Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, apparently the new craze is dragons. But I'm not surprised.
Everybody get your REDMD now while its cheaper. Go buy TCG ones, they're way cheaper too.

Lim GQ and HD Lam demonstrated for us a crazy powerful Dragunity loop, whereby Dragunity Arms Laevatin can be summoned back by Light and Darkness Dragon for an insane re-loop.

The only 4 things that can destroy it effectively is Dimension Prison and Gaius the Shadow Monarch, DD Crow and Royal Oppression, but then Royal Oppression destroys anything, big or small.

Now, let's make the evil combo even STRONGER!!!!

Lets throw REDMD into that loop!

1) Destroys whole field when LADD is destroyed.
2) Target REDMD.
3) Special summon Dragunity Arms Laevatin during your Main Phase.
4) Special equip your LADD to Laevatin.
Oh wait, I forgot we have Dragon Canyon to significantly dump more dragons into our graveyard! Lets assume we dumped 2 more Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon into the graveyard!

Now there are 2 extra steps. So after you finish everything, you end up with a field of THREE Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, and 1 Dragunity Arms Lavatin equipped with REDMD.

Thats a grand total of 11000 worth of attack on your field.

And this can be done in only one turn, without costing any cards provided we have the proper setup.

Oh wait, why wouldn't we? 3x Dragon canyon, 3x Terraforming, 1 x Foolish Burial, 1x Future Fusion.

3x Trap Stun, 2x Royal Decree, 1x Cold Wave, 1x Heavy Storm, 1x MST, 1x Giant Trunade.

So yeah....

HOLY SHIT this is one of the best OTKs in the world.

Destroy my setup?

Nevermind next turn I will do the exact same thing again!

I think that's why Konami is giving us Red Eyes Wyvern. For more gay Red Eyes abuse.

Yup somewhere out there Joey is smiling

This is outrageous, REDMD price may shoot up and beat Trishula! Maybe people will start giving REDMDs as first prize for tournaments in Singapore.

This combo is crazy. It single handedly defies the entire Yugioh lore by giving you a +4 just like that in terms of card advantage that it isn't even funny. The fact that if it is not taken out by Royal Oppression or something ensures you that the combo will re-rinse and repeat as many times as possible despite how many trap cards you use against it. Even if you remove JUST ONE copy with Prison or Caius, how are you gonna stop the other 3 cards from rampaging the field?

Any card combo that can single-handedly make BROKEN STAPLES such as Mirror Force and Torrential Tribute look like a big joke is not even funny anymore.

The difference between this combo and old Hopeless Dragons one is that this one can repeat itself thanks to Light and Darkness Dragon and Laevatin's effect.

Has anyone noticed that without the proper side cards, this combo is infinite??

Yugi once said "infinity is merely God's deception" when dueling Saint Dragon of the Sky- Osiris used by marik's mime guy. This is not God's deception.

It even defies the early Yugioh stages where people could summon level 5 and above monsters without tributes, now we can summon 4 kickass monsters in one turn without even normal summoning. I can't believe it. Dragons are returning to their rightful place as Tier 1 decks like 14 years ago (2010-1994=16)

Congratulations, I don't know what you're thinking.

Finally how do we stop this combo?

Everybody maindeck 2 Royal Oppression now.

Big Burn anyone? Remove all cards in all player's graveyard? 1 Crow could break the whole loop by sparing you one turn or so. You could Crow LADD's target but then if he has Red Eyes Wyvern (I mean, why wouldn't he?) then you just earned yourself one turn to spare :)

A timely played Icarus Attack, Diving Wrath, Gladial Beast War Chariot, Gemini Spark, Bottomless Trap Hole.

Also, Scar- Red Nova Dragon! Its not THAT invincible. It cannot defeat Collosal Fighter and BF- Armor Master. Attack a light monster and you can just discard Honest to make it look like a big joke.


Duelist#LGQ said...

Er. The God's illusion thing is copyrighted by Kaiba. Not Yugi.

Scar-Red Nova's greatest strength is no its effect nor how good it would be, ITS the card's EPICNESS!!

mahado said...

i dont see the combo to summon 3 REDMD because it can't special an other one from teh grave

Anonymous said...

Can i have the Decklist please? I wish to test.