Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something to Keep in Mind

After watching the Infernity vs Gadgets video that Neux uploaded, something just occured to me.

Yeah, actually I know it already, just didn't really realise it. Okay I don't know how to explain nvm.

And so do ALL of you!

Yes dear reader, we are in "The Side Deck Format".

Where the sidedeck is SO important that it doesn't matter about your deck, you can just take game 2 and 3 with a good side!

So, For Malaysia,

Your sidedeck is less important here as the elimination rounds are single elims. So, make sure you know your deck's weaknesses and build your deck to avoid that problem.

Also, the majority of the decks are BF, so as long as you build your deck well to be anti-BF more or less, you are guaranteed a spot in the top 16.

Yeah, i'm not kidding. Unless you're really unlucky and meet some guy who copied LGQ FTK and killed you with that. yeah, not fun.

But that makes FTKs/ OTKs somewhat good. Although it may appear abit lucksack, you may wanna reconsider this. Because from my experiences, the latest FTKs get "stuck" for, is about 2 or 3 turns. And by that time, you confirmed won't be dead from any attacks yet.

Just don't get killed by Icarus Attack, and Gladiator Beast- War Chariot.

Also, do not hinder on beating BF only, you may meet some rogue decks in the top 16. And examples are GB and LS and that's where you should dedicate your side deck to that too. Consecrated Light is a must and is a staple. So, go find your Holy Lights. Also DD Crow is high utility as it kills everything so go borrow some if you don't own any.

For Singapore

Okay, I don't know Singapore meta very well, but i RECKON, only, that most of the skilled players are gonna run something like BF. An occasional hybrid of LS, Synchro Cat or decks like Infernity could appear. There should be less Infernity since I heard from Gabriel, that only Baha owns Jap Demons.

But that doesn't mean that you should stop sidedecking against them. Try side-boarding high utility cards that can be used to kill both Infernity and some other deck. For all you know, the unlucky duelist who may be matched up with the guy who borrows Baha's Demons could be YOU!

Still, Infernity format without Trishula and Mist Wurm is seriously not that scary.

But with Swiss rounds format, this just rehighlights the importance of the sidedeck!

Make sure you dedicate your side to be fighting against

1) BF/ Infernity
2) LS/ Infernity
3) Glads
4) Froggy Monarchs
5) Machina Gadgets

Froggy Monarchs is annoying, true story.

So, for a random side deck, let's try this!

2 DD Crow- Infernity, Frogs, LS

2 Consecrated Light- BF, Infernity

2 System Down- The one and only Machina Fortress

2 Royal Oppression- EVERYTHING LOL

3 Pulling The Rug- Monarchs, Machina, Gadgets

1 Mask of Restrict- Monarchs, Frogs. totally kills frogs.

2 Trap Hole- GB, BF

1 Crevice into the Different Dimension- Infernity, Frogs, LS. This card spells "Fuck you, ronintodin!'

So anyways since this is the big 5 decks that people are more worried abouts, rogue builds such as Quickdraw Plants and Synchro Cat have a BIG advantage because its generally gonna be harder to play against them, and it takes awful skill and precision to kill them in Game 1. Because in Game 2 and 3, they just gonna sidedeck and laugh at you lol.

That's all for today, hope you guys learned something, and good luck for the nationals :)

Please don't wish me good luck, i can't go because exams starts 3 days after it. Sad much!! Also, my school is evil that all the exams are gonna be held on the same date for the next few years! Luckily, next year is my last year of school! Before I move to KL and do further studies, then I will have a chance to participate in Nationals.

And lead a fun and exciting life :D

More places to go on dates on too woohoo!

(Somewhere out there, I reckon LGQ is flinching because Im talking about girls)

Forget bout the last few sentences lol. Remember, its the sidedeck format!


Duelist#LGQ said...

did I do something to you ... ? why do you have to mention me in like ... well, every 3 line ?(ok, maybe not 3 lines but...)

Gu4rdi4n 4ng3l said...

I also went to nats 3 days before my exams ;P

mike said...

Heh @lgq- nop nope. just fun bah :D VERY fun. hahaha.

@lucas the mystic tomato (i think thats ur real name, right?)- yeah but i live in a diff state frm the place that holds nat :(

i need to take a plane :( need cross the ocean. if i stayed on the same "continent", then i could take a bus or something.

Okay continent sounds weird but u know what i mean XD no idea how to say it.

Anonymous said...

do you forget about x saber??