Saturday, June 30, 2012

Top Shop Tourney

So Top Shop seed tourney is starting soon.

Just when you thought theres no more tournament season for a while, Konami and Paul decides to surprise us.

Hmm many deck choices atm.

Initially i decided to keep the post short but i feel like i've been writing too many short posts. So just gonna share some things on my mind which could be obvious to you all already.

I could go with Chaos Dragons since im pretty sure people are gonna sideboard retarded cards against me. But many people are also playing the deck and its safe to say the game will be very luck based as in who resolves Future Fusion and Recharge and wont be skilled based unless i draw my Crows and Darkflare Dragons. Granted, from playing the deck and playing against the deck, i can say that resolving Future Fusion turn 1 doesnt 100% win you the game. Its still a solid 95% or more but sometimes your hand could be damn trashy or you could draw your 2 Wyverns and suddenly Future Fusion doesnt seem THAT good anymore.

Hieratics cos i could just borrow somebody's and i regard them as probably the best deck due to its consistency. But Hieratics weakness comes from the backrow and mindgames your opponents pose. If you fail to otk, chances are you'll lose straight. Hanzo Hieratic is the best choice but Hanzo is extinct in Malaysia true story.

Inzektors which im so so familiar with, but constructing the perfect sideboard for inzektor is very very hard. And quoting sazabi, i would need to pray to my bls. And learn to draw consistent hands.

Machina gadget could be good too cos nobody sides cyber dragon in malaysia. Its gonna be a solid deck choice but i would have to fork out 300 bucks which im not willing to do so in a dying game.

On a side note, food for thought: Is Solemn Warning worth running in a meta of Hieratics, 2.5k beatsticks (Machiina), Inzektor OTKs, and 5.3k beatsticks (chaos dragons) running around? Do share your thoughts.

Also, good luck to Karlo Bonillo who went 8-0 swiss in Phillipine WCQ for day 2 tomorrow. and others who made top 8 as well.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ycs Sheffield

Yeah heard it's a sealed event.

 One word:


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wesley Seek Deck Profile Video

watch it here.

the video is divided into 6 parts basically. Let me explain why.

I used Skype as a medium of interview so i needed something to record. I used the program Evaer and since the program i downloaded was only a trial one i could only use it for 5 mins max. Hence the video is dissected into 6 parts. So this explains why the video may be cut off halfway, but i assure you nothing important was left out.

Its basically him explaining his card choices, explaining some reasoning, and quoting experiences of the event.

Congrats to him for winning and good luck to him in Worlds. And i'd like to thank him for taking time off for doing the video.

Sung Lee's interview will be done face to face when i get back to KL.

Yugioh is boring now. Ciao.

Monday, June 25, 2012

CD build vers 1.0

so this is the cd build im running.

ignore the sidedeck and extra deck its retarded and i havent had any chance to finalize anything at all.

i only test game 1s and sideboard is totally bullshit

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nationals Top 4 DeckList update

4th place decklist is out.

Alex's will be coming soon

And I hope Dolkka and Tour Guide are URs in the Extra pack because making TGU common like Maxx C will fuck up its price and its beauty.

Thats all for today

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New deck choice: Chaos Dragons

So why not rabbit anymore?

No access to Hanzos :(

Why Chaos Dragons? It can play a plethora of hand traps that works effectively like Effect Veiler, DD Crow.

It is extremely to side against what your opponent sides. That just means MSTs and conserving Lylas, Rykos since everyone will put Macro Cosmos and maybe DD crows but chances are in early preliminary rounds, you'll meet less experienced players who do not know which card to crow away.

It drastically reduces the amount of options your opponents have. Lance , Mst, heavy storm are all dead. Inzektor has only 4 cards in their opening hand (assuming they open with 1 MST, and 1 Hornet/ Gruff). If they draw multiples, you dont even have to play the game.

I was chatting with Wesley the other day and he mentioned how the deck compared to Junk Doppel. Doppel was my all time favorite deck because it had so much options and it depended solely on the player making the moves. The Chaos element and the milling and speed likens the deck to doppel. However you cannot say that CD is entirely luck reliant only. There is still skill in bluffing opponents, sequencing your cards etc. Since no deck is entirely luck based, neither is a deck entirely skill based.

And Chaos dragons can use many AE cards :)) Although my collection sux. Kbye.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top 4 Malaysian WCQ 2012 Decklists

1st place: Tan Sung Lee

Monsters: 26
1 Zephyrus
1 Sangan
1 Dark Armed Dragon
2 Eclipse Wyvern
2 Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Dark Flare Dragon
2 Chaos Sorcerer
3 Light Pulsar Dragon
3 Effect Veiler
2 Card Trooper
3 Ryko
2 Lyla

Spells: 13
1 Monster Reborn
1 Forbidden Chalice
1 Dark Hole
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Heavy Storm
1 Instant Fusion
1 Future Fusion
1 Charge of the Light Brigade
3 Solar Recharge
1 Mind Control

Traps: 1
1 Chain Disappearance


darkfire x1
nightmare reaper x1
FGD x1
chimera x1
brionac x1
queen dragon x1
hope x1
tiras x1
volcasaurus x1
atumus x1
bounzer x1
gaia x1
exabeetle x1

Sideboard: 15
2 Wasteland Tornado
1 Torrential Tribute
2 Maxx C
2 Electric Virus
1 Forbidden Chalice
1 Deck Devastation Virus
1 Solemn Warning
2 Royal Decree
1 Solemn Judgment


2nd place: Low Weng Fong

Monsters: 21
Inzecter Damsel x3
Inzecter Centipede x3
Inzecter Hornet x3
Inzecter Gruf x2
Card Trooper x2
Effect Veiler x3
Inzecter Gigamantis x1
Dark Armed Dragon x1
Chaos Soldier-Envoy Of The Beginning x1
sangan x1

MST x2
Monster Reborn x1
Allure Of Darkness x1
Heavy Storm x1
Pot Of Duality x3
Book Of Moon x1
Mind Control x1
Foolish Burial x1

Traps: 10
Raigeki Break x1
Solemn WArning x2
Solemn Judgement x1
Chain Disappearance x1
Torrential Tribute x2
Call Of The Haunted x2
Mind Crush x1

Gaia x1
No 61 x1
no 12 x1
wind up zenmaines x1
No 17 x1
Levial x1
Exastag x1
exabeetle x1
Tiras x1
Hope x1
Mero Mero Melody x1
Maestroke x1
Muzu Muzu Rhythm x1
Arms Aid x1
Ancient Holy Wyvern x1

Side: 15
Maxx C x1
Tragoedia x2
Snowman Eater x1
Ryko x2
Dark Hole x1
Compulsory x1
Royal decree x1
Transmigran Prophecy x1
Light Imprisoning Mirror x2
Mind Crush x1
Iron Wall x2


3rd place: Teoh Zhen Pei
Monsters: 22
1 Luster Dragon #2
1 Wattaildragon
1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning
2 Cardcar D
3 Effect Veiler
2 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit
3 Hieratic Dragon of Su
3 Hieratic Dragon of Eset
2 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon
3 Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo

Spells: 13
3 Pot of Duality
3 Hieratic Seal of Convocation
2 Mystic Space Typhoon
2 Forbidden Lance
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon
1 Enemy Controller

Traps: 5
2 Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation
2 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgment

Extra: 15
1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern
1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
1 Black Rose Dragon
1 Blade Armor Ninja
1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn
1 Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja
1 Number 61: Volcasaurus
3 Hieratic Dragon King of Atum
1 Inzektor Exa-Beetle
1 Photon Strike Bounzer
1 Number 25: Focus Force
3 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charge
zack is not revealing his sideboard.

Yeoh Hon Wai
Main deck Inzektor dragonfly x3 Inxektor centipede x3 Inzektor hornet x3 Inzektor gruf x2 Inzektor gigamantis x1 Effect veiler x3 Cardcar d x2 Pot of duality x3 MST x3 Heavy storm x1 Dark hole x1 Allure of darkness x1 Foolish burial x1 Mind control x1 Book of moon x1 Monster reborn x1 Forbidden lance x1 Torrential tribute x2 Raigeki break x3 Lair wire x1 Solemn warning x2 Solemn judgment x1 Extra deck Ally of justice catastor x1 Gaia knight, the force of earth x1 Scrap archfiend X1 Leviair the sea dragon x1 No. 17 leviathan dragon x1 Inzektor exa- stag x1 Tiras, keeper of genesis x1 No 61, volcasaurus x1 No 20 brilliant ant x1 No 39 utopia x1 Chimeratech overdragon x1 Wind-up zenmaines x2 Gaia dragon, the thunder charger x1 No 12 crimson shadow armor ninja x1 Side deck Ryko, lightsworn hunter x2 Morphing 2 x1 Compulsory evacuation device x2 Bottomless trap hole x1 Mind crush x1 Mirror force x1 Enemy controller x1 The transmigration phophecy x1 Crevice into the different dimension x1 Cyber dragon x1 Waboku x2 Mask of restrict x1

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nationals Report 2012

Round 1: Inzektors

Game 1: I open with a mediocre hand but managed to play out and bait out everything with MST and stuff. Then I resolved Gigamantis and won .

Game 2: I drew a pretty good hand and Mantis all the way to the win. 


insert conspiracy here. 

Round 2: Alex Yeo machina gadget

I was notified by Paul that I was seeded into top 32 because 2 other seeds could not make it today. I decided to play it out. I made 3 crucial misplays in this game, 1 technical, 1 funny one, and 1 wrong read.

Game 1: He summon green gadget i went wtf because i was notified he was running inzektors and i was not worried bout the mirror. He double summon and made Giganto and plussed too much. I fake noob and try to let everything get killed to set up DAD and safe zone. He continued to plus until I dropped DAD and he dropped Fortress to suicide but I flipped safe zone. He told me it was damage step and I couldnt do it. This was my 1st misplay. I should have sharked him back and told him that he had not declared going into damage step yet and he just declared attack. But my mind was blank and he otk-ed. After the game he told me my hand was bad. I thought it was playable but below average.

Game 2: He had Macro. I Bottomless and cleared his 2 machina fortress. He duality into Thunder Break and set it. I had a face up Centipede and he had a Gadget. i summoned Hornet and equipped a Damsel to it. I proceeded to equip centipede with another Hornet. He misplayed as he should have thunder break but he got greedy and I made Bounzer and protected it with lance. When he discarded a gadget for his cost for Thunder Break he decided to discard Machina Cannon instead but I shark him and told him he couldnt replay.

Game 3: He opened with a gadget. I had Wing Blast, Tragoedia. He summoned another gadget and attacked me with both at the same time. This was my second misplay as I let him proceed because I was looking at the mural pictures on the wall so i forgot to drop Trago. My 3rd misplay was that I should have set wing blast to prevent Giganto cross from plussing. I dropped Trago and tried to protect it with Safe zone but he had Book of Moon.


At this point i was emo and everyone wanted me to kick him out and I misplayed due to God knows what. At the same time I did not have anything in my side vs machina besides 2 Bottomless. 

cut to top 32:

Top 32: Ivan (Chen Yau Sin) Six Samurai

Game 1: He swarmed me and aggro but I chained MST to his Dojo to prevent him from making Shien but I forgot how i won. 

Game 2: He opened broke with Shien and my hand was Night Beam, Dark Armed, Mantis, Lance and trash. 

Game 3: I sided in Tragoedia for fun. He tried to swarm and aggro, I had Tragoedia. I saw no other way to win besides Dark Arm in hand. After he drew 1 with United and he attacked with Grandmaster so i dropped Trago. He thought for a few minutes and I knew he had Chalice but he set it instead. I used Tragos effect to discard Gruff to take Kagemusha and suicided Kagemusha and then i slammed Trago into Grandmaster. My life was at 4300 while his was at 4000 due to Solemn. I pwwb his grandmaster but he summoned Kizan to whack. I summoned Dark Armed and he scooped.

Next to me, Mun Keat and another guy were making a big commotion. Mun Keat claimed the other guy had signaled end turn but the guy claimed he didnt. It turned out to be a heated argument for 15 minutes and eventually the judge ruled the game null and void and issued a replay. Sadly Mun Keat lost the round


Top 16: Low Weng Fong Inzektor

Game 1: He duality into veiler and he had Mantis. He tried to otk me with an empty field but he miscalculated and i had 100 left. I Heavy Storm and Damsel + Gruff. I bluff a set with Autonomous to encourage him to otk and true enough he heavy storm but I had Veiler. I did my stuff but could not kill. He had Damsel o.o I had a good hand but he had a God hand. 

Game 2: I drew 1 Mst, 1 heavy, 1 gruff, 1 Autonomous 1Chalice so i was quite confident. He had Centipede and did stuff and he summoned Damsel and I let him pass since i thought he couldnt resolve Hornet + Mantis. True enough he didnt but he had DAD and he destroyed his own Mantis to otk me. No chance to use anything. WTF


At this point Andrew, Shamir , LGQ and i were all knocked out in the top 16. So , cameraman mode on !

So, at this point the top 8 deck breakdown were the following:

1 Windup Inzektor
2 Card D Inzektor
1 Trooper Inzektor
1 Standard Hieratic
1 Hanzo Hieratic
1 Machina Gadget
1 Chaos Dragons

Top 4 breakdown became:

1 Trooper Inzektor (weng fong)
1 Card D Inzektor (hon wai) 
1 Hanzo Hieratic (zack)
1 Chaos Dragons (sung lee)


1st : Sung Lee 
2nd: Weng Fong
3rd: Zack
4th: Hon wai
The usual crowd at GA round 1.

Top 8 match of Sam smiling. He lost to Weng Fong in the same way i did. Mantis + god hand.
Ps: These were the wall murals i was staring at when I was distracted playing Alex

Alex VS Sung Lee. Sung Lee won. Kudos to him for taking revenge ! There was a big commotion about Pulsar + Exabeetle ruling. The judge ruled it in Sung Lee's favour because they couldnt find a OCG ruling clarification although it is valid in TCG

 Lau Piere VS Hon Wai

Teoh Zhen Pei (zack) VS choong
At this point all our hopes were placed on zack.
3rd place  Zack

 2nd place Weng Fong
1st place Tan Sung Lee

Yes Chaos Dragons won !!! Kudos to Sung Lee and Zack for topping ! Epic finals match where Sung lee took a ryko from Mind control flipped it, milled Wyvern, and a light and a dark and then dropped BLS wtf straight. It is Chaos Dragons anything can happen.

My decklist was:

3 hornet
3 damsel
3 centipede
2 gruff
1 mantis
1 sangan
2 veiler
3 card car D

1 autonomous
1 heavy storm
3 mst
3 duality
1 foolish
1 book of moon
1 allure
1 reborn
1 mind control
1 dark hole
1 night beam
1 forbidden lance

1 safe zone
1 pwwb
2 torrential
1 solemn warning
1 lair wire

Yes dont wtf me i took out Solemn Judgment.

1 Zenmaines
1 Revise
1 Leviair
1 Muzyrythm
1 Maelstroke
1 Volcasaurus
1 Machu Mach
1 Crimson Ninja
1 Tiras
1 Exastag
2 Gaia
1 Cameraman
1 Bounzer
1 Black Rose

2 Max C
1 Scarecrow
1 Tragoedia
2 Snowman
2 DD Crow
1 Wiseman Chalice
1 Really Eternal Rest
1 Transmigration Prophecy
2 Bottomless
2 Mask of Restrict

Changed build after i scrubbed to Jason during playtesting. Realized we need card car to balance out the fact that inzektors are basically playing with a 5card hand if they open with Gruff and Hornet which are minus 1s sort of. 

Machu mach is inside because i can target Red eys which has been special summoned by Atums and burn 2.8 k while adding 2.8 k to itself.

Why i took out Solemn Judgment? Call it 6th sense but i felt i would die to paying 4k life. It was a last minute thing.

Why am i not playing 3 veiler 1 Bls? Because i drew 3 veiler in ACQ

Safe Zone is good. I was contemplating playing a 2nd because it was very unexpected (in malaysia) since its versatile and has multi functions.

Got a pack of Yellow National Championship sleeves (only distributed to top16 and lucky draw winners) so may use it since i lazy to buy sleeves. At least it was a top 16 lol

Realized penang players are kryptonite. got knocked out 3/4 times by penang player in the last 4 official tourney i played (1 asia, 1 wcq, 2 seed qualifiers)

Time to play dino rabbit !

1st and 2nd place decklists will be uploaded soon and probably 2 deck profile videos which i didnt get the chance to do just now. I was not allowed to take videos of finals but i did take video of zacks 3rd 4th round playoff which i will upload soon.

Videos of the finals have been filmed by the shop and they want to maintain copyright for it, which will be linked onto Cookie's blog. Be sure to check it out when it's uploaded.

I'm still obtaining the Top 4 decklists, and maybe Alex's Machina Gadget list if you guys are interested

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to DUELING LEGACY, your premier window to the world of dueling.
My name is Rauzes, and I am the host of tonight’s show.

YES! Question from the audience! You there, with the hair!

Where is mike you say?
To be quite honest, I have no idea.

Does anyone else hear muffled screams from the janitors’ closet you say?
Nope. Nobody else does. It might just be the speaker system in here tonight. They most certainly do not sound like mike.

Now, today, we will be discussing a deck that was quite the rage in the Japanese blogosphere, but apparently nobody has ever heard of outside of Japan!

I was quite surprised as I was under the impression everyone already knew the deck inside and out, was bored and tired of it, and hence never talked about it.

But it turned out to be quite the opposite! Nobody had heard of it.
Its utility toolbox like outs to each and every situation is what really shines out in this deck. It is, more so than any other deck out there, extremely good at accessing Exceed monsters. Every. One. Of. Them.

Now, most decks nowadays sit behind one or two super powerful ones or just focus on summoning one or two exceed monsters to win the game for them, such as Rabbit Lagia summoning Lagia and expecting that 2.5k to win the game for them.
Or Heiratics whom just bomb the field with Atums Atums REDMD REDMD Gaia Dragoon Gustav Max Game.
Most decks have all these exceeds, but don’t really use them all to the best of their ability.

But is there any other deck out there whom is dedicated to bringing out exceed monsters of all ranks and sizes? And making them all have their day in the sun?

Yes. A deck that will push you to use each and every exceed in the game to the limit, and beyond.

Allow me to present: GAGAGA EXCEED

Born this Way. deck

3 GAGAGA Magician
2 GAGAGA Gardner
2 Card Card D
1 Sangan
2 Mystic Tomato
2 Summon Priest
2 Tragoedia
1 Dark Armed Dragon

3 GAGAGA Revenge
1 Allure of Darkness
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Heavy Storm
2 Armory Hole
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon

2 Torrential Tribute
1 Solemn Judgement
3 Call of the Haunted
1 EXCEED Reborn

GAGAGA Deck/15
1 GAGAGA Gantetsu
1 GAGAGA Leviair
1 GAGAGA Senmaines
1 No. GAGAGA Hope
1 GAGAGA Maestroke
1 GAGAGA Chain
1 GAGAGA Tyrus
1 No. GAGAGA Mush=Mac
1 GAGAGA Uroboros
1 GAGAGAchi cochi Dragon
1 GAGAGA Streak Bouncer
1 No. GAGAGA Big Eye
1 GAGAGAia Dragoon
1 Neo GAGAGAlaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

Now, the deck’s most basic Combo is probably staring you right in the face:
Summon Gagaga Magician, Get a Gagaga Girl Out, change level to whatever, copy level, and EXCEED, reducing one opponents monster to 0 ATK, and ram over it.

In fact, a lot of the deck is dedicated to gathering these parts and changing your own level.
Tragoedia is maxed out for the ease at which he can change his own level for any Exceed Schenanigans you want to pull off.

Gagaga Revenge is an amazing card, it’s like your deck can run an additional 3 Monster Reborn!

Now, as GAGAGA Girl would reduce one opponents monster to 0ATK, one of the most common targets for exceed summoning would be pulling out Mush Mac. By removing one material, you can burn the opponent for the original ATK of one of the opponents monsters, as the difference between the original attack and 0 is… well, the original attack!

Now, taking advantage of the 0ATK, Gachikochi Dragon is also included, as the double attack!
Taking advantage of this comboing with Mush Mac would mean that any monster with 1400 ATK or more reduced to 0 would lead to the opponent taking 8000 damage. An one turn kill.

Now, although the deck loves its normal summons and special summons, sometimes getting that GAGAGA Revenge is so important, you have to give it up in the form of Armory Hole. GAGAGA revenge is just too sweet to give up.

Is actually only in here for fun. Enjoy it.

This deck is a truly enjoyable toolbox deck that will allow you to access each and every exceed under the sun, so feel free to change up the extra deck as you see best. The only mainstay would be Mush Mac, but since you can access everything, feel free to let your imagination run wild.

Oh, and GAGAGA Magician + GAGAGA Girl + a 2nd GAGAGA Girl = Neo GAGAGAlaxy Eyes Photon Dragon for game.

PS: I think Rauzes wanna start playing again

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pre-Post Inzektor List

Basically this was the build i tested out after the scrub, as im the type of player who changes build if i scrub.

It was very consistent during testing. But after going into more hand solitaires and testing, i noticed some inconsistencies.

The following are the problems:

1) 3x Effect Veilers do not suit me they clog too much

2) Autonomous is a problem because of the lp cost which i already cut out 1 warning for.

3) There are 3x of cards that require a discard cost. This is not Card Car build so you should minimize it unless it is very very necessary.

So I :

-1 Veiler
-1 Autonomous
-1 Raigeki Break

What did I put in? Thats for me to know only :) Yes I know i decreased the hate vs the mirror match but I feel that Trooper + Wrath + other cards already make it a beast vs the mirror match.

In case your wondering why Trag is in there, its because he's a boss and a surprise tactic vs Hieros/Inzektor in game 1s, where no one expects it and obviously Hiero wont throw out a Drago. It acts as a pseudo Mind Control in the mirror match. Pitch Hornet, steal the Inzektor you just Veilered.

Why I ditched Raigeki Break? Because many people are running 1 to 2 Forbidden Lance now.

Why no COTH? Because its dead draw early without combo pieces and then theres hieratics.
Thats all for today.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sideboard Options

Lets go into good sideboard options VS various top meta decks.


For the mirror match you have:

1) Wiseman Chalice
2) Effect Veiler
3) Autonomous Action Unit
4) Transmigration Prophecy

My comments: Autonomous Action Unit and Veiler are the best cards.

Other matchups:

1) Overworked
2) Really Eternal Rest
3) Transmigration Prophecy
4) Effect Veiler
5) Macro Cosmos
6) Skill Drain
7) Shadow Imprisoning Mirror

My comments: Overworked and Macro Cosmos are the best cards.


Mirror Match:

1) Core Chimail Drago
2) Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
3) Waboku
4) Maxx C
5) Swift Scarecrow

My comments: Drago is the best card. PWWB is very good if you can pull it off well. Scarecrow is also very good depending on your preference

Other Matchups:

1) Maxx C
2) Swift Scarecrow
3) Mask of Restrict
4) Bottomless Trap Hole

My comments: Scarecrow and Mask of Restrict are the best cards.

Machina Gadget

1) Cyber Dragon
2) Bottomless Trap Hole
3) Offerings to the Doomed

Chaos Dragons

1) Maxx C
2) Scarecrow
3) Tragoedia
4) DD Crow
5) Effect Veiler
6) Soul Taker
7) Macro Cosmos

Dark World

1) DD Crow
2) Bottomless Trap Hole
3) Soul Drain
4) Macro Cosmos

Rabbit Lagia

1) Snowman Eater
2) Ryko Lightsworn Hunter
3) Forbidden Chalice
4) Bottomless Trap Hole
5) Malevolent Catastrophe

Thats all for today. If i didnt review a certain deck then its probably not that good. Also this is OCG Asia format so dont expect to see Raioh inside. Since its Asia i didnt blog about Laval or Hero Beat although both are awesome decks.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Discussing Divine Wrath

I decided to test this card out over 1 Solemn Warning.

It acts as the 3rd/4th Veiler in your deck, depending on how many Veilers you're running.

Its a good card and the -1 isnt that bad when you discard Hornet, Gruff, Wattail Dragon, or Luster Dragon.

Everyone knows there are dead cards in your deck VS certain matchups for example Mind Control isnt that good vs Machina Gadget so you can pitch it to kill off Gearframe etc.

Wrath negates hand traps like DD Crow, Veiler, Maxx C and stuff which means it lets you OTK and explode and gain a crazy amount of advantage.

The -1 isnt that bad if you can OTK with Dragons right, or resolve Dragonfly right?

One of my friends successfully resolved Wrath and it won him one of his games in the recent Qualifier.

At 1, it wont clog your hand so much and you wont have stupid opening hands like 2 Wrath 2 Veiler where you feel like jumping off a building immediately if you drew that.

Depends if you wanna tech it out. Its a 50-50 kind of card and depends on situation and your playstyle and the deck you play it in.

It may be good to start cutting the Raigeki Breaks in Trooper builds because you cannot afford to -1 so much without Car D and you will understand if you play the build. Divine Wrath serves to minimize Veiler which is actually a 1 for 1 although people dont realize it. With that, you can take control of the game.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Importance of Life Points

So today we are going into abit of theory.

Most people had the idea that Yugioh was simply all about card advantage.

I admit I had the mentality and i had based alot of my playstyles on focusing on card advantage in my games and disregarding lifepoints. If i didnt die, i didnt care.

But its not the old Goat control formats anymore where it is very frequent where you can dish 5000 to 8000 damage at one go and card advantage was the way to go.

The new Yugioh has infinite special summon possiblities so people can put as much damage on the field as possible.

That is why we must consider our life points too.

Consider this situation: You could have a full card advantage of 5 to your opponents 1. lets say your hand has 2 hornet, 1 gruff, 1 mantis, 1 inzektor.

Your opponent has a face down Warning or Torrential on the field. You summon your Inzektor and he Warnings. Lets say you have only 1000 life points because you disregarded life points.

Your opponent proceeds to topdeck a monster and whack you and you lose. What can you say about that?

I noticed the importance of lifepoints during my rounds from the past 3 tournaments. I sometimes lost to people due to low lifepoints although I had a larger card/hand advantage.

But I decided to ignore it because majority of my rounds where I applied the same playstyle, i still won.

But I had to learn the hard way yesterday when i died to my own playstyle of focusing purely on advantage. I focused my loss on to the 3 Trooper attacks that I sustained in early game. 5000 + lifepoints is not cheap mind you.

Advantage is one of the most unique aspects of Yugioh because besides MTG or Legend of the 5 rings , no other card game calls for you to maintain advantage so much. But now Yugioh has alot of bullshit stuff like Monster Reborn, Hieratics and Inzektor which can OTK you out of the blue, and new decks like Sea Serpent which can OTK easily are popping up so we must conserve lifepoints. I admit I do not like CFVG mainly because of the fact that you had to consider life and as YGO players its hard for us since we mainly considered advantage more (maybe a 75%: 25% ratio) but in CFVG you need to consider both equally. Im sure the TCG players can relate to all this OTK stuff when everyone is playing Chaos Dragons everywhere.

And this is the reason why Solemn Warning is becoming more dangerous to play in Malaysia and its not so much of a staple anymore. Because of its lifepoint cost. If you sustain Card Trooper's attack and pay for Warning you will have lost 1/2 your life points. Which is dangerous as Hieratics only need to put out 1 Red Eyes to win and Inzektor only have to focus on making Volcasaurus.

The LP argument makes Machina Gadget very dangerous because people can just summon gadget and you decide not to waste traps and they just whack you for 1000 + damage. No further explanation because everyone is familiar with it.

And at the same time, this is why Card Trooper is a very good pick in todays meta. Playing Trooper early game against a control player stops them in their tracks immediately because they wont waste resources on killing Trooper, and in the process, Trooper will successfully attack once and wipe out 1/4 of their total life.

That's all for today and take time to reconsider today's post :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are You Thirsty, Bro ?

Today went for the last qualifier.

Format : single round elimination

I had a bad feeling

Round 1: VS Yung Kang Inzektor

Game 1: Drew all shit with 2 Gruff, 1 Mantis and 1 sword. Lost obviously since i had nothing to do. I really wish i had not taken out Autonomous for sword instead because if i had autonomous i would have won the game since i topdecked 2x MST later and he didnt have Veiler. Emo. Never change stuff before a game. Lesson learnt.

Game 2: We had a good game and it was even. He kept poking me with Trooper. He payed Autonomous took my Damsel and made Levial but I Solemn. My life was at 1450 he was at 3500. I summon Centipede and he Warning and dropped to 1500. He told me he had 2 Hornet in hand and he could win if he topdecked one of the primary Inzektor. He topdecked Centipede. It was a happy duel.

Well i guess you cant top everything :)

Today was hard because of single eli, and there were only 12 players and most of them were good like Zack LGQ Kyde (who disappear to the shadow realm to train with Jspeed)

Anyhow today was the most productive day as i had my entire deck changed and it looks alot better than it was previously, as its more consistent and doesnt have so much dead draws, and its more coupled to suit the meta here. Kudos to Kyde LGQ Zack for evaluating card choices to put in the deck.

Gratz to Kyde for qualifying (read his post its funny as 3rd place got seeded hahahaha)

More posts coming up soon as I have neglected my blog recently :)