Thursday, September 24, 2009

Card review: Starlight Road

If you have not heard of Starlight Road, you are going to be shocked.
Simply put, its one of the most amazing cards ever. Its a promo in the newly soon to be released Yuusei Duel Disk.
Once set, its a time bomb. Its versatile in any deck and will (be the new Gorz?) I suppose?
effect: When an effect that destroys 2 (or more) cards on your field activates, negate it and destroy the card. Then special summon a Stardust dragon from your extra deck.
How awesome is that? Not only does it protects your field, it special summons stardust! Its saying "Let me negate a destruction effect then i shall bring forth a 2500 beatstick who negates every other destruction effect"
In this format, it kills " heavy storm", "judgement dragon", "celestia lightsworn angel", "Gladiator Beast gyzarus" , "lightning vortex" , "Icarus attack" and several more that I cant think off.
Its so good! Really? NOPE :P NYEK.
At first look its awesome. But after you think about it, is it worth running? Its rather situational, it probablly will be destroyed and negated beforehand before it can even activate (DAD, MST, Breaker (which is at 3!), Bestiari, ryko, and how many cards actually destroy 2 or more!
Certainly, heavy storm is one. But its only one. You want to waste your deck space to take out only one card??!! I much rather play My Body As A Shield. (quoted by Lazaro Bellido: Body is the new Solemn)
In LS, its possible they have a bad hand that even celestia cant be summoned. Or so, it might be destroyed by Ryko already. Judgment dragon is no exception. Its a late game situated card and as we all know, its too hard to play since the game will have finished already. Or, it will be destroyed by Lyla lightlord magician. With 3 charges berserk, its bound to die.
In BF it stops Icarus attack etc. But most BF variants are already converting to the Cemetery Vayu version. So does it really matter? They arent scared of Stardust thats for sure. And safe to say, normal BF decks have a Kalut in their hands just waiting to kill stardust. We all know how low stardust's attack is. A goyou can wipe it out, kalut takes care of it and just about everything. Even in anti meta decks dimensional prison, anyone?
In GB, i'd laugh. Most likely Bestiari has killed off that Starlight road. Also, there is trap stun, mst, giant trunade, cold wave in standard GB so what are we scared of? In DDGB, stardust wont even last one round. And the other spells/ traps do not read "destroy 2 cards" (except gyzarus). DD fissure will send it to hell. And its never ever gonna come out. I think we all have e-con, waboku, shrink, mirror wall etc.
Its too expensive, its too hard to obtain and you wanne waste RM 400 to buy a toy with 5 promos and some boosters? I wouldn't. Oh and i shall mention again that BREAKER IS AT THREE.
In short, starlight road is an overrated card. Changed your mind yet?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

PMR in 2 weeks and one day.

Shoot! PMR coming soon. its only two weeks and im freaking scared. ( Lam, and LGQ, pls dont say its nothing one. Im still scared. After the test, then i shall say that :D )

Next post will be Starlight Road. Its so awesome. Not only do you get to negate a destruction effect for no cost at all. Then you can FRIGHIN summon a Stardust from your extra deck. FOR FREE. In any deck, its like a freebie. I will soon, do a post covering its pros, cons, how efficient it is, and how good its effect is. Its actually quite often when your cards get destroyed in twos. (Arcanite Magician, Heavy storm, lightning vortex, GB Gyzarus.)

Then finally Gorz.

Cant wait till after PMR. KL trip.

@ Alex Yeo: after your O levels, lets go KL play till xong. Room at sam's if he is in KL?

Friday, September 4, 2009

random post : #2

Okay my mock (trial exams) are next week and I have just done nothing beside read comics and manga and my books are still in my bag nicely packed. Aside from school work, and paying attention I have done nothing. Hooray. Hope I can still ace BM. Its gonna be hard.

Speaking of BM do read HD Lam's new post. Its hilarious (if you understand Malay of course)

I like the game state now. The new ban list is possibly the best one of them all. Its just so balanced out and do note:
1) Lightsworn do not own. TCG players heed this!
2) Try out cemetery Vayuu. It is just as good as LS, possibly better (with the exception of bad hands. come on its not LS)
3) DDGB f them all up. So, no, once again, LS doesn't own.

It also gives slower decks to shine. Its gonna be more fun and exciting. I urge everybody to enjoy themselves for this format.

I like Marvin (Perplexed Duelist blog author)'s complain. Its true that SEA has been neglected. We dont have sanctioned tournaments. And that has to change. Seriously. I would love some action. With actual sanctioned ones, we can pool more players. As well, as giving job opportunities to people out there to start card shops. Therefore, helping our country's economy. Win-Win situation. Everyone's happy. Why not?

It also gives us more name, more chance to shine, as people often consider the best duelists in the world to be American or Canadian or whatsoever, thats totally untrue. They have never seen the talent of us SEA duelists. I think there are plenty of Singaporean or Malaysian players and more from SEA (I have never met/known any from others), that can match them and even, beat them! No, this is not untrue,

EG: Alex Yeo is one of the best players I know out there. He is calm, maintains a poker face, and is just plain good.

Mohd Azahar Salami Chin from Malaysia (some of you may know him, he plays at Sungei Wang, he plays Gundam too) is also a player with poker face and is just so good. He emits this weird aura where he is so confident, cheerful and his hands are surprisingly consistent every duel.

Anyway, since Mock is gonna take the whole of the week, and on Saturday I have to go relax and look for a friend's birthday present, so, I might update next week/ Saturday/ Sunday. Expect no updates whatesoever till then. Next post will be on Gorz, the emissiary of darkness. Unless, I can find anything more important or shorter or more exciting to post about, expect a lot on Gorz, and a detailed post on him.

Till then, ciao, enjoy the game.