Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cyber Dragon plus Dark soul rulings.

Is one of the most underrated cards this format. Aside from Cyclone la.

Just a few simple reasons.

A plus one presence on the field is always a good thing.

Throwing a 2100 attack beatstick on the field helps you bait out a Bottomless Trap Hole (which works 90% of the time among inexperienced players) and can help you gain bigger massive tempo in the game, especially in the early game.

Even in the late game, Cyber Dragon is very good when you are topdecking for monsters for your life.

With less and lesser ppl playing Bottomless Trap Hole now, Cyber Dragon can evade Bottomless Trap Hole etc so its a strong monster presence.

For decks like XX Sabers, Cyber Dragon helps you add aggro to your first turn field while you set Emmersblade or Darksoul for set up.

And when attacking an opponent's monster, you can make your opponent lose a monster because 2100 attack is usually gonna overcome anything in early game.

Sometimes, your opponent could waste stuff like Book of Moon / Ryko's effect and other stuff just to kill Cyber Dragon.

In sabers, Cyber Dragon can be used as a level 5 synchro fodder meaning you can bring out Black Rose with Pashuul, and a level 8 with Fullhelm Knight.

In Plants, especially Thanh Nguyen's build, Im gonna call that the 2 Cyber Dragons were the reason why his Plant Synchron won one of those YCS.

It gives you A HELL LOT more synchro variety in plants, and it just means more late game shenanigens. Cyber Dragon + Pot of Avarice = 2100 beatstick which came out for free + 2 cards from deck (more options) which puts you even further ahead than just having one Pot of Avarice in late game.

Cyber Dragon is Trishula fodder too.

Can also be used at tribute fodder for Caius.

Being at 2100 attack means it gets over Thunderking Raioh, which is very annoying.

For Samurai, they could side Cyber Dragon to kill Kinetic Soldier. It is very easy to bait out Kinetic Soldier.

No in-depth posting because feel weak so gonna hit the gym and then go out to catch a movie, and have dinner with friends.

And the airport just called to say my suitcase has been found! Hurrah!


Also, could anyone from the TCG notify me of Darksoul's current rulings? As far as i've heard, Darksoul has been nerfed to searching one monster per Darksoul.

However there is no notification on yugioh-card, nor is there anything on Yugioh Wikia. Even with the nerf, Dark Soul is still strong.



thanks to Light Grunty who sent me a link.

thanks to ting jun for telling me singapore still uses the old one. and lfn too for telling me theres been no change so far.

Here's a link to what Julia said.

Now i will copy and paste because there are bound to be some people who still ask stupid questions after the confirmation link.

This is what Julia posted on Pojo:

This is how XX-Saber Darksoul works, so please read.
Don't beleive what some guy at your locals tells you he heard from Konami. He is full of baloney.






Wait - before you read this, note that there is a large FALSE in front of the FALSE statement. That means the FALSE statement is FALSE.
There is a large TRUE in front of the TRUE statement. That means the TRUE statement is TRUE. TRUE means it is the ruling you should use.

If you guys can't understand that I give up.



FALSE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" can only activate the effect of "adding 1 "X-Saber" monster from your Deck to your hand" once, no matter how many
times it is sent from the field to the Graveyard. (This is not how the card works. You should not do this).

TRUE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" activates when it is sent to the Graveyard, although the effect is not applied until the End Phase. If it was sent multiple times during the turn, these effects can "stack up" and you can add 1 X-Saber monster to your hand for each time the effect activated. (This is how the card works! This is the ruling you should use!)

FALSE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" will not activate if "XX-Saber Darksoul" is not in the Graveyard during the End Phase which it was or would have
been sent to the Graveyard. (This is not how the card works. You should not do this).

TRUE: The effect of "XX-Saber Darksoul" activates when it is sent to the Graveyard. Assuming it actually made it to the Graveyard, it doesn't matter where Darksoul is during the End Phase. (This is how the card works! This is the ruling you should use!)

These are apparent from the card text. If the card text should ever change, we would notify everyone (everyone - at the same time!) on the official web site.

In other words, we will not email one store and tell them. We will not email one judge and tell them. We will not announce it suddenly at an event.
If you hear there was a change sent to a store, to one judge, or suddenly at an event, don't believe it.


LFN said...

As far as I know there isn't going to be an updated ruling on Darksoul, it's to be played how it's always been played.

Julia said this on Pojo somewhere IIRC

mike said...

really ah??

so i can search a gazillion times with darksoul ? awesome.

LightGrunty said...

Here's the link to what Julia said about XX-Saber Darksoul's ruling:


Cyber Dragon isn't underrated in the TCG. Everyone plays at least two, whether in the Main Deck or Side Deck.

It is a good all-around card that pushes through the multiple back rows that people can Set this format. Dropping it by itself also prevents your opponent from using Icarus Attack, and it could help you Synchro quickly to get over a Shien.

Maybe I should side a third one instead of a Snowman Eater...

mike said...

@ light grunty- thx for the link =)

in the OCG or at least in m'sia its really really underratred.

you could even consider miandecking 2 man.

mike said...

actually im trying to do so.. i tested it out. Really good.

Problem is deck space. I dont know what to kick out for 2.

everything is equally important.

LightGrunty said...


I play Scraps, so it's absolutely essential that I Main Deck at least one Cyber Dragon. It's great for Scrap Twin Dragon, which is hard to summon otherwise.

So I already main two, and am thinking about siding the third. There's just so little room in the Main Deck, so I might drop one Snowman Eater that is in the Side Deck for the third Cyber Dragon.

I don't know that I'd go as far as dropping my Bottomless Trap Holes for the space, though. They're still decent in the TCG.

mike said...

i think maining 2 is essential. your deck is anti stun right? cyber dragon helps in the stun matchup big time by killing raioh and baiting bottomless.

also for TCG you guys should still maindeck BTH, until samurai comes out, you should replace them with MSTs or solemn warnings :)

mike said...

How many snowmans are you siding?

LightGrunty said...


Yeah, my Scrap deck is my own Anti-Stun variant. I already main two MST's and a Dust Tornado for Stun decks, especially for Gravekeeper's.

I'm siding two Snowman Eaters currently, but it's not very useful outside of the Stun match-up. Cyber Dragon would be useful against other decks like Frog Monarchs. Snowman Eater also gets hit by Nobleman of Crossout, which everyone in the TCG sides two of.

LGQ said...

why did you even bother listening to people who never used the card before in the 1st place?

CyDra is awesome, i've pointed this out a long time ago, just no one would listen, cause all of that chimeratech fortress ain't allowed crap.

apparently, the ability to basically walk over any monster early game ain't good.

LightGrunty said...

I agree with LGQ. Even though we have Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, TCG players rarely use it. Cyber Dragon is more for running over Black Feathers and Synchro Summoning.

In fact, the lack of Chimeratech Fortress Dragon in the OCG means that your Cyber Dragon can't be easily countered by an opposing Cyber Dragon, or any other Machine for that matter.

mike said...

@ LGQ- eh cos i nvr try out, so listen lah! human subconscience d. and i have next to no chance to playtest ..rmbr...

and before Kl i only had 1x Cyber Dragon T.T

and also yeah lo malaysian mentality. dont listen one. when it appears on shriek everywhere, then they baru listen.

@ light grunty- then you should side cyber dragons instead :) snowmans are also used for the bf matchup right (which is done in OCG), and cyber dragon helps to deal with bf so its ok.

btw, how are gravekeepers doing in the TCG? i thought getting hit by royal tribute is really bad but i got hit 2wice, and still managed to pull of game..

but we are getting fortress soon.

LightGrunty said...


Yeah, Snowman Eater hasn't been all that helpful lately, even against Black Feathers.

Gravekeeper's aren't as great as people think. They're doing okay, because successfully keeping Necrovalley on the field often leads to victory. But they run so few Monsters and run out really quickly. And, Royal Tribute isn't that deadly unless it's done on the first turn and the opponent has more than two Monsters in hand.

Well, for now, your Cyber Dragons will go uncountered in official tournaments. And later, you can use them to deal with Machina Gadgets and Karakuri.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, Im from SEA to and Im just gonna ask if there's any way to get X-saber souza easily.


mike said...

@ anon- you should be able to find the single card/ jump pack at your locals pretty easily.

however, if u ask me, souza isnt worth using. but thats just my opinion..

mike said...

@light grunty- i've been thinking what you said about BTH, and i gotta say your right, theres nothing much to change it for, so i decided to try out a hardcore build of 2 books, 3 warnings, 2 BTHs, and 2 MSTs :)

and thanks for the insight of gravekeepers, then i guess frazier smiths deck is overated and is it still topping in the states? or is it merely topping because there is a great number of GK players ?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking souza is its a bigger beater than urbellum and is an out to spirit reaper (+other annoying monsters)

But then again, you have a point...hmm...Wonder how much he'll cost?

LightGrunty said...


Well, Gravekeeper's are one of the best Stun decks around right now, since they have Recruiter and Descendant. However, it still has the weakness that all Stun decks share, which is the lack of Monsters and dependence on back rows.

I don't think that Gravekeeper's are topping just because a decent amount of people are playing them. I think that it's more due to the format, since they can gain a huge advantage against most decks either because of Necrovalley or by playing Royal Tribute.

It's something to watch out for, but it's about as big a threat as Hero/Gemini/Light Beat, so it's probably not going to win another big tournament.

mike said...

@anon- you dont need souza to destroy reaper or anything else. releasing an x saber (other than darksoul) is a bad move because instead of investing in souza, you could synchro brionac/ goyo/ collosal or something big instead. i estimate abt rm 30 (that would be the price i sell it for)

@ lightgrunty- very true. i still couldnt believe nobody knew how to side/ play around gks in atlanta. very sad story. but now many should be siding against them so its okay..

somehow i doubt their consistency to get royal tribute in hand... because necrovalley still can be played around easily, but will disrupt tempo of the game thats all.

mike said...
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mike said...
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LightGrunty said...


It's actually not hard for them to get Royal Tribute on the first turn. Assuming that they play three Royal Tribute and three Pot of Duality, they could get to Royal Tribute on their first turn in almost half of their duels.

For a Graveyard-dependent deck, it's really difficult to play around Necrovalley, especially since it gives most of their Monsters 2000 ATK to beat you with. That could pose a problem even to decks like Black Feathers and Hero/Gemini/Light Beat.

Of course, when they lose their Necrovalley, Gravekeeper's are just a bunch of weak Monsters that can't really do anything threatening.

mike said...

@ Light Grunty- Lazy to reply. 22 comments is long already =) hope you understand. merry xmas!