Saturday, August 28, 2010

Let's convert to Hero Gate! :D

Why?? Simply for the reason and advantage it brings.

Let's highlight ADVANTAGE
Shining abuse is too strong. Zero too.

Wheeee also it can abuse this card:
Betcha never realized that did you! People see whatttt tribute level 8 which i do spend so much time to bring out to draw 2??? waddafuck???? Ditch it.

But this card was made purposely solely for the abuse of Hero gate decks.

We all know how awesome "draw 2 cards" cards are , right? I mean the only thing left usable is Allure but its left at one. And Recharge is only for Heroes so no other top deck has draw 2 cards anymore.

Now we see why its so awesome for Hero since they bring out level 8 monsters so effortlessly. I mean first turn Terraforming plus Airman into Shining then play this , draw 2, and summon Shining again? Broken.

Also, tribute zero to draw 2 and play zero's raigeki effect, then summon a fusion and whack? Awesome.

Drawing 2 cards means more options somemore.

And while it seems like a disadvantageous move, cos you waste your Zeros and Shinings, its quite the contrary actually.

Cos its just setting you up for a Miracle Fusion play. One extra Hero means one card faster for the Miracle Fusions that we spam.

Oh yeah, for all those removed from play fusion monsters? We still have Parallel World Fusion don't forget...

Stratos + 2 Mst + 1 Trap Stun/ bla bla bla
for spell/ trap removal/ negation/ protection.

Cool right??? First turn Shining into Advanced Draw is just too cool

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Card of the format

1 x Starlight Road is a staple because of the advantage it offers plus it negates Black Rose, Icarus, and Torrential Tribute + Dark Hole.

Started playing and experimenting with new format already. 3x Black Rose is annoying. Its almost like the new Trishula.

Next up is Pot of Duality. No deck , nor fast nor slow is complete without 2 to 3 Pot of Dualities. Faster decks should run at least 2 , if not 3. If you cant afford 3 pieces (standard about rm200 for 3 piece in Msia) then you must still find 2, by hook or by crook. Get it now before price shoot again.
Incredible this format. The synergy is priceless. Pot will confirm to be limited or semi-ed next format.

Since Pot of Duality is a maindeck worthy staple, we now look at Trap Dust Shoot and Mind Crush.

They are also staples this format along with Sprit Water Art- Aoi in any water decks. E-Hero decks can adapt Aoi to tribute their Snowman Eater/Ocean/Ab Zero in order to use them to your advantage.

Every deck should be maindecking them as a staple.

Looking at new format team tourney from Shriek, we can conclude the statements I made above. Also notice, the top team ran at least, on an average count, 2 Solemn Warning per deck. Now what did I tell you about monster control ? ;D

So this format will actually be much like last format except more fun!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loki and Odin

1 Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner monsters
When this face-up Attack Position card is selected as an attack target, you can destroy all Spell and Trap Cards your opponent controls. If this face-up card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon it from your Graveyard during the End Phase. If you do, select and return 1 Trap Card in your Graveyard to your hand.
This is Odin:
1 Tuner + 2 or more non-Tuner monsters
While this card is in face-up Attack Position, negate the effects of all Spell and Trap Cards that target a Divine-Beast-Type monster(s) you control. If this face-up card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon it from your Graveyard during the End Phase. If you do, draw 1 card. (Approximation)

Apparently, not everybody knows their effects are already out in Wikia.

Of course they are gonna nerf it badly in real life!

They're pretty awesome if they don't die to Caius, Crow, and a Dimension Prison.

I like Loki though, recycle Torrential, Prison, Bottomless, Solemn, and Mind Crush :D

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New format...errrr discussion and thoughts.

So, we are one day into knowing the new format, and everyone is chaotic about it!

Let;s summarize it: Its one of the best formats ever, because anything can happen, i mean seriously, you can take it into a control direction, or you could take it fast, and you could still be taken off surprise by a different deck! Every deck has its weaknesses and for now, there is no dominating S rank deck.

It solely depends on how the players wanna take it, your mentality and your opinions. For example you could play an awesome control deck and face a full speed swarm monster deck which packs 3 Decrees but you could still have an out to it.

So, as I predict, this format is gonna be about spells and traps. And to support this statement, I rehighlight the ban of Heavy Storm. You are gonna run into alot of Bottomless and Dimension Prisons everywhere and more new stuff.

Safe to say, your monsters will never be safe, ironically. You will find them taken out one or two turns after you play them. Unless you got something like a Perfect Herald god hand and a Scar Red Nova summon, but then what are the odds of you being able to play it?

JInzo might be a good card this slower format.

Also, Trap Dustshoot and Mind Crush has never been more important before, and once again rehighlights what I think is the best format ever. Trap Dustshoot offers early control and an early game win (techinically) and Mind Crush does the same thing. Mind Crush discards important combo pieces of your opponent, or discards their Monster Reborn or Dark Hole. It can also discard cards that were added via Pot of Duality. Which is bound to be a staple this format. Trust me. Seeing 3 cards instead of 1 is BROKEN now.

While some are saying that Starlight Road will see less play with the bane of Heavy Storm, I'm gonna have to disagree with that. In fact, Starlight Road is gonna be the card of the format. With GB coming back, Gyzarus is gonna be rampant. Torrential Tribute and Dark Hole is your worst enemy. Possible of Spore Chaos Lightlord coming back, so Judgment Dragon is once again viable because of its ability to destroy so many cards at once. Starlight Road should still be maindecked at one, imo. Even a timely Mirror Force can ruin you.

Lets not forget that BF is now largely relying on Icarus Attack to stay as a top contender. Icarus lets you chain it to another card effect that threatens your BF, and thus acts as a -1 for your opponent. While your opponent loses his combo pieces, you still retain yours! Don't forget that. Icarus seems balanced, but its just a disguise.

And while we are on the topic of card advantage, lets talk about it. Card advantage once upon a time again becomes more important than ever. You are gonna face alot of nuisance one for ones made by your opponent. So yeah. a card that garners you advantage is welcome. That is why they totally banned Rescue Cat.

And while advantage is important, synergy also becomes more important. With annoying one for ones, you are gonna find alot of dead cards in hand as the combo pieces are gone. Decks that have higher synergy rate will find it easier to deal with this combo. Snowman eater is a good example as it is pure advantage, and you still have a wall on the field to synchro/fuse/ tribute with. Also, Black Rose Dragon, because it resets everything....TO YOUR ADVANTAGE! ....

Now, the card that is gonna win games is definitely Monster Reborn now that Brain is gone. Monster Reborn is better as you have several more options that brain. You can steal an opposing Stardust or gain advantage with Goyo Guardian. Or revive a Black Rose to destroy, or revive Brionac to self-touch. Its far more versatile, and its incredible that we get such a god card back to us

The Dark Horse of this format goes to Hero Beat and Dragunity. It is gonna be extra hard to versus it via Heavy Storm ban, and its many pesky one for ones, which can be used to garner advantage at the same time (through Hero Blast, Spark, Book of Moon etc). You will definitely find Hero Beat removing cards from the field at a higher rate than any deck in the format. Same goes for Dux/ Legion/ Aclys abuse in Dragunity. Don't forget Bottomless Trap Holes, Dimension Prisons! Its gonna be a headache.

And if you thought it wasn't bad enough, Dragunity has ways to synchro summon while hero beat can fusion summon via Fusion Gate or Miracle Fusion. The beauty of mixing Hero Beat with Snowman Eater is Miracle into Zero. It is another Raigeki, or it could mean that you can gain advantage via E Hero Shining.

Another good thing about this format is how certain "trend" cards become equally viable. Lets face it, Soliel mentioned My Body as A Shield, and I will be mentioning cards like Divine Warning. Cards that were usually trend cards, as they were only good in certain formats, can all come together to participate in an equal and fair format. Maining MBASS and Divine Warning is so not a must, but maining it can give you certain advantages against certain decks.

Now to mention BTH, Solemn Warning, and the like. Seriously, with Oppression almost gone now, we are gonna have to make use of certain stuff like Solemn Warning and Bottomless Trap Hole to counter pesky special summons. Solemn Warning may be much more costly, but is more versatile. It could be good tech..

And now, Solemn judgment! Arguably the card that can negate everything this format. It has become equally important, but playing it right will earn you a win. Play it wrong, and you are doomed. You just chipped off half your life points. Some duelists may even be scared to main it. Not true. Its good, main it. Solemn Judgment's effect is so strong.

Cards that increase synergy like Sangan and Duality is even better. Expect the price of Duality to skyrocket.

And now , cold wave! Locking several plays at once is incredible. It will replace Heavy Storm in many decks. If played well, it can be even better than Heavy Storm. It could mean 2 turns without spells/traps instead. Definitely gonna be a game-winning card too. Titan.

Somewhere behind Cold Wave,...... Royal Decree and Trap Stun are gonna be important this format. Trap Stun is gonna be stop those Bottomless, Mirror Force, Torrential, and basically anything that can turn the game. Main deck material definitely.

A very important factor is also the element of surprise. Because the format is still new, the different tech cards you pack in your deck are gonna help you win games and throw your opponent off guard. Cards like this are Solemn Warnin, My Body and Trap Stun definitely.

Thats all that I can think of right now. Hope that helped you guys :)

Now for some extra comments:
Also, Skiel Infinity sucks. Granel and Wisel FTW. Zephyros the Elite is quite a disappointment too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just came back from school..and what do i see?? HOLY SHIT!!

So banllist is out, and its NOTHING like what we predicted...

Okay...maybe partly it is :) But what a shocker!

I will not mention the stuff that everybody needs to know...

Firstly, and more mildly, Cyber Dragon at three is awesome... Combat machines, help Machines. Machine Emperor? Machina? Cyber Dragon? System Down and Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is sure to be popular...

Titans likee Heavy Storm and Brain Control is gone...

I guess its due to lucky topdecking and gayness and all out ranting...

Heavy Storm banned? No more crazy OTK, but we still have Cold Wave, Trunade, and Konami gave us an extra Cyclone back. Somemore, with the release of Starlight Road in Yuusei pack, I guess its expected? Finally Starlight in the tourney! BF will not get so lucky with Icarus anymore...

2 MST signals that everyone will use the other to replace Storm... or they may use Cold Wave. Decks with more monster effect- based will switch is with Cold Wave. MST at 2 usually means less setting of random cards because suddenly before you know it, they get hit by MSTs.

I think this format is awesome, and possibly better than last time...Evertything (yes even Infnernity) , save frogs of course, can still be played, although some are toned down....Like BF Infern etc...

Decks like Quickdraw are gay hell cos of 3 Black Rose back. Everyone, chiong your tunings!

I think this format iss gonna have even more variety than last format.

Konami is great at making banlists now.,..

Its alll gonna be about skill, and more pro-ness. (wait! i haven't gotten to the cream of the crop yet! hahah)

So! Apparently Monster Reborn and Dark Hole is back!

WTF now Quickdraw has an 5 field resetters ( 3 Black Rose, 1 Dark Hole, 1 Torrential)

While many ppl are specualating Quickdraw Dandy as the new meta, they have forgotten about Heroes who also have 5 Dark Holes! (3 Raigeki - absolute zero lah!, 1 torrential, dark hole)

To replace Brain Wash, Konami has given us lovely Monster Reborn and Dark Hole. We are all very happy that we can use our ultra rare Monster Reborns again!!!! This card is even better than Cry of Living Dead and , last format Cry was limited but no one used it as its not that useful...Monster Reborn is much better as lets steal opponent's graveyard! Steal their lovely Stardust! Wahahahah!

Dark Hole is more luck-sack...but extremely fun. I pity newer players who don't have their dark holes...Awwww. Luckily i found one TCG version one lying around. Whoo!

So, this format, overall will be more to skill, and more luck too. Because of Dark Hole and Monster Reborn.

Rescue Cat banned? Sadd! but seriously yeahh we saw it coming...

Pot not limited?? Phew! But this may mean more people will spam Pot to get to their Monster Reborns and Dark Holes. Since this format will be slightly slower, let's welcome Pot to our decks.

So, the questions now are:

1) What is the new meta decks?
a) definitely BF- they will just adapt...
b) GB hell yeahh
c) Lightlord can survive...i think...
d) Many people overlook this but yes Heroes are tier 1!
e) Quickdraw Dandy!
f) Some plant pineapple variant. Cos they can just take out Rescue Cat.
h) Monarchs...some variant maybe...definitely 3 caius will be splashed in Quick Dandy.
i) Dragunity
j) Perfect Herald.
k) Chaos Stun!

Tier 1.5:

1) Infernity
2) MGS maybe?
3) dono...maybe Monarch variant?

Next question! Is the 2nd MST viable to replace Storm?
Yes! But you can try Trap Stun or even Cold Wave for monster effect-based decks? Its definitely player choice and based on your deck..

It will definitely be more to control, and less to speed (I think).

BF is becoming more and more antimeta toolboxy! But BF has Delta Crow! Watch out!

It may have more monster-based effects now though, i maybe wrong!

So guys, welcome to the new format.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Editted BanList from Sunny

More ban list fever. You guys are probably gettin sick of it. Trust me- so am i!!! Its so annoying. zzz

This list looks much more believable.

Here you go:


Infernity Launcher
Infernity Archfiend
Black Whirlwind
Pot of Duality
Bottomless Trap Hole
Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn

Foolish Burial
Icarus Attack
Snipe Hunter
Dark Grepher
Destiny Draw
Pot of Avarice
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
Machina Gearframe

Skill Drain
Ultimate Offering


Lazy to do it, and its BF nerfing! And nuuuuu my beloved Bottomless and Pot of Duality!!!!! if this is true, i owe blackie a duality if he comes to KL.

Looks like Konami is encouraging people to use Liberty to replace bottomless.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gratz to Galileo

Gratz to him, as I heard on Alex Hayes blog, a while ago, that he is a very nice guy, kind, polite etc. I think he deserved it. Most of all, he supports England! Sad that they did very bad in World Cup but thats different story...!

Here's the deck that I found that he used , on the internet.

Topping with Frog FTK is awesome. If he really used this deck. it would be so cool.

3 Swap Frog
3 Unifrog
3 Flip Flop Frog
3 Dupe Frog
3 Substitoad
3 Ronintoadin
1 Dark Magician

3 Pot of Avarice
1 Mystical Space Typhoon
3 One For One
3 Wetlands
3 Mass Driver
2 Salvage

3 Froggy Force Field
2 Divine Protection of the Ocean Dragon Lord
1 Magical Hats

However I doubt that this deck is fucking real. First of all: Magical Hats and Dark Magician? WTF.
No Morray of Greed?

And in the slight coverage of the finals, it is mentioned he used Hand Destruction?

Big shit lie man, its probably the deck of the person that posted this, and just wanna simply popularise his deck -__- How insulting to our World Champ.

Oh well, this means frog is doomed in banlisst! Though I really think that Konami already decided banlist wayy before today...

Quote from the official Konami blog:

In the finals of this year’s World Championship event, Blackwing Duelist Vincent Paglia from the USA faced off against Frog OTK Duelist Galileo De Obaldia from Panama. In the first Duel, despite winning the coin toss and taking the first turn, and using nearly every card in his Deck, De Obaldia just couldn’t pull off the win and lost the first Duel to Paglia.

Now needing to win two Duels straight to become the World Champion, De Obaldia used his Side Deck and added in Quickdraw Synchron and Fishborg Blaster to his Deck. Against all odds, Paglia started the second Duel off with two D.D. Crows in his hand to break up De Obaldia’s Frog combos. In the end, De Obaldia’s Side Deck choices paid off as he used Quickdraw Synchron along with Treeborn Frog and Dupe Frog to Synchro Summon Junk Destroyer, destroy Paglia’s Blackwings, and win the Duel!

In the final Duel to decide the World Champion, Paglia got to play first. He didn’t play any monsters on his first turn, but he did have D.D. Crow to stop De Obaldia’s early combos. Without his Treeborn Frog, De Obaldia was in a bad situation, since his hand was nothing but monsters! To make things worse, Paglia started attacking with Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind and activated Royal Oppression and Mask of Restrict to stop De Obaldia from Special Summoning or Tributing.

It looked like all hope was lost for the Duelist from Panama when Paglia used Trap Dustshoot to send Quickdraw Synchron back to De Obaldia’s Deck, but he played on anyways using Cold Wave to stop Paglia from using his Royal Oppression, then Synchro Summoning Black Rose Dragon to destroy Paglia’s seemingly invincible anti-Frog strategy! Unable to activate or Set any Spell or Trap Cards, Paglia could only watch as De Obaldia Summoned Light and Darkness Dragon and attacked to win the Duel and become the 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME World Champion!

Crazy man..... He turned against all odds in last duel... and the second one too... Most epic end game in Worlds?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another Speculated banlist

Banned ? (unconfirmed)

Rescue Cat
Cold Wave

Limited 8 (working on sources/translations)

Caius the Shadow Monarch
Magician of Faith
Treeborn Frog
Infernity Launcher
Black Whirlwind
Dark Hole
Pot of Duality
Bottomless Trap Hole

Semi-limited 8 (working on sources/translations)

Foolish Burial
Pot of Avarice
Icarus Attack
Infernity Archfiend
Burial from a Different Dimension
Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
Gladiator Beast War Chariot
Dark Grepher

Unlimited 3 (confirmed?)

Ultimate Offering
United We Stand
Skill Drain

And yes this is the list from my friend Sunny of Yuginewz.

He got the real banlist once already, so this could be true.

But a few questions I need to ask myself-

1) Where's Dandylion?

2) WTFUCK is Pot of Duality doing there!!!!!!!!!

3) Trishula really? I mean Gun and Demon is already touched in that list above

4) Dark Hole???????? Are you serious?????? What is that doing coming back!!!! More lucksack card? NOOOO *(Secretly Im very happy about this as its very very interesting)

5) What's Dark Grepher doing there??

6) And YES ICARUS ATTACK!!!! my dream come true!!!!

7) Cold Wave??? Ban-worthy??? Sure???

8) Subsitoad banned? Cool I guess but then that will kill the frog deck right. But im happy if this happens. Cos no more Frog FTK....

Meanwhile instead here's a new OTK!!!!

First, this involves a random story of me trying to find Magician of Faiths in my old card pile. So, after i find find find, i caught a glimpse of Chain destruction. Interested, and potential card for new format, I go kepo kepo find effect, and when i type "Chain" on my phone Google. I accidentally clicked Chain Material instead of Chain Destruction.

So...I saw the effect.


So, here's the OTK.

Cards Required: Mass Driver, 3x Elemental hero The Shining, 2x Elemental hero cards, Fusion Gate, Chain Materia; and any sort of burn card. (Sacrifice , deal damage bla bla Mass Driver , Cannon Soldier etc)

So, looks like alot of card right? Yeahh right, blehh. Take a look at this:

1) Activate Chain Material and play your Fusion Gate with mass Driver.

2) Chain Material lets you fusion 2 monsters from deck. From Fusion Gate's effect, the materials must be removed from play. So, choose E Hero the Shining.

3) Tribute. Deal 400 damage. Return the 2 materials back. Fuse another copy of Shining.

4) tribute. Deal 400 damage. Return the 2 materials back. Next, graveyard fusion the 2 Shinings in the grave to play your third.

5) Sacrifice him and deal 400 damage. Now, select the 2 removed from played Shinings and return to fusion deck.

6) You have 2 fusion material in hand, 2 Shining in fusion deck and 1 Shining in graveyard.

7) Rinse and Repeat. You win the game.

Moral of the story: Find your Magician of Faiths and maybe find some old cards in your junk pile that is awesome and can help you!!!
Ps: Scrap that combo above, i just remembered about Shining's miss timing. Fuck timing!! Kudos to Andrew for pointing it out.

Thats all for today, I'm gonna go read World Championships now!
Ps: There's nothing to read, just results, no decklists, no pictures diaoooo

Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Leaked Ban List plus compare compare compare

Rescue Cat

XX saber Faultroll
Magician of faith
Infernity Gun
Black whirlwind
Royal Opression
Bottomless trap hole

Semi restricted:
Infernity Archfiend
Spirit Reaper
Snipe hunter
BF shura the blue flame
Machina Gearframe
Goyo guardian
Destiny Draw
Swords of revealing light
Magic cylinder

Cyber dragon
United we stand

So, I was browsing Accel Scrubbing blog randomly on Dueling Days blog roll, and came across this banlist.

One thing I can say- AWESOME.

I think this is a very balanced banlist, its quite likely to be done, its decent and its kinda reasonable.

The only complaint that everybody will have is why is rescue cat banned?

Personally, I don't really care!

I wish this is the real banlist and it comes true. Magician of faith is restricted back to 1! Oh joy.

Also, If Brain Control is banned, everyone will just be maining Mind Control. But don't know if it will be banned or not.

Dandy, BF, Frogs, Infernity, X sabers get the power curbing that they deserve.

If Bottomless Trap Hole is really limited, peopl will now turn to the evil card of Dimension Prison! Collect your copies!

Now is Liberty as good as Mirror Force? Returning 2 face up monsters opponent has to deck is awesome, but only if your monster was destroyed. Mirror Force will protect you if you have a bare field, but Liberty is not able to be negated by Stardust Dragon and Starlight Road!

But Liberty is a compulsory return 2 monsters. If the field only has one face up monster, when resolving Liberty,then you cannot activate it (I assume) or you may have to return your own monster! sadness.

But I know that I will get one copy, no matter what, wheeee.

Now, let's compare Wisel to Granel! Wisel is awesome as it is dark, and has a fixed attack as well as having the ability to negate spells! (Once per turn)

Now the spell negating thing is the best because let's say your opponent has to waste one card to play a spell, and it can be almost Imperial Order because sometimes opponent only have one spell card?

But Granel lets you steal synchro monsters! and special summon them to your field. Imbal!

But with Granel is Sanganable! But its attack is inconsistent. Could be strong or sometimes weak, also don't know when. If drawn in late game, its almost useless.

However, Wisel is amazing in the late game, mid game and early game.

Wisel's attack curbing effect is annoying, but then that means it could mean you controlling the game....

Wisel just seems more splashable...

Granel is useless if your opponent isn't playing a Syncrho variant deck (eg: Light Beat)

So, which one do you guys think is the best??

Personally, I don't know, and all I can say is... .... let's wait for Skiel! :D Hopefully its better than both!! Also if you look at the unclear blurrish image of Skiel on Shriek, you can tell it has a definite attack! (eg: 2000+ or something, and not 0 like Granel) (I predict about 2800 or 3000 like that)

Imo, each Machine Emperor card has its own ups and downs and are all equally good (well the 2 that has been released so far la) and we should splash one random copy in our decks for fun =D]

Also, for those of you who love Mind Crush too much, just splash D.D Designator!!!

Imperial Order

Today's post concerns Imperial Order.

It's the last "banlist" post to be made before the next format, which is coming out next week.

Somehow, I would really like to see Imperial Order be played and ran.


It can negate spells for one turn, which is extremely strong and it becomes an instant staple the moment its played.

It is very strong during either early, mid, and late game. Negating Heavy Storm, Cyclone, Brain Washing and everything. Several decks require set up through their spell cards (Gold Sarcophagus, Dragon Canyon etc)

It totally crushes Perfect Herald and upsets the momentum of the game.
BF can no longer be THAT fast.

700 life points per turn is nothing and is very worth it. It can be a Trap Stun for magic cards, letting you control the whole game , provided you want to pay the life points.

It will be extremely interesting to see how the meta becomes if Imperial Order is returned.

Although deemed broken, there are many cards that can negate , and destroy it or get rid of it easily, seriously. But it will be -1 for your opponent, at the least, if you chain it to one of his activated spells, which is EXACTLY what everybody will do. If you think that's broken, you totally forgot Rescue Cat, Dark Arm Dragon, Judgment Dragon....

Unlike cards like Brain Control or Monster Reborn which are luck-sackish, Imperial Order is all about skill. You must play it at the right timing to gain the most advantage. You won't want to set it up then keep it on the field forever as it will eat your lifepoints very quickly. Somemore, there is such thing as Synchro Summon to turn back the game and push you into a corner...

If Konami wants us to have a few "luck" cards like Heavy Storm, why not just unban Imperial Order? And they can just get rid of Brain Washing, go go, i don't mind =D

From a neutral point of view, alot of people are suggesting the ban of Rescue Cat. For X sabers, I disagree as it is totally Faultroll that is the problematic one. I'm really not sure if Konami wants to kill a whole deck from it, but then there is the release of Dark Desert Tapir to support it, so I don't know...

Rescue Cat is broken in the sense that it has no summoning restrictions/ requirements/ conditions compared to cards like Judgment Dragon. I think Cat decks are kinda well balanced and there are alot of cards more luck sack than a Cat. Drawing it late game is just like drawing a Brain Control and I, don't think it should be banned. And I'm not a Cat player myself.

I really want Imperial Order to be returned, do you? So fun, and the price will shoot damn high overnight as it's out of print, and that nobody has it anymore, or only the old old players will have it.

Or maybe its just that I want to use my Secret Rare PSV one!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Nostalgia, Card Discussion: Magician of Faith, and Brain Control

Nostalgia: Of course, as the ban list is drawing near, there are many of us who are hoping that certain cards are unrestricted (eg: baha's MOBC, Blackie's Magician of Faith, Me: alot alot)

So, let's think what happens if certain cards are re-released.

(I won't talk about cards like Chaos Emperor Dragon, Yata Karasu , Dark Hole , Raigeki, etc)

Then again let's think if Metamorphosis and Thousand Eyes Sacrifice is able to come back into the meta. I will definitely be splashing random level 1's and Metamorphosis into the build just to get it out.

This will turn a little crazy as Cat Synchro and Dandywarrior as well as Synchron decks will have fun playing with their 1000 eys Sacrifice.

And other monsters. my level 8 Shining or Zero can turn into Cyber Twin dragon. Whee. How fun.

Thousand Eyes Sacrifice is a permanent Swords of Revealing Light who is an automatically -1. Too broken. But oh well, it can be destroyed easily with lots of removal nowadays. But still the effect is slightly broken.

Imperial Order is like a Trap Stun which you can control for a mere 800 (or was it 700 ?) lp , i forgot. Just chain it to your opponent's spell and it is an auto -1. Too broken. It stops too many combos and important moves. Instant staple.

Confiscation + The Forceful Sentry- doubt they will come back. Trap Dussthoot is already instant win. What more Confiscation? open with Confiscation + Aoi + Thestaros + random frog + Dustshoot + Mind Crush = Win. However, I will definitely love Confiscation to come back =(

Cyber Jar is one of my favorite monsters ever. Instant Dark Hole plus draw 5 cards and special summon the monsters in any mode you want??? It is just called to be banned. Possibly one of the best cards ever printed in the history of the game.

Crush Card Virus- is crazy, but imo, it is quite likely to come back. People totally complaining about Frog Monarch. But, will Konami make the move? Let's see.

Monster Reborn- Ahhh good times...Luck sack.... Opponent field control with Stardust and Goyou/ Brionac/ anything. Topdeck Shisha Shosei and Brain Control... Nuts man...

Graceful Charity- Never coming back. But how I wish =(

Ring of Destruction- NO WAY. Evil. I hate it.

Cyber Stein- Baha's right. Rescue cat > Cyber Stein. Paying 5000 life points is a hell of a big deal. Of course special summoning cards like Cyber Twin Dragon and Cyber End Dragon is cool. But do you think it could be a viable deck in the next format still, with Dimension Prison, God Bird Attack and all those cards running around? Of course, we can do Cold Wave + Stein but if i were you I would rather get hit by Cyber Twin/ Cyber End than getting whacked by Arcanite and Airbellum.

Now, for some card discussion,
Lots of duelists are speculating the return of this girl, and like them, I'm also rooting for her to return. C'mon Konami, it'll be fun.

But honestly, I doubt it will. Because this card is awesome. It is any spell that you have used from the graveyard. Nobody really cares bout its light attribute as Chaos Control decks isn't very viable now.

Now allow me to illustrate to you why it SHOULDN'T come back:

a) re using Heavy Storm. Scary stuff, true story.

b) re using Pot of Duality. See THREE more cards from the deck giving you a much better chance of cardd choices to get ahead of your opponent. Some decks don't even care if they do not special summon for that turn. If you want to special summon, Pot of Duality can wait. Simple as that, basic knowledge.

c) re using Brain Control- no need to explain. Its probably the most luck sack card in the game right now, apart from Torrential Tribute.

As I mentioned above, it is that luck sack. However I think it deserves to be banned because of the possibilities you can do with this card. It can nett you any one monster on your opponent field letting you :

1) get to utilise the monster's effect

2) destroy another monster

3) Synchro summon/ Tribute Summon
4) Clear the field for OTK

5) Perform a 2 for 1 if you ram the stolen monster into another monster with the same attack

6) Avoid certain effects of pesky monsters (Absolute Zero and Stardust Dragon)

A while ago, I decided to replace this card with Change of Heart and I found out that Change of Heart = brain control.

It does exactly the same thing except for the 800 lp cost.
Also, Brain washing a face down is usually nothing as you just want it for a tribute or synchro or to clear the field so to ensure you game.

Which all falls into the same category as above. Also, if he sets a monster, he is either pushed into a corner or using it as a defence to pull off an effect.

So, Brain Control is almost like Change of Heart minus some certain pros, and is used very very often the same way as Change of Heart is used for it.

It is incredibly lucksack and don't you just hate it when your opponent topdecks Brain Control and says okay i got good game. I would feel WTF that's not skill that's just pure luck fuck i lost to that c*bai @#$%^ and all the bad words come flying out.
Might as well just unban Change of Heart to switch for Brain Control. Or Pot of Greed as you topdeck it you get 2 cards but not necessarily a "Brain Control" =.= It is much more fun that way anyways.. Diao..

Oh well, I'm still hoping Brain Control stays in the game...but ahh well.. doubt it..

One way Konami can actually decide for the banlist is hire experienced players and ask them to test deck a ceratin banned card to see the impact it will bring to the next meta. Then they could ask the players to remove certain card (s) or reduce its number so that we can see the impact that restriction will bring on the game.

Somehow I can see Call of the Haunted being returned to 2 per deck since nobody wants to use it anyways. Same with Marshmallon as nobody plays him.

I don't agree with Bottomless to three though as it is really really annoying. Of course , that said, I can spam 3 too, so yeah equally annoying for opponent.

Thanks for reading anyways.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Spirit Water Art Aoi

Apparently hand control cards is wicked this format, with Mind Crush being sided everywhere and mained in some builds, and Trap Dustshoot is a staple that is (debatably) more important than Mirror Force.

So, for Hero decks, I suddenly got the idea to tech Aoi inside.

Think about it:

* E Hero Ocean
* E Hero Absolute Zero (nuke field then rob one hand card is brutal)

Also, some decks can spam and maindeck Snowman Eater. So, nuke monster and destroy one hand card is good too.

Somehow, I think that Aoi can be teched in here because you will randomly see Trishhula or Brionac or Gungnir too in Debris hero variants. King of the Swamp is water too.

Great, just great.

I think one to two teched copies is enough. Lol.

In Hero debris, Spirit Wind Art Miabi might be viable. Returning one card on field to opponent's bottom of deck. Cool.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mind Crush again

lalala so earlier today i talked about mind crush + dustshoot as a must run card in every deck.

Here's why:
First let's name every viable deck in the OCG meta. (kinda includes TCG too)

BF, Lightlord, Infernity, GB, Hero, Perfect Declarer, Froggy Monarch and Dragonity, Cat, Quikdraw Dandy.

Let's analyze those decks.

BF- Let's kill Black whirlwind searches or when you know he got Kalut when he try to ram you with a low attack monster.

Lightlord- Okay totally forgot about how LL works but everytime they beckoning light/ monster reincanation/ gold sarco JD you just destroy it.

Infernity- Let's destroy Gun. So fun la, seriously.
Gb- nothing much. Except when they equeste it, you throw it away, but then they can just do it again the next time....

Hero- Destroy Airman Fusion gate (through Terraformin or Polymerization (from King of Swamp) or Honest when they wanna ram you dead with a weaker Neos Alias. That will make them lose 2 cards instead of one.

Perfect declarer- Declare Declarer when they just search it with Manju or Sonic Bird.

Froggy Monarch- Not much...They will be destroying you most of the time. Side it.

Cat- This is seriously fun. They got Sanagan, Pot and etc and you just declare Cat or Priest. Fun fun.

Dragonity- When they search Ducks or the other guy through Dragon Canyon just pitch ti away.

X Sabers- Dark Soul, Faulttroll rape.
Quickdraw Dandy- arguably the funnest. Gold Sarco, Sangan, Tuning, 3x Pot. Wow oh wow.

Furthermore there are other situations like Sanagan, Pot of Duality and Gold Sarco (less common now) that are still run by almost all players.

Its a very very viable card this meta. And I think its more than maindeck worthy.
Do not forget it you declare a card that isn't limited, you can check their hand (provided field and grave don't have the other 2 or 1 copy of that card) to prevent them from cheatin and only discarding one copy. Awesome stuff there seriously.

This whole format is about consistency. And everyone is running stuff to search cards to their hands to improve consistency. Mind Crush literally destroys that consistency.