Monday, November 30, 2009

New Perspective: Jhonn Santiago Black Feather Turbo

Welcome to another article of "welcome to the master plan" (which was adapted from one of adam lambert's songs which is damn nice, i actually wan put it on the music player here but then scared other ppl dont like adam) Ok enough with that I sound like Oprah or a radio announcer.

Last night as I was browsing the blogs, I came across the Perplexed Duelist's post about some flame wars at Shriek. Lucky I go read or else I would never have discovered this deck. You go read his blog la and see the whole story.

So, as I was browsing the comments on Shriek, i noticed that there is one deck which really is good, innovative and catches my attention. You see, Jhonn Paul Santiago may have only made it to 6th place, but his deck idea is awesome actually.

6th: Black Feather "Bomber 2" (Player: Jhonn Paull Santiago)

Monster: 20
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Dark Creator
2 Black Feather - Sirroco of the Dawn
3 Black Feather - Blizzard of the North Pole
3 Black Feather - Blast of the Black Lance
3 Black Feather - Qual'at of the Moonlight
3 Black Feather - Shura of the Blue Flame
2 Black Feather - Vayu of the Big Flag
2 Priestess Ohm

Spells: 12
1 Heavy Storm
3 Black Whirlwind
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Mind Control
1 Brain Control
2 D.D.R.
2 Allure of Darkness
1 Swallow's Nest

Traps: 8
2 Icarus Attack
1 Delta Crow - Anti-Reverse
3 Reckless Greed
1 Mirror Force
1 Trap Dustshoot

Extra Deck: 14
2 Black Feather - Armored Wing
1 Black Feather - Lone Silver Wind
2 Black Feather - Arms Wing
1 Dark End Dragon
2 Stardust Dragon
1 Goyo Guardian
1 Gigatech Fighter
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Magical Android
1 Mental Sphere Daemon
1 Arcanite Magician

Look at the build. At first you might not know the genius behind this work of art.

Actually you have to look at a new perspective for this deck. Think about it as 2 decks combined in one. Firstly, is Blackwings. Which is nothing new and plain ordinary so i will skip the parts about BWs bla bla. Now to the extraordinary: look at the deck as if its a turbo deck and an engine.

Okay actually the deck is just another BW deck but it has the potential to turn into a crazy return turbo engine. Let me show you how.

First of is the Swallow nest card because of its versatility. Swallows nest is very good because of its ability to bring out a monster from your deck by tributing one. Now lets look at the uses of Swallows nest:

1)It completely negates the effects of Book of Moon, opponent's own God Bird Attack (which I "LOVE"), and the annoying Bottomless Traphole. That way you can tribute off the card to put another BW in grave which can be useful for Vayuu.

2)Its a way to put Vayuu into the grave! Easy as you can just summon Vayuu, tribute it for Nest and special summmon another Vayuu. That way, it can serve as a defence then later be used for synchro summon. The Vayuu in your graveyard can be used for the usual BF swarm crap.

3)It puts one more dark monster into the grave (preparing it for Dark Arm Dragon or puttin another dark for The Dark Creator) You can normal summon a BF, and if you have a vayuu in the grave along with another dark in it, use Nest's effect to sac ur BF on the field and then special summon another one to the field. Then call out Dark Arm dragon, syncrho summon by removing Vayuu and the BF in the cemetery and with that you end up with a DAD, a synchro monster, a BF (special summoned by Nest) and a dark in grave to remove for DAD's destruction effect. Sweetness.

4)End the game. If you can finish your opponent off till he has just a few life poitns left, Jhonn can play Swallows nest and summon a BF from his deck to finish the game.

Now, this deck runs a very weird card choice in Shadow Preist OHM obviously. But what people dont know is that OHM is a very good card choice in the right deck you see. BF is a fast swarming deck and can put many cards on the field. Ohm can take advantage of that and become a Dark Dive Bomber (obvsiously not as good as the ori one). Ohm can also tribute monsters to end the game. 800 damage per monster is quite a lot as its 1/10 of your lifepoints. And with BF's ability to swarm swarm kill kill so easily Ohm can end the game faster than you think.

IMO, this deck's idea of inserting a little turbo engine is very good because Dark Creator is just too pro at destroying the game. Remove one dark to bring out another? So good. It can even create a loop with OHM to end the game, bringing back the monsters OHM tributed to be tributed again. With 3 Burial from D.D, this deck can make sure there is enough firepower for the Ohm, creator combo. So does Swallows nest. Dont forget 5 dark monsters is that easy to get if you add up

1) Opponent destroying your monsters
2) Tributing your monsters
3) my "favourite" God bird attack
4) Ohm
5) synchro summoning
6) swallows nest

all togther. In fact u will get many options and possibilities to do handle every single problem your opponent throws at you.

The beauty of this deck is that it can simply change from a turbo deck to your standard BW deck. Reckless Greed adds combos that you need to your hand: while recreating the first few ever-created versions of the BW deck.

Of course, I think it can be much much modified to create a better turbo variant which I shall do now =)

23 monster

1x Dark arm
2x dark creator
2x sirocco
2x bora
2x blizzard
3x qualat
3x shura
1x gale
2x vayu
1x ohm
2x dark grepher
2x necro gardna

14 spells

1x heavystorm
1x MST
1x brain control
2x allure of darkness
3x black whirlwind
1x foolish burial
2x swallows nest
3x burial from the different dimension

5 traps

2x godbird attack
1x mirror force
2x bottomless trap hole

(Now i understand why Baha said its too hard to type full name of cards, and i don even play MGS =O )

This is just the basic skeleton of a new deck that might change BWs forever. They are fast and can act as a great turbo. Tweak the deck the way you want and create a one of a kind BW deck. What Jhonn Paul Santiago has founded is not a failure of a deck with random tech like what those people at Shriek has commented, but actually a masterpiece that can become the BW deck of the next generation.

Oh yeah its at 42 cards. Really dunnno what to take out.

BTW, the reign of LIghtlord is gonna come to an end soon...hehe Cosmos rule the world

To all bloggers: if you believe in the truth of the line above, put it in ur next post ^^


But first I need to get my Starlight Roads =/

Saturday, November 28, 2009

No posts for today. Hopefully tommorrow will remember what I wanna post.

Training with squash racket for 3 days in a row is not fun. Pain till high heaven.

Time to go to bed.....

I want starlight road! Speaking of it, I'll just explain to everybody why Starlight road is so good in D.D Eatos =)

You see, Eatos dimension is like all other anti-meta decks and are inconsistent. Basically, if you do not have Skill Drain or your key cards, its very true that you will die to Gyzarus, Celestia, and Judgment Dragon etc. Therefore, it's there to solve those problems and add field presence in the form of a big white beatstick. Neat huh?

Then if you have Gemini Spark and Neos Alius, the game just gets better and better...

Why? Your oppponent has lost his big kickass monster and now needs to deal with a Stardust and is hopefully stalling his way out or setting up for a combo. Gemini's spark helps you destroy whatever your opponent is trying to turtle through with.

Then you draw. And draw again next draw phase. Which leaves you to gathering your Skill Drains. There. Pro huh?

I just realise Card Traders are impossible to find. So far, only got one. Lam, LGQ, you guys got any? If come across any, help me find and then sell/trade to me at KL there. =) Since LGQ posted his wants, I shall post mine. But open to KL ppl only and especially u 2 guys n Khye, (wherever he is..)


1) 1x card trader
3) 2x Battle Fader (i think its normal rite?)
4) 2x Plot of the Piano Tuner (normal also rite?)
5) Fortune Ladies (LGQ- trade me the Fortune Ladies CheepCheep)
6) Some old Blue Eyes White Dragons that have the picture of the one Kaiba use in anime. Common or rare=fine. If low on cash, will settle for commons only.
7) Some Promo cards like Tyrant Neptune, Atmosphere etc. Buy in pack better n cheaper de.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Card Trader- solves the inconsistency.

Just 15mins ago, I was dueling friends with D.D Eatos. As you know, it is really hectic to play against this deck but I was in for a surprise. My friend used GBs and it was swiftly taken down. Proxied Blackwings- 3/3 won (burden makes them so small...) dn't need to play with Lightsworn as the outcome was obvious.

BUT, then I played against Synchro. Really no face ah. Score stood at 3:2. He won 2 games from Creature swap! My deck just drew inconsistent repititions of Dimension Fissure, Skill Drain etc and my Eatos beat me to hell =.= When I played the first game against that deck, I couldn't even draw ONE out play card as all my Macro and d.d fissures are down there =.= So he stall by Collosal Fighter. Lastly, used trunade then flip Jar and deck him out. Too cool.

But what bugged me was the inconsistency. I stopped playing DDGB for standard GB (seriously it works much better and is so much more consistent- DD fissure can be sidedecked bah) I've been playing Meta decks for the past how many formats since Monarchs. This time is exception as I stopped halfway for PMR bah so I didnt get to collect the Black Feather or Lightlord cards.

Then suddenly it hit me as one of my friends used a card to solve his old Cyber deck's consistency. What card was that? Card Trader.

This card lets you switch one card for another. Yes it's that useful and in anti meta the inconsistency and the repitition of Macro, Skill drain or any sort key cards is just horrible! Can't stand ah. If we run Card Trader, we not only solve the inconsistency, we get to draw the key cards.

Face it, in anti meta you always come into the situation where you have to topdeck and sometimes you need a monster but you never get it. The same goes as you sometimes want to draw that Smashing or Fissure but all you draw is useless Raious or DCKs! Its too horrible.

Then again, you CANT reduce the number of your key card (eg: skill drain deck must play 3 drains) or else you wont see it as often in the game. Think about it. Cut 2 cards just to run JUST TWO card traders and cut that inconsistency rate. Yes, its that simple. I know the inclusion of such a random card and "never before heard of this idea its preposterous!" card sounds bad and you might not be able to accept it soon, but take it from here: Card Trader HELPS. Yes, you are doubtful!

Card Trader is also a spell card and like all other spells/ traps its vulnerable to Breaker. So? Let your opponent waste his card on Trader. That way he cant rid your DD Fissures. Yes. If he destroys fissure, I can just use Trader next turn to hopefully test my luck at 4 more cards (1 Jar, 2 fissures, 1 Macro) How's that for foul play?

If your luck become "Taiti" luck and draw 2 Card Trader, almost rejoice. Although this actually puts you at a -2 because it doesnt do much to handle field presence so yeah. Run 2 enough I think. 3 is too many. Later it becomes like Skill Drain or D.D Fissure. :-l

If D.D Eatos can incorporate this card into the deck, it might just solves many problems out there. I'm gonna proxy 2 and get them somehow and let you guys know of the result. Maybe I need 3? I also dunno. But Card Trader is just the card for anti meta. If you draw another useless card, well goes the old saying "Not everyday is a sunny day" and "every dog has his day" so next turn you can just win it.

Thats all for today's posts. And good morning all Yu-Gi-Oh! players =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hopeless Dragon!

Actually Hopeless Dragon is not a bad deck idea you know. It can easily take out alot of decks with Phantom of Chaos plus Norleras. If you do so, the game will be reset and you can draw a card puttin you at a +1 in terms of card presence. Next turn opponent draws out something. Surely it cant do anythin what.

Is it a monster? I just remove my Wyvern and swarm with Red Eyes Darkness Metal dragonn the boss monkey. If he is so lucky that the card is Bottomless, fear not, I have another Wyvern in grave to do the nightmare again.

Is it a spell he just drew? Nothing one lah. For once Im happy Blackwings get their Whirlwind.

If its Mirror Force, just bring out boss monkey and revive Prime Material Dragon, then discard one from hand and destroy. BY now you will have 2 cards in hand (one from Norleras, and one recently drawn at draw phase) so it will be okay.

I wonder if anyone will make a variant that can draw out the deck in whole turn to FTK or something. It would be cool though. If you start first, you pass. Then second turn draw whole deck, get heavy and kill. Then play your lightning vortex/ any form of monster removal (But not Norleras as its suicidal (unless needed!)) then summon all the boss monkeys and do so. Hmmm. Lazy to think about how to make a deck like that now. Erin Diaz's Ohm FTK is a good example as well as Baha's old EMOBC.

I think that Hopeless Dragon has a good chance against most decks (NO PUN INTENDED!)
If you don't mind playin proxies, or are very rich to afford 3 wyvern and 3 REDMD, go ahead and run this build:

Monster: 23
3 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Red-Eyes Wyvern
2 Dark Horus
1 Dark Armed Dragon
1 Prime Material Dragon
2 Dark Grepher
2 The Dark Creator
2 Sky Scourge Norleras
3 Necro Gardna
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
3 Phantom of Chaos

Spell: 17
3 Trade-In
3 Hand Destruction
1 Gold Sarcophagus
2 Allure of Darkness
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Future Fusion
2 D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation
1 Card Destruction
2 Foolish Burial
1 Heavy Storm

You could try Summon Priest for consistency to get Phantom but I wouldnt recommend that. 40 cards in deck + lots of draw + 3 Phantom = sure get. Future Fusion is a must get though, as its like Painful Choice for you. Maybe run Card Gunner...But it may kill the consistency abit. Later mill all my magics =.=

I might run Burial. But dunno what to take out for it actually. Burial helps with Phantom, REDMD, wyvern, necro and too much la actually.

Necro in there is for fun. Lightlord abuse- true story. Its to stop you from dying before killing with your boss monkey.

The bombing of Phantom is really useful la. They cant bottomless you and if they solemn it, its okay as you just make it even easier to kill them. The only thing that worries me is Skill Drain or the pesky chariot.

Before i end, I greatly urge every player to read this article by Jason Grebher Meyer. It really opened my eyes and reminded me of things that I had totally forgot. You'll become a player after you read this =) Its a must read.

Side note: Burden of the Mighty = annoying!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

netdecking: Broken Oaths, Fallen Honour: Snappin the Format

Okay came across this deck at TCG and I was quite amazed by it. It looks inconsistent but the deck creator (Ice-Eyes) claims that it isnt and it is surprisingly consistent and mediocre and explosive.

Here is the decklist:

Monsters: 20
1 Dark Armed Dragon
3 Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn
1 Jain, Lightsworn Warrior
2 Mezuki
3 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress
2 Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner
1 Morphing Jar
2 Necro Gardna
1 Plaguespreader Zombie
1 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
3 Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor

Spells: 19
3 Burial from a Different Dimension
3 Charge of the Light Brigade
3 Solar Recharge
2 Allure of Darkness
2 Hand Destruction
2 Foolish Burial
1 Heavy Storm
1 Giant Trunade
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Card Destruction

Traps: 1
1 Treacherous Trap Hole

Side Deck: 15 [Subject to Constant Flux]
3 Tragoedia
3 Royal Decree
2 Chaos Sorcerer
1 Fiend Comedian
1 Hand Destruction
1 Twister
1 Dust Tornado
1 Necro Gardna
1 Royal Oppression
1 Miracle Dig

Extra Deck: 15
1 Red Dragon Archfiend
1 Colossal Fighter
1 Blackwing - Silverwind the Ascendant
1 Thought Ruler Archfiend
1 Dark End Dragon
1 Stardust Dragon
2 Blackwing Armor Master
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Goyo Guardian
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
3 Blackwing Armed Wing
1 Ally of Justice Catastor

Actually, Im very amazed that he has meshed 3 of the biggest decks in one for a Synchro Beats deck.

I have no idea how consistent it is or if it isnt so dont simply say that i claim it is. I believe it is as there are probabilities and quite a huge lot of potential in it.

Credits to Ice-eyes from and here's the link to the forum threas if you guys want to read the comments/fixes/reasoning etc. I can see it as a very synergious deck to play and its nice. Very nice. Hmmm.

Of course the main good thing about the deck is that if it fights standard LS/twilight, it will be on par(possible better) as the its faster and it has Necro Gardna to prevent attacks. Then it can get to synchros easily too. VERY easily.

If it goes against regular stun, Ice Eyes claims that he has included Lyla and Jain to deal with it. Lyla--> breaks spells/ traps. Jain--->(2100 atk)= end of raiou and Doomcalibur knight

The only downside is that against Skill Drain, it is gonna scrub badly BUTif you have god luck and for some reason you didnt mill heavy storm away, you're safe =) But possibility of Dark Bribe, and God's Declaration and suddenly you scoop =)Without Honest, Barbaros is the last thing you wanna see on the field.

Then you cant possibly side out cards for Dust Tornado/ Decree/ etc as Ice-Eyes claims that every card in the deck is so important to keep as if you lose one, your synergy rate might drop and you might end up with dead options. I agree as I can see that too....

Still, not every deck is perfect and if you guys are rich and have the 3 top decks and are also bored, you can feel free to combine the decks together for some fun with this deck. =)

For me, I have none of those cards so Im not gonna test it out. Lazy to test it out by proxying too and personally, i have no interest in that deck, as the price in unmentionable. Unless someone give me for birthday then can lah....Maybe I will test it out on Stardust Accelator game? Dunno too. Just started downloadin the illegal one from Romulation to play. Hehe.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Body As A Shield

Apart from its totally cool name, it's obviously one of the best cards to play in the game right now.

While it is safe to say that each deck runs at least a number of destruction cards, (in every meta deck: destruction is everywhere: in the form of micromanagement or macro management) but is it safe to say that we are prepared for it?

We all fear our combos that need to be set up being destroyed, we all want our cards to be safe, what is the best option out there? It's no doubt My Body As a Shield.

Blackwings are famous for its Black Whirlwind combo and if its opponent forks out trap hole, Bottomless Trap Hole or something of that sort, what can you do? You lose a card and you do not benefit from Whirlwind's effect, so how? Answer is simple: My body as a shield.

You fear mirror force, Lightning vortex, torrential tribute etc? Simple again: My body as a shield. What about that Gyzarus play your opponent is setting up? Or Celestia? Simple: the answer is there. If you successfully negate and destroy Gyzarus/celestia, your opponent has just lost field presence and massive card advantage. 1500 LP for that? I think its massive card advantage as it can prevent complete change of tempo within the game.

The famous Gemini Spark is a combo that lets you sacrifice a Gemini monster to destroy 1 card on your field and draw 1 card. Play My Body as a shield. You lose a card(my body) and 1500 life points. In turn, your opponent has lost 2: Spark and the monster. Usually 2 cards is a hit for the opponent as the average number of cards a player has per turn is about 3-5. 2 is a big killer as that Gemini Spark could have helped him destroy something that he really needed and then he would have picked up a useful card from his deck.

It also can allow complete tempo change in the game : (in your favour of course!) No longer are you worried about your combo being destroyed. Its extremely versatile and it gives you peace of mind to duel without making mistakes.

But the best part about My Body As a Shield comes in the form of anti meta builds. MBAS truly shines in these decks. Why? Quite simple actually. Think about it, most anti meta builds run a low count of monster as they want access to spells/traps to shut of the opponent. Then, this low count of monsters is extremely important as the the downside of runnin anti meta is you have less monsters compared to opponent. But, you have your spells and traps to handle that threat.

Now what if your opponent flips up an unexpected Mirror Force or Torrential to change the tempo of the game. Having a monster count of about 12 to 14 isnt gonna help as that severely lowers your percentage and chances of drawing monsters next turn. My Body is so good that it can prevent this threat from happening. With protection and monster presence, and cards that eleiminate your opponent's monsters presence: what more could you ask for?

Now MBAS is often referred as the new solemn. It is cool to witness solemn wars again :D Take note that MBAS actually "destroys" cards in the process, so you can chain MBAS to another copy if the target is a monster.

(EG: Jon flips MBAS in response to Mike's Celestia. Mike can flip MBAS in response to Jon's MBAS.)

Take note that MBAS cannot negate Royal Oppresion's effect (as this is a commonly widespread mistake) Its because Oppression negates the monster special summon. Because it actually prevents the monsters from being summoned, the monster HAS NOT REACHED the field yet so it is invalid.

At least half the players in the top 16 of SJ Colombus ran MBAS in their main decks and sidedecks. Jeff Jones even took the liberty of running 2 in his main deck.

MBAS is very flexible and follows the Malay Proverb (which my teacher cant stop mentioning in school -.- ) : ke tepi boleh ke tengah pun boleh (which is rougely translated to: side can, midle also can) so it actually can fit in almost any deck you want it to be in. In fact, I run 2 MBAS as a replacement for the 2 lost Solemns in my Skill Drain Barbaros deck, and its awesome. Not scared of anything at all ah. I also decided to remove 3 D. Fissures, as they are dead draws and quite a waste of deck space. So sidedeck it for the meantime lah...

This era of anti meta is a use of anti meta as a Meta deck, and as such you need to reduce variables and make your plays as brainless as possible. What can I say, it works.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eternal Rest!

Today's topic is random as I have nothing much to update. No its not about the card above its a terrible card but what caught my eye is the picture. Isnt that Kycoo the Ghost Desteroyer?? Woah he looks mighty scary all right! In fact his attack sounds cooler than Blue eyes' burst stream, or Red Eyes' Inferno something something,,,, and its definitely better than Red demon dragon's absolute powerforce. This one sounds so cool man, i mean "Eternal Rest!" is like puttin the opponent monster to sleep forever or something. I guess thats why Kycoo removes monsters from the game as it is "Eternal" rest after all and they will never come back...Except for you know...But I wonder why Kycoo doesnt have the half scar on the face in that picture. Is there a story to that? I'd like to know.

Seems like Asian Qualifiers in Singapore was so terror. you can come here to read it. Thank God at least Malaysia got proper organisers and stuff and is not "one sided". Poor baha, no i mean poor Singaporeans.

Seems like the first place deck is Lightsworn. Hopefully in Malaysia it will be Black Feather- I'm rooting for them ah. Seems like no anti meta or DDGB strategy prevailed. LGQ is right. Anti Meta has a tendency or some "curse" to lose in every tourney. Quite true also wor. Its generally more inconsistent than all the other meta decks. WHY? It lacks SYNERGY. All bout countering moves and simplifying the game. In tourneys, sure got "good luck" draw hand that 50% is monsters. How le? Die lo. All the cards ALMOST HAVE NO SYNERGY.

You may argue that some anti meta builds do have synergy. True also, but can compare to meta builds mah? No, like nothing.

Some people may argue also why some crappy decks make it to the top8/top 16 in certain tourneys. They look at the decklist and say lousy and whatsoever (quotes ken: Looks like a kid make that deck!). There's the beauty of the Sword is Mightier than the Pen. You see, the deck in action is more important than the decklist you write. Some decklists look good but when you play it, its like.....meh. That almost explains why random decks like the Ryan Spicer Alchemist Chaos build can actually run well in the past few SJs.

After watching GX series and readin the manga again, I fell in love with my old deck: E-hero! Wish can play it again T_T :( so fun to ram people with absolute zero or pulling off FlameWingman for the win, ala-Judai. T_T Now E-hero so keng ah got many versions and DivaZero is like the most fun deck to play out there I think. Nostalgia.

Finding ALL versions of Guardian Eatos. TCG version also can =) If you are Malaysian and you have, and you're willing to sell/trade, please:

1) find me on MSN n discuss
2) announce in tagbox
3) message 016-5227501 n tell me.

I will send cards by PosLaju as its super-efficient or if the deal concerns money, just tell me your bank acc and I'll debit it.

Oh if you're Singaporean or of other nationality and you are coming to Malaysia between 9th December to 14th Dec, just tell me and we'll go Sungei wang and find.

MSG TO ALEX: I know ur coming to Mal soon, get 3 for me (the cheapest version- be it TCG or OCG) and then I pay you when I meet you. Plsplsplsplsplspls =)

Maybe I'll ask my parents for the 2 copies of that big duel disk for Christmas present hehe =D then can get my starlight roads. Maybe want find 3 vice dragon or 3 priest of the sun...hmmm. I think priest better la at least he's light.

MSG TO KHYE: When your online, text me I want to ask you some card prices. hmhmhmhmh

Thursday, November 12, 2009

That time I go KL

Nah for those wondering how I look like, go see my KL picture with whole group.

Now have fun seeing which is me. LGQ said I look like Rau. Go find a Rau-twin loh :P
Starlight Road is gaining popularity. HMMM. I was very wrong then. Again brings us back to the motion: Terribad on paper, but good in action. Ahhhh. I still prefer My Body As A Shield though.
Random: I wan make Black Feather! Collectin cards n tryin to find now....If you r malaysian n have BF pls go tagbox n tell me ur price.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Proof of Powerlessness

After waking up at 7am just to go to school and judge the school debate, feel so sien le. The Secondary 1 students were attrocious and horrible I feel like shouting -.- One called studs "gold balls" and that student was a girl. WTF man how can she dunno she herself uses it. -.- And apparently their english is terrible too because they called a person who rapes "a rapper". We stared and lifted our eyebrows and the poor girl (luckily!) realised her mistake and corrected it. Needless to say, remember this (for Malaysians only)- Not all private school english is very damn keng and pro. Refer to above and you will laugh. There are a whole lot more things and they were really below par and disappointed us. How to find potentials for Swinburne Debate? I also dunno. siens. Childish too. Gah! You people may wonder why the hell I'm judging a debate tourney and think to yourselves: WTH since when does Michael here debate????!!! so yeah, now u know, i debate >.Proof of Powerlessness.
If you control a level 7 or higher monster on your field, you may destroy all face up level 5 or lower monsters on your opponent field. Your monsters cannot attack this turn.

I think this is one of the cards that provide ALMOST-free destruction. It is situational because you need to control level 7 monsters, but I think the deck that is gonna benefit most from this is Cosmos and Skill Drain Barbaros simply because they are constantly full of high level monsters- ranging from Guardian Eatos, Barbaros, and Fusilier which are all run in multiples. Of course you could argue that your opponent could chain a card to rid the presence of your level 7 monster but then again, all cards have its drawback and all combos are prone to that threat.

* It should be used in ur opponent's turn to avoid loss of advantage through permission to attack. It's definitely surprising to pull this card off. Free destruction- I'm not complaining :-l I'd like to use it to destroy those little Gladiator Beasts on the field wahahahahaha and maybe stop Magoushin (Demon Roar God) from coming clean with the little cute beasts. Its a GB killer and Cosmos plus SDB players, you can try teching this card around.

The card to look out for in Absolute Powerforce
Usually I dont bother to read the card effects thoroughly but one particular card caught me eye. Its none other than ...:

Plot of the Piano Tuner.
Continuous Trap Card: When a synchro monster is special summoned to your opponent's field, you may take control of it. If it is destroyed, it is REMOVED FROM PLAY. When it is removed from the field, destroy this card too.

I think you all see the beauty of Piano Tuner Plot. Yes its a permanent Brain Control- wait no scrape that I mean permanent change of heart for synchros! Sweet isnt it? Now one thing I'm not sure is that if Piano Tuner is destroyed, does the monster return to the opponent? Thats rather unclear as it isnt stated on the card. Who knows it might end up like Call of the Haunted when u can trunade it away to your hand and your monster still stays on the field still. This could be the next card to tech or throw in your sidedecks (preferably: anti meta decks)

Thats all for today lazy to post long long le cause feel so tired and sien. Tonight might be wan karaoke again. =_= sien.

Oh! one more thing: here are 2 very interesting decks that I saw on Shriek. Here are the links as Im lazy to type out. Now after you read the 1st deck, the question I ask you guys is: Are old era decks good enough to take on the meta?

Deck 1: Mole Beats
Deck 2: Meta Feather (3rd place deck)

Dont ask me why I dint provide link through words. Something on blogger told me couldnt post cause link broken. Again: Lazy change haha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magic Planter- this is magic

Effect: Send 1 continuous trap card you control and draw 2 cards.
In skill drain, oppresion-related decks have you ever found out that you get repeated copies of certain cards? I know I do. Especially in Cosmos decks I find that my cosmos keep repeating. Furthermore, anti-meta decks are slow and have almost no draw speed. Think about it. This is a destiny draw in hand. I think anti meta decks that max oppresion and drain should run this definitely. With 6 targets, and one more: probably call of the haunted, oh my god, this is good. Sometimes, you also find that ur skill drain is negating ur monster effect that you really need to use. Easy. Turn it into magic planter food. There's a chance that you draw skill drain/ oppresion again later.
Time to tech 2 in my barbaros oppresion drain.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Sexiest Monster: Obviously Dark Magician Girl. She still beats Nurse Angel Lily, D.D Warrior Lady, E-hero Burst Lady and such. I like the anniversary version best still. :l Harpie Lady girl may be cute, but DMG still more classical and desirable than her. Later got painful bird claws and God Bird Attack.

Sexiest spell: Soul Release (Japanese version!!!) stupid la the Eng version go put a cloth over the girl in there. Censorship for the American kids i guess. :P

Sexiest trap: Still no idea. Bad Reaction to Simochi? O.O??!! Emo green skinned girl being tortured is not nice. Solemn Judgment?? Got 2 girls standin behind God ma....XD Waboku? No they are nuns hell no. No category for this I think. oo

Sexiest YGO original character: Mai Kujaku. Anybody who thinks its Anzu (Tea) has bad taste.

Sexiest GX character: Tenjoin Asuka is smoking. The adult Rei become quite cute le.

Sexiest 5ds character: Probably Aki. If only she was more feminine.

Now what do you guys think? Opinions in tagbox or comments please.

Okay that was random enough. :/

Next time: Looks good but is it good? Looks bad but is it bad?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

(Quotes Alex: "Holy Ra, Cosmos!")

24th MH CUP 1st place decklist:

神獣王バルバロス×3枚Beast King Barbaros
クルセイダー・オブ・エンディミオン×2枚 Crusader of Endymion
ガーディアン・エアトス×3枚 Guardian Eatos
E・HERO エアーマン Elemental Hero Stratos
E・HERO アナザー・ネオス×3枚 Elemental Hero Neos Alius

増援 Reinforcement of the Army
次元の裂け目×3枚 Dimension Fissure
月の書×2枚 Book of Moon
禁じられた聖杯×2枚 Forbidden Chalice
デュアルスパーク×3枚 Gemini Spark
E-エマージェンシーコール×2枚 E-Emergency Call

魔宮の賄賂×3枚 Dark Bribe
奈落の落とし穴×2枚 Bottomless Trap Hole
聖なるバリア-ミラーフォース- Mirror Force
神の宣告 Solemn Judgment
マクロコスモス×2枚 Macro Cosmos
スターライト・ロード×3枚 Starlight Road
スキルドレイン×3枚 Skill Drain

ナイトジョーカー Arcana Knight Joker
ガトリング・ドラゴン Gatling Dragon
サイバー・エンド・ドラゴン Cyber End Dragon
サイバー・ツイン・ドラゴン Cyber Twin Dragon
スーパービークロイド-ジャンボドリル Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill
スターダスト・ドラゴン×3枚 Stardust Dragon
デス・デーモン・ドラゴン Fiend Skull Dragon
ドラゴン・ウォリアー Ryu Senshi
ナイトメアを駆る死霊 Reaper of the Nightmare
暗黒火炎龍 Darkfire Dragon
異星の最終戦士 The Last Warrior from Another Planet
紅陽鳥 Crimson Sunbird
魔人 ダーク・バルター Dark Balter the Terrible

The deck's somewhat D.D Eatos so nothing special. Still its highlighted here for netdeckers and its an interesting sort of MetaBeat. Lazy2 type decklist out so copied it from ペンギン-Sama(clarence)'s blog and pasted here. Looks like I was wrong about Starlight Road. Still, maybe it was made just for this deck. I still think its a terribad overrated card, well at least for this current format. I also like that guy's idea of not running any Synchros except for 3 Stardusts and preferred to run old Fusion Staples from the good old days! Way to go for mocking synchros!