Sunday, October 28, 2012

semi retiring too !

stagnant period for the blog as finals next week :(

wont be joining team but i'll be there to do coverage and interviews with the winners (andrew's team *insert conspiracy here hahaha* )

updates will come after finals but hopefully Top Shop is still on.

Quitting after the last tournament is over :) Thank you for reading my blog since february 2008. 400000 views is not bad already as i didnt set a personal goal either.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Asia Plus !

First of all I'd like to congratulate sazabi's team for winning team tournament in Singapore.

When I was playtesting at Andrews place I randomly called sazabi's team as the winner so I'm like the fucking octopus from the last fifa World Cup lol

As for my own country's  team tourney, it falls on the 10th right in the middle of my finals so i wouldn't be attending that sadly as there's only 2 more sanctioned events left before the end of the year, and I really wanted to do my best and top to add more credentials. Sadly there's only top shop left and it hasn't been confirmed either but luckily I can say that it should fall right after my exams .

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Konami answered my prayers !!

Few days after i wished Konami would release more box/ tin products for OCG and now they're releasing M7 and Ouroboruos.

Kyde will be delighted with M7, and the release of ourobouros means that the deck containing Ophion and the new verz monster may have other verz support cards like verz heliolope and verz thunderbird.

does that mean verz rabbit will finally have a chance to be legal in SEA?

awesome :)

Good news but sadly wont be able to enjoy it much since wont be playing long.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Compulsory the new book of moon ?

Last time we remember everyone running book of moon in 2 or 3s especially during the bf and cat formats.

This format every one is running multiple conpuls !

Like book of moon they do similar things. Both are a possible -1 as turning opp card downwards with no answer to it next turn sucks while, bouncing opp monster to hand to Avoid a combo is also a -1 if not played right.

They both also help evade stuff like skill drain and veiler. Say you want to gagaga gunman you can just cost and activate either and avoid veiler and drain. Something similar ppl use to do is book black rose if it gets veilered

With compulsory, you can evade monster destruction and Just send it back to your hand

Lastly compulsory is the best card to remove boss monster in the form of extra deck card  which gives it that versatility over book of moon while book lets you turn things face down so you can kill them by battle next turn.

Compulsory is one of the best removal cards this format. Aside from torrential and bottomless trap hole it is one of the few possible main deck cards to slow down mermail since solemn warning does shit vs megalo. You can return megalo to their hand and if they have thrown away their atlanteans then they need to set up again. And mermails weakness is the setting up of their decks. However if they open pike, drop marksman then no comment :x then again you shouldn't be setting your conpuls until you read megalo. And if they summon pike then they can't otk anyway so sure let them overextend with megalo then kill them after. The reason why I keep mentioning mermails is because it is the decks like hero beats general worst matchup.

That's all for today

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pulling the Rug

Was looking through some old stuffs and found this card.

Awesome card.

Kills gadget, gearframe, Undine, Deep sea diva, and Mermail abyspike.

You can randomly kill stuffs like Airman too. Die airman !