Monday, June 14, 2010

Elemental Hero Airman

First of all, to start today's post: Harmony's Treasure.

So, why bring this card up?

Crazy awesome card that you people should obtain before Dragunity comes out.
I know NOTHING about the archetype except the combo LGQ invented.
Dragiunity are bird dragons right? There should be dragon tuners right?

Guess what card you can abuse it with?

Splashable with 3 Harmony treasure, and you can abuse Light and Darkness Dragon and Red Eyes Dark Metal Dragon???

Freaking epic.

I'm sure it's a splashable deck that can run cards like Debris Dragon too.

Awesome awesome. Dragons Tier 1? You betcha.

So, after totally playing Heroes for basically the whole of this format, I concluded one thing.

Ehero Airman is not broken.

Yes 1800 attack, searcher for ANY hero type monster is not broken.

Oh, Michael, you gotta be kidding me, last format, you were just declaring it was broken and it was outrageous when LGQ declared that Airman should be unrestricted to 2.

No, seriously, he isn't.


Firstly, Stratos can be used to thin the deck or played as a beatstick for a certain number of minutes before you find that he will die to a random Snowman Eater, punched by Smashing ground or rammed by a random Synchro.

The plus one he offers is good, but what sort of Hero is actually game-breaking this format? Dhero Bloo-D? D-Hero Diabolic guy?

Even searching E Hero Another Neos isn't that of a big deal.

The only reason he was THAT good last time was because last time in DDT, people spammed 3 and did the gay Phoenix Blade combo.

There is no crazy broken combo that can affect the game with ANY Hero type monster.

Its not like his effect is a broken Judgment Dragon or the gay Infernity Gun.

He can search out a monster, but that costs you your normal summmon and the 2 best Fusion monsters are basically Absolute Zero and The Shining which all can be dealt simply with a simple Starlight Road or Caius the Shadow Monarch.

Even if you abuse it with Fusion Gate, there will just be a hero overload in hand and once again, Ehero Shining and Absolute Zero is nowhere as crazy as Infernity Gun and Judgment Dragon.

1800 attack is so easy to kill, for God's sake.

Even last time in Tele-DAD, he was quite redundant to be honest as people can just abuse Knight of the End and Dark Grepher to get Diabolic guy to the grave. Then they wont have dead 3x copies of Destiny Draw or drawing all their Clevonse in their hands. They could have removed that all and run more tech and support cards to make sure the deck doesn't go out of steam by mid-game, which is usually the case. But nooo they want to be cool and run 3 allure, 3 destiny draw, 3 calling army and 3 teleport to make their deck auto-pilot.

Its not crazy broken like X Saber Dark Soul which has its own special ruling and can be abused by Rescue cat.

Poor Airman, i still love this card.

But once again, I reaffirm my stance that its not broken.

Oh you can go semi limit it, and its still not gonna gain Eheroes much attention that they deserve. If it does, its all mentality , mentality :)

Heck , I think if you run 3 of it, nothing will happen too. Baha did that once right? Splash 3 Airman in all his decks, right?

Feel like changing the layout of the blog. Guys, tell me if the layout is boring you, I might just change it. Blackie already said no. lol.

Also, managed to get Ultra Pro Yugioh size sleeves- the nice scratchy back type that the TCG people always use till they make nice sounds when they play a card and shuffle.

Ohmygod these sleeves are so good. Lucky I got them. I don't think Malaysia sells these anymore... Guys, you should seriously find these sleeves and throw away your thick Konami ones with a lousy quality.... I think you will thank me, lol. Makes playing so much smoother and more enjoyable.

Too bad its compulsory to use them in official tournaments for the OCG.

So, TCG readers should be happy and count themselves lucky that you are not under stupid rules like "Konami sleeves allowed only" and "no promos allowed".


Duelist#LGQ said...

what did I invent ?

NO!! Don't put Airman at 2!! Cause I don't have money and my AIBO would cry if his twin snatches his spotlight!!

mike said...

U got invent mer? o.o

hahahah! Why not have 2 partners! Twins!

Haiyo if u got money to spam boosters and buy other cards for other decks, airman no problem bahh!

Im sure u don't mind trading for one too.

My aibo is gorz :D He will never be at 2 wahahahah