Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light of Intervention and the blind Typhoon

from the Kaiba deck. The picture of a ray of light and a Ryu Kishin the gargoyle.

Effect: Monsters can't be set face down. Monsters set in defence position are normal summoned in face up defence position.

Do take note that this card doesn't have the sword of revealing light-esque effect. meaning that this card doesn't flip face down monsters face up. they remain face down till they are flipped face up.

The reason why I'm mentioning this card is that its interesting.

It means NO snowman eater can be set face down.. No face down ryko.


Just funny that with 2x MST, Hyunleis, Decrees and other stuff around, I'm not sure if this card is relevant at all this format.


I saw something on TCGplayer by Jason that talks about the blind Typhoon. Here's how it goes:

Blind Mystical Space Typhoon:
When you activate Mystical Space Typhoon to target a face-down card, it should be for a specific reason. If you know what your opponent has set, and you need to get rid of it, that's Fine. If you need to clear the way for followup plays, that's also Fine. Or, if you're in a winning position and want to simplify the Duel, that can also be acceptable.

What isn't acceptable is hurling your Typhoon at one of your opponent's three backrow cards at random, and then ending your turn. Pitching out a Typhoon with no real purpose, and specifically no knowledge of what you're destroying, is called a “blind Typhoon.” This is a play that's so awful, and happens so often, that there's a formalized term for it. If you don't have a followup to your Typhoon – a real reason to play it – you're not gaining anything by activating it. All you're doing is giving your opponent one less card to have to guess at, and an opening so they can set another defensive card and continue to discourage you from making important moves later. Save the Typhoon until you either must play it, or until playing it gets you the freedom you need to make important moves.

Experienced Duelists don't waste cards: especially ones that can create opportunities for victory. This is a running theme of today's discussion at this point: the same message applies to Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler. Play these cards when you need them, not just when you get your first chance to do so. If you play them too early, you won't have them later when they could win you, or save you, the Duel.


Now what this guy is sayin is how this move is risky. Its one of those chance taking moves. You could hit a shitty card , you could hit an awesome card that can save you the game next turn.

For example in KL I have had both happening to me.

I remember the first 2 days when I was dueling Yung Kang (yes i remember your name!) and LGQ, and they did the blind typhoon, and it cost me game cos it hit my face down Stun and Solemn Warning.

Which was all goood.

But on the last day dueling Yung Kang i remember him playing the blind typhoon once and Mike Oji san (the National Champion) doing the blind Typhoon once too.

'Yung Kang hit a Trap Stun which was supposedly good but I had another in my hand which i stalled the following turn with Pashuul, then waited next turn to set my other Stun and win the game with Faultroll rape the following turn.

Michael also hit my Book of Moon and smiled, but when he summoned Scrap Goblin, i flipped up Solemn Warning and he couldn't recover from the loss which led to him losing out 2 turns or so later.


I'm not sayin both did bad moves but what I'm reinforcing is the reference Jason made up there. I could have chose a Stun/ Judgment/ Warning etc from Pot of Duality, and they observed my hand and the similar card i chose and set it and proceed to whack away that card because that was a confirmed card.

(I didn't constantly shuffle my hand cards because it was just casual play no biggie)

Or if i had picked a Stun (from Duality) and they know it wasn't a risk to them, and i set 2 or 2 face downs and they knew which was the set Stun, they could have used it to blow away my other 1 or 2 face down cards as it was a lesser risk to take and they could have hit something bigger, like a Torrential or something.

Or, there might have been a risk of me running Oppression too, and it could have saved their asses too.

However this is just casual play so its all goooddddd.

Duelists. Just remember in tourneys PLEASE take into consideration small stuff like this but it would be better if we practiced it in casual play so its like a habit that we will cultivate while we are playing tourneys and we don't make a mistake.

Of course some of you say Michael, speak for yourself, practice what you preach etc.

Sorry guys i don't play in tourneys. Sad life, my town/ district doesnt have tourneys and the nearest town with a card store, i needa take a plane, or at least ride 10 freaking hours in a car.


LGQ said...

Malaysian way of thinking :

do it now so you don't regret later. NOT, save it for later or you might regret it.

Cause for most of us, its : Later? What later? I'm ending this game now if I want to.

thinking patterns of TCG people usually are the direct opposite to us. Not saying its wrong, ITS SO TRUE, but its just now applicable.

Anonymous said...

mike here. Hahahaha i agree. Malaysia boleh!! But personally i wont do tat in tourney.. Casual play , no problem ! :D