Saturday, June 5, 2010

Reign Beaux

Today's topic is Reign Beaux, Overlord of Dark World.

Apparently, all Dark Realm Monsters have their names named after a colour of some sort. The Real God of Dark World is Colourless, meaning its wayy above all other Dark Realm monsters because light is white, so its colourless, so it has all the colors mixed together and meaning Colorless is all the colors bla bla bla! However, nobody really knows what its effect was it it was never successfully summoned by bronn in the GX anime arc.

Dark World also has one of the most defined and unique art of all YuGiOh cards. Just look at Reign-Beaux. It looks like some demon devil berformet kind of thingy.

Yes actually reign-beaux is not a weird name. For those of you who may/ may not know, its not pronounced "reign bolts" but actually "reign-bow" as the "x" syllable is silent. Thus, making its name "Rainbow"! , so its 7 colours! Hah!

As some of you may or may not know, I was an avid Dark World player back in the old days, perfecting a DW build once, but apparently lost to the speed of the format, and of my own interest. Surprisingly, DW can combine really REALLY well with Monarchs and splashed with Gaius, and Dark Necrofear, it makes a really good unpredictable rogue build. Back then, Dark World in my area was the meta, and I was so impressed by it, since it destroyed my Stein-OTK machine build.

Also, Dark World is one of those decks that can let you main Mind Crush in twos and not lose out in advantage. You can guess your opponent's hand and discard the cards or just help you call out a free Goldd or something.

However, today's topic is why you should buy some Reigns and keep it. Its's really cheap. Probably 20 to 30 ringgit for an ultimate version. Simple. Just buy some ultras.


(I'm speaking for the OCG).

When Extra pack 3 comes out, XX Saver Boggarty Knight, XX Saver FulhellKnight, XX Saber Emmersblade, and XX Saber Dark Soul will be released,.....

And we all know what XX Sabers do best?

Oh yeah, Airbellum whack me, I discard Reignbeaux and I laugh hahahaha.

Staple sidedeck material next format.

Come whack my hand please!!!!!!!

"It's a beautiful day"
U2 and Lee DeWyze

I listened to Me and Bobby McGee again by Crystal and somehow Im having mixed feelings bout who should have won Idol...Anyways, more ppl will listen to Lee anyways so, oh well!


Exiro said...

Why the hell would it be pronounced "reign bolts"?

Also, Mind Crush is limited. And if you discard a Dark World with it, you still don't generate advantage.

mike said...

Ppl in M'sia pronounce it this way. We aren't Western educated so yeah.

I see their album/binder or they see mine and point at Reign-Beaux and they pronounce it "rain- bolts" cos they think the "x" isn't silent.

You wouldn't generate advantage but you still get a beatstick in the form of Goldd / Silva and maybe destroy a monster/spell/trap with Khaki/ Greenn