Friday, September 28, 2012

What I Want Out of Yugioh

this wont be a ranty post but just some personal preferences i wish i could get out of Yugioh.

There wont be any game design stuff as i'll let Konami do their job as the format now is good already.

First things first is i wish the artwork would change back to the old Yugioh back in the Yugi era. it seems that the artists from the old era have completely been fired and i know they want the game to be more directed to younger kids but im sure younger kids prefer the old pictures etc :-/ I mean one of the many reasons, many started Yugioh back in the past was how the artwork had some mystique and the storyline was good etc.

I mean if I were a kid wanting to start a game now, honestly if i was just first introduced to the Yugioh zexal anime theres no way i'd even want to play the game.

Take for example, some card design. Compare Skill Drain with Soul Drain. Sould Drain artwork is like 3/10 compared to skill drain as it lacks so many intricate details.

The second thing i wish was for OCG to have more tins or promotional items which make Yugioh fun to buy again >:D

Stuffs like the briefcase last time which had blue eyes ultimate dragon UTR with 2 decks some packs bla bla bla or the Exodia one. Yes i admit i was conned into these things when i was young but it was fun ! The last promotional package i could rmbr was the one with Starlight Road.

And admit it opening tins and booster packs are quite fun too lol.

TCG people are lucky as they have like 1000 tins per year  and awesome imba contents like the Hanzo tin :(

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Malevolent Catastrophe

Is a very very important card this format.\

Especially against Hero beat when you are going second in games 2/3.

As hero Beat is considered to be one of the most represented decks in the OCG, you will have alot to fear clearing away their backrow.

For example, like me, when Im playing mermail Atlantean, people will side in 2 soul drain, or maybe skill drain, depending if they side any, which is likely.

Compared with the fact that they will set multiple backrows, or even 3 to 4 if there is starlight road/solemn judgment but i doubt many will use them in hero beat, at least not in the OCG.

Malevolent Catastrophe hurts the deck just as much as cards like Dimension Prison hurt the deck.

Having multiple Heavy Storm rocks and if they do use Solemn then its okay as i can use my saved up MSTs to hit the Soul Drain, and Marksman to hit the facedowns.

Hero beats best card vs Mermail is undoubtly super Polymerization because i cant chain to it, and it rids them of Megalo or any big beater easily. Also Absolute zero is incredibly hard to get rid of. Only D Prison, Mirror Force, and Dark Hole do it efficiently, and that, is to account that you will still lose resources in the process.

HOWEVER shining is mermails best friend as Megalo into discarding Armsman makes it miss timing.

From testing Mermails VS hero beat last week, its hard for heroes to match with mermail with the amount of s/t trap destruction you have. Chain Gemini Spark? Hit my Abyssphere, you chain your MST, k, you -1 yourself.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Asia Format gets its first picture playmat !!

 This is the picture of the trophy you will get when you win Top Store
 The blue design playmat is what the national winner of each country's Asia Plus will get.
 The Mermail playmat is what the winner of the entire Asia Plus Regionals Tourney will win. This means that there will only be 3 pcs in the world.
 These are medals for winners.
 This is what the winner of the entire Top Shop Regionals will get.

So i went to locals last week and got these pics. Basically i had no time to access the internet during the past few days to post this up.

This information is what i got from the Paul, the tournament organizer in Malaysia. Any information wrongly posted is a result of :

1) language barrier because that guy doesnt really speak ENG and i dont really speak Chinese and know zero cantonese.

2) he did not deliver the information properly as he may or not have known.

3) i was not paying attention.

Any other unclear information is a result of the above too.

And lastly , thanks to Baha and co. for buying off my AE cards !

Gonna be back to Yugioh soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Promos worth investing in for Asia format :)

While Dt 3 onwards isn't legal here in Asia, we must not forget there is still dt1 and 2 legal.

For example: mist worm !

While its not incredibly broke, it has decent usage as many decks find that they can make level 9 but  trishula has been banned for ages. Mist worm could fill that space.

At the same time other notable cards like fabled raven is legal so dark world can use it. Other interesting techs people could have forgotten Include machine emperor grannel infinity in karakuris or wisel for random decks :D

Other cards worth investing in now include medallion coat of Arms, devil fran ken, big eye, shock ruler etc.

There are also doom caliber knight and fossil dyna which are good meta beat cards so people can get creative :D

Been testing mermail. Holy it's a good deck. InZektor number 2 as the atlanteans remind me of hornets. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New meta shift

Yes i havent touched yugioh since the announcement of the last banlist but then the news is too big to ignore !!! Time to analyze meta

Tier 1:

HEROES <3 p="p">AHL
Dino rabbit with Gold Sarc (after TGU)
Wind Ups (best deck of the format. Once Extra pack is out)

Tier 1.5 to 2:
Six Sam
Chaos Dragon


NO laval still thank God.

My lovely Gorz is finally legal <3 p="p">
more to come after exams done with

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Max C

In today's meta for the ocg , max c is a very good card. Whether it is better than effect veiler some decks can afford to maindrck it. Because it does well vs lavals , hieratic, agents and mermail and certain rogue unexpected Matchups like x saber infernty etc.

For examples if u main deck it in mermail it gets u your combos much faster and once you have gained a considerable amount of advantage it is easier for you to go for the kill with megalo or explode. The deck is arguably the most flexible asianfomat deck so far in my opinion and the Atlantans are just severely toned down versions of inZektor hornet. They are a balanced archetype and konami did a good job creating them, they are what inZektors should have been for the past 6 months