched one from Black Whirlwind, and gaining a +1 in that sense.

And Shining, and Ab Zero are the most advisable Hero fusions to play as they garner the most advantage. If its already such a bad idea playing them, what more the other Heroes?

So, the bottom line is Polymerization Heroes are a bad idea. Dumping King of the Swamp and tuning your deck to fit Debris Dragon for Gungnir is pretty good but Gungnir is pretty expensive now.

So, with these bad critics, are Heroes a bad deck to run this format? The answer is NO. A big part relies on the player himself.

Now, in playing a Hero deck, the best opening move is to have a Calling Army/ E-Emergency to search out Airman. Then play Fusion Gate and make Shining.

I've played against BlackWings before and all I can say is :

The advantage generated by Shining can win games.
The Shining is so good in the sense that when it returns Airman and another Hero back to the hand, its very possible to make another Shining to annoy the opponent. This move greatly reduces your opponent's card resources. When I play The Shining, I always wish for a Torrential or a Bottomless Trap Hole.

The effect of Shining to return the Heroes can also be used during the damage step, which is good.

Fusion Gate directly removes your fusion materials so that it is automatically retrivable by Shining. The other awesome thing about Fusion Gate is that the monster summoned cannot be negated by Solemn Judgment of Horn of Heaven.

The effect of Stratos is so good because it can search you into any Hero out there. Shining into Airman (returned because it was removed from play.) So, whether you take Great Tornado or Absolute Zero, it produces versatility and more variety in card choices.

If you're down to your last Shining, and you have 2 in your graveyard, remove the 2 for Miracle Fusion to play your last Shining. When the last Shining dies, return the other 2 removed from played Shinings to the deck for recycling. Damn fun i tell you. Opponent emo and headache confirmed. 3200 attack is no laughing matter either.

Playing your Zeroes Conservatively
As we know, Zeroes are extremely scarce this format. Explained above already, we need to play Zero to its full advantage. So, when do you play Zero?

We can play Zero when the opponent has searched many combo pieces enough for you to know that he/she is going to make a big play. if you see Blackwing searh a tons of cards, zero is a good card to play because he or she will be taking a huge risk to play around Zero.

Of course, when you stare a field of 3 to 5 monsters, Zero is the best reliable monster to play. The only 2 cards that can stop its effect from going off is Divine Wrath and DoomCaliber Knight, but they aren't mained anyway outside Stun decks. In any circumstances, that full field of monsters is bound to go down and everyone knows that.

Zero is very versatile and you can only have 3 zeroes in a deck, although its arguable that Shining can recycle him. But a deck usually runs 3 to 4 water monsters (1 Ocean and 3 others like Snowman eater,Yomi Ship, Blizzed, Seer and such)

Remember to play the Hero deck conservatively
In the Hero deck, remember to pack lots of monster removal. It may take you a few turns to set up the field. But do note that you musn't waste card removal. Its true that you have tons, but don't let that mentality ruin you. Make sure to evaluate each card properly before you choose to remove it from play for Bottomless or Prison.

Torrential Tribute is very extra good this format. Never waste it to destroy 1 monster only. Or play it early game to bait your opponent. You're gonna regret that.

Conserve Gemini Sparks!
Everyone knows G Spark is one of the best removal card in the game as it lets you destroy any card. I've seen many players play it anyhow just to destroy any card they wish. Tsk Tsk. What a waste of good removal.

Always save Spark to destroy the lone card that you really need gone. Do let your Another Neos to destroy many monsters before activating it. A very good player would wait for Another Neos to be destroyed by a card effect then he baru chain Spark. That way he has destroyed one card and wasted the opponent's removal. And netted himself a +1. He has lost 2 cards in the process, and wasted 2 resources and drawn a card.

And...Hero Blast too!
Hero Blast is also one of those cards that are very extremely versatile because it can destroy any monster with 1900 attack and below. Reminds me of DDVirus abit, IMO and it should be used to destroy TUNER monsters. Remember do not use it to simply clear a card on the opponent's field just so you can oush for damage. It aint worth it, if you can get rid of it attacking with your beatsticks. The deck is meant to be played slowly, controlling the game, simplifying it card for card to put your opponent in a rush. Its not a Rush Attack deck that aims to deal damage only. Tuner monsters lead to synchros. Certain Synchros are extremely hard to deal with against Heroes so your Blast should be used to stop synchro summoning. Raiou should also be used to thwart synchro summons only.

The card that Heroes Hate most:
Hands down, Brionac. Discarding a card to return your Shining back is so freaking annoying as you garner no advantage. It makes it seem so effortless. Curse it. The only card that can take it down easily is Absolute Zero. But most of the time, you will be caught up in making Shining plays to generate advantage till you will emo when they drop Brionac.

Matchup against the top meta decks

Blackwings- BWs are fast and powerful. You could say they are the toughest matchup among all the meta decks as they are slick and powerful, and on par with the Hero deck. Play it conservatively, smartly, and you can win easily. BlackWings is also the deck that can bring out Brionac the easiest, and its possible to wreck your plays easily. Run Burdens to make the BlackWing so small. Burden is extremely good this format and it will waste your opponent's GodDamn Bird Attack. It also reduces targets in Black Whirlwind.

Side in an extra Starlight Road or 2 in 2nd game. Opponents are bound to side out GodBird Attack in 2nd game in fear of you siding in Starlight Road, they may side in one for one removal.

Lightlord- LOL no problem. Seriously, no joke.

Infernity- Destroy those key cards early!!! Even Trishugay-sama is scared of Zero. Remember that Infernities are only a one trick deck so you have plenty of ways to play it out.

GB- This deck COULD be a problem. Nevertheless, just use your removal on those GBs and send them to hell. Play Shining alot as it will make them lose card presence while you yourself gain.

Remember to keep in mind the concept of Card Economy, Card Advantage while playing the deck. Always think to yourself: "Is this a worthwhile play? What good would come out of this play? Would it guarantee control if I played this? Would this generate advantage for me or work adversely?" Regularly, each turn, count the number of cards in your hand and on your field and compare them to your opponent's.

At the same time, do not be too caught up with Card Advantage and focus on the game. Pay good attention to the board. Heroes are one of the hardest decks to play hand down and requires plenty of skill. Its not a one shot deck that you can learn to master over night. As time progresses, you will find new plays, new possibilities, and adjust yourself completely to the deck. Switch in cards that you are comfortable with, that can suit your playstyle.

Its one of those decks that can teach a beginner or an intermediate player good skill. It can teach a player card economy, and the ability to make better and more precise reads as well as trickery to play around with the opponent's mind.

Try it out sometime, and you will see what difference it brings to you as a duelist.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Second Filler Post

I didn't mean to double post but its time you guys dig out your Psychics!

Synchro Fusionist- yes I know he looks like the guy on Polymerization. Its supposed to be Summon Demon and the dragon supposed to be Red-Eyes --> Black Skull Dragon FTW

Miracle Synchro Fusion.

Ultimate Psychicker.
Summon Fusionist --> Play Urgent Teleport --> Summon Commander --> Synchro Magic Android --> Search Miracle Synchro Fusion --> Remove Commander and Android --> Summon Psychicker --> Proceed to kick ass.
Notice you only used up 2 cards in the process and thinned your deck down by 2 cards. Nice.
Psychicker CANNOT be destroyed by card effects. Nice. Piercing damage, and healing. Nice.
Light? Honest abuse. Nice.
Anyone thinks that more themed-synchros are gonna be released? Undead? Plants?
I won't be surprised if the cover card is a synchro-fusion like Psychicker too. But better not say, later tio flamed lol.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hero Beat- Updated

Lazy to post. So a filler, here.

Busy too, but then will write an article tomorrow or Tuesday.

Tweaked the hero deck abit. Here's the decklist:

Monster- 15
3 E Hero Neos Alius
1 E Hero Stratos
2 Yomi Ship
3 ThunderKing Raiou
1 Gorz the messenger of darkness
2 Honest
1 Sangan
1 Morphing Jar
1 Crystal Seer

3 Fusion Gate
3 Miracle Fusion
1 Cyclone
1 Heavy Storm
1 E-Emergency Call
1 Calling Army
3 Dual Spark
1 Brain Control
1 Forbidden Chalice

Traps- 11
1 Cry of the Living Dead
1 Mirror Force
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Hero Blast
1 Starlight Road
1 Trap Stun
2 Dimension Prison
2 Bottomless Trap Hole

Changed -2 Skill Drain because it stopped Airman alot. And Airman MUST NOT be stopped. Too important.

Trap Stun is wonders this format. Remember Imperial Order? Trap Stun is similar to it. Because most players who ran Order only used it for one turn so that it stopped the opponent from playing a particular card. Eg: they chain it to a spell (negating it for free) and then opponent cant play spells for the rest of the turn. Later they do not maintain the cost because spells were a must in the past formats, so the Imperial Order player also wanted to play spells too.

Trap Stun is so good because it stops traps for a turn. And if you see properly, its similar to Order. In a deck like this, it works much much better than Drain. Also drawing more than 1 Drain isn't fun.

Chalice is good to wreck opponent's plays.

Best opening play in the deck : Emergency Call/ E-hero Airman/ Calling Army + Fusion gate.
Direct Shining without losing advantage. How good is that? Destroy it and you're at a -1. Thanks for my Airman and Alius back. Now I fusion Shining again. lol.

Worst case scenario for this deck: This deck just hates Brionac. 3 Raiou, 2 Hero Blast 3 Sparks are there to kill it.


Synchro Fusionist and Miracle Synchro Fusion= gay. c'mon E-hero support!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Stygian Street Patrol

is Hellway Patrol in TCG, and is a very cheap and easy to find card here in the OCG considering that you can just buy the guide book to obtain it.

For those of you who have never heard of Hellway Patrol, (which I can assume that most haven't)

here's its effect:
When this card destroys an opponent's monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, inflict damage to your opponent's life points equal to the destroyed monster's Level x100. You can remove from play this card from your Graveyard from play to Special Summon 1 Fiend-Type monster with 2000 or less ATK from your hand.

Now, you may think, what's so good about this card?

This card's usage is bolded above, and you can only ask, what deck can this card be fitted in?

The first thing to jump into my mind, was Infernity. Seeing most of the deck being less than 2000 attack, this card fits in perfectly. By removing him from the grave, special summon an Infernity from the hand.

I've never played Infernity before, neither played against it, and I'm not scared to say I've no interest in the deck and I cant even remember the effects of any of the cards, except Trishugay, Idaemon, and IGun, which makes the deck broken.

I'm not exactly sure how this card can help the deck, but I'm sure the Infernity players themselves will know how, and be glad to show/ tell you. I, too, however, know that this card will make the deck run at almost superspeed.

Anyway, so just a short list of possibilities that I could deduce:
1) Summon Idaemon
2) Put more field presence
3) Put more synchro/more syncrho material/ beatstick
4) Open more options in the game for more summoning of the Trishugay-sama.
5) There is no number 5 because there is none I can think of and if you think this is lame, blame Neux because he always put this! ALWAYS!

Now, how to get him into the grave?

1) Brionac Dragon of the Ice Boundary.
2) Knight of the End
3) Dark Grepher.
4) One for One
5) Foolish Burial
6) Hand Severing
7) Card Destruction
8) Dark Realm Dealings

Alot, no mer?
I think this card has potential this format. So does D-synchro. And also, Summon Priest becomes deadly again in Infernity deck. Search Archfiend= too pro.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Assessment Results

Chem- FAIL

AddMaths- A

Bio- Pass. In the fifties.

Physics- Pass (OK considering I didn't study)

Ah well, since rumors are as long as you can pass my school exam papers, guaranteed A1 in SPM. Aha.

On a side note, I'm glad that X Sabers had their glory in the TCG. This time in March, they are so gonna die to DD Eatos. Grats to Satoshi Kato for winning SJC Nashville with Undeadlord. Seems like that was his favourite deck since I saw him running that deck every single time in SJs.

Today's topic is Gorz:

As everyone knows, or may not know, my favourite card is Gorz, ever since Yugi played it in the YuGiOh R manga book. The sheer power of Gorz is so good that it landed itself right in the middle of the meta, being maindecked almost everywhere, where he be allowed.

The advantage Gorz creates is so potent that it brings out a 2700 attack beatstick with another token. Just alone, Gorz creates 2 cards for one, and he is equally easy to bring out because of the fact that your opponent can clear your field quite easily. Afterall, this IS the game of YuGiOh.

What makes Gorz so good is that the 2700 monster is usually unbeatable, and, if needed, the opponent needs to waste at least 2 cards to destroy your Gorz and Kaien (which is technically a 1, thus resulting in a -1 for your opponent). Alone, without any destruction cards, Gorz can allow you to regain control of the game, for at least a turn or if you're lucky, 2.

This makes us say, Gorz WINS GAMES. And this isn't uncommon as we see it almost everyday.

As we enter a new format, the question asked by everybody is:

Is Gorz worth maindecking??

Since we are in a rather control-heavy format, which I clearly agree, as this is the Smashing Ground format, we can say, Gorz is maindeck worthy. Why? Gorz can allow you to regain control of the game, and the opponent MAY have to waste 2 cards to destroy Gorz. Generally, it is almost assumable that your opponent has commited many cards to destroying your field. This means that he/she has fewer cards and MOST LIKELY cannot handle Gorz. Then you regain control of the game.

While its a Smashing format, we can also assume that this is a Trishula format. With Baha.frog.dek. and Infernities running around, Gorz is a very likely card to be removed from play because if people summon 3 (or even 5!), its almost guaranteed that Gorz got gayed by Trisiula. Poor guy.

Anyway, on the contrary, in the TCG, the Infernity duelist is mostl likely going to summon Mist Wurm instead of Trisiula (because its not in the TCG yet) and beat you down with a bunch of 3-5 synchros. Mist Wurm is going to clear your field, so thats when Gorz will protect you from dying and if you're immensely lucky, let you gain control back of the game. Next turn, just play your own Mist Wurm. Good game.

It takes a skilled duelist to play Gorz, and to play around Gorz. Like Tragoedia, who was 10000x more broken than him, he stops OTKs and that is extremely vital. I still think he is much better than Battle Fader,in the sense ,that he adds field presence and macho power.

Then suddenly, we all remember how effective Gorz is in the damage calculation step. Bottomless, Oppression cant respond to Gorz. Only DCK or that Core Chimail can get rid of him. Anyhow, at worst, that is still a one-for-one.

This isn't an incredible in depth article as I'm quite tired. Next time lah, I'll try to write longer and more interesting articles.

The bottom line, still, is that Gorz is worth maindecking this format. End of story lol.