Friday, December 24, 2010

Cookie Control

Okay since its christmas, just a lil short post.

So today im introducing a deck concept called cookie control.

its not that hard to think about really. but its interesting.

its named after Joshua , the blogger Cookie, and this short post actually was inspired after seeing his deck work.

of course he scrubbed to faultroll which im only running 2 atm. hahahha. but the deck was impressive and pulled off its respectable number of wins too.

but he managed to pull off the following imbal black rose shit so damn often.

basically the deck is a machina concept which gains advantage through peacekeeper, gearframe etc.

it uses 1 cold wave 1 trunade and 1 limiter removal which is cards which wins games.

uses 2 gold sarcophagus to search combo pieces.

uses 2 or 3 MALEFIC CYBER END DRAGON because it can be dumped for fortress effect.

uses geartown engine for fun though you could do without the geartown engine if you choose not to.

uses ally of genex birdman because he can get gearframe on the field and return it to hand and summon birdman and summon gearframe and search then sync black rose dragon and clear field .

after that, summon malefic cyber end dragon and play limit break 8000 direct damage!!!

or you could do megamorph too for the otk.

has 1 to 2 pot of avarice for backup for late game options.

runs loads of traps for anti meta protection disruption purposes.

so, cookie, what do you think? make your deck more otk-ish?


Did a lot of good trading last night as i found asian eng versions for bottomless trap holes, royal oppressions, and other staples like cold wave, mirror force etc and found myself a playset of dd crows (finally!), and traded a super rare Vayu for some cheap cards.

Looking for Asian eng Ultra rares solemn judgment, giant trunade, torrential tribute, and super rare asian eng giant trunade. offer me if you have =)

WHEEEE finally found asian english secret rare dark magician girl from MFC. Been searching that for a fucking long time. could be the only copy in the whole of Malaysia...

God is good.


LGQ said...

he won't cause his quitting(again). his gonna quit his job soon and god knows where his gonna go.

mike said...

really ah ?? O.O