Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vanity Emptiness

So, a while ago there was a joke about me and Vanity Emptiness which was started by the Singaporeans mainly because I posted a status on my YGO FB account saying that players in OCG should sell Emptiness at its peak price because Qlipoth format is not one where Emptiness will thrive in.

However, I think emptiness will be crucial again soon thanks to DDD!!!

Watching the video posted by YES showcasing the DDD deck, emptiness will definitely see play again soon. I have not read much of the ddd's effects but from the video it seems to have alot to do with special summoning and gaining advantage everytime something is special summoned/ sent to grave etc. Although it will definitely be a format with multiple MSTs, emptiness is too good not to run against DDD because it relies on DDD to have an out to emptiness to be able to play yugioh.

Jokes on me !!!