Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golden Sarcophagus

As for yesterday's article thingy, i totally forgot about Snowman eater x_X and what a good card it is to sidedeck.

Yes 1900 defense is too big.

It eats EVERYTHING face up.

Come and Smashing Ground me liaw!!!

People can consider maindecking it too because its an immediate plus one and good field presence in all Monarch decks and even in BF decks, which some Jap players are doing so now.

Also, regarding the new Structure deck.

Awesome. I want Mirror Force and Bottomless Trap Hole! Dragunity is the new meta. I spot a very good Dragunity Beat anti-meta style that can work like Hero Beat. But that will be some other post some other day....

Today's card is Gold Sarcophagus!

People who run Infernity should spam 2 like IMMEDIATELY!

Its a trend in certain japanese players and you should to it too!

Its an immediate -1 in terms of hand count which is basically plus one.

Drawing it on turn 1 is GOLD (no pun intended) as you can remove Gun immediately.

2 turns is enough to give you the gay Infernity loop.

Actually, 2 turns is a very good deal as some people can't even get Archfiend or Gun sometimes.

So, what are you waiting for? Go main it now! And have fun Trishula-ing everybody!

Because I shall also have fun doing so!!!

Ohmygod Michael are you crazy since when do you have 2 Trishulas!
No lah, kidding. Its not mine. Its a friend's.

(Thanks for the pic Travis!)

No Im not filthy rich and do not have money to buy it. Actually I do, but no thanks!
No I do not have tournaments that give Trishula as 1st prize.

Anyways Im honoured to hold and see 2 Trishula. When you look at it closely, I just realised it had 3 evil heads ... O.O

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