Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Plants ownnnn =)

botanity girl
camelia titanial

So im here to build a competitive plant deck since the new crossroads of chaos focuses on plants. Thus we have many support n new competitive startegies to bring out.

Lets start with a card that never really saw play because he was a plant n he helped plants. Y he is damn broken n i gurantee with plants out i will use him n play this deck ( remodified)

Lets welcome gigaplant

plant/2400/1200/level 6/earth
effect: When this card is summoned or in the graveyard/hand anyway else besides being resummoned, this card is treated as a normal monster. If this card was resumoned, u may gain this effect:
You may special summon one plant or insect card from tyour hand or graveyard.

Now with plants gettin bigger im glad i got my 3 copies. (hey ! its just common guys! In OCG)

So on to the plant deck:

3 gigaplant
2 botanity girl

3 weed

2 lonefire blossom
2 camelia titanial
2 cyber dragon
1 morphing jar
3 vandalygon the dark dragon lord
2 lord poison

11 spells
3 inferno reckless summoning
2 foolish burial
3 grass fertilizer
3 card of safe return
1 heavy storm

1 premature burial

1 monster reborn

10 traps
3 solemn judgemnt
2 divine wrath

2 dark bribe
2 bottomless trap hole

1 mirror force

extra deck
3 hell bramble
2 black rose dragon

2 stardust dragon

2 goyu guardian

1 AOJ catastor
1 brionac dragon of the ice boundary

3 dark end dragon

voila a deck of 41 cards packed perfectly into a crazy siaww deck that can kill seriously . A deck not expecting this startegy is gonna lose badly.

the deck works the same way as the il blud zombie used to. Basically it swarms the field except this time we have synchros.

Role of cards
Lord poison effect: special summon one plant monster from graveyard when this card is destroyed by battle. sweet right?

camelia titanial effect: 2800 attack is one reason to play it. It sacs one plant to negate the effect of one spell/ trap/ monster on the field that targets a card on the field n destroys it. Another good effect since the amount of reborning is gonna be alot. LOL. really wat with 3 gigaplant, lord poison and 3 grass fertilizers.

Lonefire blosson: Sac this card n bring out one plant type monster from the deck on to the field. Another sweet card effect right. Sac it for effect then use grass fertilizer to reborn it n special again. A big big effect n there's more to it such as thining deck (its a TCG exclusive card we don have it yet. but with extra pack coming out its bound to be in there as a common.)

weed : a level 2 tuner. Thats its role.

botanity girl: a witch of the black forest effect for plants. Great card too.

card of safe return: draw cards for doing nothing =.=

foolish burial: send card to grave for gigaplant n grass fertiliser, lord poison etc

Grass fertilizer: a monster reborn for plants every turn if u give up your normal summon. Use with caution. perfect with card of safe return

inferno reckless sumon: summon faster . I mean targetting just one monster n u get to summon 2-3 copies. Great with big monsters like Vandaly'gon and Camelia Titanial for OTK.

vanday'gon: with 7 counter traps in here i wanna run it.

Divine wrath: negates effect n discards plants also =)

Hell bramble ( extra deck) : deals 1000 damage per summon that is not plant. hehe painful card.

Dark end dragon: a destroyer n field clearer. Best man.

Okay i only put this deck together when writing the post. A good plant deck need not be like this. Its just the basic structure n idea. With many tech coming around we might even see this deck as a META deck. Lol. Maybe nia la. Since there r more cards from Crossroads Of Chaos that isn't released yet. So, there might be more great cards for plants. Well i dint run torrntial tribute because this deck usually does the swarm so i wouldnt wanna torrential my own plant army right???

Till next time play fair , play hard n make way for plants to break into the tournament scene. Michael signing off.