Monday, December 27, 2010

WTF Tech

New WTF tech in Frogs:

Gandora the Dragon of Destruction.

why gandora?

I didn't have LADD so for tried this guy out for fun.

Reactions: epic. Wow.

1) Extremely easy to summon in Frog Monarch

2) Damn fun to play with

3) Removes from play cards

4) Evades Bottomless Trap Hole

5) Monster priority is fun! Effect Veiler is not...

6) Frog Monarch has rarely any field commitment so you wont have to worry about Gandora removing your own cards.

7) Use it wisely, Puts you ahead in card advantage. ALOT. And a lil damage too is good too.

8) Cant be special summoned. Opponent cant top deck Monster Reborn on you.

9) Epic. Opponent's face --> O.O --> mlm

10) Halfing life points and exposing your field empty is nothing with Ronintoadin in grave, and Battle Fader/ Gorz ready to jump from hand.

11) Saves you in a pinch.

12) Sanganable. not like anyone plays sangan in frognarch anyways


1) Situational.

2) You cant Monster Reborn it.

3) Half life is steep. But so is solemn judgment.


Seems like alot of people are blogging Frog Monarch nowadays.


Sunny_Tat said...

Its' a very good tech! ^^
but Gandora the Dragon of Destruction is very rare in OCG... hard to find...T.T

mike said...

Haha. Nice to hear from you over here.

Errr no leh go Kino pick up a VB book for 40 bucks and get him with Death Caliber Knight as well.

Also, that card no price now la

LGQ said...

50 or 49.80 to be precise. anyone want to share with me 3 copies? I would be more than happy to help.

Wat? I just want cheap DCKs?

No!! I'm just here to help, yes! H-E-L-P!!

So, anyone needs help, u can try looking for me. In Space!!

mike said...

HAHA someone sold to me for 90 bucks 2 yrs ago le !! ^^

Anonymous said...

Ruling question...

Does Dupe Frog miss the timing in the OCG when tributed for Aoi/Monarch etc?

I was thinking I could put Monarch's effect in chain link 1, Dupe in 2 so when it resolves backwards I search 1st before using monarch's effect.

Correct me please if im wrong...