Monday, December 13, 2010

Yu Gi Oh zexal

sorry for double posting, but this is too important to pass up on.

Oh wait why am i apologising this is my blog. feeling abit of an asshole cos of that spammer who keeps acting gay. Let all the frustrations out in the previous posts' comments.

Now, this is called YuGiOh Zexal.

all i can say....

is WTF WTF WTF WTF yugioh now is so.... DigiMon -.-

The new character looks like SHIT.

New artwork also looks crappy, it looks like the main character from Idaten Jump and i don't even watch it, it just frequently comes on commercials on tv -.-

Why is there a ghost like character there?

I hope there are new mechanics like how synchro summoning was introduced to us :D

But also marks the reason why there are 15 new cards in the next OCG starter deck.

This could mean new game mechanics!

This also means 5Ds is ending, and the last season is officially one of the best YuGiOh seasons i ever watched. Plot was thumbs up, and we all know Yusei is gonna meet his dad in a duel and live happily ever after.

No romance between Yusei and akiza at all. Oh well not that anyone is watching YuGiOh for romance. can find our own ourselves outside.

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LFN said...

Yea only Yugi got his girl...kinda, I agree Yusei + Akiza is unlikely, there wasn't Judai + Asuka either =//

This show I really dno, this new exceed summon sounds really trippy.